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  1. Looks like it, assuming 1 spare And unlike E/M changes (announce and apply increase all at the beginning of the sheet), I also assume it's a gradual increase for every train entering service.
  2. Press release to take place tomorrow for Canada Line service expansion https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/transportation/increase-canada-line-service-translink-vancouver-bc-2034808
  3. As per alerts page: " Due to mechanical issues, Train 1, 5:25 AM departure from Mission City Station and Train 2, 4:20 PM departure from Waterfront Station will be cancelled from Mon, Jan 20, until Fri, Jan 24. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we understand the impact this will have to some of our daily customers. We are hoping to return to our regular service schedules by the end of the week. During this period, West Coast Express will be adding capacity by increasing the number of cars on our 8 car train to 10." https://alerts.translink.ca/
  4. 18001 is missing the RAPIDBUS lettering on the roof.
  5. S15007 is the first recorded artic headed to Aldergrove. I saw it a few moments ago in Fleetwood.
  6. A discussion I was in mentioned calcium buildup on the outbound tracks inside the tunnel
  7. Expo Skytrain normal service to Stadium, then waterfront -> Stadium wingle tracking shuttle.
  8. 16561/62 are in STC doing 310 work... and 7438 is doing a 33....?
  9. "TransLink to launch new 'smart lockers' at select SkyTrain Stations" https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/vancouver-news/translink-launching-new-smart-lockers-at-select-skytrain-stations-2020736
  10. Not far off - they've (set 23 and set 24) been in service since Saturday but it hasnt been noted Thanks though
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