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  1. Reading the documents and how the current capacity is 296 40 ft regular buses which there is plans to provision 55 Orlando Avenue to accommodate 420 40 ft regular buses to take in the buses from Southeast while handling the rapid transit functions of Viva fleet. Off-hand I know that already handle 90/90B Leslie buses at the BRT Division on Orlando Avenue since Southeast yard doesn't have the capacity to handle articulated buses. Having a region owned garage definitely brought in more bidders to bid on the operations contract. As you mentioned, the contractor owned yard gives more leverage into renewal if the region can't find a suitable place to store their buses once done operations for the day. Dealing with storing buses on the available site.
  2. Ouch. Especially since they have to inspect the 7000 series cars which is the newer rolling stock. Having to conduct maintenance checks and conduct repairs if required to address the issue. Better than risk having it derail with passengers on-board and deal with a higher risk of liability. Running every half hour on all lines will be a bit difficult depending on how much passenger volume is received right now. Some sections have two or three lines operating to provide combined service. At the same time, the only remaining trains available for service having to take on multiple trips with one vehicle leading to a higher load on that one vehicle.
  3. Just downloaded my proof of vaccination with QR code. Handy if travelling internationally which shows the country where the proof was authorized along with the province/territory the vaccination took place in. Showing both doses and the dates administered. Some venues requiring proof of vaccination or negative test depending on what regulations are provided. The QR code can be inputted into the Health app on iPhone. You can simply show your proof of vaccination digitally and it will provide the same information. I remember reading about Zoom and the issues they had regarding capacity, security and privacy concerns. A small platform that can handle hundreds of users at once for a Zoom meeting and not having enough capacity for the demand used by businesses and governments with large meetings. Don't get me started on Zoom fatigue (there was a question on The Chase ABC version about it). I don't think some people like to be in video meetings for several hours and having to prepare for those meetings and making sure their equipment works. I once tried an online class and did so badly that I would rather take in-person classes if available. Assuming if you can get a response from the administrator or professor in a timely manner.
  4. Effective November 8th, US will accept travellers with mixed doses. Considering the uncertainty for those that take the first they are offered rather than wait and do it under recommended timelines between the two doses. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/u-s-canadian-travellers-mixed-vaccines-1.6213176?fbclid=IwAR3mOFr-cLR_Yf0P_FJrckGm5ozUb7dXX9jbxKwKM7_Gwrrw71jhBtVNQhk The requirement of a negative COVID test is still required for air travel into the US. Land entry only requires proof of vaccination. Coming back into Canada either by land or air requires a negative COVID test which has to be PCR, NAT/NAAT or RT-LAMP test taken within the last 72 hours prior to entry into Canada. On the topic of negative tests required for air travel into the US, there is also talk of shifting the verification of negative tests and proof of vaccination to CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) instead of relying on the gate agents who may not check being in a rush. This is along with the dozens of gates versus the few access points that require going through a security checkpoint before boarding. https://ottawacitizen.com/pmn/news-pmn/canada-news-pmn/ottawa-eyes-charging-airport-security-with-vaccine-verification-for-travellers/wcm/eb0339bc-136a-401f-b985-b2bd7a0b29af?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1xR9HDmON0zetd5oswweThABhG4woppB_e5CPjt1dspW2Wfc6JMbxgAM8#Echobox=1634306972
  5. I got a special gift card promotion that I get 10 percent back in points for spending $50 on a McDonald's gift card minimum. First time I have ever got one ever since McDonald's usually doesn't do discounts on their gift cards at the retail level usually. A pretty rare offer.
  6. Can confirm that Scotiabank is the only lender that issues all three major credit card types (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). Just saw BMO introduce their suite of Visa cards most notably Visa Infinite and Infinite Privilege. Especially targeting the high net worth/high spenders who bring in a lot of income or spend a lot on their cards. Trying to figure out how to generate additional revenue along with the competition from other card issuers fighting for the same business of credit cards. Credit cards are a pretty lucrative business especially with the interest rate charged.
  7. The US land border reopens next month. Especially after 18 months of closing the land border and the only way is through an airline flight. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/us-canada-border-reopen-1.6208838?fbclid=IwAR08gAYKFrBZ4lS_-QsjHnsGJLA7GWeH-dJKI1mwGXUuP-rC_i1ribY--A4
  8. Just noticed yesterday they finally rolled out the new version that shows monthly pass or transfer time remaining at subway stations. Seen at Union and Dundas. All stations should have it pretty soon if not already have the capability of showing the additional info.
  9. Just saw James Bond No Time To Die. First movie I have seen since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic along with having to show my photo ID along with proof of vaccination (only need to show the second dose sheet). It is nice to see a film in-person considering mine was 4DX and before capacity limits were lifted effective October 9th at midnight in Ontario. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ontario-lifts-covid-19-capacity-restrictions-for-venues-used-for-concerts-sports-and-movie-theatres-1.5616962?fbclid=IwAR3EWtVPkCPad5XTqqtsA6NxrZ_4WhG9yb2FyqvpuNs5zq1bhhKK2MVEuNA To be honest, I have always avoided sitting beside another person in movie theatres even before COVID-19. Regarding lifting capacity limits for concerts and sporting events, I guess most likely they are trying to bring back live events with thousands of people. Being pretty long and other areas lifting such restrictions and allowing live entertainment.
  10. 2103 was also out on the 55 Davis Drive (October 8/21) Verified by Transsee
  11. Air Canada is planning to operate a route between Toronto Island Airport and Ottawa International Airport starting October 31st. Four trips to Ottawa and four trips to Toronto daily. With plans to increase to 8 trips daily in Summer 2022. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/air-canada-launching-new-ottawa-toronto-island-route-this-fall-1.5615311?fbclid=IwAR3mhfy91TyiT2pCK5rZOBpZJF5_FGPTwxCaTBJJDlRRxPRk68VEeXodQo0 I know Porter Airlines operates the stretch between Toronto Island Airport and Ottawa International Airport taking a trip once including return trip. A lot more convenient than trying to catch a flight from Pearson International Airport to Ottawa or a train/bus ride taking several hours.
  12. Triangle Rewards (Canadian Tire loyalty program) just rolled out invitations for their paid premium subscription Triangle Select which is $89/year and doesn't renew automatically. Customer has to request an additional year before the subscription expires. 10x the Canadian Tire money on most purchases within the Canadian Tire suite of stores along with a 25x the Canadian Tire money on select brands. Plus an annual top up of 20x the Canadian Tire money on the largest Canadian Tire purchase and second most expensive purchase at a store within the Canadian Tire suite. I know that Cineplex rolled out their monthly subscription program with more perks. Of course stores are trying to generate more revenue with Costco operating on the membership model for years which generates most of their profits. Minimal costs for maximum benefit.
  13. Article here along with list of routes it can be seen on: http://www.ttc.ca/Riding_the_TTC/Fabric.jsp Visual in the tweet attached:
  14. Especially with a whistleblower appearing on 60 Minutes (TV show). Probably a coincidence since maybe a rogue employee decided to take down the social media network for as long as possible. Here is a link to the video:
  15. I know they did shut down some sections for around a week. St. George to St. Andrew was replaced with shuttle buses for 10 days on several different occasions with shuttle buses operating with peak periods operating every minute. Due to tunnel maintenance and other work that requires trains not to operate. Sheppard West to Wilson: Switch and track maintenance Finch to Sheppard-Yonge: Tunnel and signal upgrades Never forget the time when there was a discussion years ago back in 2014 regarding how to address the track bed near Davisville Station which there were talks of a two month closure to address the issue. Before that proposal was scrapped because the bus replacement shuttle plan was unrealistic and not workable. Instead opting to work with a different solution which would take longer, but address the underlying issue.
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