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  1. Codiac Transit

    I believe the car companies refer to that as "low mileage"
  2. Codiac Transit

    Special as in "amongst the first to be retired once the fleet is fully accessible"? It looked like it was out on the 68 today, but got pulled this afternoon after less than a day out...
  3. Codiac Transit

    720 is the demo with a different radiator grill, so there might be some other differences with that bus as well. I can't remember which bus it was (720 or 721), but I think one of them had a weird button for the rear door instead of the usual waving your hand for the sensor to pick up and open the door.
  4. Codiac Transit

    Oh neat, didn't know that about those buses. Also, based on a number I saw a few years ago stating 40 buses in the Codiac fleet, keeping that number at 40 looks like it'll retire 408, 409, 500, 501 and 502 from the Moncton buses, 430 from Riverview, and 450 from Dieppe. That would mean an additional order of 8 buses (replacing 503 and 510-516), plus an additional new one for Riverview (replacing 530), would be needed to make the entire fleet accessible.
  5. Codiac Transit

    Their site is showing buses 810-816 and 850 (for now) with the new shipment; I'd say 809 won't be a bus right now, as it seems like Codiac likes putting padding between numbers now since they had to renumber 507 to 508 after the fatal crash a few years ago (note the lack of 509 whenever the ex-STM buses arrived in 2012). Another possibility is that the new buses could be 810-817 (8 buses), 830 (new bus for Riverview), 850 (the new Dieppe bus). Also, since they have 10 *so far* with the new order, that sounds like the end of the run for the RTSes (408, 409, 430 [once 830 enters service], and 450), as well as some of the 500s that don't have the ramp available (I think this is 500-503, 510-516; 530 would be sticking around until Riverview gets another new bus, I believe).
  6. Codiac Transit

    It looks like another new bus bumped 804 to the 64B runs; were you able to find out which bus that was?
  7. Codiac Transit

    It's like a 4 step process that requires a bunch of ID-matching, but basically, in the source for the bus-catcher frame, there's a JSON string that has a list of buses; each bus has an ID, and the ID corresponds to what each route's location map is getting. It was a pain with some trial-and-error to figure it all out, though.
  8. Codiac Transit

    Drove through Moncton today, and 850 is the new Dieppe bus; it's using the same tracking device that was in 450, so I'd say that it's official that 450 is now retired. I saw 430 going on the 80 Gunningsville this afternoon, so that bus is definitely still active for now. I did get the license plates for 810, 812, and 850 for when the wiki gets updated.
  9. Codiac Transit

    The numbering strategy, from what I can tell, is this: Start at x00. If a different city buys a bus, add 20. If the city you're adding 20 from is Moncton, add 30 instead. Examples: Moncton bought 400-409 over a few years, then Riverview and Dieppe each bought a bus. Riverview went to 430 (add 30 from 400), and Dieppe went to 450 (add 20 from 430). Dieppe bought the first 3rd-gen LFSes that Codiac runs, so those got bumped to 700 and 701. When Moncton bought a couple ex-demo units, they added 20 and the numbers became 720 and 721.
  10. Codiac Transit

    Two other possible fleet numbers (unconfirmed, obviously) are 811 and 850, both visible if you look at the page source for their bus catcher app; 811 was listed for a little while, but 850 just showed up in the last day or two. Either 850 is the Riverview bus or there's a new bus for Dieppe to replace 450 as well. I'll be driving through Moncton tomorrow on my way back to Fredericton, so I'll see if I can catch a glimpse at the one going around Dieppe. EDIT: Dieppe did authorize the purchase of a new bus last October, so the bus in question is likely that one.
  11. Codiac Transit

    2 new buses in the Codiac Transpo fleet that I saw driving around today, 810 and 812. Both look very similar to the previous series (800-808)
  12. Saint John Transit: 2009 (Nova Bus LFS Artic, both ex-demos) Codiac Transpo: Had a demo LFX in fall 2011 Fredericton Transit has never had one
  13. Saint John Transit: 1999 (Nova Bus RTS) Codiac Transpo: 2001(Nova Bus RTS) Fredericton Transit: 2002 (Nova Bus RTS)
  14. Time to add New Brunswick to the mix: Codiac Transpo: LFS in 2001 (500, 501, 502, 503) Fredericton Transit: LFS in 2004 (8041 and 8042) Saint John Transit: Orion VII in 2002 (41252 and 43253); both of these were former OBI demo units
  15. Fredericton Transit update.

    The last of the 4 new buses (8174) has been spotted, which officially makes 8981 retired.