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  1. 1701 has arrived
  2. Today in sightings car 101 doing the south go shuttle. Well then.
  3. 1104 on route 3 today what even XD
  4. 1104's been running route 11 most of the time, I did see one of the specialized fleet buses doing it one day recently though
  5. the more that I look at the new 3B schedule, the more I want it to continue connecting with other buses at 15/45 past the hour, but nope, cant have that apparently...
  6. Southbound route 8's also start Downtown at 4:55 for the A and 4:20 for the B, meanwhile, I really would like to know how route 5 ending at 9:45 at the terminal became a thing to start with
  7. have to agree, seems to me something like a "community bus" like yrt has would work better for serving certain places (like the medical clinic on huronia)
  8. route 7 going into and out of park place should be hell between 4:30 and 6:30, just like it is with the 8a and 2a already
  9. personally, it bothered me the first time I heard it, then it pretty much became background noise afterwards
  10. personally, most of the time ive seen either of the eldorados on weekdays, they have been running on route 4
  11. well, atleast the sign actually works
  12. Monday - Fri Route 4 Schedule is changing on Dec 29th Sat/Sunday Route 4 Schedule is changing on weekend of Jan 17th-18th 4A https://docs.google.com/a/danmackay.com/spreadsheets/d/16d7SmJrYm6BaqmAlUUHEdnQ4XRxUb-TaNs3j8Z7v8Rg/pub?output=html# 4B https://docs.google.com/a/danmackay.com/spreadsheets/d/1P2kh0FLDhnzSfM2p_DGmjwQzBwAsKS5-03kRpO4XvvU/pub?output=html# if someone wants to type up a full summary be my guest
  13. still dont understand why the seats are laid out like they are, would have preferred how YRT has the seats on their novas personally
  14. Just saw 1502 out on the 3:50 8a nb, has a rear window
  15. in other news, both 1204 and 1205 were actually doing route 90 today, for once