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  1. Academy Bus Lines purchased MiWay Transit 0930 to 0941 except for 0932 which was used for parts to support the remaining buses. The fleet numbers used by Academy Bus Lines is 2901 to 2911. I can also tell by the ex-London Transit Commission units and the NYU university bus shuttle.
  2. Reminds me of the free trials. Oh you can get the free trial, but you have to provide a payment method hoping that the customer forgets and charge their credit card. I always try to remove my credit card after the free trial. Personally, I prefer not to save my credit card info online in case the online service gets compromised. At the same time, the service always try to convince me not to cancel my subscription. Some trying to make it more difficult than necessary.
  3. York Region Transit XE40 2101 operating on 57 Mulock currently at the time of post. Spotted via Transsee. Usually, the XE40 buses only operate during peak period hours on 44 Bristol and 55 Davis Drive with the schedule having an accommodation for charging at Newmarket bus terminal. I have seen it on other routes that operate outside of the two. Operating on 56 Gorham-Eagle and Route 427 Scared Heart School via Newmarket High School. Most likely the school trip operating before going into service on a peak period route. Keeping it in the transit sightings thread and not clog up the YRT/Viva regular thread.
  4. Someone in Kingston returned a movie 9 years later. The total late fees is $2,757. Waived due to COVID-19 since the rental was before a certain date. I am not sure how they could allow the outstanding balance to reach that high. When video rental places still existed, if you didn't bring the rental back within 30 days, a replacement cost would be put on the account. Back during the time when Blockbuster was promoting their "no late fees" campaign. I remember reading an article about how digital killed the video rental business. Back then Netflix being the major competitor digitally. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/kingston-customer-returns-rented-movie-nine-years-late-and-incurs-2-700-in-late-fees-1.5586332
  5. You are referring to the TPI (transit procurement initiative) which the smaller transit agencies usually sign on to get the volume discount by grouping the orders from those agencies create the bulk order. TTC usually puts their own tender for buses because they buy a large volume of orders over a certain period of time having control of what specifications they would like for the new vehicles purchased within the allotted budget.
  6. I am pretty sure the only charging station is Newmarket Bus Terminal currently. Seeing 56 Gorham-Eagle assigned bus 1911 as of 6:45 PM today. Seems they are shifting them around the local Newmarket routes that have similar running time to 55 Davis Drive. 2101 was on 427 Scared School High School via Newmarket High School on the afternoon trip today. Unless they are operating only when fully charged and run the trips without recharging which only 44 Bristol and 55 Davis Drive have it built into the schedule. Reading the spec sheet for the XE40 between 174 miles to 251 miles depending on the battery size. Six minutes of overhead charging giving around 1 to 1.5 hours of usage time. Trying not to run out of juice before heading to the terminal or the yard.
  7. The big note is purchasing an e-ticket if getting off or starting from London, St. Mary's or Stratford since Presto devices are not yet available at these locations. 4 hours between Toronto and London one-way as what others mentioned being a long trip. Taking a Megabus contracted route takes about 3 hours and 5 minutes being a different terminus with limited transit options.
  8. From what I have heard, it is two or three units. 2101 already being in revenue service. Another unit was last reported at New Flyer Industries which was a few weeks ago. About time they add another route noting that the trial has been going on for over two years with 44 Bristol and 55 Davis Drive routes. Gathering data and feedback on another route to determine the workability and round trip time the electric bus can operate before needing to recharge. Due to the limited charging infrastructure available.
  9. Buses and routes are assigned to different divisions depending on their capacity and area served. You can tell which bus is assigned to a specific division by the bus or route number though some get shuffled between garages from time to time or to cover streetcar shuttles. Service summary which gets published is the accurate document which publishes this info. You can always consult the wiki and check the fleet or route number to know what bus is assigned to what garage. Subway lines have their own yard except Sheppard which uses Davisville shared with Wilson subway yard. Line 1 Yonge-University and Line 4 Sheppard use only Toronto Rocket trains which has open gangways so you can walk from end to end (5381 to 6196). Line 2 Bloor-Danforth is T1 (5000 to 5371) based out of Greenwood. Line 3 Scarborough RT (3000 to 3027) is based out of McCowan for minor maintenance and cleaning. McCowan is part of Greenwood which if major work needs to be done on the cars. Roncesvalles is a separate yard where as Russell Division covers Leslie Barns. Streetcars are pretty much shared on all routes from the three divisions usually so they can appear at any division.
  10. Most likely low prices. Or with Amazon, some items can't be found at the local store like curtains of a certain size. That is where I went considering that the first order was damaged, but the replacement came through without issues. I mean Dollarama may be cheap, but the quality isn't always good sometimes. Especially if it breaks, the customer would just buy a new item pretty much.
  11. Ontario plans to rollout digital ID as an option in late 2021. Noting there was a trial with a third-party to integrate digital ID, but I think I will rather wait for the rollout for Apple iPhone which is being rolled out in a few US states to determine workability along with privacy safeguards. The benefit is that I don't have to show all the info on my card with a digital ID. It only transmits the necessary info such as proof of age and nothing else. With the concerns regarding how some businesses are recording all the info on photo ID cards or how much info is being shared. Of course it will take time for businesses to adjust their policies and have equipment to process such information. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/mobile/ontario-prepares-to-launch-digital-id-program-and-here-s-how-it-works-1.5577757?utm_source=break.ma&utm_medium=break.ma Reminds me of how some businesses are demanding more info. Like National Student Loans and how banking info is integrated to verify a user and making sure all the info matches between the two sets of data. Though, I think there is always going to be the privacy versus technology debate and how it may be misused or compromised. I think some people who aren't comfortable can always stick to a physical card and carry it around at all-times. I think it is nice that a special day is made to acknowledge the trauma and hardships that occurred in residential schools. Regarding a statutory holiday at the provincial level, it is more of how much notice was given since there wasn't that much for businesses to prepare. Family Day was the last recent holiday which was introduced in February 2008 because of a liberal election promise and the long gap between New Years Day and Easter long weekend was pretty far. Having to also calculate the costs of providing an additional holiday was also factored in.
  12. Final invoice issued which pays off the device balance on my current phone which I continue using, just without a contract. Literally did not cave into the offer the wireless carrier is offering by upgrading to the new iPhone 12 and waiving the activation fee. Noting that the new iPhone is announced on September 14th, better to simply wait until the new models are pushed out leading to the older models discounted. Why spend more money than necessary if knowing the product refresh cycle.
  13. Some observations noted below: Checked Transsee to see how many buses were operating on Purple since it is the first weekday of the service change. A total of 10 buses between Purple/Purple A operating during peak periods with a combined frequency of every 11 to 12 minutes. Adding an additional bus or two to provide the increased frequency. During peak periods pre-COVID, Purple would operate along Highway 7 during peak periods at 10 minute frequency. Pink would cover Purple A between Town Centre and Unionville Go Station via Enterprise at around 15 minute frequency. Regarding 20E Jane which if approved, will operate starting in May 2022 until October 2022 on weekends/holidays to accommodate demand to Canada's Wonderland. I have seen they operate with around 8 buses maximum on weekends/holidays. They can afford to run the two additional articulated buses since they operate the same level of service during peak periods to better accommodate ridership along the Jane corridor. 20E Jane Express is pretty much Viva Silver in disguise minus the proof-of-payment fares, fare collection at stops with a Presto device and ticket vending machine along with rear-door boarding. Silver postponed again which no future date is confirmed. Reminds me of Purple/Purple A. You can get 14 minute frequency from Richmond Hill Centre to Town Centre. Town Centre is when the branches split and they reconnect at Highway 7/Kennedy and then the headway becomes a bit uneven. Once waited for a Purple or Purple A whatever came first from McCowan and literally both buses would show up within minutes. Then nothing for 20 minutes due to how Purple A takes a few minutes longer leading to the uneven headway and then turning around. I understand some routes are a bit longer, but I think they can budget transfers at major transfer points or connections. Especially for $4.25 or $3.88 with a Presto card, that is a lot of money especially if missing one transfer and having to pay twice. 2 hours of transfer time is a lot, but challenging if taking a conventional route with limited service and paying twice is $8.50 which is a lot considering no day pass option available. If they want to achieve their 40 to 45 percent cost recovery ratio, they really need to address the major issues that are deterring people from taking YRT. Once heard someone talk about the fancy bus rapid transit infrastructure to attract users, but how will it be supported without the feeder?
  14. After so much frustration trying to unlock my National Student Loans account, I finally was able to unlock it after getting my questions correct and then immediately shifted to two-step verification to avoid the situation with personal verification questions. Considering that if I was unable to access my account, I would have to phone in and get a paper application sent and mail it back within 30 days. Of course, if more information is required then they would request me to call and provide what is required. Too much teeth pulling along with multiple calls to try and address the issue. Reminds me of the time when I got locked out of my online banking and being unable to verify over the phone since I don't have telephone banking setup, the only way is to visit a branch with photo ID to request a temporary password. Of course it is easier since it is a bank, but if it involves the government, it is a lot more difficult because they have a different process of handling certain matters. At least I have my online access back.
  15. Especially on a weekend too. I can understand 6 or 8 cars running outside of peak periods. Maybe the long weekend, they expect more usage noting with the weekend passes available increasing ridership. I remember the times when I took the 68D with the double decker, there were a few people who took up the $10 one day option or $15 two day option. Except for long weekends, it covers three days. Pretty reasonable for how much distance someone can travel for one fixed price.
  16. The time when National Student Loans figures out how to address the issue regarding those that cannot remember their verification questions. To simply use a banking login and the info will be verified through there and to setup a new online account and password verification questions. Except, the system locks me out once I complete the necessary steps saying "you will be unable to login for 24 hours. For assistance, call x number between 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM Monday to Friday." Of course being the Labour Day long weekend, if it doesn't resolve itself then I would have to wait until Tuesday morning. Really would like to stop requesting a form be mailed out to me every 6 months for repayment assistance. Considering that checking their Twitter account and there are already technical issues with logging in. When COVID-19 occurred last year and the end of the grace period, it took several weeks to get the form in the mail. Sending it back immediately and then asked for proof of income which somehow was given on such short notice. At least there is a resolution for those that don't remember or forgot to save the info for their personal verification questions. Two-step verification was needed a very long time ago which would have addressed the issue knowing that there are ways to crack that info. Hopefully the technical issue will end once I can finally authenticate.
  17. I don't know what is worse. Someone who literally complains about their bus two minutes late OR the neighbour who keeps complaining about buses stopping in front of his house and people stepping on his lawn or blocking his driveway. The bus stop sign is in-front of his house and installed on a hydro pole. Noting the neighbour who was complaining about the buses and the passengers who use the stop. He literally sat in his chair for several hours trying to catch it in the act. Like you don't have other things to do. Because you can't expect the operator to line up the rear door with the bus knowing that passengers are requested to disembark through the rear doors to ensure one-way direction. At the same time, if it really affects you that much he can chose to relocate to a different home. He has been around long enough to understand the impacts. The person who complained about the bus laying up for two minutes literally got to work on-time. I simply said "maybe the operator doesn't want to run early further down the route and get a passenger complaint." Just because he may be on-time on one section doesn't mean that he can maintain that adherence down the route. With a detour currently in-effect leading to buses running early if leaving on-time and some senior operators deciding to layup at the first stop longer. Pretty much sums up that people are too sensitive to something that is imperfect that has existed for a pretty long time.
  18. For me, it is Scotiabank considering their archaic policies on how they work. Such as having to deal with a home branch for everything where every other bank lets you do banking at wherever branch is closest. Even if being thousands of kilometres away. I haven't checked recently since I don't do in-person banking even though they have been addressing some of the technological divide. Sometimes communicating with one advisor and if it involves having it done with another person, they instead do something completely different. Or somehow can't find the notes or correspondence because they went to a different branch. A lot of back and forth, but at least I don't have to deal with them in-person unless really necessary. TD is pretty efficient. Talked to a friend years ago who still works at TD and he says "our policies are pretty lined out and easy to follow." Especially since I asked the same question to several employees who gave the same answer. If they were unsure, they would contact the estate department for further instructions. Though personally, I try and avoid dealing with an advisor if possible. Last time I dealt with one, they somehow couldn't find the form and had to come back the next day which was prepared. Sometimes it really comes down to how the person handles it with the turnover and how employees change branches every few years. Though it feels like every few months.
  19. Ontario starts implementing vaccine certificates effective September 22nd for the first stage. Having to show a printed or digital copy of their vaccine receipt with photo identification for non-essential businesses. October 22nd is when the QR code will be available which is scannable either on a mobile device or a printed copy for someone who doesn't have a smartphone. Photo ID can still be requested by the business to ensure the info matches between these two documents. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2021/09/01/ontario-vaccine-certificate-program/ It is handy especially when venues are resuming special events. At the same time, every decision Ford makes is AFTER opposition happens shifting to different areas before admitting action is needed. Being opposed to vaccine certificates until the public health units consider creating their own setup which is a lot more fragmentation with many different geographical districts.
  20. Nice to see they have a special transfer to commemorate the 100 year anniversary. Didn't think they would rollout something like this for the special date.
  21. Sometimes, you don't really know what is going on behind the scenes especially reading about the Mike Richards scandal and how he managed The Price Is Right. Turning 50 years old and preparing some special stuff for the special milestone. I mean Richards did try to apply for the hosting duties of The Price Is Right being in his early 30s that time. Seeing the audition tape when the search to replace Bob Barker who was retiring. Drew Carey was chosen instead to be the replacement host since 2007. Never forget the showcase showdown scandal where Terry Kniess got the final bid right on the nose. Bringing question on how he obtained that info which if it was $250 or lower, Terry would have won both showcases anyway. Watching the documentary regarding how there was a big investigation and the concern of an employee working in the prize department sharing confidential info. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/jeopardy-mike-richards-price-is-right-1235006082/
  22. I don't think so because LCBO is still issuing the BYID (bring your own identification) card currently. Of course it is a challenge to get it accepted since it doesn't show the address or other identifying info other than proof of age and photo. The Ontario Photo ID card came into effect July 2011 which is more standard and similar to a driver's license except the colour is purple. With some businesses such as banks being strict and not providing any info or process a transaction without valid photo ID. To verify the accountholder and cross-referencing with the correct documents.
  23. No. The 7 attachments in the post are what was provided in the survey. Downloaded directly from the survey for record keeping and avoiding the need to go through the survey process which was in 7 parts. The 2020 annual document was one file and pretty much a link to the document would be provided instead due to the 10 megabyte attachment limitation. It is a concept map noticing they are using letters for potential corridors. Routes that already exist (300 series and 760) are already accounted for in the map concept. Limited stop express routes are pretty popular focusing more on the transfer points and major stops providing a faster trip. This is what happens when they wanted to achieve a 50 percent cost recovery ratio in 2007 which was a lot harder than expected. Reduced to 40 percent in 2014 which was the same year tickets and monthly passes increased 10 percent in a single year. Having to figure out how to best achieve that even if it is a hack and slash approach. Though I don't support that approach especially since it discourages transit use. Especially with the strange frequencies they have on some routes requiring a mobile app to determine when the next departure is. With $4.25 cash fare or $3.88 with a Presto card, that is a lot to ask for such minimal service that is still remaining. $154 for a monthly pass is really pushing it knowing the revenue is collected regardless of how much usage someone gets from that pass. I agree with you on that front considering they can afford to run 30 ft buses instead of the full size 40 ft regular buses to minimize costs on lower volume routes. I understand the cost of labour along with vehicle operations is expensive. At the same time, it would better match the volume received without trying to put a strain on the operating budget.
  24. That is what I have noticed over the years that conventional routes would be reduced to peak periods and anything outside of peak periods would be shifted to mobility-on-request. To try and better improve financial performance with the cost of operating a conventional route per hour isn't cheap. Serving with smaller vehicles if possible along with operating at weird frequencies that are hard to calculate in some cases. From the service plan, they are shifting away from using designated bus stops to a curbed address from a conventional route or select destinations with the use of a mobile app. For those that don't have a smartphone with data access, phoning in is an option except the passenger would not be notified in real-time of any changes compared to the smartphone app. Reminds me of Uber, except the service is offered by York Region Transit and not a private company. The stop to stop on-demand version when the conventional routes don't operate definitely isn't handy if the only option is phoning in and 60 minutes in-advance to ensure that the trip can be accommodated. Of course if the mobility-on-request changes are approved, it will be by geographical area instead of bus stops and as I mentioned in the last paragraph, access through a mobile app which is self-serve along with not having to wait long periods of time.
  25. York Region Transit is planning their service outline for 2022. Survey documents attached for those that are not interested in filling out the survey to access. Merged posts into one post due to attachment limits. A total of seven attachments. A lot of changes planned which would be a lot to copy and paste for one forum reply. To be honest, it feels more like York Region is trying to remove conventional service to instead focus on transit-on-demand outside of peak periods especially with the lower demand. Especially removing the 98 Yonge north of Newmarket bus terminal with very limited alternative options. Yonge and Green Lane being a major retail centre. https://www.yrt.ca/en/about-us/transit-initiatives.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2qFGpRtVkaTHtxu74WCls7ARx1lmtiN6sspuz7BvwYGC3EUkWbLBtEaOQ Part-1_COVID-19-Service-Recovery.pdf Part-2_Frequent-Transit-Network.pdf Part-3_Express-Network.pdf Part-4_Major-Mackenzie-Drive-West-Terminal.pdf Part two of the attachments. Part-5_Cornell-Bus-Terminal.pdf Part-6_Conventional-and-Viva-Service-Changes.pdf Last attachment. Covering the push for mobility-on-request or in simpler terms: Transit on demand. Part-7_Mobility-On-Request-Changes.pdf
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