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  1. Anyone know where all the old 12 speeds are kicking around? I was seeing them regularly at union and they suddenly stopped showing up. I know a few were retired but last I remember there were still a few in service.
  2. Is it unusual for a superlo to be on 21-Sq1? I rode one the other day...welcome surprise
  3. I'm actually hoping that when the time comes to take the wraps off, they take the opportunity to revise the livery, because let's honest, the Renaissance scheme started around 2002 and yes, okay it got a slight colour change, but I think its time VIA moves on and thinks up something new. Sure they can keep the same colours, but at least revise the design on locos? Anyone share a similar opinion?
  4. Does anyone else find that the new automated announcements are sort of....terrible? It sounds really robotic. I never understood what was wrong with having a CSA announce stops. If they're going to keep the auto_announcements, at least have a real person pre-record them, like they have on the TTC. TTC announcements are much more "human" sounding in my opinion....
  5. I actually saw something similar to this on the lakeshore west line just before the gardiner goes over the tracks. It isn't everyday, but it happens around 730pm on the days it does happen. However, instead of freights, it was one MP40 coupled to 2 or 3 BiLevels, one of them being the new CEM cab cars. Their doors are open and all the interior lights are off...it looks kind of weird. Anyone know what thats all about?
  6. Anybody know what that whining sound is that buses equipped with allisons make in 5th gear? Its faint in older buses but pretty audible in the newer ones 26xx+.
  7. No the bellows looked perfectly fine on 1060. It was definitely the trailer that was drooping forwards, causing the rear half of the bellows to look weird. You could tell because the very front part of the trailer was closer to the ground than the front part.
  8. Don't know if anybody has noticed this on 1060 lately, but isn't its trailer drooping from the front end? Looked really bad when I saw it yesterday...
  9. That must have been fun to drive around mineola...lol
  10. I thought the HEPs were being retired? I may be mistaken though...
  11. Anyone know what was up with all the GO DD buses hanging out around the Port Credit area, around 830-9am today? I saw a few coming north on Hurontario past Mineola (as well as the usual coach buses) and another DD on the on ramp for the QEW WB. Found it odd, because you rarely see DDs come that far. The farthest they go is Cooksville.
  12. I've noticed that the latest cab cars have LED head/ditch lights, which look fantastic. Reminds me of the ACS-64 when it first debuted.... How come the first CEMs didn't come with LED lights? Because I've noticed that 301, 308, within that range have halogens.
  13. Yeah, you're right. Miway loves their duct tape. Just go the rear section of any 60 footer and look below the next stop screen. They also love using white out or white paint to write the unit number at the front. Gets pretty disappointing at times.
  14. Uhhh, MiWay's buses from 2013 onwards have been ordered with rear windows.
  15. What happened to 0342? that cant be just minor bodywork.