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  1. Didn't think that BRT was adding more articulated buses for the conventional route. Unless they are replacing units transferred to Southwest to address a shortage plus with the mileage articulated buses are accumulating on 20 Jane.
  2. The only issue is there isn't enough resources to provide that kind of shift considering most 200 Connexion route series are operating every half hour. Some even going down as hourly. Along with some people who prefer not to change buses or deal with longer travel times. I did read your comment regarding issues with the 75 being overcrowded despite operating every few minutes. I remember the days when those wanting Cambrian further down the line could not board and having to wait for the next departure hoping they will be accommodated. The 275 established to better filter demand from the mainline route which is still suspended. It is hard to provide more service if there isn't enough resources to maintain current levels without the risk of cutting from elsewhere.
  3. Boeing 737 Max 7 and Max 10 is at risk of not meeting the year-end deadline under the old certification rules. Effective January 1, 2023 all new models that are certified by the Federal Aviation Authority or FAA require the installation of EICAS or Engine-Indicating and Crew Alert System which requires additional training for pilots and flight crew on how the EICAS works. The EICAS requirement came after two deadly MAX crashes. https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/with-two-max-models-at-risk-congress-moves-to-give-boeing-a-break/ Final comments: Congress may give an extension to allow certification for the Boeing 737 Max 7 and Max 10 under the old rules. At the same time, it also puts a lot of risk for airlines that have already placed orders for the Boeing 737 Max 10 relying on the order to replace older aircraft or expand service to existing or new routes. Having two years to adjust to the new regulations. Trying to push out a new product and with tight timelines, it will be interesting how Boeing will compete especially with the AirBus A321neo.
  4. Right now, there is no tentative opening date other than expected completion of 2023.
  5. Westjet is looking to order 42 Boeing 737-10 Max planes on top of an existing order of 23 planes. There is an option to order an additional 22 if demand warrants. First units are expected to be delivered by late 2024 and all 65 planes delivered by 2028. Quite a lot of investment in acquiring new equipment especially with Westjet shifting their focus to Western Canada. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2022/09/29/westjet-buys-42-airplanes/
  6. Two additional light rail vehicle trains have been delivered. Total now at the maintenance and storage facility is now 5.
  7. Operators are already scheduled to work those routes and trying to schedule them off isn't easy. Especially some people will most likely still wait at the on-street stop for the bus unaware that the subway service is running.
  8. TTC Line 1 is now fully enabled with automated train control or ATC for short along the entire line. Phasing out a decades old signal block system with something more modern.
  9. It would be a duplication, but you have to remember that Green would only service limited stops where as 90 Leslie would service local stops. Similar to Yonge Street where the frequency of Blue is a lot higher where as the 98 and 99 Yonge or 98/99 Yonge during late evenings would operate on a lower frequency. Hoping that the passenger volume would shift to the rapid transit route over the conventional route.
  10. There is no new info currently. January 2023 is when they report on the official status regarding Blue A, Green and Pink if they will be brought back in some capacity or cancelled. Since they haven't operated in 2.5 years and instead reallocated resources to existing routes where possible. If they bring back Viva Green, it will be likely to be the restructured version via Leslie and not the current routing.
  11. Shoppers Drug Mart had two promotions going on for Colgate toothpaste along with a sale. Each 70 mL tube was $2.99 each up to a maximum of 4. After the limit of 4, it goes up to $3.49 along with how the sale ended today (September 26th) for the one item. I bought the maximum of 4 at the lower price. Self-checkout along with scanning my loyalty card. Here is the offers that got applied. PC Optimum points day (4,000 points for every $10 spent on Colgate) Get 3,000 points when you buy two Colgate products (in-store offer) 5,000 points stackable with any offers (for not shopping at Shoppers) Personal offer on Colgate The total cost including the plastic bag was $13.56. I ended up earning just over 17,500 points in the transaction. I think it was an interesting loophole that someone forgot to check the promotions. Even when the low price was only for three days, most likely they could care less about the losses on the sale. I have heard of similar loopholes in the past and it depends how much it is costing them. If it is impacting Shoppers Drug Mart's bottom line, they would fix it before the weekend is over where as something small like this, they probably will let it go.
  12. There are plans to extend the Woodbine bus to Gormely Go Station pending approval via Transit Initiatives 2023. Leslie on the other hand, they would have to add additional buses to cover the stretch. 91B Bayview could be extended, though the challenge for both is if it will attract enough ridership to justify those extensions. Especially when YRT has been well-known to do the bare minimum if it involves expanding service or adding more resources. 91B only operates during the peak periods.
  13. Here is the CBC link citing the one year delay: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/eglinton-crosstown-lrt-behind-schedule-metrolinx-1.6593957 Especially when the delays are tied to building the underground stations especially with Eglinton Station. Having to try and work while service is moving and doing weekend closures when required. Being more complex than building at ground stations. Assuming there are no problems with the underground portion at Humber. Most of the stations are street level, so there will be minimal problems. Especially when Line 5 was supposed to open in 2020. It feels further out of reach every time the deadline comes closer for Line 5.
  14. Hopefully their testing will go well. Two weeks is pretty short especially when they are working to replace the MetroRail maps system wide. https://www.wmata.com/about/news/New-Silver-Line-Extension-Map.cfm?fbclid=IwAR07L7oskFImHhVjWO5Q0FTiTo9qEpJwBSv34X-wIBiSn9TIbNgHfBeRp2c
  15. You would think that they would account for centre/pocket trains to avoid the possibility of crippling the entire line should an issue occur. Especially once it is built, building pocket and crossover tracks will be harder versus if done during the planning phase before building out the infrastructure. If they were strategic and put it before the subway stations, it would at least give alternative options and minimize the amount of buses being pulled from regular routes. Plus pocket tracks are handy in case they need to insert a train to clear a platform quickly.
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