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  1. Wasn’t 1738 retired/written off?
  2. Unless they live somewhere with regular exposure to 79s and 80s I doubt there’ll be a noticeable difference. Every bus still beeps and makes loud noises ie with parking brake applications and what not.
  3. He’s the Sherrif’s deputy, didn’t you know?
  4. I may pick up some flak for this, but since @M. Parsons is talking about photos and quality, I want to add that perhaps not every submission here has to be that basic front or rear quarter shot. I understand it gives the audience a good view of the subject in the photo, but if we look through these pages, 90% or more of the time, it’s that same shot. Injecting some diversity into the style of photography in here is something that wouldn’t go amiss, and I know for certain that some on here have experimented with that despite not posting here. A profile shot, panning, a picture of a front side in a cool setting, anything. This is just a light suggestion that’s all, I’m not calling anyone out. And judging by the material that is posted here anyways, I’m sure experimentation can’t hurt. It’s a win-win because you could easily be picked because it’s something refreshing and new, or you could get some constructive criticism like above. If you don’t know what I mean, check out the first few pages of this thread. Some of the submissions were pretty cool!
  5. I’ve never had this issue, usually GOs drivers are quite good on this subject. I believe they are required to keep lights on the D45s when there are people standing, so that would mean the topmost lights hidden above the luggage racks. The SuperLo lights are indeed automatic, but only when the door is opened, otherwise they can be all be off. My understanding is that the blue light is there to reduce reflections off the windows for the driver and/or to discourage drug use. Since the light is so far back, it is likely the latter.
  6. Didn’t reaaally know where to put this but since it’s MiWay related 🤷‍♀️ https://youtu.be/HtB1hboN7EI
  7. Could this be some new drive axle setup that GO is testing on the SuperLos, or is it temporary when the bus has just entered service? Took this a few weeks ago, 8462 when she had just started. It is a single, not a dually just as a note. It looks normal from this angle, but from a shallow angle it’s quite odd.
  8. It’s actually the same as the picture you have. The only difference is the black is continued through to the back through paint to conform with the rest of the livery. If you look closely, you’ll see that the rearmost part is slightly matted compared to the rest of the bus.
  9. Flappy bird is the solution to all this
  10. Sorry, hang on a sec here. We got these fancy new LCD screens to do the exact same thing that the old displays did? There isn't even a plan in place to increase their usefulness?
  11. How do the lights detect the presence of a streetcar? Is there a weight-specific sensor?
  12. Is there any timeline as to when the display will be fixed up on them?
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