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  1. That said, high numbered 388 blocks are 319 trippers
  2. (idk where to post but whatever) Tcomm is down; 18348 is a 319 this evening, unknown run.
  3. Turns out 9798 is back to Burnaby.
  4. Hm - since Tcomm was down today, should be noted that that one was a 116. its gonna feel so out of place seeing these on Surrey pieces 319/388
  5. Route 23 is undergoing consultation in a bid to put 40ft buses on the route. https://buzzer.translink.ca/2023/11/we-want-to-hear-from-you-on-proposed-23-main-st-station-english-bay-improvements TLDR: Extend from English Bay to Denman, Robson to Burrard Station. Historical background: The C21 ran Burrard-Yaletown-Beach until September 2010 at which point the Burrard-Yaletown section was peak only; the C21/C23 merged in December 2016.
  6. Train 137-138 unwrapped from Whitecaps
  7. 18348 to Hamilton; first 18300 Hybrid to operate out of another depot (excluding special operations on the 100)
  8. 323 artic this evening on 15008 Probably related to police involved in a crash 128 at 82
  9. 9518 spotted signed SPECIAL in Richmond at Brighouse station Looks like there’s a shuttle between Aberdeen and Brighouse
  10. Capstan construction is canceled for tomorrow; Canada line to operate normally. After all there is Black Friday (stares at Templeton Station) and a concert at Rogers Arena for Depeche Mode.
  11. so that’s a gap of 4-ish days by this logic reindeer units from last year that are yet to be decorated and were in service this week are not decorated for this year yet
  12. Expecting 57 battery electric buses in 2024/25 along with the C40LFR replacements. Also from Scottsdale the distance from PCT and RTC is negligible. I doubt PCT would want a niche fleet of 6 for its peak 555 output (currently at 4), so the chance of them taking the 340 is opened up. I wonder how far away we are from battery-electric shuttles. In 2021 the current options did not fit TL licensing/range requirements/driver area requirements. Speaking of yard expansion, BTC is also due for a massive redo
  13. Unwrapped: 12009 from Remax 18324 from Pride Bus
  14. Based off current schedule I’m expecting 95-100 minutes r/t which accounts for 14 buses for the R6 at 7.5 minutes; add 1 or 2 spares. R1: 12 buses (STC has 19 set aside for now) R2: 12 buses R3: 9 buses (PCT uses 15 as of now) R4: 31 buses(ish) (HTC has 39 rn) R5: 26 buses(ish) (BTC is working with 41 in its fleet for 38 runs) (too lazy to count exactly which am/pm blocks cancel each other out//use the same unit) ~105 runs on a fleet of 120; in actuality it’s closer to But in practice even 15% spare is not enough with all the stuff breaking down (hence making this breakdown even more useless)
  15. The engagement session at Lougheed appears to be postponed to a later date
  16. 15003 is headed to Aldergrove for a trip (hasn’t happened in a while)
  17. Surrey Central Expo Line platforms are closed for the rest of the night due to police incident
  18. Because it’s a pain in the ass to set up a new one in the first place
  19. Pretty bad windstorm overnight: Expo Line limited to 40kph entirely east of Joyce. Not to mention wires down in multiple places out in Vancouver There's a photo somewhere out there that shows UBC bus loop completely dark//lights out
  20. Oh here we go - transit and developments often go hand-in-hand. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/bc-government-transit-oriented-development-skytrain-bus-exchange-legislation
  21. Langley shuttles 17512 for ty corsie group 19553 for abbotsford canucks
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