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  1. https://york.bidsandtenders.ca/Module/Tenders/en/Login?tenderId=9f79e24c-ec8e-4143-af84-327a200c3fa6&Url=https%3a%2f%2fyork.bidsandtenders.ca%2fModule%2fTenders%2fen%2fTender%2fTerms%2f9f79e24c-ec8e-4143-af84-327a200c3fa6 It sells all remaining 541-570, 619-623 series except 550, pulled up for special propose. As well as all mobility plus 2011 arbocs, which are removed from service since Fall 2018.
  2. It seems like 550 is remain in YRT property. still using as training/public relation propose and stored in BRT Garage.
  3. Viva5113

    Deleted Photos

    Hello, can you remove https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:IMG_1132.JPG , uploaded by mistake.
  4. Face covering, Nothing special other than the driver doesnt want show their face on the photo. Just respect their privacy then Its all good.
  5. Past and Present! 20-029 was chartered by YUL bus charters in last Saturday, here is side-by-shot with current conventional articulated bus.
  6. I can confirm that thats from Driving school, but dont know any further info about them.
  7. Thanks for great charter, I decided in last minute to stay few days longer in Montreal to join this charter, and it worth it. The charter photos are now up on my flickr.
  8. OC Transpo's confederation line LRT is now entered revenue service (as September 14th, 2019 at 2PM). Here is 1107 on first day of revenue service. Photo taken by Youngjin Ko.
  9. Spot 1774 just being towed with decommissioned condition. So its now retired.
  10. 1818 enteted service on route 88 1823 entered service on route 304 All southwest units entered into service by this point. Also 1820 and 1821, which removed from service since its first day has returned into service.
  11. Southwest units are start to entering serivice after 1820-21 were removed from service after its first day of serivce. January 20 1815 entered service on route 5 January 21 1816 entered service on route 4
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