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  1. WMATA Washington

    Apparently 6182-6183 are out of revenue service and being repurposed as money train cars. Does anyone know where I can find images of 6182-6183 as money train conversions, and of 1092-1093, which were recently converted to 8004-8005?
  2. There is a #20 that was formerly 808 from Academy (ex-7871) #19 may be former 811 from Academy (ex-7877)
  3. MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    LFS-A 1226 was sitting at Eastchester a while back for some reason. Is it back in service?
  4. There is a bus numbered 19 floating around, looks like it's an ex-81x bus from Academy.
  5. NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    Apparently Transit Systems Unlimited has acquired some NJ Transit RTS-06s. At least 1515 (renumbered to 1215 by Transit Systems) has been spotted in the West Coast.
  6. WMATA Washington

    Private Transportation in Brooklyn, NY (operates the B110) acquired 4403 and 4409. There seem to be at least one other unit.
  7. NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    For Dave Mackey (who edits many NJT articles): MCIs 7401-7407, 7410, 7412-7416, 7418, 7505, 7606-7607, 7933, 8027-8029, 8033 are all in storage. MCIs 7491, 8764 are scrap.
  8. Academy Express

    I may have seen 808 as another Cong Maten unit - would that be #19 now?
  9. Academy Express

    In fact there are. Someone confirmed that there are units numbered 2129-2132 from Coach Canada. I don't know the exact numbers, and for sure it's not lower 49xx's (the ones with smaller destination signs).
  10. Academy Express

    Few updates: LFS: * 2119-2123 all reassigned to NYU. * There is a 2132 going around. I don't know what system it came from. Orion 5: * At least 809 was retired and sent to Cong Maten as #18 (someone verify, should be easy as the former academy number hasn't come off yet) MCI: * There is a 1928 running around, also ex-GO.
  11. MTA New York

    D60s 1001, 1007, 1024, 4705, and 4801 and D4500s 2929-2930 are retired. D4500CL 3158 and XD40s 7442 & 7467 are out of service due to damage.
  12. There was a #5 that was formerly UTA 9260. I don't know what happened to it. Also there is a #7 that is also an ex-Fairfax unit. Recently, I saw a bus numbered #18 that had the number 808 or 809, seems like it came from Academy.
  13. Duke University Transit - Duke University, NC

    The 2001 and 2003 Orion 5s sound like they have a Detroit Diesel Series 50 and an Allison B400R. The 1990s Orion 5s might have a Cummins engine, but I'm not sure.
  14. AC Transit

    I recently saw the AC Transit 2901-2971 page and I know that several units ended up with Free Enterprise Bus System in Chicago. These are numbers I have confirmed through my photos. 2905 - 29709 2930 - 29703 2932 - 29710 2948 - 29706