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  1. Well, 8121 is more than likely retired after a fire started in the engine compartment. CBC article
  2. 503 still shows up from time to time on their bus tracker, possibly just as an extra spare or the tracker was moved to another bus and not properly renumbered. 500-502 haven't shown up in a while.
  3. As an update, bus # 2134 is showing up on their Timetrack widget on their home page. Not sure which bus (if any) this replaced
  4. All four of Codiac's brand-new buses are out this morning, according to their bus tracker map. 820 and 823 are on route 51 (Green Line), 821 is on route 61 (Elmwood), and 822 is on route 65 (Killam). The wiki will need to change; the current 818-821 listing is just 818, and 822-825 will need to become 820-823.
  5. That would be my assumption; the unfortunate part is that their bus tracking software doesn't include the bus number, so it's difficult to tell which buses are on which route on a given day (which would be the easiest way to make a guess as to which bus is which)
  6. I unfortunately don't know; there's a couple of Chevrolet minibuses in the background of the video that T3 put on Facebook, but they might be unrelated (parked around some of their Coach Atlantic fleet, so might be separate from the T3-specific fleet) EDIT: found the RFP for the minibuses; winner was Crestline Coach
  7. Those 8 buses are now in service. Source The Town of Cornwall put up pictures on their Facebook feed earlier showcasing one of them; the number of that one is 201
  8. Fredericton has a new accessible vehicle for their Dial-a-bus service, numbered 8201. I’m assuming that this means 8113 has been retired, leaving 8142 and 8122 as their others
  9. 818 is the only new bus I know of (I think the most recent order of "5 buses for Moncton, 1 for Riverview" was split up amongst 818 delivered a couple years ago, 831 from 2018, and these 4 new buses). I'm keeping an eye on the Codiac Transpo website to see if any new bus numbers pop up
  10. Codiac announced on their Facebook that they received four new buses to replace other buses (my prediction is 500-503, making the full fleet fully accessible). Only one bus is pictured, with a number of 822.
  11. To follow up, looks like 63 and 64 are both based out of New Minas; I've seen 51 and 53 on Doublemap recently, so I'd assume that 52 is the one that got retired
  12. I'm not sure which of the former Halifax buses it is (most likely 612), but there's a new bus 64 that appears to be in service this morning
  13. Just a quick bump; I struck through the changes that aren't valid anymore due to how the VIN pages changed, but there's still some missing links to VIN pages
  14. VINs have been recently added to a few different transit operators, and it looks like updates made to the bus pages haven't been reflected in the VIN lists: Fredericton Transit 8181-8184 VINs aren't links, even though they should show up on this page Also, the license plate for 8182 is LCD 178 Metrobus (St. John's, NL) 0152 has a full VIN listed, even though the list only has the second half 1415-1419 has the same issue 1520-1525 has the same issue 1626-1630 has the same issue 1831-1833 VINs aren't links, even though they should show up on this page Codiac Transpo Bus #818 was delivered at some point in early 2019. I'm not sure what the VIN or anything for this one is, though Kings Transit (Nova Scotia) 60-61 VINs aren't links, even though they should show up on this page
  15. Fredericton Transit went back to it's full Saturday schedule all week effective May 19, and also charging fares beginning on that date. Routes 18 and 20 are at their full weekday schedule now (2 runs in the morning peak, and 2 in the afternoon peak). Saint John Transit reduced to an enhanced Saturday schedule as of April 26, 2020. Details located here
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