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  1. 2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    S533 is in Hamilton as of the 20th S512 as of the 18th 17511, 17512 to PCT as of the 17th
  2. 2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    They won't. Don't worry.
  3. Ad-wrap reports

    Yes 102/202 was the one I was trying to remember
  4. Ad-wrap reports

    There was another C line train wrapped for KPU
  5. The only way 242 (the early weekend morning alternative to SeaBus) gets eliminated, is thru renumbering. I will give this post credit for bringing up how 242's route numbering. Nightbus now runs as late as 8am on weekends nowadays (at the start of shifts especially in the case of N9 and N19). My question is why not renumber the 242 back to N24?
  6. So generally speaking, Wilson's gives ferry riders an extra option for travel inland to Victoria, unlike at Tsawassen (and Horseshoe Bay to an extent) where the only options out (as far as foot passengers) is a taxi or the bus. Context: A sticker on one of the recent TransLink DD demos instructed people not to bring luggage upstairs, so it's either don't put deckers on the 620 or install luggage racks on the deckers.
  7. Can someone explain why Victoria chooses to not put luggage racks inside their deckers on route 70? It's a (valid) safety concern regarding heavy luggage being brought upstairs. Is the ridership just low enough to justify that they won't be needed?
  8. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Only real reason would be because the bottom deck is full already and there is nowhere else to go besides the top. Well Victoria already does this on route 70 so at this point I'm just contradicting myself. It'd still help if... Screw this I'll just comment in the Victoria Section to find out why they don't have luggage racks on their deckers. In my opinion it's much safer to keep the heavy luggage downstairs.
  9. Here's some minutes from Langley's meeting on March 5 regarding their B-line. https://pub-langleycity.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=5363 page 5
  10. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    All wrong. WVMT is supposed to be getting XD40, not the other way around. I've been told WVMT has a shortage of mechanics, so different buses have been appearing at VTC (The Novas) for maintenance. Makes sense for an XD40 to appear at RTC if this were the case for the XD40s.
  11. Do note that current frequency between 240 and 241 into Downtown in the AM rush is every 4-5 minutes between 7am and 8am. Hint at the push for customers to use seabus? Maybe increase trips for 28/130? I wanna note how the 239 is almost always split in 2 at Phibbs if theres an accident on 2nd narrows. From http://www.cnv.org/Your-Government/Council-Meetings Agenda pack of March 5 Stops at Consultation pop up at Cap-U on April 3
  12. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Don't know if this was an oversight in the demonstration process (on the side of TransLink in allowing people to bring stuff upstairs on the 620 trips) or not but when I was riding 1009 on Friday, I saw a sticker that says "Do not bring large luggage upstairs". Not sure if this translates to the actual order and if they will be used on 620 or not.
  13. Wonder how the set up is at Lonsdale will be. All I know is that the 239 WB bay is long enough to hold an artic. I bet people will lobby for the position of the bay to be closest to the Seabus terminal.
  14. 91 B-line was supposed to be the B-line going down 41st, but looks like that is not the case anymore. What is intriguing is how there is substantially more information about this B-line as opposed to the other 3, and how this one is already in the scheduling system ahead of the rest. I wanna hint at possible pressure from Surrey City council to have it running ASAP. Back on topic, 310 is a route number we havent seen in 17 years. It was cancelled in 2001. It was a route that went in reverse to Scottsdale//Tilbury Industrial from Vancouver in the AM and into Vancouver in the PM. 560 561 from C60 and C61 are absent - Possible deletion or reconstruction? Same with 719 and 722 hinting at splitting of the C41. That being said, once 91 is complete, there should be a push to have the 320 increase to 10 minutes peak. It would be a key connector for 91 customers wanting to go along 152nd street and into Guildford.
  15. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    How often is an artic on the 116? I saw one from a commtrans decker (The first 425 going up) this afternoon