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  1. The Caltrain EMU: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=956765631409606&id=210353072717536 Former Amtrak AEM-7 938 in its new Caltrain livery: https://www.facebook.com/caltrain/posts/4910342348975878 https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1470925707438030848
  2. This one is interesting, I wasn't expecting to see MTA Bus get Novas. It does break up the monopoly NFI has with the former Privates.
  3. The R32 is coming back into service for retirement runs! https://www.nytransitmuseum.org/r32/ END OF THE YEAR, END OF AN ERA R-32 FAREWELL TRIP R-32 subway cars are making their final trip, ending 58 years of service in New York City. Please join us to say farewell to this historic fleet. ROUTE & SCHEDULE R-32 Retirement Runs Sundays, 10am to 5pm December 19th and 26th, 2021 and January 2nd, 2022 Final Farewell Run Sunday, January 9th, 2022, 10am – 6:30pm Approximate Schedule for Sundays, December 19th, December 26th and January 2nd: Departs 2nd Avenue Station on the F line at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm, making all express stops to 145th Street Station on the D line. Departs 145th Street Station on the D line at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm, making all express stops to the 2nd Avenue Station on the F line. Approximate Schedule for Final Farewell Runs on Sunday, January 9th: Departs Brighton Beach Station on the Q line at 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm, making express stops on the Brighton and Broadway Lines to 96th Street Station, via the Manhattan Bridge. Departs 96th Street Station on the Q line at 11am, 1:30, 4pm, 6:30pm, making express stops on the Brighton and Broadway Lines to Brighton Beach Station, via the Manhattan Bridge. Route and schedule subject to change at the discretion of the train crew.
  4. GojiMet86


    It appears some Bombardier HHP-8 will be going back into service as non-functional control units for the Ethan Allen Express. Amtrak has already removed the pantographs from 691 (ex-661).
  5. Unfortunately, I'm just as clueless as you are. Every year, Academy provides carrier information to the WMATC, so you can see all the buses they currently run. However, it hasn't been updated since last year (presumably due to COVID). Usually we just wait for that list to come up. Here's the list of vehicles. Academy files under WMATC numbers 456 and 2520.
  6. $6.9 Billion of Second Avenue subway Phase II. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-second-ave-subway-tunnel-gov-hochul-20211124-xdwpezc4mjg5hjy23jxjzl5ezi-story.html
  7. A base order of 6 NFI battery-electric XE40 for NICE, with options for up to 30 more. https://www.newflyer.com/2021/11/new-yorks-nice-orders-up-to-36-zero-emission-xcelsior-charge-ng-transit-buses-from-nfis-new-flyer/
  8. I always saw this company in the wiki as a coach company, but I wasn't aware it's also a railroad. So this is a completely different service from GO Transit or VIA Rail?
  9. Looks like the CRLVs are back in service.........for Disney
  10. 3048, 3049, and 3050 are being converted to battery-electric:
  11. This one is operated by a New Jersey jitney company called Express service. It's a Ford E450 chassis. EDIT: It appears to be an Ameritrans 285. Can anyone confirm? IMG_4961 by GojiMet86, on Flickr
  12. I tried to give it a go and see if there was anything. I took a look at the license plates for 4500-4599 to take a look at patterns. 4587 2021 5FYD8FV16MC075546 B 52310 4586 2021 5FYD8FV14MC075545 B 52311 4585 2021 5FYD8FV12MC075544 B 52312 4584 2021 5FYD8FV10MC075543 B 52313 4583 2021 5FYD8FV19MC075542 B 52314 4582 2021 5FYD8FV17MC075541 B 52315 4581 2021 5FYD8FV15MC075540 B 52316 4580 2021 5FYD8FV19MC075539 B 52317 4579 2021 5FYD8FV17MC075538 B 52318 4578 2021 5FYD8FV15MC075537 B 52319 4577 2021 5FYD8FV13MC075536 B 52320 4576 2021 5FYD8FV11MC075535 B 52321 4575 2021 5FYD8FV1XMC075534 B 52322 4588 2021 5FYD8FV18MC075547 B 52323 4589 2021 5FYD8FV1XMC075548 B 52326 4590 2021 5FYD8FV11MC075549 B 52327 4591 2021 5FYD8FV18MC075550 B 52328 4593 2021 5FYD8FV11MC075552 B 52329 4597 2021 5FYD8FV19MC075556 B 52330 4595 2021 5FYD8FV15MC075554 B 52331 4592 2021 5FYD8FV1XMC075551 B 52333 4596 2021 5FYD8FV17MC075555 B 52334 4598 2021 5FYD8FV10MC075557 B 52335 4504 2021 5FYD8FV1XMC075047 B 52352 4505 2021 5FYD8FV11MC075048 B 52353 4507 2021 5FYD8FV1XMC075050 B 52354 4508 2021 5FYD8FV11MC075051 B 52355 4510 2021 5FYD8FV15MC075053 B 52362 The 4590s have license plates are around the same range: B52327 through B52335. B52332 is missing. Typing in B52332 gives me 5FYD8FV13MC075553. That's likely 4594, since MC075552 is 4593 and MC075554 is 4595. Most off the plates B52335, and B52324-B52325, are older buses with new plates. B52356-B52360 are 5537-5541. B52361 just spits out a Ford van. If 4599 was built directly after 4598, then it would most likely be 5FYD8FV12MC075558. I receive no "historical records" on autocheck for MC075558, while if I plug in 5FYD8FV10MC075557 or other 4590s I get multiple records.
  13. https://www.amny.com/transit/gov-kathy-hochul-takes-first-lirr-to-grand-central-a-year-ahead-of-east-side-access-completion/ LIEAST211101 by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, on Flickr Governor Hochul and MTA Leadership Take LIRR Ride Direct to Grand Central by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, on Flickr Governor Hochul and MTA Leadership Take LIRR Ride Direct to Grand Central by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, on Flickr Governor Hochul and MTA Leadership Take LIRR Ride Direct to Grand Central by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, on Flickr
  14. The MTA will be taking over the SIM23 and SIM24 next pick: https://www.nyctransitforums.com/topic/29211-mta-bus-operations-fleet-depots/?do=findComment&comment=1109250
  15. Truly super duper important news from The Onion: https://www.theonion.com/greyhound-to-send-chimps-on-pioneering-bus-trip-from-bu-1819579895
  16. What's up with the funny numbering scheme? At first glance some orders start off odd-numbered but then turn fully sequential. The 2008 NABIs start of sequential then become even-numbered.
  17. NJT will be going with New Flyer for its electric bus purchase: 2110-69BUS STOCK PROGRAM: PURCHASE OF EIGHT (8) ZERO-EMISSION BUSES – Authorization to enter into NJ TRANSIT Contract No. 20-058 with New Flyer of America for the purchase of eight Zero-Emission 40 foot Buses to be operated at the Newton Avenue Bus garage, including spare parts, at a cost not to exceed $9,429,947, plus five percent for contingencies, subject to the availability of funds.
  18. Saw this on the forums. Nassau NICE bus 2041 is visiting the MTA's Zerega facility. I wonder if the MTA is taking a look at Gillig......
  19. The train was out on a test run recently. These are not my photos, these are Marc Glucksman photos. He takes some really great photos, and these are no exceptions. https://rrdc.com/op_usa_pop_up_metro.html https://www.riverrailphoto.com/popupmetro
  20. Dispatch Control has now added Canadian plate lookups. I tried them out with some newer Canadian buses, hasn't brought back anything yet. That gives some hope. https://dcontrol.com/plate/
  21. Looks like Academy Bus Lines has placed some former LTC units at John Hopkins University in Maryland. https://www.facebook.com/AcademyBus/posts/226942616133593
  22. 930 through 941 (without 932) were bought in 2018, they became 2901-2911 and are already wrapped for Academy. I do recall seeing these two in the photo back in December 2020, so I don't know which ones these are, but they are definitely not 2009 units.
  23. Here are some photos (not mine) of a StarTrans Bus President FE, 63033. It wasn't in the wiki, but it now is. 06.WMATA.GreenbeltStation.GreenbeltMD.11October2011 by Elvert Barnes, on Flickr 08.WMATA.GreenbeltStation.GreenbeltMD.11October2011 by Elvert Barnes, on Flickr 10.WMATA.GreenbeltStation.GreenbeltMD.11October2011 by Elvert Barnes, on Flickr The buses listed as Goshen are actually StarTrans Presidents. The Goshen Sentry and the President look really, really similar. For example, this is another StarTrans President: IMG_2447 by GojiMet86, on Flickr And this is a Goshen Sentry: IMG_5731 by GojiMet86, on Flickr
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