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  1. There are plans to extend the Woodbine bus to Gormely Go Station pending approval via Transit Initiatives 2023. Leslie on the other hand, they would have to add additional buses to cover the stretch. 91B Bayview could be extended, though the challenge for both is if it will attract enough ridership to justify those extensions. Especially when YRT has been well-known to do the bare minimum if it involves expanding service or adding more resources. 91B only operates during the peak periods.
  2. Here is the CBC link citing the one year delay: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/eglinton-crosstown-lrt-behind-schedule-metrolinx-1.6593957 Especially when the delays are tied to building the underground stations especially with Eglinton Station. Having to try and work while service is moving and doing weekend closures when required. Being more complex than building at ground stations. Assuming there are no problems with the underground portion at Humber. Most of the stations are street level, so there will be minimal problems. Especially when Line 5 was supposed to open in 2020. It feels further out of reach every time the deadline comes closer for Line 5.
  3. Hopefully their testing will go well. Two weeks is pretty short especially when they are working to replace the MetroRail maps system wide. https://www.wmata.com/about/news/New-Silver-Line-Extension-Map.cfm?fbclid=IwAR07L7oskFImHhVjWO5Q0FTiTo9qEpJwBSv34X-wIBiSn9TIbNgHfBeRp2c
  4. You would think that they would account for centre/pocket trains to avoid the possibility of crippling the entire line should an issue occur. Especially once it is built, building pocket and crossover tracks will be harder versus if done during the planning phase before building out the infrastructure. If they were strategic and put it before the subway stations, it would at least give alternative options and minimize the amount of buses being pulled from regular routes. Plus pocket tracks are handy in case they need to insert a train to clear a platform quickly.
  5. A bid document has been posted regarding "mobile ticketing solution." With 11 different companies interested in the contract. Bytemark is the one that provides the e-ticketing for Presto e-tickets. Accenture is the one that provides the Presto functions. https://barrie.bidsandtenders.ca/Module/Tenders/en/Tender/Detail/9b0744d0-39cd-4a45-9501-2f3c94250c7a
  6. Schedule changes effective October 1st regarding terminal relocations noted below: Routes 41, 92, 94 and 96: Relocated to Borough Drive west of Scarborough Town Centre due to the planned closure of the station. Until the new Scarborough subway extension is built with a new station to accommodate. Route 52 and 56: Loop into Cornell Transit Terminal with no change to current schedules. Providing connections to YRT and Viva. My guess is that Go Transit will utilize Platform 6 and 7 at Cornell Transit Terminal since those are vacant.
  7. I also notice the arrows are also in the service removed area instead of the detoured route in dotted green.
  8. Outfront Media has entered a contract with the City of Barrie which involves 112 transit shelters. The contract is 10 years. https://www.outfrontmedia.ca/press-release/outfront-wins-barrie-transit-shelter-contract In the article quoted, Outfront Media does plan to replace all the transit shelters with their own.
  9. They only inspect around 3 to 5 percent of train trips. From what I have noticed, they only focus on the areas with higher ridership which of course, Lakeshore West and East have higher volumes so they are inspected more frequently because of their span of service hours. Versus Richmond Hill line which only operates during peak periods with a lower amount of volume, so the likelihood of seeing revenue protection officers is lower. I think the deterrent that if a fare evader's name appears within the database I think within the past two years, the fine for not providing proof of payment increases. It may have changed, but that is what I have heard from a revenue protection officer years ago.
  10. 2207 on the 96 Keele-Yonge as of 11:50 AM on September 14th Started out on the 426 Dr. G.W. Williams School Special via Hollridge at 7:37 AM. Then 96 Keele-Yonge to Newmarket at 8:22 AM. Screenshot attached for reference.
  11. Go Transit is starting to get tough on fare evasion after the pandemic reduced their revenues. The new fare evasion table takes effect on October 10th. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/go-fare-evasion-fines-1.6575180 The current fine for not paying the fare or having correct fare media is $100. Under the new table, this is how it will work: First time offence is $35 Second offence is $50 Third offence is $100 Fourth offence or more is $200 along with a provincial summons to court Having a court summons means they would have to attend court regarding the fare evasion charge.
  12. 2249 is now in revenue service along the 20 Jane via Transsee. Started on the 2:44 PM trip from Teston towards Pioneer Village Station.
  13. FlixBus is adding more stops to select routes. Toronto to Ottawa is adding a stop in Whitby and Kingston if passengers have purchased a ticket for the new stops. This is along with an extension from Toronto to Buffalo to instead service Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Effective this Thursday. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2022/09/12/flixbus-toronto-buffalo-whitby-kingston/?fbclid=IwAR2F7rm_kGJX6LDtoXgJLWRhJ2sV7xu68JpCbXyyCSROxlFd1nT3MyBXrPA
  14. OC Transpo is planning on rolling out a marketing campaign to encourage people to take transit. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/oc-transpo-hoping-to-win-riders-back-with-new-ad-campaign-1.6065225 At the same time, they are expected to run a $85 million dollar deficit. Because ridership is not meeting budgeted projections due to the Freedom Convoy and COVID-19 omicron variant. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/oc-transpo-projecting-85m-deficit-by-year-s-end-if-province-feds-don-t-help-1.6064186?cid=sm%3Atrueanthem%3Actvottawa%3Atwitterpost&taid=631fb2f20e77c60001f6c50f&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter
  15. I remember the times having to go through Ottawa Central Station and how it was pretty limited service back when it was 101 when I went by around a decade ago. I know Route 6 is nearby within walking distance and operating pretty late versus how the 101 (current 55) operated every 20 minutes, but only until around 10 PM except for Sunday which was no service back then in 2012. Ottawa Central Station open from 5 AM until 2:30 AM the next day.
  16. No firm date has been announced. The current answer is "we are working with the contractor for substantial completion by the end of 2022." After substantial completion, TTC does their own testing for a certain period of time to ensure that everything is working along with a contingency plan for service disruptions. Currently, there is no new info or updates at this time.
  17. Thanks for sharing. I know TTC is the last two remaining transit agencies with PNG (Presto Next Generation) that was supposed to handle open payments. Other one is OC Transpo in Ottawa, Ontario which they are replacing with their own version with similar features.
  18. Just saw the tweet from the official Twitter account. Queen Elizabeth 2 was 96 years old. Especially being the Queen for over 70 years.
  19. Correct. Double checking the Lakeshore West schedule and Hamilton Go and West Harbour Go are indeed classified under the same fare zone.
  20. Cornell Bus Terminal has opened today (September 4th) in conjunction with service changes to direct select routes to the terminal. For those wondering what the first buses arrived at the terminal are via Transsee: Viva Purple via Highway 7: 1380 Viva Purple A via Enterprise: 1379 Route 1 Highway 7: 1413 Route 2 Milliken: 1615 Route 16 16th Avenue: 1027 EDIT: Tweet attached for reference for Purple and Route 16
  21. Go Transit detours buses IF there are problems accessing Union Station Bus Terminal. Route 21 and 31 were detoured to Port Credit Go Station to connect with the Lakeshore West trains connecting to Union Station. Today, tomorrow and possibly Labour Day. Route 16 Hamilton Express terminates at Aldershot Go. It was previously Port Credit Go, but I guess it was more efficient to pretty much turn it into an 18 which provides similar service between Hamilton Go and Aldershot Go Station. Usually, if the bus is on detour, the operator would ask where you are going or make an announcement. I know the last time when I took a similar detour (68D re-routed to Highway 407 Terminal), the operator would ask every single passenger if they wanted Union, they would have to transfer to the subway when the bus terminates at 407 Terminal. Showing Go Transit e-ticket or a Presto card to continue on TTC via Line 1. This is along with making another announcement closer to the terminus. Go Transit also cancelled train trips on Barrie and Stouvfille which most people may not read the departure sign, check online or subscribe to service alerts via text message. Especially if it shows from Union to the terminus station or vice versa, someone may not be aware that train isn't coming. I can understand your frustrations especially with how it can be difficult to plan around some detours.
  22. Didn't notice they assigned around 10+ buses for the 511E Bathurst Express as an alternative for those that prefer not taking the streetcar and a more direct trip. This is along with adding 29E to provide additional capacity and direct trips from the subway to CNE. Adding a mix of 40 ft and articulated buses into the mix.
  23. This is one way of marketing. Especially since $10 for one day or $15 for two days, three if a long weekend to go anywhere on the Go Transit network is a pretty good value. Just as long as you have a smartphone that is fully charged up along with mobile data. I remember when weekend trains were first piloted in Summer 2012 with only two trips to Toronto from Barrie and back. With additional trips between East Gwillimbury and Union Station with a connecting bus. Where as now, they have increased the frequency of weekend trains along Barrie to be more consistent between the full trips and shorter trips with a connecting bus to continue the full route. Some people plan for a whole day in another city where as others simply head down for an hour or two and head back home.
  24. Porter Airlines is in the process of training 650 pilots for the Embraer E195 E2. It is a lot different than the turboprop planes that are operated from Toronto Island Airport. Plus they need to understand all the functions and controls before flying on a real E195 E2. Operating much longer and farther distances. https://simpleflying.com/porter-airlines-north-america-first-embraer-e195e2-simulator/
  25. Just looking at the service changes. Seeing the Route 17 late evening into early morning resume. Monday to Saturday from 11 PM until just after 2 AM the next morning with all service finishing by 2:30 AM. Sunday service from 8:30 PM until just after 2 AM the next morning. Since it is intended to provide service to Queens University. Very few agencies provide transit service that late 7 days/week. Hope to make a visit to Kingston one day.
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