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  1. My shot from today of the new CNG buses, I guess the main difference between these and the other recent CNG buses is the shortened tank bump up top.
  2. Video of new livery put out by Metro., not sure if this Hybrid is a renumbered 5000 series or brand new. edit: I take back the renumbered thing, it appears to be brand new due to the window panels. edit 2: Akron has started the process to purchase 2 full electric buses in a previous board meeting. But I am unsure if the bus in the below video is one of them as it may be too soon in build time unless Gillig had some sitting on a lot. 120746696_245920843799676_606560149010466910_n.mp4
  3. Akron Metro RTA Ford Transit by Raymond W, on Flickr
  4. Transit service serving Kent Ohio and Ravenna and other parts of Portage County. They have routes going to both Cleveland and Akron. Daily fares are $1 one ride to $3 All day pass. http://www.partaonline.org Here is a photo of their newer buses: PARTA ElDorado Axess by Raymond W, on Flickr
  5. Recently saw a purple mini bus, DIdnt get a good look at it, Thought it was for SCAT but it didnt have a wheelchair loading door. Looked like it was based off a Ford Transit or Dodge Sprinter but longer
  6. New guy to the fleet: Akron Fire Department Rescue 4 Ford F-550 by Raymond W, on Flickr Lil' Putter: Akron Police Club Car Golf Cart by Raymond W, on Flickr
  7. Made my liberty red and blue, upgraded the halogen takedowns and alleys to LED and finally this past weekend, upgraded the board to Wecan so I can program it with my computer. might go for colored lenses in the future, Next thing I plan on doing to the bar is dual takedown modules, meaning 4 takedown LR11 modules instead of the 2 in it now.
  8. So I am watching the Avengers movie(2012) and the Germany scene having been filmed in Cleveland, came across a bus that looked familiar and I am thinking there is no way its what I think it is considering they have German flavored police cars, Paused the scene where the German police car is upside down and sure enough its a GCRTA NABI. I recall one of the Spiderman movies being filmed in Cleveland and they had MTA decaled buses so This was a nice surprise.
  9. Coach 1111(or 1114)(DASH Gillig) Has been involved in a small collision with another bus, no major damage, the passenger side panel behind the rear wheel was torn away but the driver told me nothing else was damaged, will need a new panel or metal working to flatten the panel back into shape.
  10. Here is the current bus pass design:
  11. Some shots from this past weekend, Both being newer buses, One with non-opening windows and the other with windows that do open. Both images are desktop sized to 21:9, 2560x1080.
  12. Is Busception allowed in here?(Inside bus making a turn)
  13. I started collecting Greenlight Hot Pursuit series cars a few years ago after one of my photos of a certain police car was selected to be on the packaging for that toy version. Greenlight contacted me asking to use my photo of a CHP Dodge Monaco, Couldnt pass that up Also have a few 1:64's: Left to right: Alabama, Ohio, Michigan, Akron Ohio.
  14. Was on a 1600 series Gillig this evening, It was running on the 50 - Montrose Circulator, I was the only passenger on the bus and the driver knew I wanted to catch the soon departing 1 back towards downtown, He turned onto Rothrock Loop, the road before the turn the route goes on, beeping noise (Which started on Heritage Woods Dr as we were crossing Medina Road) started hapopening, bus shut off half way up Rothrock Loop(before the right turn behind Toys r Us), Driver waits a minute then tries to start the bus back up, 3 tries did the trick, Bus shuts down again halfway up this stretch of the
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