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  1. Doppelkupplung


    How much is a Nova Artic again?
  2. Doppelkupplung


    Probably a long shot, but I wouldn’t be sure about calling it a write off. The front part seems untouched, so there’s still more than half a bus left. Can anyone comment on the structural integrity of it after all that? I want to say it’s still salvageable because most of the damage seems to be contained to the rear left corner. I use 1352 as a precedent, despite the lack of fireworks in that case.
  3. Doppelkupplung


    A fire is the last thing that shelter needs.
  4. T55 is quite accurate. You’ll find fewer to no complaints at all about it if you compare it to transsee or whatever the TTC sighters use. Only noticeable issue I’ve ever had with it is being slightly delayed in its updates. Its a top quality tool.
  5. Doppelkupplung


    Idk bud, you’re blowing it up into something bigger than it really should be. Maybe just ask the guy no?
  6. Doppelkupplung

    Feature Photo Submissions

    TTC 9203 lays over in the shade on an empty Wellington Street in downtown Toronto on a sunny Saturday morning while serving route 72 Pape.
  7. Doppelkupplung

    Streetcar News

    More like a couple broken teeth...
  8. Doppelkupplung


    In my experience, it happens more often than you think and it’s really easy to differentiate because the inner lights on novas are quite bright, and the xcelsiors have halogen high beams as opposed to LEDs. Regardless, I’m sure it’s inadvertent, the driver may not notice they’re on, or they may find that the normal lights aren’t doing the job well enough. Better to have brighter lighting than lacklustre lighting. And personally, in head on traffic, I’ve noticed a bus’ high beams are no where nearly as bad as a car’s, and there are plenty of those running around with lights on full blast. Seen a newer C-class Mercedes recently? Civic even?
  9. Doppelkupplung

    GO Transit

    Does anyone know what the blue lights are for at the back of the MCIs? I don't think their purpose is to reduce glare for the driver, though I did stumble upon other articles where it was said they're there to provide a limited amount of lighting while the main ones are off, but now that I think about it, DDs don't have the blue lights on the upper deck. Is it actually to provide a small amount of lighting in the dark or do they serve another purpose?
  10. Doppelkupplung

    If You Could Restore 1 Bus, What Would It Be?

    At least on here xD
  11. Doppelkupplung

    GO Transit New Bus Deliveries

    Saw 8420 today at sq1. Looked like one of its first ever trips, wheels didn’t have so much as a scratch and the the tires looked brand new.
  12. Doppelkupplung

    What do you enjoy most about the hobby?

    Gosh y'all so depressing man
  13. Doppelkupplung

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Throwback to when the driver would call out the stops, even I was there for the end of that era.
  14. Doppelkupplung

    GO Transit

  15. Doppelkupplung

    GO Transit

    Today I saw some clutch train positioning Shameless 😂