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  1. It seemed fine but I didn’t turn it off immediately which may have been a mistake. Definitely needs some work done- middle row of keyboard isn’t working, which means I can’t login at all. Calculator app came on like 100 times too. I’m fortunate enough to have a backup laptop though.
  2. Nothing quite like dropping coffee on your laptop 3 minutes before class starts
  3. Wasn't it a double header F59 that did the trip yesterday?
  4. https://www.mercedes-benz-bus.com/en_US/models/tourrider-premium-business.html Looks like MB is making a return to North America. OM471 is basically a DD13.
  5. Combine that w/ existing cultural bias. I felt a lot of students in my year even looking down on uni programs that had partnerships with colleges, i.e. Mohawk, let alone college programs themselves. The removal of the academic and applied streams in the first years of high school is a good first step. I think I paid around $1250 for my first year of uni, which was 5 courses, not even six.
  6. You definitely won't want to forget to tap off now lol
  7. Exactly; its not worth paying out settlements and etc. over the losses of a few seats. That last line gives me a chuckle...reminded me of TTC's DD Orion 7s with their booster seat in the middle. Your feet couldn't even touch the ground if the bus performed an emergency brake. How things have changed.
  8. I’m sure they did it for liability reasons. Blocking out seats like they’re doing on the rear bench is only reducing total bus capacity, which obviously restricts revenue. Someone must have obviously been thrown from the seat, and at the end of the day an injury is an injury, and they can argue that the exact same thing could happen to them riding any other MT bus. I think we’re all scratching our heads at this one, but what I’m saying is they must’ve done it for a reason, because removing seats is not in their best interests.
  9. Uh oh, here we go again.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmLnHPx_q2A&ab_channel=WillRussell ___ You know, I made a small bet with myself that this thread would go this way. Can't say I'm disappointed.
  11. Is anyone here into urban planning/traffic engineering? Early on this year I got hooked on this guy's videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0intLFzLaudFG-xAvUEO-A It's really opened my eyes up to how bad things are over here, especially in a suburban monstrosity like Mississauga. It's actually a super interesting topic; I'm curious as to what all your opinions are on the planning here, since its all roughly the same in urban centers in Canada (perhaps Montreal is somewhat of an exception). I'm almost inclined to start a separate topic for it for some discussion.
  12. I think both have been built. A while back I was doomscrolling through ADLs Twitter and there was some random press shot with a SuperLo, but just from the side shot it looked a little different judging by some non-standard access panels. And I think there was also a post confirming that both had been built. I think they’re sporting a new electric axle built by Allison, so needless to say they’re probably being tested thoroughly.
  13. Agreed, they had been sitting at Wajax for a while earlier in the summer. I'm still curious as to why these come with no rear engine grill; even later 8400s that came with the grill have it all paneled up. My guess is the grit kicking up in the back...
  14. The Milton trains operate entirely within a quiet zone, so no whistles allowed.
  15. I passed one on Taschereau heading towards Panama, it had a red wrap on it. Was driving so no pic.
  16. https://jalopnik.com/bus-slams-into-car-that-ran-a-red-light-and-pushes-it-a-1847452097
  17. Given that TTC used O7 Hybrids for their COVID units, and that the bus in the photo is 2439, I wouldn't be surprised if it was another sub-2450, since both those series are retiring. Normally their presser bus is 2607.
  18. Thé garbage trucks going round my neighborhood have some good sounding wastegates.
  19. Forgot to mention, there was an 8300-series Orion doing the 80 Monday morning
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