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  1. TTC in the news

  2. General FML moments

    I had to sit on a flight to EHAM for 7 hours beside a baby. 'Nuff said.
  3. Horrible ride, horrible vibration, horrible quality, horrible everything. I can’t think of any good points on those buses.
  4. GO Transit

    Nobody asked you to answer them bud.
  5. Cummins

    I understand that, but there are no extra benefits when the conditions are less than ideal?
  6. GO Transit

    Why test them when 3 of the ones I listed were going out of production in 2009 or 2010 Unless they didn't know that, which I doubt.
  7. MiWay

    You missed my point. I'm sure they can.
  8. MiWay

    Ideally, 1110 has another 7 years of service left, so it wouldn't make sense to retire it, especially since the damage wasn't major. The same ideology applies with 0627. I mentioned this in earlier posts, when this incident actually happened. I brought up the situation with 1352 when it was involved in the Islington collision. They redid the entire front end, despite the severity of the damage. As for LFR retirements, the last one was in September w/ the engine fire (0920), so I fail to see how its parts would be of benefit to 0627, unless I'm mistaken about the unit #. The only other LFR retirements I recall are 0879 and 0732. 0732 was a while back, and I doubt they would have used parts from 0879 a) because the rear of artics is different from the 40fts, and b ) I don't think MTB would have been happy to get 0879 minus an engine cover and some extra panels.
  9. TTC in the news

    Of course they are plain-clothed, but I was thinking we would have had some statistics by now regarding their work, considering we are just under a year after the project was first announced.
  10. Cummins

    I always thought that the steering tag axle at the back helped out with oversteer in slick conditions? But, I have noticed that its not enough to handle some GOT drivers. I remember taking the bus to Cooksville in the winter during snowstorms and drivers caning it round the turn out of the lot and hearing the ESP hiss a bit, getting the tail back inline. Not that I complain though. A hint of oversteer looks pretty cool on a bus (don't hate me for it).
  11. TTC in the news

    I don't see the ticket inspectors very often either. They should be on the 504 on a regular basis, but I rarely ever see them. I bet they're saying 2.2% just so they don't get destroyed by the newspapers, and then have to explain it to the city. I thought they were deploying plainclothes ticket inspectors no? Whatever happened to that; seemed like a great idea.
  12. Cummins

    Wouldn't want to know the mpg of that....probably something like 0.05.
  13. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    2 cars and change a day will do the trick.
  14. Société de transport de Montréal

    I'm aware of that. I'm just shocked that people actually expect a fleet of over 1500 buses to have all round winter tires, regardless of them being transit enthusiasts or not. Its just not logical.
  15. Société de transport de Montréal

    https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/riders-alarmed-to-learn-montreal-buses-use-homemade-snow-tires-1.3721333 Interesting. People must think money grows on trees.