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  1. GO Transit

    It is nice that the Barrie line routes (65, 66 and 68) are terminating at East Gwillimbury Go knowing that a lot of passengers on the 68 transfer to the 65 Union Express to make the trip to Toronto. Knowing that I have seen a lot of lineups and passenger capacity problems when the 65 has to take on the 68 loads. Though I think they need to tweak some of the times for waiting on the departure on the final train terminating at Bradford. Knowing that waiting around 45 minutes isn't really a fun experience. Only time will tell with feedback and the experience. 34 Pearson Airport/North York Express running 24 hour service. Nice to see it accompany the TTC that also runs 24/7 with regular routes 52A Lawrence West, 192 Airport Express and blue night bus service with 300 Bloor-Danforth, 332 Eglinton West and 352 Lawrence West routes. The Route 1 Dundas runs pretty close to 24 hour service. First weekday trip is just before 4 AM starting at Dundas and Erin Mills Parkway heading towards Islington (eastbound) Last weekday trip from Islington is 2:33 AM to coincide with the last subway departure at 2:15 AM with that final departure (1 Dundas) finishing at 3:16 AM. Dundas is another one. I notice a lot of the routes that run 22 to 23 hours/day on a weekday or Saturday are the ones that feed directly into Islington Station. Though there are a few that run in the city that run until 2 to 3 AM.
  2. STO and OC Transpo Routes

    With the 88, I notice the headway on Sunday evening is increased from 30 minutes to 60 minutes (after the LRT opens). Currently they are running 30 minute frequency on a Sunday currently requiring around 4 buses assuming 60 minutes (schedule states 50 minutes to do a run in the evening). Running 60 minute frequency, they would require half the buses at 2 (one in each direction). Though I think that is some severe cost cutting along a major route.
  3. STO and OC Transpo Routes

    The image sends you to the link. Sometimes the forum software will automatically change it to a link preview. Though, there is an option to change it to simply an original link. Will make sure future links will show the link and not the preview when I share them. http://keithegli.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/OttawaWest_2018_Route_Network-FINAL.pdf
  4. STO and OC Transpo Routes

    Here is the network plan that covers Ottawa West. This also confirms that the Western Transitway Extension will open before Christmas with routes rerouted to use the extension. Still waiting to see the other presentations covering Barrhaven, Ottawa South/South Keys and Orleans. Once those are made available, I will be looking forward to reading through. Trying to maximize available resources along with modernizing the route network to work with the rail.
  5. Double decker bus order

    When looking at some of the photos, I was going to say, "did you photoshop the new buses in?" Knowing that they were taken on a similar angle. But I can believe that they are all genuine photos in high quality. Knowing they are just waiting for the shakedown test before final acceptance into revenue service.
  6. STO and OC Transpo Routes

    The logic they are most likely aiming for is knowing that there is no interference risks that the current model displays. Bus rapid transit, it is the bus traffic jam that can easily add a lot of extra time beyond the normal scheduled time. Versus with rail, it is a lot more reliable since they don't deal with traffic along with running on their own dedicated set of tracks (assuming no issues). Just saw the presentation you posted. It is interesting that the 55 (replicating current 101 and 106) will be running 24/7 once the change is implemented. Providing continuous service for Riverside (nearby), General Hospital (direct) and Civic Hospital (on-street). Though I do question past Civic, would they simply just go back on the Queensway or simply just replicate the current 85 to Bayshore. Knowing Queensway Station will be decommissioned once stage 2 starts.
  7. Barrie Transit

    1702, 1703 and 1705 were spotted doing Kempenfest shuttles today. First time I have seen them out. 1701 and 1704 have been out for a few weeks already.
  8. STO and OC Transpo Routes

    I really think they tweaked the routes in Ottawa South so much, I am still used to the old route 40 (now 293 to coincide with 93). Pre-2002: Route 144 2002 to 2008: 84, C84 and E84 2008: Route 98 (current) along with 114 and 143 (discontinued and merged with 114 in 2016) 2017: Route 98 and Route 40 Final comments: So many different tweaks. Especially with the route numbers.
  9. Barrie Transit

    Even after a few weeks, the destination signs on the 17xx buses still haven't had their reprogramming done. 1704 was out on the 8B-NB Crosstown at 8:20 PM. It wouldn't do the automated change which required a manual input to get the correct message out. It simply will say 8B Crosstown Northbound with the side destination To Anne Via Yonge. With the Via message on the side for all routes.
  10. GO Transit

    The request for qualifications was just recently submitted. Once they find a qualified contractor to undertake the work, they should release the list by then. Knowing that all places must be accessible by 2025, I would assume that should be included in the slate of upgrades. Making sure that transit is accessible. Knowing that the trains are accessible with a designated car on all trains for that purpose.
  11. GO Transit

    Some new renovation work will be taking place next year at more than 40 Go Train stations: https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/transportation/2017/07/28/dozens-of-go-transit-stations-slated-for-upgrades.html Especially when there are some corridors with additional trips, it is important to modernize the amenities beyond Union Station.
  12. GOA transit news, info etc

    A double decker (8046) has emitted smoke. Not sure if there were any flames, but the fire department was sent over just in case. This isn't the first time that double decker buses have caught on fire or smoke emitting. 8010 was destroyed by fire in January 2017. That one is a complete write off since it was severely damaged. Other one was 8052 which was a victim of an engine fire in July 2015. That one is still in-service with the damage being very minimal. Final comments: Not sure what is going on or if there is a trend. Knowing that double deckers don't get as much heavy usage being restricted to mostly peak periods and weekends.
  13. Barrie Transit

    Spotted 1701 in downtown as of 9:20 PM at the downtown terminal. It was also the last bus to do the last departure for 8A-NB RVH finishing at 12:50 AM. Still has the old route code too for all routes.
  14. GOA transit news, info etc

    Here is a photo of the Western Transitway Extension (Bayshore to Moodie): I don't think it will be used much by buses for very long. With Stage 2 adding Moodie, they will be converting this section over and buses will be using highway 417 that is currently being employed.
  15. STO and OC Transpo Routes

    There are errors? After reading this comment, I actually had to check myself and found one. Route 50 and 81 off only during AM peak? PM peak is full-service? Found on Westboro Station. Which checking the schedule, those two routes do indeed go directly into Westboro Station during the entire service day with the platform number shown. Correct information: Routes 63 and 64 are the peak period only routes that is off only during the AM peak towards MacKenzie King Station. PM peak is full-service when heading towards Kanata North. This policy applies to Lincoln Fields, Dominion and Westboro Stations during those time periods. This information is missing from the three stations mentioned on the June 2017 system map.