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  1. Yea but they also have the funding Bus Deliveries Start in January they I also heard they are getting 5 more Artics from Newflyer 5 more MCI buses And 5 BYD’s Electric Commuter bus that they tested
  2. Yes they have a tracker and they show fleet numbers these are the name for them also if you are looking for NABI buses you’ll find them @ Golden Glades Bus Terminal and Downtown Miami at Government Center Metrorail Station More New Equipment all Voith Transmission Equipped
  3. Yes VTA in California has it on their hybrid buses it’s weird in my opinion
  4. Once again these are RETIRED and No Longer In Service
  5. ? This was supposed to complete the remaining diesel buses Broward County ordered back in 2015 they didn’t get them so Miami scooped the remaining amount which was 15 buses that was sitting on the Anniston lot for about 1or 2yrs if not Mistaken
  6. Broward Newest Gillig in Livermore California
  7. They are starting to trickle in as 181series CNG buses
  8. I don’t even think a CNG Novabus Artic is being made so it’s Newflyer by default
  9. I’m suprised Novabus didn’t send their electric bus
  10. These may hit the streets at any moment out of Hamilton Garage
  11. They have a boatload of them in Service already
  12. All prepped and recently ran in the MLK Parade
  13. Yes Newflyer has a backlog and Broward County Transit need Buses badly they also piggybacked on those Gilligs and MCI buses
  14. Yes 30 new MCI buses new Gillig buses should be due in February and I think 10 electric buses th
  15. Newflyer Xcelisor XN40ft is scheduled to arrive in January and mass arrival begins in February including mass retirement of the older buses
  16. Shared off of Facebook but the Gillig is in route to KCM
  17. Retirement has started most will be gone by next month since the mayor has contracted some routes out to a Private Contractor called LSF Limousines of South Florida and they will be using Cutaways to operate on some of these routes but here is the kicker maintenance work including fuel and supervisory work will be managed by MDT since the Mayor and the union and the MDT Director has it out for the Transit Workers Union
  18. Miami Dade Transit will be ordering 300 XN40 buses arriving later next year
  19. Someone said they were turning it into a parts warehouse and warranty center for local TA with Gillig buses
  20. 70 Electric buses are expected to arrive in September most likely from Newflyer(Will Confirm at a Later Date) Also the 2006 Optima Buses are retiring In favor of having all 40ft buses and above no more mini buses will be procured
  21. And the latest 40ft cng buses are using Voith again and they purchased CNG Attics from Newflyer
  22. I hope they look into replacing the MCI buses with newer ones or at least give prevost a try
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