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  1. Should be FTN by now, even the 240 falls short by a few trips and still qualifies as FTN ==================== Route 2 Mcdonald will be routed back to Burrard Station as the station upgrades for that station were canceled. Internal source.
  2. 7480 and 18130 still wrapped (for the sake of those keeping track)
  3. The Provincial Government as launched the consultation for the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain. This includes renderings of all future stations. https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/transportation-projects/surrey-langley-skytrain
  4. West coast express experienced a cancellation of train 4 for the evening of May 8 and the morning of may 9 due to a mechanical issue.
  5. Word going around is that this 214xx batch of deckers are total lemons and are undergoing various repairs and fixes. Order is delayed indefinitely. Also means that the Orions will be lasting much longer until then
  6. Was told that the first phase of this round of Canada Line track work finished early. Not sure if the weekend closures are continuing thru to june 5.
  7. Round 2 of ghost 403 shuttles is happening evenings this week and weeknights until June 5. The evening shuttles this week only use 2 artics; one trip northbound somehow lasted 20 minutes (this was 6:50pm)
  8. Due to Mall Access at Scottsdale being repaved, the entrance to the loop and resulting detours to 301/319 have become a mess. Earlier in the week it was just the road adjacent to the loop that was closed off forcing northbound buses to exit to 75th. As of Wednesday access to 75th was blocked off resulting in buses turning out west end of the loop in peculiar fashion.
  9. One of the TBMs have been unloaded in Vancouver https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2022TRAN0037-000643 Also recently, TransLink has outlined the west extension out to UBC for the possible alignments. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/ubc-skytrain-route-proposed-translink-vancouver
  10. A cohple of the west van Novas are/were experiencing similar issues
  11. 18196 is involved, the driver was sent to hospital but is expected to recover (I think it also could be precautionary) Driver of one of the cars died though.
  12. R1 doesnt go to delta Jk only PM Peak NB trips are affected according to the original post
  13. Per alerts, R1 northbound to reroute via 138 Street, 76 Avenue to regular route during PM Rush. Joyce station bay #s are getting renumbered. E.g. Bay 3 for the R4 is becoming bay Bay 4. Stops remain in position. Gilmore Station also receiving bays. https://www.translink.ca/alerts
  14. Someone else pointed out a potential issue in which the sign implies that the express part is on Mtn Highway (which it's not technically) Makes me curious about what 211 and peak 214 will be.
  15. 18127 was involved in some sort of accident in Port Kells on a Southbound 501 trip. It was spotted inside HTC with damage done to the front doors, passenger windows, and wheel well outer coverings on the plastic
  16. The lease on Larwill Terminus is up, hence Georgia St buses (minus 257) rerouting via Cambie, Robson, Homer, regular route.
  17. I believe the setup/intent in UBC is to park the 25s closer to the median rather than in the main layover area.
  18. Upcoming bay reassignments for April 18: 25: at UBC, relocate to bay 6, former 49 bay 27: at Joyce Station, relocate to bay 7 NB along Joyce St (59664) 49: at UBC, relocate to bay 5, former 480 bay Also: SB School special 232 for Handsworth Secondary now start from Capilano/Teviot via regular route leaving 1512 and 1517. Effective April 19.
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