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  1. There are artics on the 160 this evening to help with young people returning from the Breakout EDM festival at the PNE this evening.
  2. Train 323 was on the Expo Line today as a 2 car set.
  3. ...and 2 people were arrested on the scene.
  4. They're all PM trippers. 19001 is also out. That's all for this evening: PM trippers
  5. 18029 is a Tapidbus. 18059 18060 are wrapped tor Transport2050
  6. Not sure what is going on here, but it seems all 150 trips so far have been cancelled today.
  7. Novabus LFSe max capacity is around a dozen less than the usual load. Weight concerns and the fact that this is among Nova's first experience with making BEBs are likely contributors as to why the maximum capacity is lower than that of other 40" buses.
  8. Reports now say that the 179 to Buntzen Lake is now a standard bus. A sign at Coquitlam Station has the details.
  9. Is this some reverse universe now? All jokes aside, the bear did not make it (the cub died)
  10. The are different versions of the Transport2050 wrap. Each with a different color
  11. Yes, with the remaining 11 buses that need to go into service
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