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  1. Its the perfect application of e buses for them.
  2. Man, how I wish TTC would run 80kph LRV service somewhere. That spotlight on the lower starboard side of 4401, was that a retrofit or did it come like that from factory? I don't see it in any pics I searched up.
  3. Their site does mention that when they do enter service, it will be on the west end of the GTA.
  4. No no, I meant are they building a layover area along queensway between the two entrances to trillium? It looks like they’re cutting out the shape of two or three bus stops so that the buses don’t obstruct traffic. Perhaps it is for the reasons you listed. The sidewalk was super wide to start with anyways.
  5. Would I be correct in assuming that that's a layover area being cut out by Trillium?
  6. https://www.sustainable-bus.com/news/van-hool-new-a-range-buses/ New A series e buses by Van Hool.
  7. Or take the streetcar. Ironic how he left and started increasing speed limits at MTA whereas people here look for any excuse to reduce them.
  8. Could also make a good movie prop.
  9. There were members on here that were involved in the Hygiene on Wheels project. The one member I knew that was involved in it no longer checks in here, but I know the other member still does...I believe it was @TechnicaProductions?
  10. See this makes total sense. I still remember the last and only time I rode them…May 2010 lol
  11. Random question- why did MT spec the Xcelsiors 2017 onwards with the front mud/spray flap by the bumper as opposed to ahead of the axle?
  12. I'm not sure if this is just me, but I saw Flixbuses for the first time here in Toronto? 3 of them in a convoy southbound on the 427; one MCI J and 2 X345s. All 3 had a sort of Canada-inspired tail-end wrap that came out to the rear wheels. Not sure if this is special or not, just my first time seeing them...perhaps it may be a first for others? edit- O snap they started service today, just realized
  13. Careful now...don't poke the bear.
  14. "here for the free tire inspection"
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