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  1. RapidRide J update: https://seattle.gov/transportation/projects-and-programs/programs/transit-program/transit-plus-multimodal-corridor-program/rapidride-roosevelt?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR1jMwqX8kZtMti4eF9xK-lky_O4RZme0vjgXG_0cUTcijNF6oUUidzcNdo_aem_AI8hbZH4zEz4ExpNhb3qLg
  2. WCE 902 is back from Waycross GA and is sitting in CN Main Yard visible from SkyTrain.
  3. Due to BC99 closure since overnight, all 351 are currently only operating to SSP&R. EDIT clear as of 13h22.
  4. My hot take is that photos are all people want to contribute instead of formatting tables and finding supplementary sources in addition to sightings discussed on the board.
  5. 17502, 17505 last seen in May. 18507 is back as of this week Some more 2017 G5 should be sitting at VTC
  6. Happened many times already; you should specify between 18300/9400s
  7. This was supposed to go in the transit service thread, not the D40LF thread -.- smh My Apologies
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