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  1. Decided to take advantage of the Amazon promotion with TD Travel Rewards. Only had to spend 1 cent (3 points) to get $20 off a $50 order. The only catch is that the items have to be directly from Amazon (fulfilled and shipped) and up to a maximum of 13,333 offers redeemed or June 30th. Whatever comes first. Roughly $266,660 budget for this promotion. The Platinum and Visa Infinite charge an annual fee which I downgraded to the free version to keep my reward points balance. Technically no cost to me, but I do understand that it is a marketing gimmick for those that are willing to pay for
  2. Interesting that I ordered 3 boxes of disposable masks from Dollarama online. $6 for a box of 50 masks and the flat rate shipping is $9.99. No free shipping from what I have seen noting it is usually for orders bought in bulk. The order gets fulfilled, but shipped in three separate items instead of one bag. At least they delivered directly to my home in two separate drop offs. One dropped off one and the other dropped off two. Especially when I know Dollarama is benefitting from the pandemic because of their price point, but you would think they could ship it all in one order versus
  3. Go Transit bus service changes effective May 1st (the list is pretty long): Route 15 Brantford/Burlington: 15A trips on weekdays to McMaster University are suspended due to classes not running in-class Route 16 Hamilton Express: Hourly service on weekdays when trains aren't running to Hamilton and all day weekends Route 19 Square One/Finch: Frequency every two hours weekday late evenings with 8:10 PM until 12:10 AM from Square One and 8:50 PM until 12:50 AM from Finch. Route 21 Milton: Select trips will be combined which may involve serving more stops taking a bit longer.
  4. Saw this tweet regarding the staffing involved on the Ottawa side of the border around the clock at all possible entrance points. The measure goes on until May 20th. If the emergency order is extended, then the costs will increase to cover the necessary measures. I assume the City of Ottawa will bill the Ontario government for those costs. Can't be cheap since policing is expensive.
  5. It will be nice when Warden along with Islington become accessible. Noting the separate bus bay setup being a major challenge having to walk up the stairs. Haven't been to Islington in many years (used to catch MiWay Transit buses to head into Mississauga). Warden and Islington the last to be made accessible since a lot of work is involved in changing the setup to a more central platform with bus bays around.
  6. Ontario plans of lowering the age of getting the Astrazenca vaccine to 40 years old instead of 55 years old. Health Canada does recommend the vaccine for people over 18. Though, I would be skeptical with the report of blood clots occurring. Especially even with a very rare case, I would be careful with vaccines since some people do develop reactions to the shots provided to them. The federal government is still working on a vaccine compensation fund related to COVID-19 suffering severe reactions. Whatever it takes to increase the rate of vaccinations. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca
  7. My local police force confirmed they won't be pulling over or doing random spot checks (this isn't 1987 with Operation Hammer in Los Angeles or broken windows theory in New York back in the 1990s). Especially if they did do that (similar to carding), they would get a lot of scrutiny. Not only that, the officer would have to attend court to justify the ticket. If they don't show up, then it either gets waived or reduced. Times that by the amount issued and the defendant using his options listed on the back, I don't think it would stand up in court. Try this link: https://outl
  8. Logged into my Microsoft Rewards account and got 500 bonus points for being a member for 9 years. I get the special bonus annually as long as my account is in good standing too. I always save the points towards gift cards for items on the Xbox Store. Reminds me of Shoppers Optimum and how they used to give $5 of points for making a purchase. Have to load the birthday coupon to receive the points. With PC Optimum replacing Shoppers Optimum years ago (February 1/18), they took away the birthday bonus points. Some companies still value loyalty, but that is becoming very far and few be
  9. Especially since Ford is trying to shift it to employers/federal government. Not all employers will give paid time off if you have to self-isolate after testing positive. If having to self-isolate due to a close contact, it may be more difficult to get paid depending on the employer and contract. Noting the Canadian Recovery benefit takes time which requires an application and doesn't pay that much. $450/week (the $50 is withheld to taxes). I know it is meant to replace the Canadian Emergency Recovery Benefit (CERB) which is $2,000/month in a one-time payment and a quick turnaround time.
  10. A critical breaking point. Ontario is asking other provinces for assistance to handle overloaded ICUs. You would think that Ford could handle it better, but instead he has handled it worse every time. Considering that the cases is still over 4,000 daily. In other news, some municipalities are waiving late fees for property taxes until a certain date. Each one is different of course understanding the financial challenges. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ontario-turns-to-other-provinces-for-urgently-needed-help-with-overloaded-icus-1.5390044
  11. May 3rd service changes have been posted: Viva Blue changes: Weekday first departure will be 3:54 AM from Richmond Hill Centre instead of 16th/Carville at 3:59 AM (no schedule change which the timing is still the same). Newmarket is 4:49 AM towards Finch Go Station. Saturday: First departure from Newmarket is 6 AM with the final trip from Finch Go Station at 12:39 AM. Early and late evening frequency to be 18 minutes. Sunday: Northbound from Finch Go Station is 6:12 AM until 12:55 AM the next day. Final departure from Newmarket is 12:15 AM. Early morning frequency to be app
  12. I always found Wikipedia interesting though it also help created wikis. Since it is an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and what academic institutions don't want students to use as sources. Sometimes you may find a good read there too.
  13. Wrong. It was Theodore Pringle Loblaws who created Loblaws back in 1919. Garfield Weston (Galen Weston's father) is the one who acquired the majority share of Loblaws which the beginning was 100,000 shares in 1947. Galen taking over in 1971 having to restructure the company to be better prepared financially. Noting how the Loblaws acquisition was funded is because of Weston's bread company. Galen Weston and family was the second wealthiest family in Canada. They did plan ahead of time with Galen Weston Jr taking over the day to day operations of Loblaws Companies Limited in a full-
  14. Coming soon, purchasing a one ride ticket via the Transit app. YRT Pay app is still available currently. Not sure if they plan on discontinuing their mobile app in favour of utilizing Transit app which has a bigger install base (I know I use it when in Toronto). Especially when some people like myself prefer not to come up with $4.25 in coins or those that simply just pay with a $5 bill. Of course no change is provided for overpayments.
  15. It is pretty much all electronics and a computerized system. Especially since the program has to do many calculations per second. New technology will always present issues until it becomes more stabilized with all the logistics involved. Not only more reliable, but to also accommodate more trains closer together compared to the fixed block system where trains have to be divided between the safety blocks. Helpful during the peak periods to maximize capacity on the Yonge side of Line 1.
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