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  1. Insurance rates are beserk on heavy vehicles. I get it, but its still beserk.
  2. A bus redesign?? This is a special moment....us designers only get blessed by this industry every other decade lol
  3. Found on Reddit, not my pic. Wonder where they’re off to… Anyone here familiar with how they secure these onto the flatcars?
  4. I know some units have been rebuilt at Eastway in Pembroke in the past. Not sure if that is the case here, or if there are GO units there at all.
  5. Not a driver, but I could've sworn there was a switch on the dash, at least on GO-spec buses
  6. Yes...but new buses are also heavier, especially the electric flavor.
  7. Well I mean, with any commercial vehicle you're gonna be going through tires way faster than a regular vehicle. But that 3 months figure of yours seems fishy.
  8. Fuel econ would be negligible. The standard tires that are used are already so heavy because they're structurally reinforced for severe duty work (like urban bus ops). But if you really want to get into it, it depends on how aggressive the tread is. But that rolling resistance will improve as the tires wear down. I believe the term is all-position tire, and they're really just steers. Which yes, are pretty much useless in deeper snow. They have no lateral siping, so there's nowhere for the snow to go.
  9. I'm familiar with your situation lol. They only post major stops on those PDF schedules. If you actually type in the stop into the GO website it'll give you an exact time to expect the bus. For example, any GO bus that goes up Yonge St. from the 401 to Finch Terminal- the only major stop is Sheppard subway, so they'll list a time there but not one for say Yonge/Glendora or Yonge/Empress.
  10. Normal yes, its so the driver can have better visibility vs having the reflections of the lights coming off the windows. Its also why some buses have the first few lights up front turned off at night.
  11. Yeah, I always liked this design of yours, especially the upper portion. But the piano black does it for me the most, it reminds me of the BVG Class IK, which look similar. Same w/ DB Class 483.
  12. We're young, we always want the window. Trust me, when you're older, aisle is the way to go.
  13. Anyone know why it takes 6 years to work up to start training for a Loco engineer? Seems like an awfully long time to stick it out for that. I'm assuming the pay reflects the time gone into it, but for example, VIA advertises 2 years to become an apprentice loco engineer (based off a quick look at their site...I believe you need a 2 years experience as a conductor). Heck, I think you can become a commercial pilot faster.
  14. They're also almost 20 years old, cut them some slack. Trust me when I say you'll miss them when MiWay runs an electric fleet with hard plastic seats lol.
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