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  1. Don’t have a number but it was a DDL. Attached photos that are not mine. Reminds me of that incident last year I believe when a similar unit got hit by debris on its way south from Beaverton. OPP really should start heavily enforcing clearing snow off cars, especially trucks (though I’m aware of the difficulties involved with trucks. Still no excuse though).
  2. Sorry to barge in, I just thought I'd share something from an era when buses had filthy sounding motors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkHRXawCl3Y&list=PLwRajyCF42XtEGGjMyxWHHuN3gRGOa-ts&index=18&t=51s But to continue your discussion, I totally agree; all subways should have big V8s.
  3. Splendid. Back to spending $19.60 a day for commuting to school. Idiot.
  4. Current showcase photo is great 👍
  5. I'm just gonna put this here. If its the wrong place then perhaps the appropriate person can sauce it elsewhere. I've been working with CAD systems for a few years now; mainly AutoCAD but last year I got my grimy hands onto Solidworks, which for those who don't know is a 3D modelling software. Recently I picked up a 3D printer to actually make my creations off the computer (its an Ender 3 for those who are interested, your average beginner printer). This year in school I have a big project for my manufacturing class where we have to design and make something and produce it through a 3D printer. Its a year-long project meant to be worked on in our spare time and due in April. One of my buddies is making a V6 engine, the other is making a wind turbine, so naturally the obvious choice for me was to make a radio-controlled Euro-spec cabover tractor with a crane on the back, something like what Palfinger produces (though the crane will be very, very DIY. I'm talking high school science class medical syringes DIY). I'm just sharing my work for those who may be interested. Right now I'm focused on finishing off the chassis. I'll post a few photos of what I've done so far, and some test creations. Its an 8x2 chassis with the last axle being a self steered tag axle (for those who are aware of my passive steered axle fetish). Currently what you'll see in the chassis model photo is a basic chassis and 2 basic suspension subframes with spring arms attached. The spring arms will hold the rear diff casings. Alot of this stuff is very basic, simple design mostly because its out of plastic, and also as April comes closer and closer I'm just trying to get this done. Hoping to have a full chassis setup be late Jan early Feb. Provided this gets finished in time, I'd like to start putting a bus together, probably something small like a Vicinity 30ft. Let me know what you think!
  6. https://jalopnik.com/rivians-christmas-gift-to-all-of-us-is-a-party-trick-ca-1840644481 TTC should fund training for bus operators for this. Turnaround times would be so much quicker.
  7. Woah that's brutal. Sorry to hear that. You can't get in touch with Amazon CS or Amazon Legal about this? I'd go with option two there in the description...
  8. Regarding this last point, if TTC were to award the contract to someone else, what does this mean for maintenance and parts interchangeability? I don't suppose things are like they are in say the bus sector where pretty much everything is the same internally?
  9. Are you here solely to spread your negative attitude?
  10. Thought it would be time to bring this back....though I don't think many people will know.
  11. I suppose they didn't want to risk getting straps, laces etc stuck in the sliding door mechanism. Can't beat the interior space benefits of swing-out doors eh? Times like these make you appreciate any Orion interior layout; its the most intelligently designed in the fleet atm. Guess there's probably a reason for doing that; though it would've been an ideal spot to put a mother and child seat, like on the Flexities (should dimensions allow). But heck I'm fine with that standing area, especially if it means I don't have to smell someone's breath.
  12. Just wanted to take this moment to say f@ck the GTA strip of the 401 in its entirety. Thank you have a nice day
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