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  1. 160 Downriver

    Transit Windsor

    8020 was spotted at Fort and Clark Streets at around noon. Destination sign simply said "Windsor". This was well outside of downtown Detroit.
  2. 160 Downriver

    Detroit DOT

    Here's a new DDOT site I just discovered... https://ddot.info/ The home page presents you with a list of DDOT's routes. Clicking on a route will bring you to a page displaying a route map, description and headways. The route map displays each bus that is currently on that route and even each bus stop when zoomed in. There are also "Bus Stops" and "Schedule" tabs. "Bus Stops" obviously shows a list of that route's bus stops, with details on connecting routes. "Schedule" obviously shows the schedule of that route, with current trips highlighted in light green. One thing I have noticed, though, is that the fleet numbers are not displayed unlike SMART's and Transit Windsor's trackers.
  3. 160 Downriver

    Transit Related Dreams

    During one I had last night, I decided to check out some sort of car show in downtown Detroit, so I for some reason teleported to Eureka and Dix-Toledo in Southgate. 2016 SMART BRT 3654, painted entirely in green (3654 is actually painted in Wayne State University livery), arrived on a northbound 125 but the destination sign was blank. Regardless, I boarded, then it suddenly began driving strangely, even driving onto random residential streets. Realizing I would not be able to even reach Outer Drive by that point, I got off at the very same stop I had got on, then I noticed 2017 SMART BRT 3719, which was a hybrid and painted in Wayne State University livery (the 2017 BRTs are diesel and 3719 is actually assigned to the Oakland Terminal, is assigned to Fast Woodward and was painted in University of Michigan livery before it was wrapped for Fast service). I then tried to reboard 3654 once I noticed that it's destination sign was working again, but the driver wouldn't let me.
  4. 160 Downriver

    SMART (Detroit)

    Novi is seriously considering opting back into SMART. https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/novi-could-be-next-metro-detroit-city-to-join-smart-bus-system
  5. 160 Downriver

    Feature Photo Submissions

    I'll also chime in with a photo of an agency in Ohio (not Dayton, but this will do). https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Greater_Cleveland_Regional_Transportation_Authority_3512-a.jpg Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority 3512, a 2017 Gillig BRTPlus CNG assigned to the agency's newest bus rapid transit line, the Metro Health Line, is seen here on a layover on Rockwell Avenue in downtown Cleveland.
  6. Earlier today during the afternoon, the 2005 NFI D40LF (fleet number unknown) caught fire while on I-94 freeway near the Warren bridge--destroying it completely from the top to middle part. This bus is completely totalled and has been written off into retirement.




  7. 160 Downriver

    SMART (Detroit)

    One of SMART's two DE60LFs collided with a street sweeper this morning. http://www.macombdaily.com/general-news/20180607/bus-crashes-into-street-sweeper-in-chesterfield-township-4-injured
  8. Two DDOT buses were involved in a separate early-morning crash on the I-94 eastbound near Mount Elliott. One bus that crashed sideways was the 2015 NFI XDE40 (unfortunately, I couldn't identify the bus fleet number) and I don't know the other bus model that was also involved in the accident as well. Apparently, speed was the main factor since it was raining outside and there were no passengers on-board both buses when this incident happened. Two drivers who were at fault were taken to the hospitals as a precaution.


    UPDATE: The two buses that were involved in the accident earlier this rainy morning was the 2015 NFI XDE40 #1515 on the eastbound I-94 & Mount Elliott and the one also on the eastbound I-94 & Chene was the 2005 NFI D40LF #4130.

  9. 160 Downriver

    SMART (Detroit)

    The D40LFs can usually be found on virtually any route except the Fast BRT.
  10. 160 Downriver

    Detroit DOT

    Some locations where it is possible to see multiple DDOT and SMART buses are downtown Detroit, along Woodward Avenue, at the State Fair Transit Center, within the southeast corner of Southfield (particularly on the streets near the vacant Northland Center) and at the Fairlane Town Center bus station. Of course only the Fast BRT system (which includes a route to Metro Airport) enters Detroit on all days at all times, all other SMART routes only go into Detroit during weekday peak hours.
  11. 160 Downriver

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Apologies if this is the wrong thread for this, but it seems like the Hamilton Street Railway may be looking into a BRT system. According to this article, they're using the Fast BRT system in Detroit as an example. http://bayobserver.ca/71479-2/
  12. I am surprised by the lack of such a thread relating to this day on this site, so I'm filling this void. You know that today marks 15 years since that unforgettable day that changed the course of history forever and erased the familiar World Trade Center towers from the skyline of New York. As this is a major anniversary of a major tragedy, I thought it was fitting to begin this topic. On that day I went to my first short-lived job via carpool as there were no SMART buses that went there as it was in an opt-out community (still is today). As we were on I-75, I heard radio reports of the first plane crash into the WTC. Once I arrived everyone was glued to a TV and watched the attacks unfold including the second WTC plane crash live. Soon afterwards we were called off and sent home.