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  1. Had an eventful day while trying to find TCG stock: Expo Line had delays this morning around Columbia. I was on the first train after it cleared. God-uncomfortable prepandemic crushloads combined with the train glitching and not opening the doors at Columbia (these Mk2.5s are cursed I swear) Later on the 595 I was on the first bus on a blockage at 208th street southbound. We ended up going R 74B, L 206A st, L 72nd (206A was clearly not wide enough to fit a full sized XN40). I had the chance to play pretend supervisor but I stepped back and let other passengers do it. (I would have su
  2. Unsure if this is a bookout error or the result of lowering peak frequency but there were quite a few 503 Aldergrove trips using artics this evening. In addition, the block # assignments switched on weekdays - artics normally have run 31-40ish but at least today they had numbers 1 thru 7 or whatever
  3. The post advises against anyone heading heading to the shop to see the new acquisition until COVID slowed down reasonably. No, staying behind the fence does not qualify
  4. Game Freak sampled the Mk1 motor and snuck it into Pokemon Sword and Shield. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3iYdlsVAU4
  5. Not sure if this was one of the causes but I believe another issue was the 257 being a pick-up only service heading westbound which caused confusion for people wanting the 250. I remember the numerous times WVMT drivers wouldnt allow people to exit the 257 along Georgia. People dont read the signs (*cough Balios cough*) which could (I guess) further the case for the 257 stop to be split from the rest of the West Van services.
  6. not listed on this week's service changes: Due to the ongoing construction of the Apple Flagship Store along Georgia Street, the following change is in effect now and into the next sheet: 240/241/246/247/N24 call at stop 54445 behind the West Van stop in front of the Bay 257 calls at nearside Seymour at Georgia at a new stop.
  7. Someone ran by HTC and spotted 16554 with an absent destination sign and front grill. Could still be there right now. It may be indicitave of retirement but who knows? I'll add that community shuttles tend to last 5 to 7 years with TransLink.
  8. 19415 was back in service/repaired late march 2021 according to an op's photo
  9. April fools No seriously - did you catch wind of the ongoing repercussions of the Egregor hack?
  10. https://developer.translink.ca/ServicesGtfs/GtfsData Changes according to publicly available GTFS data: 501: AM peak increase, extend PM carvolth trips to Langley Ctr 394: Every 20 minutes peak R1: Reduce to every 10 minutes 321: peak reduction Announcement likely to come 29 Mar for service changes
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