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  1. That's incorrect now... Perhaps maybe you have more info?
  2. As far as I know, that's the only standard for NA Enviro500 MMCs
  3. Push bars are to the side as opposed to in the center.
  4. Agree, even if it's just at Surrey Central. The route is supposed to be a pseudo RapidBus so at least some of those amenities should be implemented. ========== The 601 is going to depart from bay 2 at Bridgeport until mid-September for an installation of a bike parkade near bay 7.
  5. 449->452 is in service. Some people I know saw it going westbound in Burnaby not long ago.
  6. Correct: I believe they will send the remaining 4-car 2xx sets on Expo back to Coquitlam, in addition to putting the 2 remaining mk3 sets into service (449->452 and 453->456). No sign of 457->460 yet, unless they have been delivered without us knowing. Also: 143/145 to become pseudo B-Line with all door boarding. I really want to speak to TransLink on the placement of 502/503 stops at the next board meeting. Having the 503 at bay 10 is a disaster waiting to happen. The addition of double deckers on the 301 also means a lot for the 319, which will also experience less overcrowding. I hope the appearance of the tall bus is noticeable from bay 4 at Newton Exchange so that people waiting for the 319 will run over and board the decker on the 301.
  7. Expo Line increases, Seabus Frequency updates, September service changes: A press release is taking place at Production Station.
  8. I have reports that 9217 is retired.
  9. It is found to be a mistake in the PDF schedule and next sheet's route diagram. That sign is posted at King George station bay 1.
  10. I'm just laughing at how these are already in service without people knowing
  11. Only 2015 set with updated programming thus far (I believe the reprogramming was first spotted in May) Didnt know about this error until now
  12. Note to editors: Exterior photo of the decker at the PNE will *not* be eligible for wiki photos, just because there is so much in the way. They will be eligible if there will be nothing blocking the deckers. Photos of the interior are welcome, however. ====== Updated seating count is 87, not 86, which is good.
  13. Happy 10th Birthday, Canada Line!
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