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  1. Idk if this will mean anything about who was first and who wasn't. I'd say that's been canned for a while. https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=1223&acctid=865 9 years!!
  2. Yeah, I'm not happy with this either. Its very frustrating. Makes already dry courses even drier too.
  3. If you go to the ig post you can swipe through the pics.
  4. She’s alive! Couple minor problems to sort out, but it drives for sure! So long as you’re not on hardwood lol major traction issues with what are essentially flexible plastic tires.
  5. Missing the C axle but we’re getting there.
  6. I don't think I posted photos of what the CAD model looks like so far, so here it is. I've worked on the bottom part of the cab. Top part is still in progress. I think it looks half decent imo, especially for someone who hasn't learned Surfacing yet.
  7. I wish they took a stricter stance on the public here. I'm sorry to say this, but we're not Sweden; we can't trust everyone here to follow the rules and use their heads. They should've come hard down with restrictions on the public going out. People would've complained, but I'm sorry, this is no ordinary situation. Better to take it hard now so it pays off later. That said, kudos to our governments. I'm quite happy with the way they've handled it, especially Doug Ford. I'm not a fan of his, but credit must be given where it is due, and he's done an impressive job throughout all this. Hats off to him.
  8. Finally figured out a way to make the drive axle work with the U joints. Had to modify the axle’s input shaft a few times. The big grey thing that’s just a little larger than the U joint is the latest design of the shaft, after my motor decided to literally eat the other 3.
  9. Well I mean, every book in the known world has managed to be the #1 New York Times bestseller, so I guess this is the natural way to glorify a bus.
  10. omg I think its time for some social distancing for you two
  11. I recall something called the 202 Express...but I never actually saw one. When did that exist? I remember the 201 service on Dunda aswell, and saw it get killed off.
  12. What do you mean cancelled, like for good?
  13. And I suppose if you want to go directly north, just take the 103. Saves the time.
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