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  1. S503 out of HTC as of the 17th.
  2. 405-408 were seen metrotown storage track with red tail lights flashing
  3. How about me
  4. Well it looks like the depot made a mistake; 1 nova on the 49 as a PM tripper
  5. Thats the same thing the driver said when I chased 12024 on the 20. This time they were short on E60LFR on the morning bookouts
  6. Strange incident last night where someone stole the pole and schedule for king george stn bay 3.
  7. Ive seen people argue that LRT vs car accidents wont happen if people pay more attention. I think the same can be accomplished if we use grade separation. 2 sides to this argument, one of which I believe involves natural selection.
  8. That should be the name for the Surrey LRT project. Surrey STREETCAR project.
  9. Almost sent a friend to the FIVEFIVEFIVE but it cleared up right after I gave her instructions
  10. It HAS changed; the call has been reversed, 214 conventional work will still be with CMBC.
  11. Unfortunately its looking like the municipal government needs to see LRT fail in front of their eyes before building skytrain.
  12. Exactly the problem with higher ups. Cant stick to a firm schedule. Same thing happened when the Enviro500 Demo was in town.
  13. Ill be scared when when we have 5-10 series 50 buses left :/
  14. Last time there were lots of people wondering how to go to and from 22nd and new west/Edmonds. We recommended 128/155 to 6th and 12th streets to connect with 106/112.