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  1. Barrie Transit

    Just to update the list knowing it is compiled from individual threads regarding bus statuses in this thread. Refurbished: 66804, 67404, 67604 Retired/Scrapped: 66402, 66502, 67104, 67304, 67506, 67704, 67904, 68206, 68306 In-Service: 1701 to 1708 Training: 1709 EDIT: 1708 was spotted in-service today
  2. Barrie Transit

    1707 is out on the 8A currently. Next departure times from the downtown terminal: 3:20 PM (Yonge) 4:50 PM (RVH) 5:50 PM (Yonge) Then heads back to the yard after finishing at 7:20 PM because that is when the 8Bs take over at the :20 time slot.
  3. Barrie Transit

    It is hard to describe without the visual aid. For those looking for 1706, it is on the 8B right now. Next departure from downtown is 1:50 PM. Next departures from downtown today (assuming no trade off occurs): 3:20 PM 4:20 PM 5:50 PM 6:50 PM 8:20 PM 9:20 PM 10:50 PM (goes out of service at 11:50 PM and then heads back to the yard).
  4. Barrie Transit

    Correct. I couldn't get photos since I spotted it downtown and there were pillars blocking the best shot possible. 1706 isn't out today. Last few days, it has been on the 3A/3B. Though, it may most likely change if out tomorrow.
  5. Barrie Transit

    It has the decals on 1706 (newest in-service) with a different kind. I don't have the photos, but it is to reflect the new city logo.
  6. Barrie Transit

    Just saw it tonight at 10:22 PM at the downtown terminal. Noticed the difference since it looked a bit unfinished on the interior decals.
  7. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    They just started laying down the track in the tunnels now. Which I definitely think it is going to be a real challenge especially as mentioned, have to ensure the signals and wiring are installed before they can test and train. Especially if there is a situation in the tunnel, they would also need to know evacuation procedures and emergency exits. If they were so confident in the schedule, they would say something which was originally May 2018. But I don't think there is much confidence especially knowing that they simply said, "we don't commit ourselves to a timeframe." Not really answering the question or saying, "there are more challenges than expected in this large scale design."
  8. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    It will definitely be useful especially knowing that they have ran the bus model since they had Canada Day Celebrations. Knowing that one train car can carry up to 300 people. That is equivalent to 3 articulated buses. Add another doubles the capacity and so on.
  9. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Hopefully it will also nail down the date of when the Confederation line will be opening knowing the original date was May 25, 2018. At the same time, it most likely will tell what the current status is and most likely the testing. Knowing that it is pretty comprehensive along with the challenges faced over the last few years with detours. Looking forward to what they have to say.
  10. GOA transit news, info etc

    I think we all knew this was going to happen. Especially when knowing the Confederation line is supposed to open next year. An update next week (December 15th) on the status. Knowing that it will be a significant adjustment from bus rapid transit to light rail transit.
  11. D60LF (6351-6403) Refurbishment

    Interesting. Knowing that they are still the very few remaining D60LF buses remaining. Knowing they are trying to the fleet together to ensure enough availability. Unsure what the exact requirements are because the final network plan isn't in stone yet. Along with being very large-scale, will take time to get the formula right.
  12. Double decker bus order

    Wonder what they are sitting there for? I guess taking the time to get staff to complete their shakedown tests and then final acceptance? Knowing that service changes will be coming soon. But, I don't think the new buses will be fully utilized until the new year especially when there are service reductions during the holiday weeks.
  13. Hurdman to Downtown via King Edward?

    95 hasn't serviced Hurdman in almost 2 years now to do the loop. Like what others said, take the 98 as your best option.
  14. Barrie Transit

    Thanks Cimon. I didn't think they would also be using very old route codes (pre-2013) along with being pretty white. If it wasn't for the public transit infrastructure fund, they wouldn't be able to do more than 4 replacements. Especially the 04s really on their last legs with a few refurbished to keep them together. Knowing half the cost is covered by the federal government.
  15. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    The City of Ottawa did state that 16 trains are completed from the last update. Just a few of the many vehicles that will eventually reach up to 34 cars. Stage 2 most likely increasing the amount of required cars especially being more comprehensive on reaching the bigger areas.