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  1. 70 minute round trip time is one thing but a 70 minute gap between buses one way is another thing all together and is much worse really
  2. I thought 30/60 alternating frequency on route 3 and 1 evenings and sundays was bad right until I looked at the new Route 4 schedule and saw a 70 minute gap between buses after 9 PM
  3. Seems its once again time to report that 2201 and 2202 have arrived and have been in service so far
  4. I'll have you know I saw them on the bus tracker but still
  5. New Bus Sightings, 2102 on Route 1, 2103 on Route 3 edit: 2101 was out yesterday aswell aparentlly
  6. 2001 is this year's holiday themed bus
  7. 1104 and 600010 are listed on govdeals aswell, also saw another 20xx arboc aswell a few days ago
  8. if you think route 4's schedule is bad, have you looked at route 1's evening/sunday schedule, you either get a 30 minute gap or an hour gap
  9. Summary of the 4 Schedule 4A end to end = 51 Minutes 4B end to end = 54 minutes total time: 65 Minutes (same as it is now) then stick on 3 minutes of "extra time" at each end how a route takes longer going one direction than the other is beyond me, really is but on the plus side theres no more 8 minute layovers at the mall on route 4 before leaving (never understood that either)
  10. Today in things that should have existed ages ago, new next arrival screens downtown
  11. Let's face it, the Nelson or Blake branch of route 100 should have probably been numbered 101 instead of the whole 4 branch letters thing
  12. Full list of current Barrie Transit fleet can be found starting page 90 of the following document https://www.barrie.ca/City Hall/Planning-and-Development/Documents/Draft 2019 Barrie Transit Asset Management Plan.pdf Mostly a few specialty fleet buses missing on the wiki right now but still thought it would be good to post
  13. picture of this years holiday themed bus
  14. 1830 arboc and a picture of 1712 with the vote bus wrap
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