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  1. Curious as to why the photos of the buses in delivery say 25 then Edit: COVID, Global workforce shortage, I think numbers seem all over the place. I wrote the first page in 2019 and even I don't know what's changed
  2. Issue is resolved for the most part, except for Surrey. A bunch of 15000s on the R1 and there are no artic 503s today.
  3. Outliers What I should have said is that *most* of the 110 RapidBuses have been grounded.
  4. All 110 rapidbus artics have been grounded - cant wait for the crapshow that will happen tomorrow (if it happens. I think it will happen)
  5. 21558...? Is in service Your guess is just about as good as mine. Since it is out of the expected number range, it is possible that it might not even be an Arboc SOF. Requesting pics for this one
  6. Have a hunch 4-car mk1s will be continuous through this week
  7. Saw 18034 BO at King George, its replacement is 16122, a rather uncommon appearance on the R1 by an XD40
  8. Passed by OMC1 and counted at least 8 timed out mk3s My 4-car mk1 count stands at 4 this afternoon.
  9. Whats more special is how this has been continuous for about 3 days now. A couple trains spotted, each with a 1995 and 1985 pair.
  10. There was also an XN40 16038 but that was swapped out.
  11. 41st avenue continues to see pedestrian incidents as R4/41 are on detour to 33rd in the Rupert street area
  12. Last night an unauthorized entry into the track resulted in Millennium Line trains turning back east at Renfrew. No service VCC-Renfrew.
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