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  1. Viva5113

    TTC Electric Buses

    The next articulated bus order I believe is hybrid, not electric yet.
  2. Viva5113

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    Many people using VMC, especially on weekends they are using subway to VMC and transfer to 20 instead of riding 760. Still no shelter yet.
  3. 1804 signed on viva blue today for unknown reason, should assume that it is almost ready into service anyways.
  4. Is 8421 remain highest?
  5. Viva5113

    GO Transit

    Meanwhile I just recived the email from York University (since I am current student) that indicating "We have let YRT know that we would welcome their return to campus until fare integration is achieved and we are awaiting their response. We have also asked Metrolinx to reconsider their decision to stop service to our campus until fare integration is achieved." Despite Rhonda's mind is changing, but wonder the agreement between TTC and York Region let it happen.
  6. Viva5113

    GO Transit

    To summarize, York wants the buses removed after subway extension opens and lobbying to Metrolinx to go away, so metrolinx responded and select specific date.
  7. Viva5113

    GO Transit

    As many of you know, all GO Transit service will halt at York U and terminate at Highway 407 station, It's suck that making inconvenient to York U student including $3.00 additional fare (round trip) to go campus, but well... This is for more reliable service and better connection for those who takes TTC to take GO. Well Also note that YU administration is also favor in this change because they want to make "Vehicle-free-pedestrian-only-Commons". There is petition by YFS to against it (https://www.yuride.ca/) and I pretty sure change will be process as it planned.
  8. Well, we were talking about YRT new vehicles in here, please search is there is any topic is exist before creating new thread.
  9. Excluding new EPA2017 engine and new standard options (such as new front headlight) by New Flyer, Those are visually look same with 1401-1434 series, but they equipped with luminator horizon signs, extra door light. All changes that was presented in 2015-2017 nova buses (new logos, rear windows and such)are ignored except rear exterior camera.
  10. 1801 Entered service on route 24 yesterday.
  11. Yes it used to, but as I state earlier, those vehicles (Such as 1191 that used on DAR North) are parked at OMSF (viva garage) too... I am not sure which one actually replaced with.
  12. With 270 (3100-3369) + 30 (artics) = 300 buses are should be enough amount to arrow. so I also agree that hybrids will be sent to another division.
  13. Viva5113

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    This bid have been closed. The bids was separated by two parts. For conventional articulated buses (Part A), Both New Flyer and Nova Bus offered, with New Flyer bid is lowest price. For BRT Articulated bus (Part B ) - Only Nova Bus submitted the offer.
  14. All mobility plus arbocs (1180-1188,1191,1192 and 1197) except 1186 has been parked at Viva garage at this point. They are currently stored for now since they don't need too much arboc for now. This could bring to decision to be retirement of these. 1186 and 1193-1196(North Division community buses) are remain active. I don't have any idea about 1189,1190.
  15. Viva5113

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Viva 7202 has been seen at Vaughan Mills Terminal while on charter. Displaying route 560, which is currently discontinued. Photo taken by Youngjin Ko.