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  1. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

    Had a chance to ride on 3300 and 3500 series Gilligs over the weekend and noticed they have a monitor on them showing the security camera feed right behind the driver.
  2. Akron Metro RTA

    The new Gilligs(as seen in my previous post above) Do not have windows that open, I am reminded of a time when this is a bad thing, Last Autumn I was on one of them, the weather was cool, not the type you would usually use air conditioning, But the bus was packed, even though the heat wasnt on, it was broiling in there and the driver didnt think the a/c needed to be turned on, But towards the back of the bus where I was on, it was just too warm in there and the windows couldnt be opened. I asked a bus driver about this recently and she told me it was to prevent the windows from being opened when the a/c was on. Why not create a lock system for these windows to prevent that? I swear this was possible, I am reminded of the mid-90's Flxibles in Cleveland to the north and how many of them the window lever thingies seemed locked, or maybe they were broke, who knows? From the look of it all you needed was some kind of allen wrench to lock it. I do admit this is a sleek look for the Gilligs, But there will be times when the a/c cannot be turned on after the bus ages over the course of a few years to to them breaking or something and we would need the ability to open the windows.
  3. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

    Yessir, back between 2006 and 2008 was when the first ones came in for the new at the time Health Line, They have steadily grew their artic fleet since then to put them on certain regular routes.
  4. Many moons ago when I was a young teen, I found out my babysitters husband had a few lightbars, One of which I remember was a Federal Signal Twinsonic. Until that day, I never realized anyone could own police car lights but at the time never thought I would have a chance to have my own lights. 2 years ago I was browsing local craigslist and found someone trying to get rid of a Fedsig Vector, The type NYPD and CHP use. The guy was selling his for $25, he had no way of knowing if it was in working condition, I jumped on it and picked it up the next day. Last year I expanded my collection to include 2 more Vectors(If you havent figured out by now, I like the Fedsig Vector) and a Fedsig Arjent: Got both Vectors for $75 total, only downside to them are the cables were cut very short when taken off the vehicle Last week I found on ebay my latest lightbar, a Whelen Liberty SXBBBB: The liberty SX is a nice lightbar, it has the ability to have its flash patterns programmed per pair of light modules and looks like it is the easiest to upgrade without having to take the whole bar apart, I plan on upgrading the alleys and takedowns to LED modules as the SX upgrades are easily available on the internets as well as change half of the bar to half red/half blue. Some videos: Does anyone else collect these? Post your photos and videos of your own stuff!
  5. For the sake of the topic, Lets say you are well traveled on buses in your town. Last night I had some kind of blonde moment, I intended on going to a fast food place with an easy walk home. Got to the transit center at a line up(buses depart at the same time) Wanted to catch the 2, got on the 1 right next to it. We made the first turn away from the transit center and that is when i had my oh fudge moment on realizing I got on the wrong bus. Luckily for me there was a same chain fast food place along that route(3 of them to be exact) Got to the first one, Unfortunately I couldnt walk home due to the distance and cold weather Got to the place with a 30 minute wait for the next return bus, 20 minutes of that time were spent on ordering and waiting for my food to be ready, 5 minutes spent on eating a sandwich and then got to the bus stop within 5 minutes of the bus arrival time. I had originally intended on going to a closer location so I could walk home from it within 15 minutes. It all worked out well, for the long waiting time at the fast food place, I got 2 coupons for some free Big Macs. Another time many moons ago, I was in high school, I was able to get half days if I were working in the evening, Got on a bus, one of 3 routes along that stretch of road, I only had bus fare for one non-express ride, but the bus I got on was an express, The driver let me on but wouldnt give me a transfer, This was in Cleveland, I got to public Square(The center of the city) I had to walk the distance from West 2nd St all the way to West 140th St(7 miles) on a hot Spring day.
  6. PC Train Simulators

    There are other addons out there that arent sold on steam, there is stuff from https://www.justtrains.net/ and http://www.christrains.com/mainpage.html Even some freeware here and there. Some of which should be higher quality.
  7. PC Train Simulators

    Dovetail Games is getting ready to release their third route for Train Sim World: This route is centered in the city of Leipzig Germany on the S-Bahn S2 route and features the DB BR 1442 ‘Talent 2. Hopefully DTG will be able to bring a North American city transit route to their TSW product, The DTG way of releasing routes usually follows: North America-UK-Germany. I see them doing Amtrak for their next North American Route.
  8. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

    Redoing the red line stations would mean throwing away all the money they put into it, stations rebuilt in the last 15 years would have to be rebuilt to have low platforms, not just platforms, but escalators and elevators. It could put the entire red line out of service for up to a year while they did all of that. RTA just doesnt have the money to do all of this on top of buying new LRV's, After the Public Square fiasco, I can see RTA being overlooked for federal funding for quite a few years. There might have been some talk about dual level rail cars a while back, but it couldnt work in the harsh winters of NE Ohio, sidewalk/road salt would just work its way into the mechanisms that raise and lower stairs and could cause many malfunctions.
  9. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

    I just had a terrible thought about the Blue and Green lines, With the Breda LRV's becoming too old, the Blue and Green lines could be turned into BRT routes with minimal "upgrading" of their respective routes, BRT would be cheaper than buying new trains, they would need to turn the tracks into roadways all the way to most likely East 55 Station either terminating there or taking to city streets to express to Tower City. I love city trains but Do not want to see anything like this happening. The Red line would most likely stay a train route with all the past decades work put into upgrading stations.
  10. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

    The 51's lines are to be renamed the MetroHealth Line and use new MetroHealth liveried Gilligs. http://www.riderta.com/news/sept-21-2017-rta-and-metrohealth-partner-rebrand-51-bus-line Brookpark Station also had some work on it finished this past summer, unfortuneatly there are no good photos of the new exterior, just renders. http://www.riderta.com/majorprojects/brookpark Not sure if they still use the pedestrian level crossing and ramp at the southern end of the platform.
  11. PC Train Simulators

    Dont forget about Transport Fever!
  12. PC Train Simulators

    Timelapse video from The North London Line: Here is the full 48 minute version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9VasInRG3I
  13. PC Train Simulators

    There are a few players in the Simulator world, Dovetail Games has their Train Simulator 20XX series, Currently in its 2017(TS17) version with 2018 update coming out in the next few months, Dovetail Games also has their Train Sim World(TSW) which came out late last year with a CSX Heavy Haul Route and their most recent DLC addon of Great Western Express which features passenger and freight ops on part of the Great Western Railway - Great Western Main line. Auran still does Trainz with their latest version Trainz: A New Era, and TML-Studios has their World Of Subways with 4 routes out now. All of the above sims can be found on Steam. Raildriver is still the only controller still being manufactured but people have found ways to make joystick throttles work with TS17, Raildriver does not yet work with TSW but supposedly work is being done to fix that. TSW does have support for Xbox 360/One controllers and I believe TS17 can use them as well. There is a huge stigma about the total cost of buying all of Train Simulator 2017's addon content, sure, if you have deep pockets, you could pay up to $7000usd for all of it($3000usd when on seasonal Steam sale), Fact is, there is no pressure to buy all of it, Not having it all wont mean your game is incomplete, Just buy whatever interests you. There are 4 major yearly Steam sales that are the best times to buy addon DLC, The most popular being the Winter sale around the middle of December. There is also content available for TS17 that isnt on Steam, Some freeware and some other payware through various sites, UKTrainsim, Railworks America, Trainsim.com, and Just Trains. The things I prefer to do in TS17 are passenger routes, But the stuff I prefer are either mostly British and Japanese content, mostly in the form of DMU and EMU stuff. Currently there is only one EMU addon for TS17 based on New Jersey Transit's Arrow cars. I hope to see this topic grow in popularity among those of us who love driving digital trains at home, This topic is for any Simulator where you can operate trains or signal management. Lets see your screenshots and videos, and if you are creating content for any Train Simulator, lets see it!
  14. Akron Metro, 2013, 6 NFI XN60's
  15. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

    Cleveland RTA testing Proterra buses currently http://www.cleveland19.com/story/36188931/rta-testing-electric-zero-emission-bus-in-downtown-cleveland Probably nothing concrete yet, just trying them out it seems.