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  1. Codiac recently put an initial batch of 9 new LFS's into service; from what it looks like so far, they got rid of their Classics, and the only RTSes still in use are 408, 409, 430 (owned by Riverview) and 450 (owned by Dieppe). These buses are numbered from 800 to 808 and, as of over the weekend when I was in Moncton, the only sort of decal applied to each is the bus number; they were completely white other than that. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any pictures of them.
  2. From what it looks like, they're still running at least one, 48239. The rest have either been retired or are getting some sort of maintenance work done to them. Also, as of the start of the year, Route #35 is discontinued, so that will need to be updated in the wiki
  3. I know that the wiki hasn't kept the best track of the cutaways, but I distinctly remember seeing one numbered 8055 a few years ago, and if I had to guess, 8054 is only numbered as such because the 2004 and 2005 numbers were grouped together at one point, leading to the possibility of a cutaway 8043 at one time. I also remember seeing 8122 as a cutaway fairly recently
  4. That could've been it; it was definitely faster than the doors on 8162 were during their first week of service (when it still had the new-bus smell)
  5. Something I noticed earlier this evening is that, with the new buses (8161 and 8162), it seems as though the doors are a bit slower to open than on the older buses. Is that actually the case or is it just me?
  6. As a further update, Route #35 is going to be a trial route until the end of the year, with one trip in the morning and one trip in the afternoon.
  7. Hey guys, just as an update, Saint John Transit is rolling out at least one new bus, 40687. It looks identical to 40585 and 40586. Not sure if that's the only bus in that order, though.
  8. It's really starting to remind me of the Codiac lockout back in 2012 now
  9. Starting last week, and continuing into this week a bit, there's a 23 seat Vicinity bus on trial. The same bus, I believe was being trialled in Moncton (Codiac Transpo) near the start of the month.
  10. According to one of the drivers, no.
  11. Forgot to take a picture of it, but I saw 40585 about 45 minutes ago operating on the Crescent Valley route. 40586 must also be entering service soon, then.
  12. That's exactly what happened; 507 was the vehicle involved in a fatal collision in early 2012.
  13. Just curious, but where did you get that list from?
  14. The only classics that I've seen recently are 48238, 48239, 48543, and 48646, and the only RTS I've seen since last June is 46847. I've seen 52930, 48137, 48544, and 48645 in use, but those Classics haven't been out for anywhere in the range of the last 2-6 months
  15. New Schedule effective May 3, 2015: Highlights: - Earlier end times across the board - 3/4 is now 30 minute service all day and on Sundays - 5/6 goes to King's Square instead of the Lancaster Mall and is 30 minute service on weekdays, no evening/weekend service - 10 and 11 are discontinued - 12 now goes into Grand Bay-Westfield, replacing the Comex service - 14 is now 60 minute service during peak hours - 15 is now 30 minute service during peak hours, 60 minute service midday, evenings and weekends - 21/23 now service Prince Edward Square; routes are now hourly Monday-Saturday - 30 is now 45 minute service Monday-Saturday, 60 minute service weeknights, no service on Sunday - 31 is now 30 minute service Monday-Saturday, 60 minute service weeknights and Sunday - 33 is now 60 minute service, but with special runs when NBCC has classes - 34 is now 45 minute service Monday-Saturday, no evening service - 35 is now 45 minute service during peak hours