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  1. 421 just hit the emergency brakes. Delays at king george. 6 car mark 1 sent backwards to Surrey Central OB.
  2. Taken from the CBC article
  3. Yeap. They stored buses are all facing north No problem
  4. Easternmost tracks, closest to the CNG facility. Its visible when passing by on 388, 340 410 and C98 (the latter two gives you the best view). You can see the backs of 7257, 7255, and 8024.
  5. 3344 back in service
  6. While a thread already exists for Surrey Rapid Transit, there still is no thread to talk about the Broadway Extension. I guess we will let this one pass. Perhaps renaming this thread to "Millennium Line - Broadway Extension" would suffice for now (and you have the naming rights to this thread so...)
  7. That single seat is very likely to be on top of the wheel well. Also: any word on luggage racks?
  8. Although not entirely sure, but was this the case when they ordered their D40LF or even their novas?
  9. Speaking of which, Translink is just labelling their buses with ExpressBus stickers on the left and right windows. No traces of the Suburban scheme that our Orions currently have.
  10. They are rich anyways so what do you expect
  11. More like XD40 suburban. I have never seen an option where it was given to a different manufacturer.
  12. !!! I have created a topic for this as with all other bus orders.
  13. The RFP for the first buses of the 2018 Standard Bus Procurement was released on January 13th. This is in relation to the 10 year transportation plan. So far: 93 CNG 40' Buses. First buses arrive no later than March 31, 2018 Rest of the buses to arrive in August of that year Known Options (There are diagrams pertaining to such). Quantities are to be determined. Diesel Diesel-Electric Hybrid Low Floor Highway Coach Diesel (West Vancouver) Few of the specs found across the initial order and the 4 possible options ZF Transmission Morbern Inc. Freestyle Vinyl seat fabric (Even on the express bus option) USSC Aries 4MA seating I also want to highlight that Translink awarded a Tender to Bird Construction Group for the installation of CNG facilities at STC.