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  1. I believe there are 2-3 more; 2551 is another I'm quite sure.
  2. There was some testing going on at the new Downtown terminal today.
  3. .1 meters is 10cm. I'm surprised though, I thought the oldest ones would fit in this terminal. Could've been used on certain 21 and 31 trips. Not sure about east routes.
  4. No, these looked to be in decent condition. The skirt panels were all neat and tidy unlike those in the pics. I'll try and get some from the fence if I go through there again.
  5. Err...not sure if this is the right place, but I saw 4 MiDis at the Wajax lot in Etobicoke. Anyone know what those might be or might have been? All plain white. Would've taken a picture but I was on my bike.
  6. Missing the black section along the windows end to end. Its bothering me lol; MiWay specializes in speccing almost great liveries.
  7. There's also this happening...I'm sure its bound to cause some disruption as some articles I read mentioned redirecting traffic over the new bridge temporarily. https://www.infrastructureontario.ca/QEW-Credit-River-Bridge-Project/
  8. It was something to build on what was already there tech-wise. I know the regen starts when you let off the accelerator; in my mind I had the adjustable modes being operated by a lever by the steering wheel. Something similar to say, a hydraulic retarder you'd find on European coaches and trucks, where you can adjust braking force. Dan mentioned 4 levels of braking, and what I'm essentially saying is giving drivers access to that level of adjustability. Although I see his point on why TAs may not want to give drivers that level of control. As for your second point, that issue lies with the training department. The forbidden fruit that is adjustable regen might've helped with that. Each driver is different I guess.
  9. Crap sorry I misread the post as a 2013 Nova. Whoops.
  10. Perhaps on the trip back from Eastway?
  11. ...saving wear and tear on critical components seems like a benefit to me. Truck drivers have to shift manual boxes and operate retarders, and still have pay attention to the road just as much as you. And ya, I know you're not a truck driver. Regardless, it was just an idea.
  12. Lol relax, you wouldn't be performing brain surgery.
  13. I don't know the answer to that- probably better suited for the professionals and more knowledgeable folk around here. But it would also depend on how the hybrid program is setup, and that varies from agency to agency.
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