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  1. Regarding the Ontario Photo ID card, someone asked on Facebook to Service Ontario regarding why a driver's license is required to renew online. It is to authenticate the residency requirement which is 153 days in any 12 month period along with Ontario being the primary residence. I mean an Ontario Photo ID card can also take the place of the driver's license to verify residency requirement for those that cannot drive or make it to an in-person location to renew. Noting that photo validity is 10 years in-line with passport photos once a passport application is processed successfully. 5 yea
  2. When they figure out how to print transfers that work on the turnstiles. Especially with the downtown U section on Line 1 except for Wellesley which don't have fare paid zones. Having to show transfer for the ticket collector to verify before letting the passenger through. Off-hand I know Ottawa's OC Transpo has the QR reader code for the regular transfers and one day passes that can be scanned at the turnstiles. Vancouver on the other hand, if you pay with cash on-board a bus route and transferring to SkyTrain, the passenger would have to purchase a new ticket at the station that will w
  3. Decided to grab some Uncle Tetsu cheesecake. Especially with how precise their measurements are along with the quality of ingredients. I always buy one when I have an opportunity.
  4. UP Express means Union Pearson Express. The marketing is how it can get you between Union (downtown) and Pearson International Airport in 25 minutes. Only stopping at Bloor (Dundas West) and Weston (Weston and Lawrence) before heading to the airport. The pricing is more expensive at $12.35 for the three stop journey or $9.25 with a Presto card if riding under the adult/student fare class. TTC has their own shop. Link here: https://www.ttcshop.ca Metrolinx oversees Go Transit, Presto and Union Pearson Express along with regional planning. Local transit agencies are managed by the res
  5. York University Go Station to close permanently to make room for adding additional tracks. The writing was on the wall for many years noting that service to York University Go Station was reduced once Downsview Go Station opened providing a connection to the subway (Line 1 Yonge-University). Walk to York University from the Go Train station being around 20 minutes or taking the shuttle bus. https://blog.metrolinx.com/2021/07/19/york-university-go-station-closes-to-make-way-for-barrie-line-expansion/?fbclid=IwAR20xx_LR4nEA3q506apD9OLyhWVBDlOelS-9gdAU1s03vyTYou5DmlAHEA
  6. The schedule has been posted for Route 6 Midland to Orillia. From both Midland Georgian College campus and Lakehead campus in Orillia: Departures are hourly from 6 AM to 6 PM on weekdays only with two buses. Route 6 will ONLY connect with Route 3 at Lakehead University which the frequency has been adjusted to compensate connecting between the two routes. Route changes effective August 3rd for Route 3: Route 3 Barrie to Orillia will operate every two hours instead of every 100 minutes (1 hour and 40 minutes). Here is the new first and last departures with a departure every
  7. Just received my replacement credit card in the mail since my current one was close to expiring, so the issuer sent me a new card before the month of expiry. Difference from the previous time is that I activated it online with the special code attached when I logged onto my online account. This is along with verifying other information and how the process is protected by two-step verification. Something that should be mandatory with online services that handle sensitive info. Some issuers are providing an option to activate online than deal with the automated phone system. I once ha
  8. I remember when I first visited Vancouver I could either use Vancouver City Centre on the Canada Line or Granville on the Expo Line. Depending on the destination. Taking Granville is very shallow taking a few escalators down. Taking a few minutes from the street entrance on Seymour Street until reaching the platform. Reading that it has also undergone similar work to replace the escalators taking the same amount of time to install the upgrades to the station. An explainer video has been posted by Translink:
  9. Considering they had 16 months to figure out something. Especially with the controversy regarding the World Health Organization saying "vaccines shouldn't be mixed with the two doses." Before they backtracked on their wording with some regions mixing two different vaccines because of the limited supply with some products. They say there is an end to the pandemic. You would think there would be an end game plan, but instead they somehow must have either forgotten or deferred it. Especially some businesses are short-staffed too with some employees putting in their resignation notic
  10. The amount of incidents on-board aircraft and airports have increased this year. Especially how people are outraged about how flight attendants and other passengers assisted in duct taping a passenger who had a mental breakdown and tried to open a door. Of course when 30,000 feet up in the air, you can't do much other than hope that passengers step in and assist in controlling the trouble passenger until proper authorities step-in and handle the situation. FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) taking a zero tolerance policy and issuing fines to those that cause trouble.
  11. Megabus is rolling out a new route between Toronto Union Station and London Flying J Travel Centre on 3700 Highbury South effective July 15th. Operated by a contractor called Badder Bus. From Toronto Union Station: 10:45 AM arriving at London at 1:50 PM and 4:30 PM arriving in London at 7:35 PM. From London Flying J Travel Centre: 6:30 AM arriving in Toronto at 9:35 AM and 12:05 PM arriving at 3:10 PM in Toronto. Regarding the terminus for London, the closest transit route is Route 30 White Oaks Mall-Cheesecake Factory Road which only operates during the peak periods at
  12. Porter Airlines plans on adding new destinations and operating out of Pearson International Airport to serve farther destinations with new planes. Expected in mid-2022 pending delivery of new airplanes along with training employees on how to operate and prepare for the long-haul flights. I wouldn't mind trying out Porter Airlines noting only Air Canada and Westjet are the two major competitors that cover the major routes. https://www.flyporter.com/en-ca/about-porter/porter-and-embraer
  13. That is correct. Especially with Bay Lower being used for filming different kinds of films in the past.
  14. Apple just rolled out a new version of gift card that will work everything Apple. Instead of iTunes/App Store gift cards and the retail gift card which were previously separate and confused customers who would think one would work with the other. The trade-off is that any promotions or discounts are most likely discontinued. Still to be confirmed since the iTunes/App Store gift cards go on discount/reward points regularly from time to time depending on the retailer. At least it is handy for those that want to buy a refurbished product and don't have a credit card for the transaction becau
  15. Just got my second dose today which is Moderna. First dose is Pfizer which the batch is allocated to the 12 to 17 age group depending on how many bookings they get. I could try tomorrow and get a Pfizer shot, but I would rather get it done since I would rather not risk a no-show appointment and not gamble on a walk-in. Since they only have so much supply on-hand to accommodate. In other news, Pfizer is already working on a booster shot to address the COVID-19 variants. Working on submitting the data before mass distribution to ensure effectiveness against the new threat. https://glo
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