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  1. 1818 enteted service on route 88 1823 entered service on route 304 All southwest units entered into service by this point. Also 1820 and 1821, which removed from service since its first day has returned into service.
  2. Southwest units are start to entering serivice after 1820-21 were removed from service after its first day of serivce. January 20 1815 entered service on route 5 January 21 1816 entered service on route 4
  3. Here is it. This is update of electric bus purchase from March 2017 (When they previously reported)
  4. I remember that some of MiWay novas had signle line(old way that used prior 2015.) signs when they were new back in early last year. Seems like they have same issue like them.
  5. 1807 entered into service on 98 1808 entered into service on 99 So all north division units are entered into service, if north division gets 10 vehicles.
  6. 1806 entered service on 22 1809 entered service on 56 1810 entered service on 96 1812 entered service on 50
  7. I feel for locationwize TTC is better but the content of screen YRT did better job than TTC. On TTC it just doing same thing as led signs that used.
  8. Hamilton Street Railway 1841 is very first Grande West vincinity CNG buses operating transit service. Here is #1841 which on route 18. Photo taken by Youngjin Ko.
  9. The result announced last Friday. 1. The Supply and Delivery of 29 Conventional Eighteen Metre Buses was awarded to New Flyer Industries Canada 2. The Supply and Delivery of 27 BRT Eighteen Metre Buses was awarded to Nova Bus, a division of Volvo Group, Canada Inc. SO NFL and Nova will share the order by New Flyer delivers conventional artic and Viva ones by Nova.
  10. 1385 was very early prototype, not sure existing viva units will get them, only thing I can say is LCD screen is will fit on viva units, if they installing in same location as conventional novas. (Since they have exactlly same design of init control box at front-left side)
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