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  1. Also heard rumblings that there will be a peak hour extension to Scott Road to alleviate congestion at surrey central. Scott Road Station called back the 1990s and asked for its 321 back lol 555: I'm confident it can survive at 4 buses/hr peak at least in the afternoon. The line can swing behind the crewroom at Lougheed and stretch to the 152 bay and everyone will still be able to get on board.
  2. a bunch of the other buses mentioned are still not decorated yet, i.e. 909 and 19552
  3. I have a hunch that the reductions are more likely - something about emergency funding running out and that sort of stuff. Now: in the grapevine, there is a rumbling about route 84 being upgraded to artic service. Take it with a grain of salt.
  4. slightest preview of Q1 2022 schedules can be found, only in the north van section. Includes Waterfront Station bay assignments https://www.translink.ca/-/media/translink/documents/schedules-and-maps/schedules-by-region/sept-2021-schedules/nvan_p1-44.pdf?sc_lang=en&hash=44B8741DE286DC992BD54E566206609B
  5. 18330 - Rudolph 9543 - Comet 909 (West Vancouver) - Donner 9419 - Cupid 9798 - Blitzen 7455 - Dasher 9540 - Vixen 9683 - Dancer 19552, 21504 – Prancer (community shuttle) https://twitter.com/TransLink/status/1463973311843549191?t=a-SDVbnYj4Es5Rwb2q-W7Q&s=19
  6. Hello! 9543 is out on the 402 today which begins christmas bus spotting season.
  7. Apparently train 125-126 are equipped with wifi.
  8. So effectively its a brentwood 2.0 wrap, thanks for posting
  9. West van 908 and BTC 9649 wrapped for Viola by Safeway
  10. Express691

    BC Ferries

    Extremely rare Swartz Bay-Duke Point sailing was done November 18 (1 round trip) due to rainstorm related blockages https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/vancouver-island/2021/11/17/1_5670679.amp.html
  11. Yes, please discuss elsewhere (i.e. the trolleybus thread by scrolling down a bit in the vancouver subforum) ===================== The buzzer released a post regarding naming conventions for the skytrain units. https://buzzer.translink.ca/2021/11/why-isnt-the-new-skytrain-called-the-mark-iv-and-other-questions-on-the-mark-v/
  12. 66 FVX - Floods discussion, comments go in the thread linked below https://cptdb.ca/topic/15983-langley-to-chilliwack-by-bus/?do=findComment&comment=928909
  13. Floods: 66 FVX is running between McCallum and Langley only. Word is there's a few CFV units assisting, but can't confirm at this time. https://www.bctransit.com/central-fraser-valley/schedules-and-maps/alert?id=1529714444518
  14. Flooding/rain-related detours continue to plague this morning's commute. Highway 99 runs using Garden City, Westminster to Bridgeport Station
  15. Please remove my duplicate image, it was uploaded twice as I tried to figure out last week's photo uploading issues. File:Translink Pitt Meadows Station-a.jpg
  16. It's affected anyone who has uploaded photos, whether or not it follows naming conventions. @Articulated @1604 @A. Wong
  17. Adding 147-148 to that list, it appeared in the daily hive article for the Mk V
  18. I come back - Read the daily hive quote which says "While the newest existing model of train used on the Expo and Millennium lines is the Mark III, which saw the first trains rolled onto the system in 2016, the name of these new generation trains is the Mark V. Lovegreen explained that Mark IV has been assigned to the name of the Mark III trains undergoing some minor upgrades."
  19. 4 is bad luck lol jk thats likely not the reason why 4 was skipped
  20. Follow up on the wiki troubleshooting thread in the wiki subforum The issue has affected everything uploaded since Nov 7
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