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  1. 15009/15010 to BTC 21004/21024 to PoCo edit: 18056 to HTC also: 18057/19042 PCT, 15015 BTC
  2. 15014 to BTC from Richmond. since 21403/4 entered service yesterday, I’d keep my eye out on artic 620 appearances funny enough as of 10:00am all 620s are E500s
  3. Hate to pick up the discussion again, but per 2022 contract awards, HTC is indeed receiving an upgrade to maintain double decker buses. https://www.translink.ca/-/media/translink/documents/business-with-translink/bidding-opportunities/2022_awards.pdf
  4. Don’t think the technology is there quite yet, where we have a low floor cutaway where the floor doesn’t slope upwards. I’m led to believe that having battery electric shuttles is a higher priority than accessibility. There’s been an ages long debate regarding shuttles and transit buses in Vancouver.
  5. Very normal. In fact, there's more BTC artics broken right now than usual. Next time, please use the e-sightings or general sightings thread.
  6. 15003 out doing random Surrey locals right now, which includes 320, 316, 595, 321 among others
  7. The same file seems to confirm the destinations of the Richmond-Expo Line RapidBus: Richmond Centre and Metrotown Station. Previously there had been speculation that it would terminate at 22nd instead of Metrotown. Some blurbs also worth mentioning: Canada Line peak service returns (at the cost of midday trips AND SNC-Lavalin via PPP) Ridership:
  8. 9689 unwrapped EDIT: New wrap on 127-128 for Flight Centre, replacing Vessi.
  9. Alex Fraser incident is clear after around 8 hours.
  10. Alex Fraser Police incident this PM has the 340 terminating at Scott Road Station.
  11. They finally canned Marine Drive at Montcalm Street WB. This stop was only 100m west of Marine Drive bay 4. As far as I'm aware, the stop was used by the Suburban buses which allowed a transfer to the 100 and 480.
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