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  1. Express691

    Ad-wrap reports

    Adding 18119 unwrapped.
  2. Express691

    2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    HTC is now the yard for 7264.
  3. Express691

    Translink Refurbishments

    7492 Is back. Its refurb was done last month but it came back today.
  4. Express691

    Modifying a page title

    Someone I know (personally) originally requested a page name move. However before that could be done, someone else had started a new page and copy/pasted all the information. Figured this out, gonna see if we can file a page deletion of the former
  5. Express691

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    It's just 34 people, relax
  6. Express691

    Random Photos - Vancouver and area

    These are Out of crop, units are dominated by shadows, framed incorrectly, objects In the way. Mark: 2/10 Try again On a slightly more positive note, most points from this guidebook (my friend made) are highly applicable. https://cptdb.ca/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=35760
  7. Express691

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    In all honesty it shouldn't take long to get into Surrey Central from Vancouver (40 minutes on skytrain each way)
  8. ST: Has DE60LF and CNG Gillig BRT Tipoff: a lot of their highways are flat, not hilly.
  9. Express691

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Coast_Mountain_Bus_Company_18101-18199,_18201-18254 see for yourself lol
  10. Express691

    TransLink in Seattle today

    ...Except some are going under refurbishment
  11. Express691

    Collisions and Incidents thread

    16039 most likely
  12. Express691

    King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Quick Question: DE60LF 2792 runs out of which base? -Atlantic -Central -North I had a hunch it wasn't atlantic, unless im wrong
  13. Express691

    TransLink in Seattle today

    You sure it was a D40LFR? We are currently expecting several more XN40.