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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk0-M_6y53s Latest video is about the electric bus project for TransLink - I mention this order at the end of the video.
  2. They should be: not exact but not too far off since you can always install PSDs with a slight margin of error. As long as the lead or end cars are consistent: move the 4-car stopping area to one end of the platform (I'm sure that's possible via a re-program)
  3. Platform 2 at VCC is closed until 2:30pm: Millennium Line trains either skip VCC IB platform and right to the tail tracks or do the reverse into platform 1.
  4. 9640 unwrapped so all doordash buses should be revised to 2nd version
  5. That said, I'd rather have a discussion about how to extend the capacity long-term instead of talk about what the maximum allowed gap is between the train and platform. The former is easier to do, more straightforward, and does a better job futureproofing despite costing more. Also: the 41 trains 205 cars is not enough solely for peak expo line (I'm sure this was discussed elsewhere though, on page 1)
  6. This comes out of the October 2020 Mayor's Council board meeting report: The initial order is for 57 battery-electric units for PCT along with charging infrastructure. The plan also calls for 57 diesel buses to be retired. It is unknown yet if the buses are to come from Nova or New Flyer but judging from lack of support network for BYD/Proterra this is likely the case. Also to note: -The current pilot involves three cities and 22 buses and is looking to expand to a phase 2 by 2022 . Not sure if whether or not these units are part of this expansion to phase 2. -Federal funding was announced during the global health crisis -Aside from 701/791/N9/160, the majority of conventional routes in Port Coquitlam TC are short. -TransLink has cited that Marpole TC will be delayed beyond the end of 2023 and has chosen to pursue the "Agressive" LCFS option. -Some have pointed out that this is a lot being invested for not much service. -Future bus orders beyond 2023 will not involve diesel. -The 25 deckers being ordered will likely be diesel. That said... -The next fleet expansion will be pushed back to 2022. Personally I'm more interested in listening to the politics behind this decision as opposed to what CNG buses will be replacing the D40LFR at STC
  7. going off Wikipedia numbers and 27tph peak Expo Line: 13000/14300 pphpd increases to 18000 pphpd (with 5 car Mkx) ================================= Few tidbits: 6 cars mk2/3 will be a bit over 100m long. Platform tiles are 62.5cm long (accounting for adhesive used) Call me crazy but I did the platform tile measurement experiment and found that the amount of current usable platform space is around 82-83m for most stations (Gateway and Joyce stick out at about 92m while Main street measures to be about 86) (also accounting for heat expansion joints). The downtown stations (Stadium-WF) are slightly shorter at 79-ish meters. Stadium works out to be exactly 80m long from the guideway entry gate to the concrete partition. Heat expansion: Most elevated stations are partitioned into sections either 20 or 30 meters long. (The reason these werent seen at Broadway Station is perhaps the heat expansion system is different. If an 85m train is allowed at a station with 79m of usable space, a 102-ish meter train will need at least 96m of usable platform space. Let's hope by then Metrotown is due for a second round station upgrades. Right now the escalators at both ends are inhibiting any signs of platform extension. Another question: is there enough vertical circulation for stations with 800pax/train? - compare to 480-530pax/train in last half of 2010-2020. But in reality we're so far from ever needing this level of capacity upgrades
  8. They added another NB 640 trip from 72/Vantage M-F via Tilbury. Effective Friday the 23rd
  9. New West has the new displays Down to King George, Nanaimo, Waterfront, and Burrard with the original older ones
  10. I'll argue that they should have widened the north crosswalk instead of having the 2 smaller crosswalks. That way there's less interference. Cadillac-Fairview/City of Richmond should also do something about that small parking lot in front of the Shoppers drug mart and turn that into a public space.
  11. Been hard to come by a 2xx mk2 on Expo ever since the last few mk3 came into service especially on a weekday. There's one out rn (236 235 259 260)
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCeroaXnfkE Here's a video of the new Brighouse Station bus loop enjoy!
  13. I will give a bit of credit for getting at least some sort of coverage done, in routes 733/741
  14. I will also reiterate that when it comes to larger matters such as RapidBus and new SkyTrain lines, those are in the jurdistiction of the Mayor's Council - if one mayor disagrees on a specific matter, the project is shelved or undergoes significant changes. It's a double edged sword: good in that stuff actually gets done (generally they agree with each other like in the case of endorsing the Broadway Extension), but bad in that select other projects are put on hold because one mayor disagrees (taking Derrick Corrigan's feedback on Metrotown as well as the Brighouse bus loop as far as I can remember)
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