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  1. SMART (Detroit)

    Things are about to intensify in Royal Oak, as they are now studying the possibility of their own transit system. http://www.dailytribune.com/article/DT/20171115/NEWS/171119760
  2. Detroit DOT

    I assume this refers to the new 1700-series XD40s... http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/detroit-city/2017/11/08/ddot-adds-20-new-buses-add-20-annually/844235001/
  3. Toronto Transportation Society - 2017 Trips

    Just as I had told you guys earlier, I wasn't officially in the charter (I'm not even a TTS member in fact), but I did at least see your Orion VI parked on Times Square outside the Rosa Parks Transit Center. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see any of you in person...in fact, there were more pedestrians than usual near Cobo Center and the Renaissance Center due to Cobo hosting the Youmacon comic book/anime/video game convention today, and obviously most of those wore costumes of pop culture characters. I would like to give out an early thanks to the TTS and Transit Windsor for finally reaching a compromise to still make possible the trip into downtown Detroit with the recent tunnel situation. (yeah, I'm posting this type of thank you before this charter is officially even over, since, again, I wasn't in the charter, I just happened to hear about this on this thread giving me another chance to use DDOT services since I'm not far from Detroit)
  4. Toronto Transportation Society - 2017 Trips

    I would like to point this out: the only SMART route serving downtown Detroit on weekends is the 598 Gratiot Reflex and even then the closest it comes to the RPTC is Monroe and Farmer Streets, which is just a block from the Q-Line Campus Martius station. However, when the new year rolls around, there will be additional weekend SMART service in Detroit... https://www.smartbus.org/About/News/ArtMID/707/ArticleID/252/Get-Ready
  5. What year did your transit system get first hybrid buses?

    SMART: 2010 DE60LF (two units) DDOT: 2012 Gillig Low floor (four units)
  6. SMART (Detroit)

    Expanded local service, new express routes, Wi-Fi and new buses coming soon to SMART. https://www.smartbus.org/About/News/ArtMID/707/ArticleID/252/Get-Ready
  7. SMART: 2010 DE60LF DDOT: 1989 Neoplan AN460
  8. Broken Down Sightings

    I passed 23372, which broke down while doing the northbound 160 right in front of the Marathon station in downtown Wyandotte, while I was riding it's replacement for the trip, a 2002 Gillig. Both vehicles have retired since.
  9. SMART: 1999 Blue Bird CSRE DDOT: 2002 Nova Bus RTS
  10. Any of SMART's and DDOT's high-floor buses-almost, specifically.
  11. Almost all of the discontinued SMART routes, including those that served Livonia that were eliminated after it opted out.
  12. Feature Photo Submissions

    https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:M-1_Rail_288-a.jpg Detroit's Q-Line streetcar, the city's first full-scale streetcar service in 61 years, opened to the public on May 12th following three years of construction, using Brookville Liberty light-rail vehicles, one of which is shown here entering the Grand Boulevard Station. The service is free until Labor Day.
  13. I can't recall the last time I saw a non-North American or Mexican plate, but I still have plenty of examples of what has been mentioned here. Recently, while heading back from my up-north cottage back in June, I saw a Detroit taxi pulling into a rest area on I-75 near Clarkston, 30 miles northwest of Detroit. And regarding American and Canadian plates, I've seen plates from plenty of states and I believe I saw a Quebec one while visiting one of the main tourist destinations in the Detroit area a while back. Since a quarter of the Detroit area's population lives in Windsor and the surrounding area (and the fact that many residents of that area shop at many Detroit-area retail establishments), I see Ontario plates quite often. The next most-common out-of-state plates I see around here are from Ohio, which is only almost an hour-long drive away from Detroit proper and those residents, again, often visit Detroit-area attractions, although with the ongoing multi-year I-75 reconstruction resulting in an all-out closure of the southbound lanes for several miles, getting those people back to Ohio has gotten a bit more cumbersome.
  14. Here's another good source: http://legacy.mitn.info/scripts/surplusauctions/default.asp?public_Groupid=1077&agroupname=MITN&GroupAbbrev=MITN&pid=1&pto=%2Fdefault.asp SMART and Lake Erie Transit are the only agencies I know that use this, but there may be others.
  15. Toronto Transportation Society - 2017 Trips

    May not be able to attend this one, but since this charter will enter downtown Detroit for part of it, I may consider surprising some of you guys (I may likely take the 125 to the 19 if that's all I have available).