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  1. I mostly use UberEats, but I can understand the concerns/issues regarding fees for both customers and the restaurant. Especially for the smaller businesses, it can be pretty much a loss on the entire order unless they increase the markup to compensate. Operating on very thin profit margins to stay afloat. On top, where the tip goes. Food delivery platforms would take a cut of that before being transparent on saying "the tip goes entirely to the delivery worker." KFC was charging $2.99 for delivery via UberEats for me. It was previously $1.99 and before that, was the standard rate of 99 cents. Before the 10 percent service fee. For under $12 orders, it is an extra $2. The pricing is the same as the restaurant. Except, I am less than 5 minutes driving from KFC. I have ordered from businesses that are 20 minutes away and they charge the standard 99 cents plus the service fee. Sometimes, it is easier to just go directly into the business versus just ordering via a food delivery app. Convenience is pretty much what drives the food delivery platforms.
  2. Finally got my refund on the March monthly pass at a higher amount than I expected. This was due to COVID-19 restricting front door boarding along with passenger limits. The amount was pro-rated from when service was free (March 20th) up until the end of March. Didn't buy a pass from April to July. August is when I got a new pass. Would have been easier to use the credit from the old pass to the new pass, but I don't think the staff would have gotten the info or authorization to process refunds until paid service resumed. On top, the accounting since no money is being deducted. Considering that transit agencies are getting funding to cover lost revenue and maintain current operations.
  3. I think they will probably order more Toronto Rocket trains to replace the T1s on Line 2. To ensure a consistent fleet between all three subway lines. In case if one is short, they can swap between if required. Or most likely push the trains on Line 1 to Line 2 if going with a different supplier. Depending on what is brought in those proposals. Subway technology has changed over the last 10 years. Drawing from New York and the R211 which their design included Wi-Fi plus USB charging currently in the design and testing phase. Though the R179 trains made by Bombardier have had reliability and manufacturing defects. Toronto Rocket trains also had issues too during the first few months, but it is new technology and hard to iron out the bugs until the final users actually use the new system.
  4. Interesting enough, there was one person who went to Shoppers Drug Mart in Niagara Falls to remove the physical distance markers/decals and literally said "I only comply with police." Noting he wasn't wearing a mask and he had two friends record the incident which is on Youtube. To be honest, he didn't garner a lot of support especially with the dislikes and comments. At least he got arrested by police for mischief to the store's property. Wonder if it was really worth the criminal charge just because of how the store is mandated to have specific measures in-place. Here is the link: https://www.niagarafallsreview.ca/news/crime/2020/08/04/scraping-arrows-off-shoppers-drug-mart-floor-leads-to-criminal-charge-against-niagara-falls-man.html
  5. No. They are still working with GTAA (airport authority) on how to connect the line to the airport. Here is a link to the current proposed map and setup. https://www.infrastructureontario.ca/Eglinton-Crosstown-West-Extension/ Jane, Scarlett, Royal York, Islington, Kipling and Renforth are the confirmed stations via the underground route. First link is missing the Pearson concept alignment. In this link here: http://www.metrolinx.com/en/greaterregion/projects/eglinton-crosstown-west.aspx
  6. The contract for tunnelling is now shortlisted for the Eglinton Crosstown west extension. Final contract awarded in mid-2021. A separate contract will be issued to complete the rest of the work (building stations, installing rails and signals and commissioning service). Link here: https://www.infrastructureontario.ca/Teams-Shortlisted-Eglinton-Crosstown-Scarborough-Advance-Tunnel/ The shortlisted teams (copy and paste): Eglinton Crosstown West Extension Advanced Tunnel Project FAST EGLINTON GROUP Applicant Leads: FCC Construccion S.A., Astaldi Canada Enterprises Inc., Salini-Impregilo S.p.A. Design Team: COWI North America, AECOM Canada, Arcadis Canada Inc., Tunnel and Bridge Technologies Inc. Construction Team: FCC Construccion S.A., Astaldi Canada Design & Construction, Inc., Salini-Impregilo S.p.A. NORTH AMERICAN TUNNEL PARTNERS Applicant Leads: EllisDon Capital, Inc., Barnard LP Design Team: McMillen Jacobs Associates, Aldea Services LLC, Englobe Corp., Lea Consulting, Ltd. Construction Team: Barnard Constructors of Canada LP, Kenaidan Contracting Ltd. Financial Advisor: EllisDon Capital Inc. WEST END CONNECTORS Applicant Leads: Dragados Canada Inc., Aecon Infrastructure Management. Inc., Ghella Canada Ltd. Design Team: TYPSA Inc., EXP Services Inc. Construction Team: Dragados Canada Inc., Aecon Infrastructure Management. Inc., Ghella Canada Ltd. Financial Advisor: ACS Infrastructure Canada, Aecon Concessions, Scotiabank Capital, Ghella Investments & Partnerships
  7. The spider that got away a few days ago landed on me. I literally brushed it off me and squished it. Literally freaking out. At least the threat is over along with not being bitten that I know of right now. Some are harmless, but better safe than sorry.
  8. Somehow, I was relying on the bus tracker and the bus GPS was frozen at x location. When it was at the terminus. What was even worse, I got on and the operator said "oh no, this is x route. Not the one you are looking for." Which a relief operator took over and changed it to the correct route once leaving the terminus. Ended up having to take a different bus and walk 1 kilometre in the dark. Interesting enough, it was a senior operator who has done the route before and somehow didn't notice the mistake. Arguing with the operator wouldn't do any better because some don't want to admit they are wrong. Regular fares are resuming on Saturday for my local transit system. Though trying to deal with it on an hourly schedule is really not helping. On a cost benefit analysis, it is probably easier for me to buy a monthly pass than scrounge for cash fare and asking for transfer. I don't know what people would do without computers. Especially I remember calling customer service for a transit agency and if you called during the day, it would be a pretty long time on hold (some cases, it would be 45 minutes to an hour). If they did bookings in-person, I think it would be a lot worse with people lining up in the early morning.
  9. The nice thing with printed transfers is only restocking when it is low versus with pre-printed transfers, operators are given a book of 50 and the transit agency having to plan around how much stock is needed. I once seen a 101E Dundas Express that had no books of transfers and simply told passengers paying with cash or ticket to explain to the next operator for the next bus being taken. I know operators cut them at a certain time from the start of their trip. Never forget they had to create new pre-printed transfers to cover the Monday to Friday 24 hour service.
  10. Heard about this new track on the radio. Which reminds me of The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey back in 2016. Though still enjoying Folklore (album) by Taylor Swift. Music to hold me over right now.
  11. I was at Walmart yesterday evening (just before 9 PM) and the wife and daughter go in with masks. The husband doesn't go with a mask and the security guard literally stops asking "why are you not wearing a mask." The man responds "because I am with my wife and daughter. I don't need to wear a mask." Didn't stay around long enough for what the man would do next. Since it could easily turn violent. Noting that masks are mandatory in all indoor public places. Especially in retail stores where people need to pick up essentials.
  12. The topic of video games. Here are a few takeaways. 2K Games is increasing the price of 2K21 for the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 to $89.99 which is a $10 increase from $79.99. The old price is retained for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 version. Ubisoft is maintaining the $79.99 price point for next-generation consoles to try and not risk losing sales despite the cost of game development being pretty high. Having to cover the costs somewhere either through a price increase or microtransactions (purchase in-game items with real life money). Xbox Game Showcase was yesterday. With Halo Infinite and Forza Motorsport being one of the games announced. Good thing for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate only paying for the subscription fee versus having to pay for two separate games. Microsoft is relying on people paying the premium package especially Xbox Live Gold 12 month discontinued through Microsoft. Retailers, you can still purchase a 12 month I am pretty sure via physical card. It is always nice to have some entertainment. Especially what games can deliver and be beneficial during quarantine/lockdown. More of an Xbox person because of the ecosystem and investment put in. Not as much in Nintendo Switch or Playstation despite seeing the exclusives on both platforms.
  13. Going through the album Folklore by Taylor Swift. Especially since she just released her last album Lover on August 23, 2019 (11 months ago). A year ago, she released a track called The Archer. Listening in order. The 1 by Taylor Swift (first track) reminds me of The One That Got Away by Katy Perry (released on her album Teenage Dream original almost 10 years ago). Good thing we have the "general lounge" to discuss everything else beyond transit. Especially since when I had transit as an interest 10 years ago, people said "it is a very weird obsession" to "how can you make this a career." There have been a few people who have made careers in transit. Along with connecting to other people who share similar interests or share such content. Next month, Katy Perry releases her new album Smile. Though, my favourite album from hers is Teenage Dream. Will probably write a follow-up to the new album later. Right now, just want to enjoy the new Taylor Swift album.
  14. 2004 along with 2001 is now in revenue service on 20 Jane today. Confirmed via Transsee. Slowly phasing in the new XD60 buses in exchange for the refurbished Van Hool buses.
  15. Masks will be mandatory starting this upcoming Tuesday on Go Transit and Union Pearson Express. If the passenger doesn't have a mask/face covering, they are to not be turned away. Especially if someone finishes work in Toronto and heading home, don't have to leave them stranded figuring out an alternative. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2020/07/17/masks-will-be-mandatory-on-go-transit-vehicles-starting-tuesday.html
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