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  1. They tell people to take transit to big events/concerts. However, this is the reality of it: Ongoing gongshow downtown as 60,000+ exit from Coldplay and Laver Cup combined, Single Lane alternating traffic on the Lions Gate adds to confusion. Tomorrow, Arctic Monkeys takes place at the Pacific Coliseum along with day 2 of Coldplay//Laver Cup in the downtown core. If it rains tomorrow evening the Lions Gate construction is canceled. Only noting because very rarely do both stadiums downtown see sellout crowds at the exact same time (BC lions/Whitecaps do not count as most of the time the entire upper bowl is closed off). Point is despite ridership being fairly strong for events such as these, the benefits don't usually pan out to those who need a connecting bus.
  2. Earlier this evening West Coast Express trips leaving Waterfront Station Eastbound at 5:30 pm (Train 4) and leaving Waterfront Station Eastbound at 6:20 pm (Train 5) are delayed due to police incident. A bus bridge was in place between Port Coquitlam Station and Mission City Station. from https://x.com/translink/status/1705404419888615827?s=46&t=vomPUhltLHzb9uxJ7um5Pw
  3. Internal source: R4 additional trip leaving UBC at 17:09 on weekdays. NIS to UBC, Depart as R4, then NIS to HTC
  4. That's not really answering the question; the second question is what's more important In 10 years on here, I only referenced the plates on the wiki once for some old friends who provided info for a bus through its plates to fill in the feedback forms (and even then the criticism goes back even further). Said bus merged into traffic without signals and caused minor damage the side of their car. Nothing was heard of after the form was sent so I doubt any leads were made. Given how rare such instances occur (and let alone produce any result), and given the fact that the chances of licence plates being moved from old buses to new buses are astronomically low (there are more than 6 million combinations), the value of keeping track of plates has little meaning. This is not just a Vancouver issue; other sections have also brought this up I'm sure. You can talk about defensive driving in your private group messages.
  5. "I took the 340/410 and didn't see them outside where the charging station is" doesn't count unfortunately
  6. I agree - You'd hope they'd be willing to somehow establish some sort of aftermarket parts facility. I think the overall scene is tricky. You need another bus company to compete with the big three (NFI-Nova-Gillig (US)) to hopefully reduce the likelihood of price gouging (diseconomies of scale) but at the same time, balance that out with a sustainable support network, which is something that's been really hard to do right now owing to years of global shipping and logistics shortages. Even now, look at how long it took for the recent E500 models (21400) to go into service after being spotted in Langley. RMtransit makes some really good points in a youtube video. This just adds pressure to the Solaris NA team to have as much as a presence not just in Vancouver but in the other trolleybus cities in NA (possibly including Mexico).
  7. Abnormally scheduled track maintenance to take place tomorrow: The word on the street I’m told is that there’s been some failure in a substation, BC Hydro is involved.
  8. Yes - Although the Buy Canadian/American-related legislation is in effect (whatever it is), there will definitely be some bureaucratic and regulatory hurdles (some of which can be nitpicky) for them to clear, especially in the jobs department. ETI (San Fran//Dayton Skoda 14tr fleets) was able to start up shop in the early 1990s here in North America - What challenges might a company like Solaris face in the context of 2023?
  9. Something I’m surprised about these days (because I haven’t taken it on a weekend in ages) is how the 119 went from clearly achieving the FTN threshold to just barely making it. Back in 2020 it was hitting 6 trips/hour on weekends during the mid-afternoon, nowadays it’s 4 trips/hour the entire day
  10. 9543 first of the 4 bike buses this summer to return to regular service
  11. 16218: Capital direct.ca DING
  12. Leave the old threads in the dust, bud use the LFR retirement thread instead
  13. 9799 was a 44 to Dundarave on the 12th - a bit of a historical nod going on there considering its old fleet number
  14. Impending gongshow downtown due to Beyonce concert, they canceled scheduled track maintenance on Expo and Canada Lines for tonight. Said concert should be finished around 10:00pm
  15. 19303 is in downtown Vancouver for some sort of battery electric vehicle conference.
  16. If anyone’s interested in the floor plan, they included it in the Call for artists: https://buzzer.translink.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/2023-08-24-Call-for-Artists-TransLink-Mark-5-New-SkyTrain.pdf
  17. Yesterday: emergency maintenance at Metrotown station on the outbound track. After the work//single tracking was done they had trains departing and leaving at 5km/h
  18. 18320 was NOT unwrapped (Tap to Win) and continues to be in service as a revenue bus.
  19. The crosswalk at KPU is now operational, this is part of the R6 upgrades along 72nd.
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