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  1. Three winters of it at a dealership, where they were too lazy to take it off til March. Safe to say Christmas music is not to my liking. Heavy metal guy. Knew it.
  2. I got into classical when I was 19....must’ve been some Piano Concerto. Thing is, and this is subjective for me at least; you can’t not like classical. It’s just cool. Imagine a packed bus and classical music is playing overhead...that would diffuse the situation in my view. In my defence if this makes no sense I’m tired as hell and studying, so forgive me.
  3. Absolutely not This was classical. Sounded like it was coming over the PA.
  4. I had a Tu-154 fetish until a few weeks ago. Library productivity suffered greatly.
  5. Thumbnail should say enough. Sorry for choice of equipment @9924
  6. I swear my nova on the 939 last night was playing classical.
  7. I would assume so, once the existing older gen headlights become defective.
  8. I take it this the same case as the 185 Dixie operation by MiWay and BT?
  9. Did Brampton Transit ever serve Finch Terminal? There are still signs that show GO, YRT TTC logos, but some signs (presumably older ones) that have the BT logo.
  10. Julia by fast romantics, electric love by born as well.
  11. The Cats really are dropping like flies, I used to ride them so often. Now its a lucky moment to even see one on the road, let alone ride one. Gonna miss them alot.
  12. People who are on the phone at 7am on the GO bus. Want to open the window on a superlo and chuck them out.
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