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  1. Barrie Transit

    1706 out on route 3 today as well
  2. Barrie Transit

    still shocked more than 4 buses were even ordered myself
  3. Barrie Transit

    668 also refurbed
  4. Barrie Transit

    they are indeed the same as the seat inserts on the novas
  5. Barrie Transit

    Can confirm as I was on it briefly and also has new seats and a grey floor Edit 674 was the bus
  6. Barrie Transit

    whats funny is, some of the 16xx buses dont have the passenger counters either after over a year Edit: 697 now has the red/blue seat inserts
  7. Barrie Transit

    1720 arboc on route 11 plate 144 5bk Not much else to say really other than it also has a desto sign
  8. Barrie Transit

    1702 out on the mapleview shuttle
  9. Barrie Transit

    1701 has arrived
  10. Barrie Transit

    Today in sightings car 101 doing the south go shuttle. Well then.
  11. Barrie Transit

    1104 on route 3 today what even XD
  12. Barrie Transit

    1104's been running route 11 most of the time, I did see one of the specialized fleet buses doing it one day recently though
  13. Barrie Transit

    the more that I look at the new 3B schedule, the more I want it to continue connecting with other buses at 15/45 past the hour, but nope, cant have that apparently...
  14. Barrie Transit

    Southbound route 8's also start Downtown at 4:55 for the A and 4:20 for the B, meanwhile, I really would like to know how route 5 ending at 9:45 at the terminal became a thing to start with
  15. Barrie Transit

    have to agree, seems to me something like a "community bus" like yrt has would work better for serving certain places (like the medical clinic on huronia)