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  1. Just 614. 615 thru 617 are just out of service.
  2. Can confirm that 614 is indeed retired... 615 to 617 pulled from service... the batteries have finally died in them after 10 years. Costs too much to replace them. They'll make good parts buses though.
  3. 616 out of service after an accident on Wednesday with a large truck. Damage along passenger side behind rear doors. 617 out of service, battery problems.
  4. Well, if you didn't go to the tour, ya missed out!!! 9503-9508, 9701, 9703-9704 left Yes, 573
  5. If anyone from Saskatoon on the board here wants to meet up this weekend for the new garage tour, don't hesitate to send me a pm In other news, Vicinitys are to arrive end of April or mid May! Classics 102-105, 107-112, 115-116, 120, 434, 445-446, 448-452, 454, and 573 are still active, all for a total of 23 active buses. 95's and 97's holding up... For now
  6. Transit Family Day - April 8th, 2017 1000-1100 Kids Activities 1100-1300 Garage Tours 1200-1400 Lunch Everyone is invited to a tour of Saskatoon's new garage I'm going to be there, would be cool to meet up with other enthusiasts from this board! Let me know if you want to meet up
  7. System failure. It was originally out of service in May 2016, but then re-entered service July 3rd, 2016. It then stalled later that day and hasn't ran since then.
  8. 614 is looking pretty sad... Drivers seat and many other parts are stripped out of it Access 0962 looking retired as well. Stripped of parts My photos
  9. So... looks like 9705 is done as well My photo
  10. Sad to see her go... she was a decent runner... Her last day out was January 19th, 2017 Currently, 9502, 03, 9705 and 06 are out of service. Unknown what is happening with these buses. I've got some connections inside Transit that provide me with updates and whatnot.
  11. 447, 576, and 9702 are retired 447 totalled off in a December 13th collision 576 experienced severe engine problems September 28th, and has since been marked for scrap 9702 failed a safety inspection in April of 2016, and hasn't been in service since Oh and 9706 blew her engine in December!
  12. That's the CKOM ad wrap, and it is also on 1310. It's a nice green/white wrap, and it actually looks decent on our artics. No new ads that I can think of really. Seeing quite a few buses wrapped for Hoffmann Kool insurance though.
  13. This might be a long shot, but I'll try on here anyway. This was between 1:30 and 2:00, and was in Saskatoon. Was anyone from here on bus 1608 at Market Mall. You were a younger child, about 9 years old, and were with you mom. You were talking to her about the Blue Bird Vision and Thomas buses at the mall. You later mentioned that the bus you were riding was a Nova LFS. Just putting this on here from a friend, he heard this and told me. Lots of parts in her. Also was used as a storage shed until recently.
  14. The 13 has 4 buses on it. The runs with high floors start at 7:02 at Lawson Terminal, and the second one is at 7:27 at Broadway and Cascade. The buses meet at University for :14 and :44 after, with the Broadway loop being about 55 minutes, and the Lawson loop being about 55 minutes. Other routes with interesting buses being run on them are the 5, 14, 22, and 23, all of which have high floors run on at least one or two keys. 55/18 for a while had antics running on one of three keys, but that hasn't happened too recently. 583 was parked back in December for engine issues, but returned to service briefly on the 23, only to be changed off due to issues. She is parked awaiting an inspection now.
  15. Oops! That was a typo in my post! I meant 1005 has returned to service since her accident. She returned on December 27th 2016. The front end appears to be repainted. Good hearing from you again too. For the first time in a very long time, the compound has been cleaned out completely. All buses are now at the new garage. For the first time since September 2010, 412 returned to roaming the streets. Well, okay, she just had a quick trip the the new garage, and she didn't really drive on over there. Here's a shot of her on the hook. Picture by Saskmatt7.