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  1. Which older D-series MCIs are being saved? Wiki claims around 3 are, but I've only really seen proof of one.
  2. Are there no older 45' MCI buses under Coach USA or Academy anymore?
  3. There are now ten R211 (type R211A) cars on peoperty: 4060-4069. Second set (4065-4069) was towed into the subway system on Friday, July 16.
  4. Really random question, but this Wiki page suggests unit 2326 is still around on TTC property too (along with 2252, 2345, 2444, and 8058). Is that still the case?
  5. They will probably jump back down to the 1400s soon. Seemingly all bus orders happen with number ranges jumping all over the place.
  6. There are BYD electric buses in Seoul at the very least.
  7. 9529 is not being preserved AFAIK. I don't know why it's being listed as such.
  8. I don't know, I just saw it being towed onto the Williamsburg Bridge
  9. 198 of the 222 remaining R32s are retired. 24 still remain on the roster, but whether they return to service is in the air (pretty sure they're just saving some for a last run anyway).
  10. What was the original number for WMATA's GMC New Look 1400? No GMC bus numbered 1400 existed under WMATA, but WMATA has one saved under that number. It's supposedly from 1964 if that helps.
  11. NJ Transit website shows auctioning of only two Neoplans (and 2 damaged NABIs), not twenty.
  12. @Dave Mackey they also use Flxible Metro 1872 as a work bus (license ZWU50P). Flxible Metro 1976 became Mobile Command Unit 190.
  13. 7174 was apparently involved in an accident.
  14. I assume by extension Jeju Int'l Airport and Gimhae Airport in southern South Korea also have their D40LFs still (whichever Korean airports Sharp Aviation serves).
  15. All 4-car R179s are delivered. 5-car R179s 3010-3019 and 3238-3307 are delivered.
  16. No more older Daewoo BS106/BS090/BS110s or older Hyundai New Super Aero City buses in Seoul anymore. There are new buses from Chinese manufacturers on some routes.
  17. From other sites, 5759, 6473, and 6477 were transferred from A/C Bus to NJ Transit, probably because the #4 route is now discontinued. Have other units gone back too?
  18. At least 5631 is. Have not spotted 5632-5637.
  19. I have no idea, but that explains why I have not seen 5638 running along 42nd St in Manhattan for a while now.
  20. What was the third historical bus that was going to be auctioned? According to the news source, three were going to be sold, and I've deduced that two were the E60 and D60.
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