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  1. This vaguely reminds me of the Top Gear India Special, for those who know what I'm referring to.
  2. Was driving alongside a flatbedded electric demo heading eastbound on the 401 today near Morningside. Any ideas where she was headed?
  3. Better to not have a crash because a vehicle was going half the speed limit. *That was the point in the original post.
  4. Wow, I had no idea they ran units with Cats. Thought it was strictly a Detroit party.
  5. Those types of rides, trainee or not, are the absolute worst.
  6. Is there any reason why the MP40 (and now 54) never caught on for long distance or even Corridor-like routes? There’s been a need for new locos for a few years now (here and in the US given all the Charger orders), and unless I’m missing something, the MP40 has proven to be reliable no? I understand the 54 hasn’t had as good a start.
  7. The P42s are beat to shit lol, they’re 20 years old.
  8. Anyone here watch F1? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8xEY7_mESY&list=PLwRajyCF42XtEGGjMyxWHHuN3gRGOa-ts&index=7&ab_channel=Formoolah1
  9. By the same logic they could be heading westbound lol
  10. It seemed fine but I didn’t turn it off immediately which may have been a mistake. Definitely needs some work done- middle row of keyboard isn’t working, which means I can’t login at all. Calculator app came on like 100 times too. I’m fortunate enough to have a backup laptop though.
  11. Nothing quite like dropping coffee on your laptop 3 minutes before class starts
  12. Wasn't it a double header F59 that did the trip yesterday?
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