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  1. Straypuft

    Akron Metro RTA

    Here is the current bus pass design:
  2. Straypuft

    Akron Metro RTA

    Some shots from this past weekend, Both being newer buses, One with non-opening windows and the other with windows that do open. Both images are desktop sized to 21:9, 2560x1080.
  3. Straypuft

    Photos of buses making turns

    Is Busception allowed in here?(Inside bus making a turn)
  4. Straypuft

    Model vehicles (Except buses)

    I started collecting Greenlight Hot Pursuit series cars a few years ago after one of my photos of a certain police car was selected to be on the packaging for that toy version. Greenlight contacted me asking to use my photo of a CHP Dodge Monaco, Couldnt pass that up Also have a few 1:64's: Left to right: Alabama, Ohio, Michigan, Akron Ohio.
  5. Straypuft

    PC Train Simulators

    Some Long Island RR action!
  6. In Cleveland, 2000 or 2001: Bus driver urinating in the back door steps of a Flxible Metro at a layover place where there were facilities for bus operators. Bus was empty, I only noticed the liquid coming from out the bottom of the door while I was walking by the bus before noticing the mass of a person behind the closed doors
  7. Straypuft

    Akron Metro RTA

    Was on a 1600 series Gillig this evening, It was running on the 50 - Montrose Circulator, I was the only passenger on the bus and the driver knew I wanted to catch the soon departing 1 back towards downtown, He turned onto Rothrock Loop, the road before the turn the route goes on, beeping noise (Which started on Heritage Woods Dr as we were crossing Medina Road) started hapopening, bus shut off half way up Rothrock Loop(before the right turn behind Toys r Us), Driver waits a minute then tries to start the bus back up, 3 tries did the trick, Bus shuts down again halfway up this stretch of the Rothrock Loop, wait a minute, start back up and we move on, We get to the end of Rothrock Loop and just before we can turn onto Rothrock, it shuts down again, Starts back up and now the driver is desperate to get to the turn around spot and I see my bus up there, We get there, I get off and the bus shuts off again, I think I heard the driver say something about overheat alarm, The beeping noise sounded like the wheelchair ramp extend/retract beep. Bus driver was all cool about it, I made my connecting bus and just got home. I was in no hurry, If I had missed the bus, I would have gone over to World Market to kill time.
  8. Straypuft

    For those with websites - what web host do you use?

    Hosting a website is going to cost way more than paying for flickr pro, Then there is the part where you may not get the same kind of photo views like you did on flickr.
  9. Straypuft

    For those with websites - what web host do you use?

    Flickr pro has the monthly payment option, $6 I think, Thats what I am going to do.
  10. Straypuft

    Your first OS and your all time computer models

    Grew up with WIndows 3.1 and 95, My first computer was an Emachines E600 Emonster with windows 98 in 1999, My next machine would be a laptop, Toshiba Satellite 5205-S505 with XP in 2003, My next machine would be a Gateway GT5058 in 2006, XP. 2009 would see me buying a custom built computer from CyberpowerPC, It had an AMD 940 BE and a GT 250 gpu, It originally had Vista but within a week I was given a key for 7 Ultimate. 2011 would see me building my first pc, Went with an AMD 1100T and a GTX 260 with 7 ultimate. 2014 to now with my current main home built pc with an Intel 4770k, gtx 970(originally a gtx 650ti) and 10 Home. 2018 saw me buying an MSI GL62 laptop, 7700m and gtx 150ti with 10 Home.
  11. Straypuft

    Akron Metro RTA

    Some of the new Gillig arrivals featuring the black window line as shown in that last quoted image above this post have windows that do open in the passenger area, I think this feature is on the 2330's and up with a few late-2320's having them. Construction happening on South Main at Cascade Plaza, I think they are completely removing the purpose built transit-way that was built for when Metro had their bus line ups there before moving to the Transit Center. With the Southbound S Main St lanes shut down for construction, Northern inbound buses are using S High St to get to the Transit Center. Edit: The later 2320's and up feature hard plastic seating supposedly to make cleaning them easier.
  12. Straypuft

    Chinese fire truck in winnipeg?

    Check to see if there are any movies or tv shows being filmed in the area. They dont need to be Asian area based but this could just be for a single scene in the project.
  13. Straypuft

    Akron Metro RTA

    Barteges opened up today between High and Broadway, Not sure if its a temp thing until construction is complete, the Westbound side had its curb lane coned off, But buses are using the street inbound and outbound. The DASH is using it to get to S Main Northbound and other buses at least using it to get to S Main Southbound.(High St turns into South Main Southbound at Barteges while South Main 2 way to the north is the next street over.)
  14. Straypuft

    Akron Metro RTA

    A wild brand new police car appears! Akron Metro Transit Police Ford Police Interceptor Sedan by Raymond W, on Flickr
  15. Straypuft

    Emergency Vehicles

    Akron Metro RTA now has police cars, Operated by both Metro and Akron Police Department: Akron Metro Transit Police Ford Police Interceptor Sedan by Raymond W, on Flickr