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  1. Transit Related Dreams

    During one I had last night, while I was at a convenience store across the main road close to my house, I noticed through the window 2002 SMART Gillig 22313 (which is one of several of their 35-footers that have recently reentered service) somehow got reallocated to the Wayne Terminal and was operating a southbound 160. After I walk out, I noticed a 2001 2100-series Gillig operating the other 160 despite the fact that the last 2100s were retired in 2014.
  2. SMART (Detroit)

    I'm surprised that even the 35-footers have been reactivated. If they decided to reactivate even one 29-footer, I'll be shocked. Also, I haven't ran across any D40LFs for a while, which leads me to believe they may once again be temporarily sidelined.
  3. Modifying a page title

    https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Detroit_Department_of_Transportation_1700-1727 should be renamed to Detroit Department of Transportation 1700-1728, since I spotted a 1728 on the 23 today.
  4. General WTF Moments

    The recent snowstorms that pummeled the Detroit area resulted in these couple few: On Saturday, while driving to do some entertainment stuff in Detroit, I passed by two different (coincidentally) white cars that were stuck right in the middle of huge snowbanks. The first was on Northline Road west at the closed-for-construction ramp to northbound I-75, the second was on Dix Highway north at the traffic light with Gregory Street in Lincoln Park. Secondly, yesterday, while driving home from grabbing some things at Kroger Marketplace, approaching a residential intersection in the Taylor Park section of Wyandotte, I pulled up to a yield sign just as a city snowplow came by on the cross street and plowed a big snowbank almost right towards my windshield. Had I came by just a second later, the outcome would've been a lot worse.
  5. Transit Windsor

    Looks like it's time for Transit Windsor to seriously consider articulated buses, since right across the river DDOT ended up getting a few as a result of overcrowding-leading-into-bypassing-stops problems of their own.
  6. Ever get on the wrong bus in your home town?

    Can attest to that... A couple years ago on my end I was at the Southland hub where I was supposed to board a SMART 125 to River Rouge to drop me off near my neighborhood, but when it arrived it for some reason displayed that it was to Metro Airport. Needless to say, I told the driver about it and then the interior display was messed up, repeating the same scrolling PR message.
  7. Enmodal - transit system editor (formerly Brand New Subway)

    Want to update anyone who still uses this, it has now evolved into Enmodal. Some changes from BNS include: Ridership data is now available across the rest of the United States (though you can still build systems anywhere in the world) The default New York City map has been updated to include changes brought about by the opening of the Second Avenue Subway New default maps of rapid transit systems in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, DC are now available as well A future update will also allow you to build your own bus systems, as Enmodal focuses more on other transit modes than just subways.
  8. SMART (Detroit)

    The new bus rapid transit service, Fast, began operations today, finally providing a badly-needed connection from Metro Airport to downtown Detroit. The service uses reallocated 2017 BRTs with free wi-fi. More information here: https://www.smartbus.org/About/News/ArtMID/707/ArticleID/271/SMART-Unveils-New-Service
  9. New and retired vehicles of 2017

    SMART: New: 80 new Gillig BRTs. Retired: Almost all of the remaining 2002 Gillig Low Floors, only a grand total of around two are still in service. Pending: Additional BRTs this year and next year, some likely to be allocated to the new Fast service. DDOT: New: 28 new XD40s that are still being delivered right now. Retired: The buses that burned in the Shoemaker Terminal fire. Pending: 20 new XD40s per year for the next few years.
  10. 2018 Transit Fanning goals

    At least photograph anything related to SMART's new Fast service.
  11. Transit Moments of 2017

    And now on to mine: Photo of 2017: New SMART Gillig BRT 3715. Vehicles of 2017: Q-Line Brookville Liberty LRVs. Event of 2017: My full-length, both-ways ride on the Q-Line on May 15, 2017, just three days after the grand opening on May 12, 2017. Disliked move of 2017 by a transit agency: The Q-Line initially launching with half-hour headways, but since then they've added additional trips to shorten waits. Transit WTF moment of 2017: DDOT not updating their 89 Southwest Direct schedules or maps to reflect the long-term shutdown of southbound I-75 along the portion used by the 89 (precisely on and approaching the Rouge River Bridge) Transit agency of 2017: SMART for fulfilling it's 2014 promise to retire all of it's older (and junky) Gillig Low Floors from 2002 and replaced by BRTs by the end of this year and also for increasing service in Southfield in conjunction with DDOT after shutting down the (dangerous) Northland hub and for announcing the launches of Wi-Fi service and new express service, including a badly-needed one to Metro Airport, on New Year's Day 2018. Charter of 2017: Finally a year where I can actually post something else in this section... though I was merely a brief, unofficial attendee since I didn't sign up, the Toronto Transportation Society Transit Windsor Orion VI charter on November 4, 2017 (incidentally the same weekend as the annual Youmacon anime/comic book convention in downtown Detroit!).
  12. Night time pictures

    Here are some of the better ones from last night.
  13. SMART (Detroit)

    Things are about to intensify in Royal Oak, as they are now studying the possibility of their own transit system. http://www.dailytribune.com/article/DT/20171115/NEWS/171119760
  14. Detroit DOT

    I assume this refers to the new 1700-series XD40s... http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/detroit-city/2017/11/08/ddot-adds-20-new-buses-add-20-annually/844235001/
  15. Toronto Transportation Society - 2017 Trips

    Just as I had told you guys earlier, I wasn't officially in the charter (I'm not even a TTS member in fact), but I did at least see your Orion VI parked on Times Square outside the Rosa Parks Transit Center. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see any of you in person...in fact, there were more pedestrians than usual near Cobo Center and the Renaissance Center due to Cobo hosting the Youmacon comic book/anime/video game convention today, and obviously most of those wore costumes of pop culture characters. I would like to give out an early thanks to the TTS and Transit Windsor for finally reaching a compromise to still make possible the trip into downtown Detroit with the recent tunnel situation. (yeah, I'm posting this type of thank you before this charter is officially even over, since, again, I wasn't in the charter, I just happened to hear about this on this thread giving me another chance to use DDOT services since I'm not far from Detroit)