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  1. They are doing those around same time. Both are built in 2010 anyways, Seems like they will do 1001-1038 this year, no order to sent refurbishment is assigned as usual.
  2. Since delivery is complete (Except 4401), From now on I think it is good to move the location to post further modifications, and re-entry information to this thread? (or after when 4401 is delivered and entering service)
  3. Just note Refurbishment Up to 2009 series are now done. Therefore D40LFRs are starting to taking into refurbishment. 1025 spotted on 99 today after its rebuilt.
  4. Not when getting novas, around 2018 when the modify the logo, they are rather branding York Region Transit since then, no longer YRT/Viva.
  5. They used Alison for 30ft vehicles, just saying. No tenders issued about those buses, so I am guessing that they will go through Metrolinx if they are actually getting one.
  6. It is also good to note that YRT is planning to buy following new buses * 28 60ft New Flyer XD60 * 9 30ft buses (manufacturer didn't identified, maybe through metrolinx?) * 3 Arbocs.
  7. It is possible to deliver to SouthWest and BRT division (yes this means transferring 91 to BRT) .
  8. My friend went Nova Bus today, and spot YRT LFSe without paint. Also good to note that Nova LFSe are now numbered 1921-22.
  9. Yes. All buses are out from all divisions today were like that
  10. CVOR stikers are removed from all buses.
  11. I believe they will just be retired, through they might able to use as parts for 2xx through. Rode 1977 today, interior wise, nothing changed.
  12. The 1970-80 Artics are have same specs with previous order, but have some visual differences. - It equipped Luminator horizon destination sign with they ended up continue with insight rather than Lazzerini seats (what T18-41 document specified) - Front fleet numbers are placed where conventional 2015-17 novas are in. - Branding Rear section is slightly modified on logo placement, including they now having yrt logo at back, as well as yrt.ca website striker (located same place as conventional buses) as well as weird viva logo at back...
  13. Spot by Canar last weekend, 1191, 92, 97 were at there with logos and fleet numbers are removed.
  14. Ownership of Newmarket Terminal will be transferred to York Region starting tomorrow, seems like they will do some renovations after they takeover the ownership.
  15. 589/590 Maybe, since 1189-90 are all not available so they had to send the backup vehicle.
  16. Holiday bus wraps are usually gone in this week. From mobility plus 2011-12 arbocs, 1188 is remain on service 1191, 1192 and 1197 was sold to TOK and rest will be send to scrap as they are sold to langalles.
  17. https://york.bidsandtenders.ca/Module/Tenders/en/Login?tenderId=9f79e24c-ec8e-4143-af84-327a200c3fa6&Url=https%3a%2f%2fyork.bidsandtenders.ca%2fModule%2fTenders%2fen%2fTender%2fTerms%2f9f79e24c-ec8e-4143-af84-327a200c3fa6 It sells all remaining 541-570, 619-623 series except 550, pulled up for special propose. As well as all mobility plus 2011 arbocs, which are removed from service since Fall 2018.
  18. It seems like 550 is remain in YRT property. still using as training/public relation propose and stored in BRT Garage.
  19. Hello, can you remove https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:IMG_1132.JPG , uploaded by mistake.
  20. Past and Present! 20-029 was chartered by YUL bus charters in last Saturday, here is side-by-shot with current conventional articulated bus.
  21. I can confirm that thats from Driving school, but dont know any further info about them.
  22. Thanks for great charter, I decided in last minute to stay few days longer in Montreal to join this charter, and it worth it. The charter photos are now up on my flickr.
  23. OC Transpo's confederation line LRT is now entered revenue service (as September 14th, 2019 at 2PM). Here is 1107 on first day of revenue service. Photo taken by Youngjin Ko.
  24. Spot 1774 just being towed with decommissioned condition. So its now retired.
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