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  1. TTC should just specify an escape chute on all buses like the one found in the Fishbowl in Speed. I can't even read the articles; I just get too angry. And I don't even live anywhere near Scarborough.
  2. Some systems around the world use guided busways through the use of these things. Common knowledge I’m sure. although they all have curbs and not barriers to facilitate that easy evacuation that’s being discussed.
  3. I thought it was 6 years into the service life? Isn't this a year/year.5 early? Edit- I looked at the other series, and it seems like 5ish years...although I thought I would've heard about the MCIs up to 2616 being refurb'd first.
  4. @Wayside Observer I hear rumors during the first lockdown back in April that the OPP was conducting random stops on on and off ramps to see where people were going...not sure how true this is. This was closer to my side of town, so the western side of H'tario on the QEW.
  5. Gotta love the random mattress thrown into the shot lmao
  6. It is ooover took this yesterday. I think they tore down even more when I saw it today
  7. I shake my head every time I see the paint spec on this.
  8. That monolith disappeared too...I'm pretty sure the aliens will show up around Christmas to celebrate the grand finale of the world as we know it.
  9. I believe there are 2-3 more; 2551 is another I'm quite sure.
  10. There was some testing going on at the new Downtown terminal today.
  11. .1 meters is 10cm. I'm surprised though, I thought the oldest ones would fit in this terminal. Could've been used on certain 21 and 31 trips. Not sure about east routes.
  12. No, these looked to be in decent condition. The skirt panels were all neat and tidy unlike those in the pics. I'll try and get some from the fence if I go through there again.
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