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  1. 227-228 wrapped for Sporting Life
  2. Compass mini, which is a keychain compass card, is set to roll out december 6 https://globalnews.ca/news/6259621/compass-mini/
  3. BC transit (Victoria) makes a bold move and buys 28 used fareboxes from a facebook group, saving $300,000 along the way https://www.goldstreamgazette.com/news/b-c-transit-saves-300000-scores-28-used-fareboxes-idle-in-california/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  4. Ratification vote (Aria venue) shuttle for VTC
  5. Not necessarily true as it was supposedly swapped out early into its shift
  6. There is a medical emergency at Lougheed causing delays to Expo/Millennium
  7. Ok um how on earth were you able to predict that?
  8. My question now is why only 12 trips on 595 extend to 203rd instead of all of them like in the original plan And I was also told by a driver that in the sheets, there will still be R5 WF station for buses going into service for route 44
  9. Does it still extend to Scottsdale in the PM? Perhaps you mean 480? 430 never had those frequencies in the first place. Is this a result of 2019 transit network review?
  10. 1) I believe they stopped operation of top-deck with lights out 2) The stop request dings have also been fixed Also 19404 hasnt been out for a while and I wanna guess that its onboard GPS needs to be fixed. Wasnt reporting properly since it entered service.
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