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  1. Too indirect Not really a destination riders want I'll give it 6/10, maybe a few more points if it passes by Port Kells Industrial. =============== Themes I always see in (conventional) fantasy route creation: 1) Connecting 2 places wherein one or both places have a weak ridership base 2) Trying to connect 2 far-apart destinations using major roads where either multiple minor delays snowball into each other, or major delays happen on a daily basis 3) Indirect routing that attempts to take roads never taken or tries to compete with existing rapid transit
  2. Skytrain to Langley is far more economical and faster by a longshot, not to mention a single transfer to the 503 is still as convenient.
  3. I know who is involved in that (it was originally a twitter exchange), and as far as I'm concerned that is unrelated to this construction - rather part of the September service changes
  4. Large impact/construction to occur on two separate weeks on the SkyBridge in August. Peak service on King George branch is 2 trains per direction every 15 minutes (effectively 8tph down from the usual 18 (!)) https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/skytrain-skybridge-maintenance-2021 =============== That said, I want to take a guess that there will be additional mk2 pulled from Coquitlam to add capacity (assume 4car mk2 can carry more than 6 car mk1) since there is a net decrease of Expo Line trains. Then send the mk1s to Evergreen like during the heat wave. WF to KG 8tph (but
  5. Just saw your guys' electric buses and wanted to point out how similar those wraps are to the ones on TransLink's XE40/Nova LFSe. After all, they are part of the same Pan-Canadian integration project run by CUTRIC https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Coast_Mountain_Bus_Company_19301–19302 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Brampton_Transit_2150-2151
  6. Yeah, theyve been using the HOV ramps at 202nd for the past year, since the conclusion of the widening project around 216th
  7. Livestream announcement is set for 1pm on instagram. Word going around is that it's entering service for the afternoon rush.
  8. The 157 routes via North, Como Lake, and Clarke in both directions effective July 19. Southbound buses no longer route via Farrow and Smith.
  9. 7492 also for fruticana 7480 as well, spotted today
  10. Kevin Quinn has started his tenure at TransLink effective July 19 (Today)
  11. Before saying anything, it is not known where exactly these artics will end up. However we can assume that there is some expansion going on which includes articulated buses. ========= Not really confirming anything but there's strong evidence we might get artics on the 319 before artic implementation. https://images.dailyhive.com/20210222145305/translink-bus-priority-measures-2020-2021-e1614034762332.jpg The road projects for 2021 indicate that some stops on scott road were getting "filled in". https://www.translink.ca/-/media/translink/documents/plans-and-projects/roa
  12. There may have been conventionals on 337 (19113) and 310 (7456) this evening according to tcomm.
  13. Pandemic has come and passed for the most part. The order is now for 55 articulated buses for both replacement and expansion. The first unit is to arrive sometime between 2 and 6 weeks from now. http://www.metrovancouver.org/boards/GVRD/RD_2021-Jun-25_AGE.pdf#search="bus procurement" info starts at page 550-ish. Also had this photo sent to me by a close contact, was shot in Winnipeg. Not my photo, CTTO
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