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  1. These. Yes they're a bit obnoxiously loud, but they're the most characterful units in the fleet right now, that's for sure. It's always cool to watch them take off from a stop. Enjoy them while you can; they'll be gone soon, and that'll be it for proper sounding diesels at the TTC.
  2. She forgot about the microchips that Bill Gates is implanting inside us.
  3. Video is giving me serious GO Transit "The Bus" ad vibes.
  4. How group projects end up going in school: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwt9i3ClAyd/?igshid=aa7nbdajjdgi
  5. Seriously dude, your complaints are oddly passionate for someone who (reading between the lines) doesn't drive any Nova product on a regular basis. Novas aren't perfect, but then which buses are? And if the driver's area had glaring issues that obstructed the driver's ability to safely operate the vehicle, don't you think they would've been addressed? (see: LFS driverside window). Transit agencies have engineering and testing programs that take care of these things. If they were such a big problem, recommendations would've been made, and arguably, they already have been. And regarding yo
  6. Just found this: Also, Bruce Arthur speaking the truth here, especially when referring to idiots. https://www.thestar.com/opinion/star-columnists/2021/04/16/our-health-care-system-is-going-to-totally-collapse-these-doctors-listened-to-doug-fords-new-plan-and-heard-defeat-and-death.html
  7. I got pulled over a couple years back for raising my hand at a cop in front of me. He didn't like that.
  8. And now that they have these powers, who knows what kind of racial profiling will happen. Things were bad to begin with.
  9. You should write them a letter outlining your concerns.
  10. They should do something similar to MTA. They have the most important info on there, now they just need to optimize the ux/ui. But man has it ever taken ages.
  11. With half the usual weight gone, you can be sure they accelerate a bit faster. Whether they actually do that or not is up to the operator.
  12. Yeah seeing Novas on the 75 is really weird...
  13. https://jalopnik.com/two-nyc-buses-refusing-to-back-up-block-traffic-for-hal-1846512272
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmSu7bHOhng&ab_channel=IgorKolomainen
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