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  1. Stumbled upon this picture on flickr, showing with finality that 72 is an El Dorado. Photo isn't mine, so I can't claim ownership or anything. 72 is closest to the front, with 65 and 74 on the other side of the road
  2. Looks like Transit Cape Breton 7096 & 7097 have had VINs added; the VIN list for the Vicinity page should have these added and links made accordingly.
  3. I think the main reason that 507 was renumbered to 508 is that the bus directly hit a pedestrian. In this case, it was a vehicle collision that eventually turned fatal, but after injuries. Also, I distinctly remember the last collision being in the news for weeks, while this one gets a bit of a mention but that was it.
  4. It wouldn't make sense for them to have one Vicinity when the entire rest of the fleet is old El Dorado's, including the other two buses in the same purchase. T3 has recently announced buying 3 more refurbs, so it'll be interesting to see if these also come from Calgary...
  5. 23-206 En transit/Ecole on Acadie at about 8:45 this morning
  6. 22-340 was running the 164 at Acadie and Dudemaine at about 8:25 am
  7. Just saw 23-236 on the 179 at the corner of Acadie and Dudemaine. I'm not the most familiar with STM routes, so I don't know which run it would be or anything
  8. The bus in question was 803; odds are, we might see the bus being renumbered, which was done when 507 (now 508) hit a pedestrian a few years ago. http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/news/2019/man-dies-collision-involving-bus-and-car
  9. According to Saint John Transit 38888-38899 and Codiac Transpo 831, these 13 buses have VINs. The first 12 were manufactured in Saint-Eustache (and are the gaps around Niagara Falls Transit 1805-1808, 1811). These buses were delivered and in use sometime in March of 2018. The last one was manufactured in Plattsburgh and the VIN places it as the bus built directly before TTC 9200. Can we get the VIN page updated to have these values, and conversely the respective bus pages updated to link to the other page?
  10. Unless those become 7107 and 7108, with the old DRT buses moving up to 7112 and 7113. I'm assuming those are 2019s?
  11. I'm assuming so, I was just saying I haven't seen it active recently, which would make sense if it's undergoing major repairs.
  12. Looks like the 3 additional buses are to let them hold on until the fleet gets new buses (unless this is talking about getting ANOTHER 3 buses): https://www.theguardian.pe.ca/news/local/band-aid-solution-for-peis-transit-system-291665/ Current breakdown of these buses seems to be as follows: 60 and 67 are used for peak and a lunchtime run 63 is peak only 61, 62, 64, 65, 68, and 71 are used all day (not evening) 66 is used for the afternoon peak and evening service 72, 73, and 74 sometimes replace 61, 62, and 68 70 is a spare 69 (The Zhong Tong bus) isn't really in active service at this point
  13. Yep. Also missed was that Codiac bought 10 used Classics in 2008 (whoops)
  14. It's been used occasionally, but hasn't really been used much. I thought it was weird, but that explanation makes sense
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