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  1. I'm not sure which of the former Halifax buses it is (most likely 612), but there's a new bus 64 that appears to be in service this morning
  2. Just a quick bump; I struck through the changes that aren't valid anymore due to how the VIN pages changed, but there's still some missing links to VIN pages
  3. VINs have been recently added to a few different transit operators, and it looks like updates made to the bus pages haven't been reflected in the VIN lists: Fredericton Transit 8181-8184 VINs aren't links, even though they should show up on this page Also, the license plate for 8182 is LCD 178 Metrobus (St. John's, NL) 0152 has a full VIN listed, even though the list only has the second half 1415-1419 has the same issue 1520-1525 has the same issue 1626-1630 has the same issue
  4. Fredericton Transit went back to it's full Saturday schedule all week effective May 19, and also charging fares beginning on that date. Routes 18 and 20 are at their full weekday schedule now (2 runs in the morning peak, and 2 in the afternoon peak). Saint John Transit reduced to an enhanced Saturday schedule as of April 26, 2020. Details located here
  5. Buried in the minutes from last month's transit committee meeting, Metrobus is purchasing a new Vicinity bus, delivery expected in August. This is an option from the 2018 order and should have identical specs. Also, starting Monday, route 6 is being shortened to no longer go downtown and a new route 20 is being created to provide express service to the Galway area of St. John's.
  6. Kings Transit has announced via Twitter that bus 55 is going to be retired after today, to be replaced by bus #63 in a couple weeks. Not too sure when that new bus will enter service and what former # that new bus has as of yet
  7. Bus 62 (former Halifax 607) is serving route 6 today for its first day of service
  8. Kings Transit tweeted yesterday that bus 56 is retired and bus 62 (TBD which bus that is from Halifax) will be replacing it soon
  9. I do remember reading here that 41252 and 42458 were both retired. For buses that haven't been out lately, the two artics (61878 and 61879) haven't been operating on a route since last fall sometime (possibly March of this year, but doubtful), so those two buses might be getting put out to pasture at some point
  10. @Articulated couple of minor things: the link for T3 72 pointing to Calgary Transit 1622 is pointing at the 1601-1612 page instead of the 1613-1624 page Should the Calgary Transit entries for 1603, 1606, and 1622 identify that those buses were sold to T3?
  11. T3 #72 is ex-Calgary 1622; is someone able to update the wiki?
  12. Stumbled upon this picture on flickr, showing with finality that 72 is an El Dorado. Photo isn't mine, so I can't claim ownership or anything. 72 is closest to the front, with 65 and 74 on the other side of the road
  13. Looks like Transit Cape Breton 7096 & 7097 have had VINs added; the VIN list for the Vicinity page should have these added and links made accordingly.
  14. I think the main reason that 507 was renumbered to 508 is that the bus directly hit a pedestrian. In this case, it was a vehicle collision that eventually turned fatal, but after injuries. Also, I distinctly remember the last collision being in the news for weeks, while this one gets a bit of a mention but that was it.
  15. It wouldn't make sense for them to have one Vicinity when the entire rest of the fleet is old El Dorado's, including the other two buses in the same purchase. T3 has recently announced buying 3 more refurbs, so it'll be interesting to see if these also come from Calgary...
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