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  1. I have considered moving to a different area. It is more of financial cost and other logistical challenges to make that happen. Especially with the cost of living such as rent being expensive and hard to afford along with inflation increasing the cost of essentials such as food and utilities. It is a big uphill battle with managing what is going on. Vancouver is a nice place to live since you live along the ocean and have all the amenities there. I visited back in February 2018 and it was a big adjustment dealing with snow and only dealing with rain and a more humid climate. Reminds me of Vegas and how humid it can be with all the special stuff along The Strip. I personally prefer a place where I don't need a car to get around. Take public transit to get everywhere along with a reasonable frequency. I know Toronto has that along major corridors along with the Blue Night Network that covers most of the city overnight.
  2. To avoid a repeat of the issues that occurred in the first few months of Confederation Line opening, the Trillium Line requirements are going to be a lot stricter and with a longer time of testing before launch. One key aspect is that there will be two weeks of planned simulated service and the required percentage is 98.5 percent reliability. This trial time period will also stress test the system along with covering different scenarios that can occur. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/trillium-line-will-undergo-21-consecutive-days-of-testing-before-launch-1.5922060?cid=sm%3Atrueanthem%3Actvottawa%3Atwitterpost&taid=6291cf8035dfdc0001d29ad9&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter I still remember how Confederation Line required 12 consecutive days without any major failures with progress being tracked by day. If an issue were to occur on day 9, it would be addressed and the clock reset back to day one. Except that was not applied and simply the metrics to achieve revenue service was changed to meet the scheduled deadline. Leading to resources being drawn from other areas and struggling to figure out how to best handle the situation in a timely manner. At the same time, actions speak louder than words. Especially trying to ramp up service when it isn't ready along with not being prepared has consequences.
  3. Saw that tweet and was going to edit my post to account for that one too. From the replies, it is Sixth and St. Bernard on the Route 93 in Blossom Park. Used to live near the area around a decade ago. A second close call especially with how I did read about how Merivale Road near the mall will be closed for several days due to downed hydro lines with cars trapped underneath. Seeing the damage along that corridor and needing to replace all those hydro poles will take time especially with the additional resources being requested from neighbouring utility companies that have staff available to assist. OC Transpo just put out a service alert indicating tomorrow, all school trips will not operate on May 24th.
  4. A photo on Twitter regarding the detour from Iris. A close call especially since reading how much storm damage has occurred around the city.
  5. Not sure on that one regarding legacy day passes valid as a group pass on weekends/holidays. I would assume that it isn't valid as a group pass, but I would contact customer service and ask regarding your inquiry just in case you choose to travel with more than one person.
  6. They are still valid since no end date has been implemented. Someone asked TTC Customer Service last month via Twitter regarding validity. Better to use them up if you can since right now, there are no refunds or exchanges on unused passes. I still remember the paper day pass and how you had to use the main entrance to enter the station. Since the auto entrances are only programmed to accept tokens, weekly and monthly passes since they have the magnetic stripe and yo would swipe at the entrance.
  7. Just saw it on the TTC notices Twitter. Especially how shuttle buses were asked to be extended from Woodbine to Kennedy on Line 2 until the P1 could be addressed. Line 4 on the other-hand, apparently people are still waiting long periods for shuttle buses. The 85A Sheppard East between Sheppard-Yonge and Don Mills exist, but no way they can handle it on a 20 minute frequency with the amount of passenger volume. Today is not a good day with two different P1s happening in a short period of time.
  8. From VivaNext on Facebook. Testing and training of operators to navigate around Cornell Transit Terminal. https://www.facebook.com/vivaNext/posts/10159046455377967 Looks like they borrowed e2105 from North Division as part of the testing to ensure it can navigate and get around the terminal. Still planned for summer 2022 opening. Exact date still to be confirmed.
  9. The A330 Van Hool buses were purchased in 2005/2006 as part of the base order to launch Viva in September 2005. Plus they have been refurbished in 2012/2013 to extend their lifecycle to 18 years instead of 12 years. Being retained until most likely 2024 at this rate to ensure service needs are covered. Especially with the logistical challenges of support such as getting parts and other support is difficult due to Van Hool being based in Belgium. I would think they want to remove any Van Hool buses from the fleet as soon as they can, but it isn't possible if they don't have enough replacement buses to bridge the gap. You are referring to this comment here: Especially since YRT may not need as many buses with the direction of how much they need in peak service (AM/PM peak). At the same time, the contracts they issue for bus replacements and expansion units are usually issued for x amount of years with y amount of units. Some transit agencies have an annual budget cycle replacing the oldest buses before reliability is impacted to a severe level while others may simply hold on a bit longer to maximize the lifecycle and service needs.
  10. Considering that they have reached 18 years and being difficult to maintain, the writing was pretty much on the wall when they will be retired. The last conventional bus replacement award was back in 2017 which was for three years. Two of the years were fulfilled which were the 18xx and 1901 to 1908. Most likely they are going to utilize the final year of bus replacements in the contract when they retire the 3xx buses.
  11. Ontario Northland doesn't have the capacity to handle $1 fares especially with the supply and demand metric similar to airlines and the limited amount of buses and operators with the current bus shortage. Sometimes, they may add an overflow bus on some runs. But I can't imagine offering a $1 fare between North Bay and Toronto with the amount of resources and operating costs involved. Go Transit may have more capacity on their trains, but buses it will be an uphill battle because they only have so many operators and seats. They are based on distance and have trialed lower fares for shorter distances along with creating new fare zones to compensate along with free transfers between local agencies without having to pay any extra. I think the big issue is more about frequency since a place like Toronto has a lot more transit than somewhere like York Region where the frequencies are extremely limited along some routes. Some people wouldn't take it even if it was $1/fare and given a two hour transfer. If the bus only operates every 75 minutes, how is that more effective than a 10 minute car ride to the same destination without waiting. The proposal is simply to rebuild ridership that was lost due to COVID-19 and how transit agencies had big drops of around 80 to 90 percent. Of course, I think it will be difficult for transit agencies to work with a $1 transit fare for all fare classes even though the Liberal government will subsidize the costs of providing the $1 fare.
  12. For those wondering when Cornell Transit Terminal will open, it is hinted in the summer. Pending final touches on the physical infrastructure along with operator training from BRT and Southeast divisions. Having to navigate around and know where to platform and layup before starting their trip. Right now, the completion percentage is updated to 92 percent. https://www.vivanext.com/news_releases/2022-05-02-yrrtc-newsrelease-cornell-epk YRT has a new webpage for the terminal here: https://www.yrt.ca/en/about-us/cornell-bus-terminal.aspx The address is 467 Rustle Woods Avenue. Cornell Transit Terminal will either open in early July or early September which is when the next batch of service changes will occur. Especially with the challenges of the project and how it has been delayed several times.
  13. Copy and paste from the same article I posted in the Trillium Line thread, but for Confederation Line details. No delays for the eastern extension (Blair to Trim Park and Ride). That is scheduled for November 2024. Western extension, the builder has identified a 3 month possible delay. The work is more complicated due to the underground tunnel that is required. Next schedule update is in July and the scheduled plan is to open by May 2025. Seven vehicles from the expansion order are currently in revenue service. 1 is in the process of being accepted after completing testing while 1 other unit is still going through testing along the line. 15 in final production while 14 are still in production with Alstom. All expansion units expected to be delivered by the end of 2023. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/trillium-line-now-facing-a-12-month-delay-to-august-2023?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3uMQIgCns-umQbHoZ6EyuMNtBmybtamCtO_OE3gW4dXOyrGiF1PP0hgNY#Echobox=1651273808
  14. Trillium Line extension has now been pushed to August 2023 due to COVID-19. Though I think it could be other factors such as labour shortages and supply chain issues getting required materials to build. The goal is substantial completion done by the end of 2022. Testing and commissioning to begin early 2023. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/trillium-line-now-facing-a-12-month-delay-to-august-2023?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3uMQIgCns-umQbHoZ6EyuMNtBmybtamCtO_OE3gW4dXOyrGiF1PP0hgNY#Echobox=1651273808
  15. The Q70 Select Bus Service will be free effective May 1st as a temporary measure to better determine how to better service LaGuardia Airport. I have taken the Q70 once heading from the subway to the airport and it is a pretty reliable shuttle along with being a Select Bus Service route utilizing proof of payment fares. This is back in 2019 when it was operated with XD40 buses where as now, it operates with XD60 articulated buses operating around the clock 24 hours every day. I don't expect the route to collect many fares to begin with since those connecting with this route usually use it to connect to the airport or the subway. The fare is paid either way regardless. Some people are suggesting the M60 Select Bus Service should also be included. At the same time, it is a much longer route versus Q70 which is shorter and connects directly to two subway stations to provide an easier connection to Manhattan borough where as the M60 being a lot longer, traffic and other delays can occur.
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