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  1. GTAmissions1

    OC and STO service disruptions

    Looks like it was a copper theft that caused delays this time around.
  2. GTAmissions1

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    The only reason transit agencies are getting them is because of the Metrolinx Transit Procurement Initiative with the volume discount attached. The volume discount only being provided after a large order to generate savings. Mississauga ordered some Xcelisor buses just for the MiExpress fleet. Differentiate between the MiLocal buses from the rebranding campaign a few years ago. The Novas are reserved for the local service.
  3. GTAmissions1

    Invero Light Rebuild Project

    Thanks for your updates. I guess they are most likely saving them for the new buses instead. Also forgot to note I did see 4370 a few days ago (most likely Sunday) and was checking through the thread seeing if it was refurbished. Nice to see you confirmed it did come back from the contractor.
  4. GTAmissions1

    GOA transit news, info etc

    Thanks JCL. I noticed there was only one out on the 6 today. The majority covered by articulated buses. Looking forward to seeing how effective it will be on more routes. Especially when I have seen some 99 trips covered by a double decker (Barrhaven Centre) last Friday. Noting that the 91 and 95 have already taken a frequency reduction when running double deckers (7.5 minutes combined frequency or 15 minutes). At least some more high volume routes are added to the mix now beyond 91 and 95.
  5. GTAmissions1

    Invero Light Rebuild Project

    Taking your rumour about Novas coming this January with a grain of salt. Because I don't see an announcement from Nova themselves regarding that. Unless they are taking advantage of the bus procurement program by Metrolinx. But I don't see why OC Transpo needs to take advantage if they buy a large amount of inventory to get the volume discount. Especially with their past purchase history with New Flyer and Alexander Dennis in the last 10 years. I have seen refurbished buses get the new livery as part of the rebranding campaign from other transit agencies. TTC installs the new livery when a bus goes to get refurbished. I think the assumption of Nova buses came from the Metronlix procurement program. On top of being two major bus manufacturers for 40 ft buses. New Flyer being the only other one regarding replacement 40 ft buses. Either way, it will be a significant change for operators on how to handle the new buses.
  6. GTAmissions1

    STO and OC Transpo Routes

    Always love when they make mistakes on the major system maps. Especially when ones like this are pretty noticeable.
  7. GTAmissions1

    GOA transit news, info etc

    When I was in Vancouver last February, it would print a special ticket that can be tapped on the payment device. That is how I would think of how it would work. On the Compass device, it would show the expiry date (currently day passes show 3 AM of the next day to avoid the risk of dispute at OC Transpo). Presto has been discussing implementing limited use media (paper tickets) for those that don't have a Presto card. Especially for tourists that don't like shelling out $6.00 for a card plus a $10 minimum load, but $5.00 minimum at a ticket vending machine.
  8. GTAmissions1

    The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    It is the only suburb that doesn't have rail transit planned (other than Kanata which is in Stage 3, Orleans and Riverside South covered in Stage 2). Better to get the ball rolling when funding does become available. Especially with the major challenge of how to build the tracks between Baseline and Fallowfield especially with the many different intersections and traffic lights along this corridor.
  9. GTAmissions1

    Barrie Transit

    Was on the 5A Blake yesterday (66804) which had a new Luminator Horizon keypad. Similar to what the Novas have. That one had an older keypad (the one where it is just simply the older text input). Haven't checked the other D40LFs and not sure about the XD40 buses (they are designed differently especially where they are formatted). Here is the Wiki reference to what I am talking about: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Luminator_Horizon Final comments: It is a lot more automated since the next stop announcement system changes the destination signs automatically without manual input of codes other than the PR codes (such as detour, Happy Canada Day, etc.). Though I also think that it could also be an overhaul on the older buses to be better consistent with the Novas when programming in new changes such as routes too. Wanting to ensure the same platform for all buses.
  10. GTAmissions1

    STO and OC Transpo Routes

    OC Transpo is proposing changes to Route 256 AM peak to be better consistent with the PM peak direction. Proposed 256 Routing Change Feedback Since the December 2017 service change, we have been closely monitoring Route 256 to ensure it is meeting customers’ needs. Several changes have already been made to improve capacity, including the addition of an extra afternoon trip and the adjustment of several trips to operate with higher capacity buses. We are now exploring an option to modify the route in the morning and we want to know what you think. From Richmond Road, the modified route would travel along Holly Acres Road and the Transitway before rejoining the current route at Pinecrest Road. This proposed route change would: Match the afternoon routing Provide more reliable service by avoiding highway congestion between Richmond and Pinecrest Improve connections to Bayshore Shopping Centre Allow connections at Bayshore Station to DND Carling Campus and employment locations in Kanata North Map of the 256 proposed routing If implemented, the route would take approximately two minutes longer than the current route on days without highway congestion, but could be faster on days with severe congestion. Also, the existing stop at Richmond / Nanaimo would no longer be served; customers who use this stop would instead cross the street and board at Holly Acres / Richmond. http://www.octranspo.com/routes/proposed_256_routing_change_feedback Final comments: Personally, I think it would be easier especially when they would also bypass 417 if getting really congested with a lot of car traffic if the proposed changed is approved of course. The Transitway between Bayshore and Pinecrest exists for that purpose to begin with.
  11. I do recall one ad years ago where it marketed, "your major connections" highlighting the 95, 96 and 97 (think this was back in 2011 or 2012). I don't have the visual for that ad. The 95 has been running 24/7 since September 2009. If going by the major service change date, it would be September 6, 2009. You would be surprised at how many people still aren't aware the 95 never stops running. Especially during the early morning hours (some people assume all service finishes at 3 AM or something). If people are asking that kind of question, then I do think a marketing campaign could help, but I think they will reserve that for the rapid transit routes that get extended downtown when Confederation isn't running.
  12. GTAmissions1

    GOA transit news, info etc

    Just saw it now since another thread posted the summer schedules are up now. One of the biggest changes is the 63/64 going to Tunney's instead of Lincoln Fields outside of peak periods/weekends/holidays. I remember the old 93 days (old route prior to the renumbering of 63/64) where it would terminate at Bayshore before Lincoln Fields. This is along with 48 and 92 being extended to Hurdman during all time periods. Not just fixed to weekdays.