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  1. Orders are a good chunk of how they make money...so, yes I'd say they probably are? Those assembly line workers may be looking for a wage in times like these. Also one of you wiki dudes overlooked smth...when you search it up on google it comes up as Toronto Transit Commission logo.png. Also pretty sure those 81s/82s would have 4-5 years left under normal circumstances...
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyknHeLN_PY&list=PLwRajyCF42XtCH2KKwGAi5JWnIFqBYQpT&index=7 Finally found the unicorn combo. ISM mated to a ZF6HP604. So rare, been looking for something like this for ages. I swear Marin must be the only or one of very few to operate units like this. Sounds good!
  3. Actually since it was brought up, does anyone know why MCI doesn't dabble in the factory motorhome market and compete with Prevost? Surely the J4500 is a suitable vehicle for a market like that.
  4. Existing/old one is being redeveloped into a building if I’m not mistaken. There’s a city of TO notice for redevelopment that’s been up for a few years now just by the exit of the terminal. it would’ve been cool if they could’ve turned the area into like 2 terminal tracks but I suppose that’s just a fantasy. Not enough space or sense in that idea.
  5. I wouldn't know the specifics of that stuff, but I have seen some units at MTB. Wouldn't be surprised if they've done some of that work for them.
  6. Are they certified pre-owned? What's the warranty like?
  7. https://www.govdeals.ca/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=26&acctid=10543 https://www.govdeals.ca/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=27&acctid=10543 Some units up for sale. I was gonna ask why they were being done away with so early, but they all have well over a million kms. That MCI looks like it has fresh drive tires. May want to update the wiki for those who deal with that stuff.
  8. Not trying to coddle the party in power, but man have they had quite a term already. Hasn't even been a year lol They probably will keep pushing it, but at this point given how badly they've handled it, I'm quite happy for the border to stay closed. We're down to like 300 cases a day as a country now, and they're still pumping out over 25k a day.
  9. Provided school is back in come September, I hope they'll run the 103 back down to PC. Makes a difference for people coming from far.
  10. Yehey! I almost forgot about this. I wonder if we'll start seeing Go-Anywhere units downtown now...
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7z_NA0eejQ yes
  12. Does anyone here know why RTL ordered the AG300s with the middle doors in the 60/40 configuration? I've never understood that. It makes sense upfront on the Novas for visibility, but the VHs have confused me here. As far as I can tell, they were the only ones in North America to spec like this. Very few in Europe spec'd like this too.
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