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  1. Could also make a good movie prop.
  2. There were members on here that were involved in the Hygiene on Wheels project. The one member I knew that was involved in it no longer checks in here, but I know the other member still does...I believe it was @TechnicaProductions?
  3. See this makes total sense. I still remember the last and only time I rode them…May 2010 lol
  4. Random question- why did MT spec the Xcelsiors 2017 onwards with the front mud/spray flap by the bumper as opposed to ahead of the axle?
  5. I'm not sure if this is just me, but I saw Flixbuses for the first time here in Toronto? 3 of them in a convoy southbound on the 427; one MCI J and 2 X345s. All 3 had a sort of Canada-inspired tail-end wrap that came out to the rear wheels. Not sure if this is special or not, just my first time seeing them...perhaps it may be a first for others? edit- O snap they started service today, just realized
  6. Careful now...don't poke the bear.
  7. "here for the free tire inspection"
  8. I suppose it all adds up to a “superficial” figure after a few years as well, right? The argument is not about free transit. Of course, that is something that we may want and collectively work towards. However, let that not detract from the fact that 70 million is still 70 million, even if it’s overshadowed by a larger budget. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain what that figure could buy for the TTC.
  9. Yep, the $70.3 million lost [2019] doesn’t affect me or you or anyone else in this city. C’mon guys, let’s do a bit better than this.
  10. Does anyone else feel very anti social as of late? I know the rona has had a hand in this but at the same time, I've been going to a new school and I just do not have the desire to put in the effort to meet new people. Dunno if its just me or there are others who feel like this.
  11. Given that they've been going for 3-4k, probably not too far off of that, or at the very least a significant fraction of it. And that's if they haven't updated their pricing to match the rise in diesel (what are we at now, 2 bucks a liter?).
  12. This beast was parked near my house today.
  13. Can I just say how comfortable MCIs are compared to the DDs? Like my goodness, its like riding on a cloud, they literally float.
  14. I went on Saturday after my class to test this place out given the reviews here. I can confirm they are good. I'm a big maple donut guy. Shouldn't be left alone with them.
  15. The 2023 Mercedes Sprinter is gaining a better AWD system, but is unfortunately losing the V6 TD motor, and that makes me sad. I love the V6.
  16. I never rode the original S60s (except for the 12 speeds, and those were summed up above), and the current 2400-series S60s all seem like they're heavily restricted from full potential. So for me, the ISMs are hands down the best sounding. Like, have you heard one of those take off from the outside? The dirtiest exhaust you'll ever hear; its up there with the TTC OG ISLs.
  17. On an slightly irrelevant note, I feel like 2327 was one of the last to retire from that order...I remember that unit specifically sticking it out for while, even after all the others had left. Still have a pic of it from summer 2019 when I last rode it.
  18. No, I believe the late 2200s were the first to get new endcaps, and in their time post-rebuild the scheme was the swoop. When the 2300s like the one above were rebuilt the current scheme was the two-tone.
  19. You can always try autotrader. Found this on quick search: https://www.autotrader.ca/a/mci/d4500/niagara falls/ontario/19_11555474_/?ms=heavy_trucks&showcpo=ShowCpo&ncse=no&orup=35_60_60&pc=L5C 2Z1&sprx=-1 of the CAT generation On multiple occasions I've found the company selling them usually has a few, but given that MCI retirements have probably thinned out in the last little while I'm not sure if that's the case still.
  20. Wow, some of those were only 7-8 years old...I wonder why they got rid of them.
  21. Also if they intended for them to return to service, they likely wouldn't have been repainted.
  22. It is the most irritating feature on MiWay's fleet (okay, perhaps it competes with the blocked off seats).
  23. I don't want to be "that guy"...but I do hope at least one deezel 7 is preserved (and I don't mean TPS reassignments).
  24. We need to make 3 door 40 footers a thing here.
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