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  1. Codiac Transit

    Absolutely; it might clean up some of the logjam that happens downtown as well.
  2. Codiac Transit

    Oh yeah, very true; I'm a bit surprised they shifted the Green Line back there from Vaughn Harvey, but I suppose there is more potential customers in this area. I could honestly see that intersection getting some sort of transit priority measures to keep the Green Line on time.
  3. Codiac Transit

    Might also explain why the Green Line has an extra 5 minutes scheduled going towards Plaza Blvd compared to the return trip downtown
  4. Codiac Transit

    Even in the morning, traffic isn't backed up THAT bad; I believe the 52 can still make it to 1111 Main in 15 minutes. Although, that might be as a result of it not having to loop around to face the proper direction on Main, or get into the Champlain Place parking lot
  5. Codiac Transit

    Teleportation? It’s amazing how backed up it gets going towards Dieppe but how fine it is the other way
  6. Fredericton Transit update.

    FYI - there's a cutaway missing from the list; 8122, looks as though it might be the same as 8142, but I'll try to get a better glance the next time I see it out and about.
  7. Codiac Transit

    @Seashore_518203 awesome!
  8. Codiac Transit

    That reminds me of waiting for the Express in front of the Blue Cross Centre for my first ever time on the bus in Moncton; there was a supervisor across the road who yelled for me to run up to the corner of Main and Botsford to grab the Express as it was deadheading to Champlain to avoid traffic. There was another time, similar circumstance but when the LFX demo was in use, the driver waved me over so he could deadhead around. Gee, I wonder why the 52 is scheduled for a half hour from 1111 Main to Champlain in the afternoon after the post-lockout changes got stabilized
  9. Codiac Transit

    Absolutely; I remember being on the bus in the afternoons and hearing dispatch telling the Express heading down Mountain Road towards Highfield to slow down a bit to let the 1 catch up. I also remember waiting for a bus on Main and seeing 4 buses, one behind the other, go by. For your point on 71, the best way to reroute that would be to use Wheeler Blvd to go back to Plaza, but that might not be the best idea in terms of being able to pick up customers; if that happens, I could see it being a route that flips midday, taking Wheeler out in the morning and back in the afternoon. My predictions for what changes come up in the next schedule change: 50 becomes every 15 minutes all day, maybe 20 minutes during rush hour (the 40 might've just been to keep it in sync with the other 30-minute routes) 51 becomes a proper 15 minute run on Sundays (now, there's 2 runs on a 45 minute loop, so there's a weird half-hour gap between a couple runs, and then 15 minutes for the next) 60 goes 20 minutes during peak hours 61B and 64B better fall into the half-way mark during rush hours; they're both offset a bit more one way as opposed to being perfectly in the middle 64B might go all day (not evening) The Dieppe buses go to every 40 minutes during peak hours; 95 definitely needs this, especially in the afternoons Either 94 or 95 goes to every 20 minutes with the 4th Dieppe bus being used for these runs Obviously those are guesses, but I imagine there won't be anything more drastic than that. This adds 1 bus all day, 1 during the day, and 2 during rush hour
  10. Codiac Transit

    I get the feeling that the "every 40 minutes" during rush hour might turn into every 20 for some routes (likely the 60, at a minimum) with the 61B and 64B better staggered during those times. And who knows, Dieppe might add a 4th route or something with their 4th bus. But, still a few weeks away from those changes even being publicized
  11. Codiac Transit

    That makes sense; I imagine the redrawing of the map after the 2012 lockout wouldn't have been as possible without the STM buses, at a minimum. That being said, I wonder if a newer fleet will allow Codiac to expand the number of routes/increase route frequency. Fredericton only has 28 buses, but during the morning rush, 20 of them are in use; Codiac has 35 for Moncton, but only 19 are in use during the afternoon rush (41 total and 24 in use once the Riverview and Dieppe buses are included). The December schedule adjustment could be interesting if that turns out to be accurate, at the very least...
  12. Codiac Transit

    Before STM returned those buses to Nova, it sounds as though they weren't properly taken care of; I can only imagine those buses were a stopgap measure, anyway. I just did a check, and 500, 501, 502, 515, and 530 (obviously this last one lol) were all on active service this week. Since 512 hasn't been in use since early October, and 511 was parked at the back with the other retirees, it might be safe to say those two are done but there's been no buses to replace them yet. Although, oddly enough, 602's not been in use for about a week now... It makes sense for 504-506 and 508 to be used more frequently as spares, given how those buses have the ramp. I wonder how long it'll be for more routes to get declared accessible by Codiac, though; 51, 52, 60, and 64 are at the stop threshold (8 buses total), and 50 used to be accessible (discontinued as such before 800-808 were delivered)
  13. Codiac Transit

    I remember that report, now, and it looked like they were only going to have two buses in regular service, with a taxi shuttle covering the area covered by route 80. The big question is whether that order of 5 buses was covered in the last delivery or not; if not, there goes the rest of the ex-STM buses (including 530) as the number fits perfectly and Codiac would just need to order 4 more buses to have a fully-accessible fleet. Unrelated: Would someone with wiki edit access be able to add 851 to the Codiac pages? Also, it would probably make sense to update the STM wiki page to mention the buses that were sold to Codiac in 2011-12
  14. Codiac Transit

    It would make sense, even outside of peak times, but would require a third bus. Something like: half-hour service between Riverview Place and 1110 Main (the Riverview buses are on the new event centre side of Main), and then half-hour loops from Riverview Place following existing routing for the 81 and the 80 (the non-peak trips). Outside of peak times, the Riverview-bound bus would just alternate between 80 and 81, similar to how Dieppe alternates between 93 and 95 in off-peak times.
  15. Codiac Transit

    @Resurgo I'm honestly a bit surprised that Riverview hasn't requested something like that; it would allow them to have half-hour service on the 81, or at the very least keep their bus inside town limits all day.