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  1. Oops, I meant to say ex-Lethbridge 133
  2. 22nd street is receiving rapid transit service (similar to 8th street) and the surrounding areas will receive separate feeder routes. Changes begin July 2nd. Exact numbers and changes to be released soon by Transit
  3. Retired buses. It's where maintenance parks all the dead buses. Usually if one appears there, it's toast. How it looks as of June 2nd. Buses in there are: 118, 0962, 412, 114, 433, 572, 9510, 120, 9707, 9702, 428, 101, 9515, 371, 133, and 576
  4. 1701 thru 1703, 1707 thru 1711 now in service Will make a wiki page when all buses in service
  5. Ex-Regina 59x series
  6. 1708 and 1709 entered service today 120 pulled from service, transmission problems. 616 is back in service. She lives on!
  7. 1702 entered service today Oh, and there might be more than 10 novas this year
  8. At this point, Classics are being retired as major problems occur, like an engine failure, bad rust, or an accident. Vicinitys will be used on routes like the 23, and other feeder routes. Basically like the arbocs.
  9. 1701 thru 1710 novas 1711 thru 1714 vicinitys
  10. Good to hear from you J@den! It's been a while! Yes there will be. All new routes on 22nd this year. That's all I'm able to say. Stay tuned, should be an update by mid June. 9706 is back in service after having the engine swapped out. Surprised they took the time on that "lovely" bus! 573 is back in service after being resafetied. 618 might be sent off site for repairs. New Vicinity buses to arrive "soon". Delays have pushed back delivery dates by a month. New Novas should be here late June. Thats all the updates I've got for now!
  11. Found another picture Again, not my picture
  12. 0618 involved in a serious accident this am. Not my photo.
  13. Haven't heard anything about 604, but I'm thinking it may be getting sent to MTB for a rebuild. Trying to find out what's going on with it.
  14. Anyone from here take a picture of bus 1001 on the Broadway Bridge on the 1 Exhibition line? 0617 has re-eentered service... For now!
  15. Well, Flyer "recommended" that the batteries be replaced every 2-3 years, at a cost of $15,000 per bus. So the fact that they lasted 10 years, along with the abuse they were put through (being parked outside in the cold, drivers not operating the buses properly so the batteries wouldn't charge during the day, etc) is pretty amazing. 9702 and 9707 resurfaced at the garage on Friday. These buses were in "storage" for the past year and a half.