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  1. Apparently, you can clone pokemon in emerald version, so basically you can feed some trolls in that way... (which is still not reccommended) They should just ban legendaries from GTS overall, or just make something that verifies the trade to be fair.
  2. 351, fair enough, but I forgot that some C92 runs come off 403.
  3. 9231 did a (320, 323, 325, 393) block yesterday; 7412 was on C92 and 351 this morning.
  4. the bus station, where he got an invitation, to...
  5. Maybe its because I go to a private school and instead of those luxuries and extra stuff,we have a great basketball and music program and there aren't really any bullies around. Everyone's nice at my school, and they strive to push us in academics. And talking about rubiks cube, I'm also a speedcuber, and 9 times out of 10, I will get a comment saying "I used to take it apart/Take off the stickers. PMO everytime. I average 20 seconds per solve.
  6. Brought up in the past, but I think 320 Langley centre should beshort turned at Guildford, and let 501 do the local service to surrey central. Therefore, 320 should operate between Guildford and Langley every 20 minutes (25 would be nice, but that would create math problems)
  7. My music teacher was on CTV for a segment on Port Mann Bridge tolls. Felt some School pride there LOL
  8. RE: 140 ST. STOP Exactly what we needed. There's a church nearby that intersection with heavy sunday traffic, with crowds showing up at the stop 15 minutes after services. It could also be helpful because it can flow in more massgoers, especially on sundays. Not to mention, there are numerous youth activities that happen during the week as well, so yeah. Ohyeah and I watching CTV. They featured a clip on the increased tolls on the Port Mann, and I was surprised that they featured my music teacher! Anyways, back to the point, we could see 555 ridership increase as less cars use the port mann and Alex Fraser, and especially Patullo, get clogged with drivers who do not want to want to pay the increased tolls
  9. Talking about youtube, a whole bunch of usernames are just random numbers and letters lately.
  10. According to the wiki, thats the only one at the moment. I was about to mentione Allison transmission, but I just remembered that they stopped using allison.
  11. I was on skytrain back on september and I heard so much baloney from this talkative drunk onboard. I recorded it and he said this while we are on the skybridge. -This train is going to Hawaii. If you're not going to Hawaii, then you're on the wrong train. -Don't jump off now because its high and I don't want you to drown. -I'm a lifeguard. I'll save your life, baby.
  12. Nothing major, but expect the nova, which was unIDable, should be out for a few days...
  13. 430 detour via 49, Fraser, 70, reg. route, Due to an accident invovlving 4 vehicles, one of them being a VTC Nova HEV, along 7000 Knight street;
  14. Spotted S7339 B/Oed along 104th near superstore.
  15. Well, that's it for this thread... I have created a new one, at http://www.cptdb.ca/index.php?showtopic=16062
  16. It's 2014-Time for a new transfer and reactivation thread... Who's gonna start us off? Same rules as for 2013- see below: To quote Chris Cassidy: "Please post all garage transfers in this thread along with any buses being returned to service from OTC. Whenever possible try to include where you saw the bus, what route it was doing, and if possible a run number (not required but it's nice). If you wish to track all of the 7300/7400 buses you see please use the "General Sightings" thread. Unless the bus has been transferred." Also: Please note that... 1: PCTC supports additional trips on the 135 during the weekday rush. 2: Additional 22 and 41 trips are supported by RTC during rush hour. 2a: BTC also sends trippers on the 41 on rush hour. 3: BTC operates some of their buses on NVTC Routes 4: 26-29 are BTC routes and not VTC routes 5: BTC operates one bus in one day on route 016. 6: BTC and VTC operate a few trips on the 49 during rush hour Also keep in mind these buses in storage: Here's an assumed list of D40LF's at OTC, based on which buses haven't seen service for the past few months. 7108 7109 7111 7123 7127 7129 7133 (BCT) 7138 7145 7146 7162 7167 7230 7235 7243 was transferred to NVTC (Although It hasn't seen service since December 31) 7104, 7161, 7183, 7228, and 7240 are located at the Prevost Facility, with their bike racks and license plates removed. I think thats all I have. What will happen first?
  17. Express Coach R9236 is my last one of 2013.
  18. This is now false; 7175 is doing one right now...
  19. Spotted this weird signage on R8068 at Bridgeport today...
  20. Quick question, as I am on P7404, Where did they get dieselized? I'm guessing it's near Production?
  21. Give it a shot, sone of my flickr photos are taken with my samsung galaxy S2
  22. For me, it has not. Hopefully when I go transitfanning tomorrow, It will... LOL Although i could say that I ran into a decent chik on 320 today...
  23. ^Banned because you keep runnng into cute girls on transit and its making me jealous
  24. I ran out of battery while filming B8079 on the 145 SB. The result is a cut up video.
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