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  1. Doppelkupplung

    GO Transit New Bus Deliveries

    8468 on the 16 EB today.
  2. Doppelkupplung

    TTC Electric Buses

    It’s actually the same as the picture you have. The only difference is the black is continued through to the back through paint to conform with the rest of the livery. If you look closely, you’ll see that the rearmost part is slightly matted compared to the rest of the bus.
  3. Doppelkupplung

    Peeves in everyday life...

    Flappy bird is the solution to all this
  4. Doppelkupplung

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Sorry, hang on a sec here. We got these fancy new LCD screens to do the exact same thing that the old displays did? There isn't even a plan in place to increase their usefulness?
  5. Doppelkupplung

    TTC in the news

    How do the lights detect the presence of a streetcar? Is there a weight-specific sensor?
  6. Doppelkupplung

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Is there any timeline as to when the display will be fixed up on them?
  7. Doppelkupplung

    TTC Electric Buses

  8. Doppelkupplung

    TTC Electric Buses

    lol forget it
  9. Doppelkupplung

    TTC Electric Buses

    I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about the passengers. You’re sitting 40 feet ahead. Rear window isn’t meant for you.
  10. Doppelkupplung

    TTC Electric Buses

    meh I beg to differ; one of my buddies says as a driver its useful to see if the bus ahead is going to stop at the next stop. Its not put there for that reason obviously, but I wouldn't say its useless. As a passenger, it makes a world of a difference in terms of brightness inside the bus. Whoever thought yellow of all colours to slap on to a TTC bus🙄 Pretty soon it'll be the McDonald's Express.
  11. Doppelkupplung

    TTC Electric Buses

    I'm curious as to what the weight difference is between framed and non-framed; those full size panes have to be pretty porky...and more expensive...
  12. I've heard they're flown out. Still trying to figure out which company offers these sorts of ferrying services...Truck Transfer?
  13. Doppelkupplung

    Today's Special Sightings

    Pretty sure I saw TTC 3100 on 72 on Friday...
  14. Doppelkupplung

    GO Transit New Bus Deliveries

    I wonder how many are left...