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  1. https://novabus.com/translink-selects-nova-bus-15-electric-buses-lfse-expanding-low-emission-mobility-vancouver-communities/ This is the press release from Novabus Of note: -These 15 buses are all the base order. Originally was supposed to be 6 units but we all know what happened. -These buses are the LFSe+ - they will come equipped with Bae HDS-200
  2. I have a feeling that this swap is less about branding and more so to do with maintenance. D60LFRs see almost no usage right now due to no classes at SFU (schedule only needs 5 buses on the 145 during peak hours right now). Might they be better in these conditions? (e.g. snow? Resistance to road salt?) It could make sense to reduce mileage on the Xcelsiors.
  3. 201 205 Questrade 16036 for Shaw
  4. Everett Transit B0111 at Everett TC a few years back
  5. King George and Nanaimo remain as the only stations without new real time displays. Waterfront's Expo Line platforms has theirs all installed but only the ones at the Howe Street side (west side) are activated. The samsung TV that has been there for years is now gone.
  6. TJX//Winners wraps should be undone by now.
  7. stalled buses happen every day and thus no need to note it every time it happened or else this thread would have 19 posts a day about stalled buses edit: not too late to make guidelines for this thread
  8. Copper/organosilane skytrain units are unwrapped.
  9. https://vancouversun.com/news/translink-names-gigi-chen-kuo-its-interim-ceo Replacement of Kevin Desmond as CEO of TransLink continues, interim CEO appointed.
  10. A hidden change: Select pure all-day 240 runs have been running with articulated buses. In the past they have been appearing during rush hour, but this sheet the are appearing on full-day runs Monday to Friday - 2 blocks to be exact. Also spotted in the timetable for the 99 are very very late EB trips that come off an N17, leaving UBC roughly 3:45/4am 7-days a week.
  11. Do this piece by piece: 16137 is in STC.
  12. Today marks 1 year of RapidBus operations. R1 R3 R4 and R5 all started a year ago on January 6, 2020.
  13. HTC likely didn't have any more to give up - they gained work in terms of 640 weekday, 116, 104, 100, and 410
  14. There's a non-rapidbus artic surplus at PCT with the 145 only using 5 D60LFR during peak times At the same time there's lost service on the 408 which has freed up some buses.
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