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  1. @STO_1601 http://www.comedycentral.com.au/key-and-peele/videos/high-on-potenuse
  2. Or maybe they’ll go for the full frenchist and break out the plastic backed seats like STM...or RATP...or any major French agency. god those plastic seats suck, it’s the pinnacle of cruelty in transit.
  3. Obviously I wasn't implying that. What I was implying was whether or not a driver should be on the road if they can't recognize what a streetcar is and the way it operates and interacts with people. But at the end of the day, PCC sums it up perfectly. It could be acid green or Vantablack, you still should not be able to miss a streetcar on a downtown street, regardless if you're from Hicksville, Ontario or you live off King St. This is just a case of your average driver trying to beat the streetcar in effort to save a minute or so.
  4. I’m sorry, if you can’t recognize that you’re passing a streetcar downtown, then we have bigger problems to address. Its a vehicle unlike anything else on the streets. And I’m not speaking from the perspective of a transit enthusiast.
  5. I’ve seen them testing quite often on the streets around Central Pkwy, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make their way into revenue service after the changes on the 28th.
  6. That in addition to the fact that this isn’t the first time streetcars have had darker shades of adwraps. It’s a friggin train running down the middle of the street.
  7. With parked cars and cyclists everywhere downtown, that's a tricky one to implement. However, as someone who was regularly driving in and around the downtown core for work, I can say that the Flexities are much better at warning drivers to stop than the CLRVs, and that's primarily because of the flashing LED strips on the 4 sets of doors. That and the actual, physical size of the streetcar as well. Its way easier to drive past a CLRV, because those above two factors aren't there and the doors, even when open, do blend in with the rest of the car from afar. Obviously if you're right behind one its a bit hard not to see but if you're approaching from behind and passing its not as easy. I say this having seen people do it countless times, and almost having done it myself. As well, as a passenger on the flexities, the audible announcements are helpful, and there's more visibility compared to a CLRV.
  8. Audio recorded an LFS artic the other day, completely ate my mic.
  9. I’m actually curious about this as well, because well over half of the 23xx MCIs have silently disappeared. The wiki calls for another 52 or so SuperLos. How many MCIs will get axed going forward, or is it mileage based retirement? Also just scared my ISM MCIs might get chopped sooner than I think....😭
  10. I guess it’s like ripping a bandaid, may as well get it done, and quick.
  11. I’ve wondered about this too, but for buses. I find the rear doors are used almost all the time at busy stops for entry. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be enforced or not because most drivers don’t seem to give a damn and passengers don’t either, and in all honesty, with the presence of the rear door presto readers, I can’t blame them because it almost invites rear entry. I got told off once by some hardass op for getting on from the back doors, but never by anyone else. As long as you pay, it should be okay, and just like the streetcars, maybe TTC should start conducting random bus fare inspections.
  12. They'll have to offer something that's competitive with the B6.7, because the number of agencies putting out tenders for regular diesel buses are diminishing, and quickly. And from a parts perspective, it doesn't make sense to order buses with a brand new motor that isn't a Cummins. Practically every hybrid in North America is equipped with a IS/B6.7; to introduce a completely foreign motor will throw things out of whack, and with no explicit benefit (I have no idea if there is any considerable level of transferable parts). And regardless, hybrids are already a dying breed with agencies setting out zero-emissions targets in the not-too distant future.
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