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  1. Out of left field, 21023 is on the 503.
  2. Technically both are correct. The maintenance backlog has caused a bus shortage so they transferred it over for the time being.
  3. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:TransLink_Marine_Drive_Station_platform_header-a.png Proper names on this file's title need capitalization, thanks
  4. The latest Lotto 649 wrap is 18389. Also a bunch of Mark 1s: 130, 138 - Seattle 155 - Wilder Institute
  5. Drivers aren't as strong as a primary/credible source nowadays aside from the ones active on forums/fan pages (you know what I'm talking about)
  6. Expo Line: No service between Columbia and Gateway - a bus bridge has been set up from New West Station to Gateway.
  7. All DE40LFs are done. Saw a post in a private Facebook group confirming the three remaining units are being disposed of.
  8. Not a good day for North Shore service: At lunchtime there was a collision that blocked the EB lanes of the Trans Canada Highway at the Arborlynn Drive exit. Stuff headed to West Van was snarled for much of the PM rush, At 6:50pm the Lions Gate bridge was completely closed off due to a police incident. Buses on the 257 are reaching 300 minutes late.
  9. first day of revenue service for 21515 - had to dig this image out of the trash folder because the sequencing into service is sporadic!
  10. Internal source: Options for 15 additional (RapidBus) units have been exercised. The expansion covers the units needed for the R6 but may not necessarily mean that these units get deployed to STC. Currently there are 15 buses needed for the R1 which has roughly the same runtime as the 319. Hence R6 should be running at least every 8.5 minutes. Production is to start Q3 2022. Subject to change.
  11. 18361 for CBC 9738 for Lotto 649
  12. Bunch of stop readjustments happening again on routes 2/4 https://www.translink.ca/alerts
  13. R4 is the first of the 5 RapidBus routes to be using the stacked programming. It was spotted on 18020. The other 4 routes should be reprogrammed in the coming month.
  14. Express691

    BC Ferries

    Apparently a service to Galiano Island had to U-Turn back to Tsawwassen this evening because the crew forgot to load the foot passengers
  15. Another route getting mid-sheet change is route 128, which has an additional eastbound trip at 8:10am on weekdays ...on top of the increases it got from the regular service changes.
  16. As artic 319s aren't a thing today, there is a Nova Suburban on route 430 and an artic 403 with 12025.
  17. TL Statement regarding service on September 19, the Queen's Funeral: https://twitter.com/TransLink/status/1570886535624409088?t=mv8SZOWfhkxbQoBIF7W22Q&s=19
  18. 880 AM eastbound trip canceled in September 2020 is now a trip on route 211. Effective tomorrow 16 September.
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