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  1. Unless you were meaning to edit this post, I struck out on 29, 33, 41, 43, 100, 101, 104, 106, 110, 112, 116, 123, 027: Early AM trips from at Kingsway? 028: 1st trip SB M-F departs from Kootenay instead of Phibbs 043: Misprint on the print schedule for EB trips show 2 PM trips at the exact same time from Joyce 049: Additional AM peak trip
  2. Just flew over 22nd station and saw 9233, presumably booked on a 340 PM tripper.
  3. Another mid-sheet change according to the alerts page: 180 weekday increase to 15 minutes 9am-3pm
  4. Probably PCT ops couldnt find a bus close enough that was going NIS or finishing its run. I do know that the bus originally booked for that run (regardless which unit # it was) had issues.
  5. Or albeit any high-capacity route out of BTC for that matter. Heck even bring back the 125 to Burnaby if theyre gonna give up the 145.
  6. Probably for insurance, and I thought the number of active buses (or at least insurance for them) must remain constant (no fleet increase) between sheets (though the last time we ever saw a D40LF come out of storage was in 2014).
  7. Logically it would be better to store them indoors if they've been selected to be resurrected after several weeks/months.
  8. Latest transfer to STC is 7188.
  9. Moreso it became a thing again, April sheets is supposed to be a big increase in service, especially on the 502 and 410.
  10. No (I dont think the BO line itself is a numbered track) The buses you can easily identify while riding the 410 are the ones on the BO line.
  11. 7168 (last in service Feb.9) last seen on Thursday on the BO line at HTC
  12. Thats raising my eyebrows. Since that unit (along with 3312 and 3348) is powered with ISL-G and a B400R, Im curious as to how it's handling Johnston.
  13. Cockfosters on the Piccadilly line
  14. Reading the document again, a rear window has been specified for the initial 93 vehicles. Really strange from our standpoint.