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  1. 160 Downriver

    Image removal

    Delete https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Suburban_Mobility_Authority_for_Regional_Transportation_3832-a.png I had forgotten it was a .png file and the photographer provided a .jpg version that I also uploaded with his permission.
  2. 160 Downriver

    Modifying a page title

    https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Alamo_Rent-A-Car_National_Car_Rental_(DTW)_50-a.jpg should be renamed to File:Alamo Rent-A-Car National Car Rental (DTW) 55-a.jpg.
  3. 160 Downriver

    Modifying a page title

    https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Suburban_Mobility_Authority_for_Regional_Transportation_3801-3835 should be renamed to Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation 3801-3845.
  4. 160 Downriver

    Night time pictures

    Here's one more from December 22, 2018:
  5. 160 Downriver

    Last photo of 2018/first photo of 2019

    Last photo of 2018: First photo of 2019:
  6. 160 Downriver

    Celebrity Death Thread

    Yesterday, the longest-serving representative in US history has died at age 92. Former Michigan Rep. John Dingell dies at age 92
  7. 160 Downriver

    Transit Windsor

    This makes the most sense, as this very same artic just demoed with CATA in Michigan last month and Windsor is almost a straight shot down I-96 from Lansing.
  8. 160 Downriver

    Modifying a page title

    Two additional changes: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Suburban_Mobility_Authority_for_Regional_Transportation_routes_710_730_740_combined_map_(09-2017)-a.jpg should be renamed to File:Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation routes 710 730 740 combined map (06-2018)-a.jpg (reason: I just found out that route 730's service change was actually in June 2018.) https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Detroit_Department_of_Transportation_route_8_'Crosstown' should be renamed to Detroit Department of Transportation route 8 'Warren' (reason: Warren is the actual route name.)
  9. 160 Downriver

    Modifying a page title

    Months later and I am still waiting for all of the aforementioned pages to be renamed. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Suburban_Mobility_Authority_for_Regional_Transportation_6001-6040 should be renamed to Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation 6001-6039
  10. 160 Downriver

    SMART (Detroit)

    Is there a link to whatever server this tool is in use on so I can see this in action for myself?
  11. 160 Downriver

    General FML moments

    What's preventing you from simply getting the entire show on DVD?
  12. 160 Downriver

    Last bus ride of 2018. And First of 2019

    Last ride of 2018: four in one trip: SMART 2016 Gillig BRT (3601), route 125 DDOT 2012 Gillig Low Floor (1230), route 19 DDOT 2005 New Flyer D40LF (420?), route 19 SMART 2016 Gillig BRT (3604), route 125 First ride of 2019: will be added when it happens, but knowing SMART, probably another Gillig BRT. Again, four in one trip: SMART 2017 Gillig BRT (3763), route 125 DDOT 2012 Gillig Low Floor (1224), route 19 DDOT 2005 New Flyer D40LF (4111), route 19 SMART 2016 Gillig BRT (3605), route 125
  13. 160 Downriver

    Transit Moments of 2018

    Photos of 2018: It's a hard choice, so here's a few: Vehicles of 2018: The Cleveland RTA's Gillig BRTPlus CNGs and DDOT's 2018 XD40s. Events of 2018: June trip to Cleveland where I got to fan the RTA's various bus, heavy rail and light rail vehicles, including the Red Line's Tokyu cars, using pantographs to accommodate this subway line's unusual use of overhead wire as an electrical source, and a ride on a Gillig BRTPlus CNG to get me from a few blocks from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to a few blocks from the house from A Christmas Story (itself having had it's 35th anniversary this year). Also, using SMART's Fast express pre-BRT service in August, eight months after it's New Year's Day 2018 opening, thanks to a promotion they had with the Detroit Zoo. Finally, again in June, one week after the Cleveland trip, Ford Motor Company's Michigan Central Station open house to commemorate their purchasing of that vacant railroad station and their long-overdue plans to restore it. Disliked move of 2018 by a transit agency: SMART abruptly placing their junky 2002 Gillig Low Floors back into service thanks to a shortage brought forth by the opening of Fast. To tell you how junky they still were, I had to ride one on route 125 in March and it broke down less than a mile after I got on due to brake problems. In addition, this leads me to: Transit WTF moment of 2018: SMART delaying their acceptance, delivery and entry into service of their 2018 Gillig BRTs due to manufacturer issues. Indeed at the time I write this they still have yet to enter service. Transit agency of 2018: Cleveland RTA for their CNG fleet and their diverse rail system. Charter of 2018: Going back to old ways, which automatically means I did not go to a charter this year.
  14. 160 Downriver

    Night time pictures

    A couple that I got tonight.
  15. 160 Downriver

    Feature Photo Submissions

    https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Detroit_Department_of_Transportation_1800-a.jpg The Detroit Department of Transportation recently unveiled a new livery, a new logo and a new route numbering system for their highest-ridership routes. Pictured is 1800, a 2018 New Flyer XD40, which is one of many New Flyer Xclesior buses that DDOT has applied the new livery to, seen operating route 52 Chene, one of thirteen routes that were renumbered.