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  1. Urban Sky

    VIA Rail Canada

    Train 2 has left Saskatoon only 9 minutes late: https://reservia.viarail.ca/tsi/GetTrainStatus.aspx?l=en&TsiCCode=VIA&TsiTrainNumber=2-&TrainInstanceDate=2018-09-17 Train 1 is currently approaching Edmonton a few minutes early: https://reservia.viarail.ca/tsi/GetTrainStatus.aspx?l=en&TsiCCode=VIA&TsiTrainNumber=1-&TrainInstanceDate=2018-09-16 You can play around with the date stamp in the URLs to find previous departures...
  2. Urban Sky

    VIA Rail Canada

    Just try booking for any of the next few departures and check what's showing up: