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  1. https://www.translink.ca/Plans-and-Projects/RapidBus-Program/R1-King-George-Blvd.aspx The R1 RapidBus page has been edited to have service every 7.5 minutes during peak periods instead of every 9 minutes. This probably explains the additional XDE60 (18035-18037) sent to STC.
  2. 19042 19043 are wrapped for Rapidbus. Confuse reacts only
  3. The 9 and 41 will switch vehicles over the next year/2 years, but yes I believe the fleet requirements in VTC may require additional dieselization during MLBE construction (despite the trolley wires going up on 12th).
  4. Right... September was 20 days ago so I'm not sure what you expect for these buses which are just starting service. In any case: http://www.metrovancouver.org/boards/IntergovernmentFinance/FIC_2019-Oct-16_AGE.pdf 1) The 2021 standard bus procurement was 48 40' buses in the May 2019 Mayor's council meeting along with the 30 artics. 2) I believe the 71 shuttles are excercised options, and are likely to contain a mix of high/low floor shuttles. Gotta check the procurement thread for those. 3) an argument was made either on the document or SSP wherein the capacity of the skytrain system would reduce by 17% (6 trains) had those cars been disposed of (which is the other option) instead of refurbished. 4) The 100 will then go to 16 (9/6/7) buses, so there will be 19 electric buses (once the additional 6 arrive in 2020) in total: 16 on the 100, 3 spare. This may hint that the 80 express (Transit network review) is being pushed ahead, assuming they want the 100 to be fully electric (please continue discussion in the battery bus project thread).
  5. And this evening, I discovered that I have a picture from its last day in service
  6. Moreover: The route maps don't get produced/corrected often. Perhaps now is a good chance because the map will be re-done fully for rapidbus implementation
  7. One of the last recorded D40LF to go on the N19, 7428, is now retired. 7423 also retired.
  8. Someone I know @KINGSTER200 brought this up in a conversation: The TTC has specifically assigned buses that are directed to serve on any route that is experiencing a missing bus or is delayed. Nicknamed RAD buses (Run As Directed), they are dispatched to a route and are not confined to a schedule. Dispatch then assigns the next route upon arrival to the terminal. It's said to have a net effect on increasing on-time reliability despite being expensive to operate. I submitted this on the Transport 2050 ideas board. https://globalnews.ca/news/1702327/stranded-how-the-ttc-is-trying-to-solve-its-short-turn-problem/
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