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  1. They responded on Twitter saying 20 have been delivered to the Eglinton maintenance facility. Though I don't think this would be correct since the first unit is 6200 and units from 6222 and forward being delivered by rail into the site. I would say at least 25 to 30 by now.
  2. 2017: Katy Perry (meet and greet at a concert) 2018: Gordon Ramsay (meet and greet at Eaton Centre promoting Rogers Ignite TV) 2019: Katy Perry twice (Macy's Herald Square in May and Washington DC after a show) I did run into the CEO of Shoppers Drug Mart at a flagship store. No photo unfortunately. The only person that can vouch for me is the manager that day. Ironic enough, it was two weeks after the Katy meet in Washington DC.
  3. Finally got my travel credit rebated after a month since my travel date. Especially since it was either use it or lose it (PC Insiders which is now PC Optimum Insiders). It has since changed from an annual $99 travel credit to 5 percent back in points before taxes. Very nice. Especially how it can be a challenge paying them off with the high balance along with the interest rate. I remember the days that applying for assistance related to student loans such as interest relief were a challenge having to request a form. Where as today, it can be applied for online and programs such as repayment assistance program or RAP for short to help borrowers having difficulties making payments on their loans. This is along with the six month grace period that started in March 2020 for 6 months.
  4. York Region Transit is starting to remove the ticket validators. Off-hand I know the three rapidway stations along Davis Drive have been removed. Not sure about the other three (Huron Heights, Leslie and Highway 404 Park and Ride). Instead redirecting people to retain their ticket until they reach a terminal or transfer onto a conventional bus. Encouraging people to use them up noting that starting January 1, 2021 they are no longer valid. On top, no refund or transfer to a Presto card will be provided.
  5. Had a chance to visit York Region. They have started rolling out the new Presto devices at all rapidway stations in Newmarket plus Newmarket Bus Terminal on Eagle Street. Along with the other rapidway stations and select standard Viva stations. The new rapidway stations along Yonge Street opening in December will have the new ones built-in.
  6. Microsoft just released a new update for iOS/iPadOS (iPhone and iPad) where you can play Xbox One games remotely on a mobile device. Just have to make sure the console is on to connect between the two devices. I know Android has the full access of Xbox Game Pass via the cloud without needing a console for access. I like the experience so far considering that I have heard of people who have been playing on their celluar connection while at work. The downside is ensuring there is enough network speed in both download and upload to ensure it works effectively. Especially when it is either cable or DSL (digital subscriber line) to get internet service. My preference is DSL because the bandwidth isn't shared at the trade off of limited download and upload speed. Other than that, I do like portability of gaming on the go.
  7. Interesting detail. Especially since most transit agencies go by the year for the first two digits, then the last two for the unit number. Except for some agencies like TTC and Go Transit that order a large volume that they simply categorize differently depending on bus type. Each agency likes to categorize depending on what they operate. Viva in York Region also categorizes their Nova LFS Artics starting with xx70. 2013 buses started with 1370 and 2017 buses starting with 1770. The 2019 LFS Artics start with 71 (1971 to 1980). TTC, they number their articulated buses current with 90xx or 91xx.
  8. Not going to lie, large pizza from Dominos because of the 50 percent off. I always order ranch sauce with pepperoni or pineapple. After taxes and the delivery fee, the cost is almost $16. Not bad considering that ordering the same size and toppings can easily go over $20. Noting that I sometime use DoorDash to get a lower price (still on my first 30 days).
  9. Smartphone camera have evolved that some can do augmented reality on the newer models. Back on topic, a lot of places are adapting the QR code model to manage things like lineups like TD does for in-person services as an example. Even when they push a lot of services online such as changes on an existing product or opening new products. To prevent human contact or touching certain items. Last time I went to a restaurant, they would have a menu that is laminated that they could disinfect once the customer is done viewing. Noting this was last summer and they only did dining outdoors and not inside.
  10. 13 additional streetcars at a cost of $10.8 million dollars roughly per unit at a total cost of $140 million versus $5.9 million with the volume discount in the original 204 order at $1.2 billion. Noting the volume discount on additional vehicles was only available up until the 60th vehicle was delivered. If they buy 60 new streetcars, it would cost roughly $500 million dollars or just over $8.33 million a unit. I think it is about time that the Bloor-Danforth received the same rolling stock as Yonge-University and Sheppard. 62 of the 80 train sets allocated to Bloor-Danforth and the 18 expansion Yonge-University. The total price tag of $2.24 billion dollars at the time the proposal was generated. With $624 million of that future order funded. Buses coming at second with 1,422 at approximately $1.86 billion. Final comments: I know this covers the next decade. Even with COVID-19 decimating ridership, it will be a hard sell on justifying new equipment purchases with the amount of funding required to make such purchases. Trying to prepare when ridership levels regain to pre-pandemic levels.
  11. I was at Tim Hortons yesterday and there was someone who literally cut through the line saying "I have a walker and I cannot wait long periods of time." Noting that there was only one cashier to handle the long lineup. Considering that she literally was asking the cashier "I need change for a $20 bill." Ironic enough, she wanted to pay for her purchase with Tim Hortons gift cards. By that time, me and the other person got our transactions done while the poor cashier was still dealing with the person who is demanding. Noting she didn't bother wearing her mask until coming up to the cashier. Sometimes, I don't know how people live their life being aggressive and demanding. Especially since stores can only follow certain rules to an extent before management gets involved.
  12. Considering that restaurants are not allowing dine-in or takeout at the counter, have been relying on Door Dash after a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card promotion. I only bought two gift cards at $50 each in case it doesn't work out which UberEats has definitely been reducing their delivery fees along with their promotions. Ordered some Chinese food. Beef Cantonese Chow Mein which haven't had this for a very long time. It is good, but also depends on which Chinese restaurant you order too some having different approaches on how they present the order.
  13. At least it covers the entire area of the operator. Seeing the current model, there is a small gap that is still open. It does say it is a prototype, so they are testing to see what works and what needs to be changed. Especially since buses operate around the clock.
  14. Highway 7 between Ninth Line and Bur Oak Avenue. South of Markham Stouffville Hospital. Construction of the new facility began in Summer 2018 with a 2020 opening. Noting that it took many years to acquire an area that can accommodate a bus terminal going back to at a planned 2008 opening.
  15. Nice to see WMATA Washington tap into bus rapid transit. Especially drawing on off-board fare collection and dedicated bus lanes with frequent service. Reminds me of Viva Transit in York Region, Ontario which operates a similar model. I remember my visit to Washington DC last year and taking a Breda subway train. Of course, it doesn't have the amenities of the new models. My first train was a Kawasaki (7000 series) which is more modern especially for those visiting the first time with information screens. To ensure I know where I am and where to get off. Going to be years before they go into revenue service considering the volume and testing involved. Hopefully they avoid the same issues from the last order which new technology always have teething issues before reaching a stable point.
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