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  1. Canada: Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and Island Airport (YTZ) Vancouver International Airport (YVR) Ottawa International Airport (YOW) United States: New Orleans International Airport (MSY) Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) LaGuardia Airport (LGA) Ronald Regan Washington National Airport (DCA)
  2. Pet peeve related to COVID-19: Hourly service where I am. Especially when transit operators don't want people taking the long way to their destination. So if I was waiting for a bus that I just missed and can take an alternative that is coming in 10 minutes and maybe a 45 minute bus ride (route takes 60 minutes to complete loop) versus waiting another hour for the next trip. If I get to the destination at roughly the same time, then I don't really think it matters that much other than capacity issues (regular bus is maximum of 10). Which ties into the issue that if the buses reaches capacity, some operators would just drive past people and don't call it in. If people don't know that another bus is coming, they would simply leave or make alternative arrangements because they aren't aware of that info. Noting that to get another bus could take a few minutes to half an hour depending on what run they are currently covering and who is on stand-by. Don't get me wrong, most operators will open the door and advise passengers along with transit control for assistance. Some areas, you could take the next trip and still have the same issue. It is a difficult situation with blocking off certain seats to maintain physical distancing between others along with the limited amount of resources and not being able to collect fares. It is a challenge, but these measures are in-place for a reason.
  3. Here are the new destination signs for Route 2 and 17. 2N HURONTARIO TO CITY CENTRE 2S HURONTARIO TO PORT CREDIT GO 17N HURONTARIO TO 407/GO TERMINAL 17S HURONTARIO TO CITY CENTRE Still says Hurontario on both routes. Note that both routes use the same platform to minimize walking distance for transfers at City Centre Transit Terminal. Between 10 PM until 4 AM the next day on weekdays or the final departure on weekends/holidays, you stay on the same bus if starting on the 17 and need to head south along the Route 2. No need to switch buses during the late evening/early morning hours.
  4. Now official. Rear door boarding ONLY/EXIT until April 6th (tentative depending on the situation). Those with accessibility issues can still use the front. Effective March 20th (8B-SB at 4:20 AM will be the first trip of the day). The buses have been pretty empty along with reductions along some routes. Will be interesting how they reimburse monthly pass holders for March along with people looking to buy April passes. That info is still to be confirmed.
  5. Today, I was on a Nova and D40LF and they had the seats near the operator taped off. Nova bus, it is the seat behind the operator. This is along with taping off the area right where the accessibility seating is. Which passengers are to be behind the taped line, not the yellow line. Here is a photo from a D40LF taken today. On top, 100C and 100D were not running today. Most likely to coincide with the college being closed until further notice. Especially a state of emergency announced today.
  6. That is correct since I seen someone took advantage. Didn't see any marketing. Paying the $4 plus asking for a special ticket (printed out) which is then used on the Orillia Transit bus (ticket has to be inserted) along with the $1.60 (yes, Orillia increased their cash fare to $2.60). Haven't tried with a Linx card, but will have to ask the operator on the Linx bus if they are provided for those using the smart card. Though I am more used to paying with tickets versus cash on Orillia Transit.
  7. I have seen the evening/Sunday schedule for Route 1 with the 30 minute, then one hour gap. Especially since they previously ran every 45 minutes with two buses. Instead, there are two buses running in the same direction and have a few minutes of layover. Better to have a live map handy. In other news, 69207 is rumoured to be removed from service. Still awaiting confirmation. Despite how it went through minor refurbishment (new panels). It isn't the same scale like the 2004 D40LFs that were refurbished full-scale. 69307 and 69508 are still in-service and most likely be traded off once the three replacement buses come.
  8. Nice to see you captured the final 90A and 90B departures. The 100A/100B run 7 days/week including holidays when buses run. 100C and 100D run only on weekdays to make the headway 22.5 minutes and only serves 2 stops before reconnecting for the rest of the loop. Challenge is that the 100A and 100B cover the previous 3 routing (downtown to college via Nelson), 100C and 100D retain what was from the original 100 along with Route 7 (loops directly into the college back onto Duckworth via Grove versus Bell Farm onto Duckworth). Most of the routing is the same. Difference is 100A/100B is using Grove Street, Nelson, Penetang, Mulcaster onto regular route (services 8 stops) covering the old 3 route versus 100C/100D using Blake then Collier onto regular route only serving two stops (Blake/Johnston for No Frills and 17 Blake Street) being the original 100 route. Final comments: The most interesting thing is they took three buses off other routes (3, 4 and 5) to reallocate for the new Route 100 Red/Blue. If you think the Route 100 schedule is confusing, I would avoid the Route 4 completely. Noting that you have either a 15 minute wait or 65 minutes in the daytime. Someone once asked me "when is the next 4 coming?" Me: Try 50 minutes. You are better off taking a different route if needing to head downtown.
  9. They don't accept Presto. Linx card is what is used on-board. https://www.simcoe.ca/Transit/Pages/LinxCard.aspx I don't think they allow passengers being dropped off between stops. Especially I don't think it would be safe if someone were to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Taking it a few times during the free period.
  10. I have taken the Route 100. So far I think it is positive especially servicing only 9 stops versus around 20 plus stops with 8A-NB. On top, the timing it takes is roughly around 18 minutes tops. That is a pretty good timing. Though I wish there was more uptake since some people are probably not aware or the frequency being 45 minutes/75 minutes being the major turn off. If they added another bus, then I think there will be more consistency. Though it has only been three days. Will take time for the demand to build especially when it is picking off riders from the Route 8. Especially between 2:30 PM to 6 PM, two regular buses would have went by in 75 minutes depending on where you are of course. But, the universal bus pass program guarantees this route and the late night loop for the next three years.
  11. Here is the new Route 100 sign along with a paper sign affixed indicating Route 100 stops. Haven't been along the route, but it is most likely the supervisor affixed the paper just today. Along with changing the platform sign on both downtown terminal and Georgian College. Route 100 starts on September 4th operating only on weekdays. Late night loop starts on September 7th running only on Friday and Saturday. Took this on my iPhone 8 Plus being in both portrait mode and high dynamic range (HDR). Pretty clear shot I will admit blurring out the background and focusing on the main objects here.
  12. I think the route and schedules are nice. Though, would be nice to have the standalone map instead. I literally just downloaded the remaining maps where possible before the changeover to the new format. For the 8A/8B trips originating from Park Place on evenings and Sundays, they did also have a colour code indicating that the branch will change. Which has been going on since July 27, 2014 when the merger of Routes 8 and 10 took place. Previously, it didn't display this information since not everyone knows that every :20 on the hour is 8B and every :50 is the 8A. Which I always try to communicate this information that it is ONLY Park Place trips, people should be concerned about and make alternative arrangements if they are in a rush. They also have a colour code for the late night loop. So far, my experience is positive.
  13. The new route map and schedule format has been rolled out into a more condensed format: https://www.barrie.ca/Living/Getting Around/BarrieTransit/Pages/SchedulesMaps.aspx Which is nice considering it displays information for the major stops along with an easier to find map. Saw it originally with only routes 1, 2, 11 and 100. Now on all routes to maintain consistency. Final comments: It is interesting how the 12:50 AM trip will only be the 8B-NB Crosstown. Then switch at the downtown terminal as 8A-NB RVH at 1:50 AM. Especially when it can be a bit confusing to understand doing two different branches. I am aware that evening/Sunday service, the branch changes for all trips coming from Park Place. But to be honest, for those looking to get home and don't care about the trip time as long as they get to their final destination, this is beneficial. Ontario Northland has a 12:01 AM trip from Toronto stopping in Barrie at 1:30 AM 7 days/week. The last two times I took it, there were a few people who got off, but taken their own way such as taxi to their final destination completing their trip. Will be interesting how it works out.
  14. Just saw it now. The Route 8 late night or what I call early morning is more to service the college students after the bars close. Only running on Friday and Saturday. Similar to the arrangement that Grand River Transit has running Route 91 between Wilfred Laurier University and University of Waterloo. Which those students pay into the universal bus pass in exchange for the late evening/early morning service. Along with Route 17 for Queen's University in Kingston. Not sure if the students there pay for a universal bus pass or the city just provided it out of interest. Route 100: It will be interesting on how this will work out. Though, the challenge is the 45 minute frequency. One round trip takes about 45 minutes which requires two buses to maintain if talking about the full route (between downtown to Kozlov). Where as only between downtown and the college, it would take 20 minutes one way requiring just one bus. Though 75 minutes frequency with the extension, I could probably take a regular route that runs every 30 minutes. Though it also depends on the time of day too and when the next departure is arriving too of course. Final comments: Benefits of the universal bus pass. To fund service expansions like this. Hopefully they are considering some more expansion units since it will be interesting how September works out and if it can handle the loads. Understanding that Route 100 is to supplement route 8A/B northbound. On top of how last year, they started their rebranding campaign with 1706 to 1713 with new livery. 67004 and 1202 are also rebranded with new livery.
  15. Was on the 5A Blake yesterday (66804) which had a new Luminator Horizon keypad. Similar to what the Novas have. That one had an older keypad (the one where it is just simply the older text input). Haven't checked the other D40LFs and not sure about the XD40 buses (they are designed differently especially where they are formatted). Here is the Wiki reference to what I am talking about: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Luminator_Horizon Final comments: It is a lot more automated since the next stop announcement system changes the destination signs automatically without manual input of codes other than the PR codes (such as detour, Happy Canada Day, etc.). Though I also think that it could also be an overhaul on the older buses to be better consistent with the Novas when programming in new changes such as routes too. Wanting to ensure the same platform for all buses.
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