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  1. Straypuft

    Akron Metro RTA

    A wild brand new police car appears! Akron Metro Transit Police Ford Police Interceptor Sedan by Raymond W, on Flickr
  2. Straypuft

    Emergency Vehicles

    Akron Metro RTA now has police cars, Operated by both Metro and Akron Police Department: Akron Metro Transit Police Ford Police Interceptor Sedan by Raymond W, on Flickr
  3. Straypuft

    Akron Metro RTA

    So the Transit center has 2 sides for buses, West Side Departures and East side Departures, These dont mean buses heading for the west side or east side, Just that one side is on the West and one side is on the East of the Transit Center, In the past for as long as the TC existed, East side departures exited out onto E Barteges and onto Broadway, Most buses that had to get to S Main st Northbound would then turn on Rosa Parks Drive(Red on below map). Current construction and future plans will not allow buses to turn left onto Rosa Parks Drive due to traffic merging from South Main before Barteges onto Broadway(orange on below map), Now These East Side Departures going to Rosa Parks Drive now need to stay on the TC property to go to the north exit driveway so they can travel onto Rosa Parks Drive.(Green on below map) There is a concrete center median preventing buses from safely making a left turn onto Rosa Parks Drive from Broadway. There was a single bus that took Barteges to S Main St Northbound, There is a chance that in the future all buses that use S Main St Northbound could take Barteges and bypass Rosa Parks Dr entirely but for the time being Barteges will be closed for the entirely of the Main St interchange construction.
  4. Straypuft

    Akron Metro RTA

    Hello, I wish to share my knowlege of my current city of Akron Ohio's bus system. Starting off with the Buses: Akron Metro currently uses a mix of New Flyers and Gilligs for main line service. 1200's-1400's are New Flyer D40LF's(1200's and 1300's being phased out) 1500's-1800's are a mix of 35ft and 40ft Low Floor Gilligs 2100's are Low Floor Gillig CNG's 5000's Gillig Low Floor Hybrids 6000's(6) New Flyer XN60 Articulated CNG's(entering service Fall 2013) Akron Metro also operates MCI D4500's from Downtown Akron to Downtown Cleveland and Clevelands Wade Park neighborhood far into Clevelands East Side. Some Photos:(click for larger versions) Akron Metro New Flyer bus by Seluryar, on Flickr Akron Metro Gillig CNG Bus by Seluryar, on Flickr Akron Metro New Flyer XN60 CNG #6001 by Seluryar, on Flickr Akron Metro RTA MCI D4500 #2011 by Seluryar, on Flickr Akron Metro built and opened a Transit Center in 2009 located just south of Downtown Akron. Recently named "The Robert K Paft Transit Center", Is where you can find almost every bus route that Metro offers other than circulator service and weekly grocery buses, You Will find connections to Downtown Cleveland Ohio to the North and Canton Ohio to the South. Greyhoud also uses this transit center to Cleveland and points North, East and West, Columbus and points South and West, and to Pittsburgh and points North, East and South. From the transit center, you can find a Downtown Loop bus which operates from Wednesday to Sunday, offering free rides. This bus serves certain stops in Downtown Akron from Lock 3 to Northside Train Station and to The Akron Zoo before returning to the transit center. There are 2 circulator routes not served from the transit center, One at Summit Mall that travels around Montrose to the west, and one at Chapel Hill Mall that serves parts of Tallmage and Cuyahoga Falls. Grocery buses serve certain neighborhoods once a week monday through Friday. Akron Metro also offers Dial-a-ride service to the elderly and disabled, this service is called SCAT, This service is run with Eldorado Aerotech buses in both Ford and Chevrolet flavor. Akron Metro SCAT by Seluryar, on Flickr Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to offer updates!