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  1. MTA-(T)-Train

    MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    There are more cars now. 16 additional ones because Bombardier can't keep up with its demand, and apparently 2 more that I need to confirm. The R42s should be retired some time after the L train shutdown is done.
  2. MTA-(T)-Train

    MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    Well into service. 3050-3069, 3074-3189 all delivered for service, and 3010-3019 testing as of December 6.
  3. MTA-(T)-Train

    NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    No I think the one that was saved got scrapped. (1966)
  4. MTA-(T)-Train

    NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    Regarding NJ Transit's 4th generation ("D") Flxible Metros: * 1872 and 1885 are work buses. I don't know if these will be saved. * 1752 and 1950 are saved by private owners. * 1976 became a second Command Center 190. * 3710 is saved by a private owner. * 3778 is saved by the NJ Transit. If anyone has heard otherwise, feel free to correct me.
  5. MTA-(T)-Train

    OmniRide (VA)

    Two Orion 5s (174 and 183) are now in NYC. I don't know who they're owned by now.
  6. MTA-(T)-Train

    NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    From what I've heard, they are buying back their NJT-leased buses to replace the buses from GO Transit. Apparently the GO Transit buses are beat up, whereas the NJT-leased ones were well-maintained under Academy.
  7. MTA-(T)-Train

    NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    Academy is purchasing some of the NJ Transit MCIs that were painted in Academy livery. There's at least a 1931 running (the GO Transit units end at 1930)
  8. MTA-(T)-Train

    WMATA Washington

    Apparently 6182-6183 are out of revenue service and being repurposed as money train cars. Does anyone know where I can find images of 6182-6183 as money train conversions, and of 1092-1093, which were recently converted to 8004-8005?
  9. There is a #20 that was formerly 808 from Academy (ex-7871) #19 may be former 811 from Academy (ex-7877)
  10. MTA-(T)-Train

    MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    LFS-A 1226 was sitting at Eastchester a while back for some reason. Is it back in service?
  11. There is a bus numbered 19 floating around, looks like it's an ex-81x bus from Academy.
  12. MTA-(T)-Train

    NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    Apparently Transit Systems Unlimited has acquired some NJ Transit RTS-06s. At least 1515 (renumbered to 1215 by Transit Systems) has been spotted in the West Coast.
  13. MTA-(T)-Train

    WMATA Washington

    Private Transportation in Brooklyn, NY (operates the B110) acquired 4403 and 4409. There seem to be at least one other unit.
  14. MTA-(T)-Train

    NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    For Dave Mackey (who edits many NJT articles): MCIs 7401-7407, 7410, 7412-7416, 7418, 7505, 7606-7607, 7933, 8027-8029, 8033 are all in storage. MCIs 7491, 8764 are scrap.
  15. MTA-(T)-Train

    Academy Express

    I may have seen 808 as another Cong Maten unit - would that be #19 now?