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  1. Still in service on some 143s
  2. There was only 1 reactivation for this sheet as far as I know (7274).
  3. the 20 never fails to be one of the most shadiest routes in the system. Yet another fight leaving a 15 y/o in custody and a 32 y/o with stab wounds.
  4. With the closure of NVTC in 2016, there now sits a spare bus inside of Phibbs Exchange every mid-day in case a bus becomes BOed. BTC is simply too far away to dispatch a replacement. Its the only transit exchange to have such a feature.
  5. At least it wasnt a 410. Slowvaaa
  6. I was debating whether that should go to the transfer thread; it was a Richmond bus prior to refurbishment.
  7. False. Quote from the alerts page: "Real-time next bus information is unavailable for stops along the portion of the 49 route that is still operating on regular route until May 8th between Dunbar Loop (along Dunbar, SW Marine/49th Ave) to 49 Ave at West Blvd."
  8. 16211 just pulled into RTC, 207, 208, 209, 217, 212, and few others here as well.
  9. 8079, refurbed in 2013, is at RTC. 8011 sits behind it.
  10. And will be because those pages are not updated enough. When our 2015 order was confirmed, the page still said TBA. The member who used to confirm the orders is now a well reputed driver and has since moved on from posting here. As for you, I suggest checking New Flyer's website hereon out and only update when the order has been awarded.
  11. Builders plate on 16051 says January 2017.
  12. Another change effective Monday from alerts page: 2 and 22 will be calling at Nearside SB Burrard at Dunsmuir in front of the Bentall Centre. 2 service will not stop at Burrard Station Bay 1 and the 22 will terminate at the new stop. Apparently it is jam packed in the peak hour at Burrard station.
  13. 16202 doing 99s today
  14. 9741 looks REALLY fresh. Pics late tonight