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  1.  I rode what was apparently a rare edition of 30 foot old look Flxible in Saskatoon in 1966 - likely made early sixties, Twin Coach body but labelled Flxible only, lacking Twin Coach metallic trim. Would like to know more about those buses. S'toon might have had up to seven of them, possibly bought used? Believed fleet numbers 313 to 319
  2. Only 9706 remains in service now, likely will be on the road for another few months. 9703 was retired back in January. I believe there are no orders this year as the contract with Nova ended in 2019. This year city council will open up a new tender with either Nova or Flyer. However with the whole situation going on currently in the world it’s unknown if the tender will go out this year.
  3. Ex-Saskatoon Transit 601, more recently Saskatoon Fire Department 9, has been sent up for auction. It’s a 1982 Orion 1 model 01.504. This bus was recently being stored for the past year and a half, but was sent up for auction this month. https://mcdougallbay.com/bid.php?arg=9D260280-FADE-4C48-93E4-9AD1C2716BF3 Lots of pictures of the bus can be viewed in the link. She runs and drives quite well so I imagine it’ll go for a decent amount! Auction ends September 24th
  4. 9701, 9703, and 9706 are all doing well, they should be around for at least another six months (safeties will expire then) 211, 213, and 214 are also doing good for the time being 212 has been retired after it blew its engine in January 2018 (yes 2018 not this year) 830 has returned to service and is running around its original gold paint scheme! 1310 and 1311 have also returned to service
  5. A few updates as of late: 9502 originally was reactivated after its accident in January, but it later suffered a mechanical failure deemed too costly to repair was finally retired by March 28th. 9503 has also been retired. Arbocs 1008 thru 1011, 1201 and 1202 were officially decommissioned and sent off to auction around April 8th. They are currently up for auction online at www.mcdougallbay.com (just search “bus” and they should pop up). So if you guys want an old tired rusty bus, I guess you’re in luck with these buses! And finally 830 is currently off the road waiting on parts, her usual pastime unfortunately. No word on when it could return to the road.
  6. The Classics have been retired unfortunately. Transit send out a news release last week that they are officially 100% low floor.
  7. The buses have been marked by SGI as “Dismantled”, and when I was down in Regina in April 2018, all that was left of 629 and 630 were their Voith Transmissions. My tour guide explained that their maintenance department was getting ready to send those transmissions to a local auction yard the next week. My tour guide also explained that the idea of preserving transit history was something they were very interested in, but due to space restrictions it wasn’t a feasible option. He did say that once they build an addition on to the existing garage they may look at preserving a bus again. Hope that clears up some of the questions about Regina!
  8. Oh there are still lots of retired buses on property. 104, 114, 116, 120, 445, 449, 450, 452, 9502, 9503, 9505, 9506, 9508, 9510, 9702, and 9707 are still on property As for retired buses I would hold off on 9502 and 9503 as they have only been parked for the past few months and could come back with repairs. I’ll edit the wiki when I get a chance in the next few days when I get a chance as I’m busy with work lately.
  9. Remaining classics are 105, 107, and 115. 107 received a new front end off of 109 and re entered service a few weeks ago. As for D40LF’s, we are down to 9701, 9703, and 9706. 9502 was rear ended by a stolen truck and has been parked due to the damage. The 2019 Nova Buses arrived on February 1st. There are 10 buses total I believe. Four of them entered service on February 7th. As they don’t have fare boxes or radios yet they are only for extras for the time being. Transit has sent 102, 103, 109, and 454 off to scrap in the past month or so also. Unfortunately those 2006 Hybrids batteries are having lots of trouble in the cold recently. 616 was placed on extras exclusively last winter due to it’s unreliability in the cold.
  10. The green DE40LFR is 616, the only bus left in the old DART scheme. I have been informed that 105, 107, 111, 115, and possibly 116 have had their safeties renewed to March 2019, so it appears that they will hold onto the Classics for a while longer! 107 still hasn’t been repaired from last weeks accident however, so it is unknown what will happen to it still
  11. Transit recently updated the ITS system on most of the buses, the new system will see removal of the radio system and just be a better system overall. The 95’s and 97’s won’t receive the new system however. 0600’s and 0700’s will receive the new system, but will have to be have new driver screens installed. That’s why there’s so many ghost buses showing up on Transit55
  12. Bus involved was 107. Driver is alright after the accident. 107 will likely be decommissioned after this accident.
  13. Artics run on 43, 44, 45, 50, 55, 60, and 65 routes. And run from 5am from 7pm
  14. Bus was 1705. There were injuries but uncertain if they were passengers on the bus or in the truck that collided with the bus. 1705 was on the 26 when the collision happened. No word on the damage to the bus Transit has been sending multiple buses off to scrap in the past months. Some of the buses sent off include 108, 110, 112, 434, and 451. Some recent buses that have been parked are 102, 9503, and 9505.
  15. Have been informed of the following retirements: 599, 603, 629, and 630 629 and 630 were 2008 ex-Nova Demos that they were running There is a possibility that more 2006 LFS’s have been retired but for now it’s just the two listed above.
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