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  1. Are a lot of the retired MCIs being bought by second owners or scrapped? I wonder what the future holds for the 3000s, being hybrids.
  2. With the new Bay terminal downtown, could we see some services operated by the older non superLO DDs? I know the 16 is out of the question due to height restrictions that barely clear superlos for service, but what about elsewhere, like the 21 or the 31 or the east side routes?
  3. Has GO ever considered introducing controlled brightness of the lighting on upper levels of trains? I’d have thought that with the quiet zone they’d do something about that because it can be very bright early in the morning.
  4. There’s also 7423 but that’s not on TTC property atm. Funnily enough, it’s right next to it. idk if that’s going to be used in some way, it’s been sitting in the same spot for many months now.
  5. I just hope they come with the big boy doors at the back.
  6. ....also just saw a 40’ Nova on the Gardiner EB at Jameson? edit- it’s now by distillery.
  7. Just saw this on my ride to work, interesting sight for a Monday morning...
  8. Sure it was 2422? That’s a much newer bus compared to the retirements seen lately. I’ve seen up to 2335 taken out of service, almost certainly likely a bit higher...
  9. Without going too off topic, I don't think those are super rigid rules. Like how many times are we going to look at the same style photo over and over again? The thread loses any level of creativity. If we all followed that rule to a t, this thread would be blander than bland dude. I don't want to sound like a broken record, and I'm not at all bashing anyone's photos, its just that adding some creative elements is never a bad thing. If the post is not appropriate, it'll get called out. Otherwise there's no need to be afraid of spicing things up. Including the post that sparked this discussion, here are some examples: This second one is a particularly good example: Just some notable examples; plenty more. Okay, kind of off topic now, but last thing. Check their photo of the week/screener's choice for some inspiration and also as to what I'm rambling on about: https://railpictures.net/
  10. Agreed, the "transit" subject doesn't have to be the focus of the photo all the time.
  11. I haven’t heard about anyone seeing below 27, I certainly haven’t seen anything lower. I was quite amused to see it pull up as my bus early this morning after all this discussion though... I miss the old 12 speeds....😔
  12. Must be in decent condition if newer units have been axed already. Thanks for the spot. I suppose that’s the last one you’ll find in the old livery now.
  13. ...hence why I said “first 19”. No difference aside from transmission.
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