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  1. Wasn't feeling well...couldn't make it. Damn.
  2. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Was watching a few old Top Gear specials this week, and they mentioned this theme song, from "The Persuaders", by John Barry. Waaaay out of my generation (30ish or so years), but I must admit, its been stuck with me for some time now. Love the flow. Almost like "On Days Like these" by Matt Munro.
  3. GO Transit

  4. GO Transit

    Yes, they tested WiFi on 10 DD buses on 2015, specifically ones that traveled on the 407, or on the Waterloo-Mississauga routes. The WiFi service will be entered in March on 2 trains and 4 buses to acquire customer feedback and quality of service. They'll be expanding from there.
  5. Best sounding buses

    For any ISM fans out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvwEFC1wse0&list=PLwRajyCF42XvoM2fGhbwT6pgafHuFael6&index=24
  6. Cars

    Oh okay, I see. You'd have to be AWD capable obviously...that's a given though. I was joking about the odyssey lol. Its a cool car, but I'd never ever get a minivan. I'm more of a wagon person. E63, RS6, Sport Tourismo etc etc. Understated and quick. Also space for a roof rack to hold my bike. I've only seen 2 Accord wagons around my area; super rare things. Pretty neat. WRX STi hatchback for me. Modern autos are too good on fuel econ. The days of manuals being better on fuel are unfortunately gone. One can come close, but Porsche's PDK, ZFs world-standard 8HP, they're just better unfortunately. Personally I'll stick with manual in as many cars as I can (save the quick wagons). I like shifting my own gears. Which is why I tip my hat to @9924 for getting the R with the right tranny. (admittedly on a blindfolded order, but I assume you knew what you were getting)
  7. GO Transit

    https://news.ontario.ca/mto/en/2018/02/wi-fi-coming-to-go-transit.html yippee
  8. Cars

    True, it has some aero, but I still think its a bit wack aesthetically, despite the benefits. Regarding Yaw Control, you mean what the GTI Performance has for the front axle? (VAQ LSD Diff) These days, I'm all about Honda's $50,000 Odyssey. There's an obvious fuel benefit with a smaller engine, but I will say this, and quote what I think was one of the most intelligent things Jeremy Clarkson said during his time at Top Gear: "It not about what car you drive, but how you drive it; that's what matters".
  9. Cars

    V8s and flat 6s ftw
  10. Today's Special Sightings

    If you mean as in the entire board is slanted backwards, then yup. Happens sometimes.
  11. Paperbus Thread

    Quick follow up on last post. Window outlines are done, as a re the paint lines
  12. Paperbus Thread

    All related lines on left side are nearly done. Windows now have presence; will have to work on making them “framed” which will be a pain in the asshole. Nearly time to start the “painting”!
  13. Westjet

    Looks promising. Seems like they’re doing what Transat did when they did their refresh years ago, and continue the livery onto the rear section of the plane.
  14. GO Transit

    Did a bit more research, and found that the 5400hp is divied up for multiple things. 4000 is for pulling effort, while the remaining 1400 is used for other systems on the train, like lighting. Think of it as an APU on an airplane. The max power that can be sent to all 4 wheels is 4800hp. The MP54 is equipped with auto start/stop.
  15. GO Transit

    I think GO does what they do for a reason... You yourself said it would make it slower, and the there's a big gap between the single 2700hp motor in the MP54 and the standard 4000hp in the MP40s. That has potential to cause delays, even during off peak hours, and will most certainly have greater fuel and energy consumption. The reason it has two motors is when there are periods of low power demand, one can be shut off for better fuel econ. That doesn't mean they'll be using the one motor to haul it from rest; that's a period of high power demand, regardless of on or off peak service. @smallspy can explain better than me.