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  1. These buses also have not undergone refurbishment; I highly doubt they would want to keep them in the fleet any longer as they are high floor buses
  2. 352 can probably split into a CS route from SSPR to Crescent Beach (which has a driver washroom; hence why they cant use SSPR to short turn stuff). Could probably go on to Ocean Par/128th *if* there is a layover/washroom there. Not sure about 354 and forcing transfers; it's the busier of the two
  3. Don’t tell that to the folks on the Skyscraper Page Forums lol Long ago there was an argument saying that the long distance passengers will naturally head upstairs while the people riding short distances will stay downstairs. one time I was at newton exchange and someone had the audacity to shuffle his way around the line of people going down the single staircase to get to his seat at the back of the lower deck (facepalm)
  4. Without the 9 Orions there is not enough to run all of 601/602/603/604/606/608/352/354. Therefore I assume one of the following 1) 606/608 downgrades to community shuttle (even though this still won’t be enough to run the other routes with only the Nova Suburbans) 2) 601 downgrades to use urban buses 3) Frequency reduction on any of the above routes 4) White Rock gives in to tree pruning and either 352/354 upgrades to double deckers
  5. Vixen (9540)'s first reindeer run this season: R4 to Joyce Station
  6. Incident involving an escalator at Granville Station: https://biv.com/article/2023/12/details-passenger-pileup-skytrain-station-escalator-revealed
  7. Spokane orders 7 Enviro500 buses https://www.globenewswire.com/en/news-release/2023/12/04/2789867/0/en/NFI-announces-first-order-for-Alexander-Dennis-double-decks-from-Spokane-Transit-for-7-Enviro500-buses.html
  8. Yes in fact all mk1 Royale wraps are unwrapped. 8143 for BC Buy Local
  9. The 23000 and 22000 units are the same model year but even closer. builders plate dates: 22008: March 2023 23008: April 2023 The following are being prepared inside VTC: 23008, 23014, 22014, 22011, 22012
  10. Expecting at least 55k in attendance downtown on a weekday tomorrow for two 7pm games for the NHL and BC Place (Christine Sinclair final game). Expo Line and Canada Line maintenance as of now are still given the go ahead, though the former is expected to start 11:30 (which in practice is never the case, usually starting at 11:40pm).
  11. Had a look again at internal photos - 23601 is a Chevy batch
  12. This is a COMBINED thread since there will only be 15 units that will ever be mentioned here. Capital budget mentions 6 double deckers for 2025 to replace the nine 2008 Orion V units. I say 2026 only because of the rate at which new buses are coming in later than originally planned. https://www.translink.ca/-/media/translink/documents/about-translink/governance-and-board/board-of-directors/board-minutes-and-reports/2023/december/23-12-06-public-board-meeting.pdf
  13. The base order and the first option for 84 has been exercised. Probably NFI, someone can probably file a FOI or wait until the first units appear. Don’t see why they order Nova CNG. https://www.translink.ca/-/media/translink/documents/about-translink/governance-and-board/board-of-directors/board-minutes-and-reports/2023/december/23-12-06-public-board-meeting.pdf
  14. 153-154 unwrapped from Charmin
  15. The first two are, there’s hard evidence already not sure about the following three, I guess we’ll know as they come. Maybe the original procurement for the 21000 shuttles has details, but I doubt that’s of relevance now. Funny enough it mentions a batch of 9 And then 73, which is the same as the current orders for 48 and 34 collectively. Been on my tippy-toes all week for the quarterly meeting agenda minutes, maybe that’ll have some info.
  16. 7455 begins today as a 335, this one is decorated.
  17. 17522 is retired after sustaining significant rear damage from a rear-end collision at King George at 32nd.
  18. Based off September 2023 board agenda meeting - there's some stuff lining up. So far: 23601–23606 are G5 currently sitting inside VTC. 23651–23665 are G5 set to replace 175xx operating for TransDev in Langley and Bowen Island. Therefore, assume the following: 23601–23606 - likely these will replace 2017 arboc operating in West Van, unless they transfer in additional 19xxx Arboc. 23651–23665 - repacing 17549 thru 17564 for 15 units 48 shuttles due for 2024 replace remainder of 2016/2017 G5s plus 4 expansion 34 shuttles due for 2nd half 2024 replace 2018 units plus 7 expansion 65 shuttles due for Q4 2024 thru Q1 2025 replace 54 shuttles from 2019 plus 11 expansion
  19. Real time issues are fixed. All west van units now post their actual numbers from what I’m seeing. 18035 is on the 335.
  20. Express691

    BC Ferries

    Special sighting scheduled for select days in December until the 12th resulting in a refit of the Queen of New Westminster: Salish Heron to operate the Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay route https://www.bcferries.com/travel-advisories/8799599243043
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