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  1. The metrics keep changing. Case levels have to drop below 1,000/day to lift lockdowns. Especially when the last few days reported cases over 3,000 while today, it is just over 2,500 with a lower amount of testing done this month. Until vaccine doses become more available, it will be another few months having to deal with the complex restrictions constantly changing. https://globalnews.ca/news/7583976/ontario-coronavirus-cases-must-drop-to-1000-to-lift-lockdowns/?utm_source=GlobalToronto&utm_medium=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3kPNqMmRVGziyENf7chBj4ZbDPfslqZSgT41hFa6Edv_96N-NGujT1m9U
  2. York Region Transit conducting a fare review which one item they are looking at is fare integration with TTC. Survey available until February 18th. Having to pay two full fares (TTC and York Region Transit) seeing the complaints/issues. Noting that select TTC routes go beyond Steeles Avenue Presto deducting the YRT fare. This is along with the high cost with York Region Transit charging $4.25 cash fare or $3.88 with a Presto card. Then TTC fare at $3.25 cash or $3.20 with Presto. This is along with the adjustment that very few routes in York Region such as Blue, Purple (if you includ
  3. Most likely after Valentine's Day when it all gets discounted. Some people prefer getting some cheap chocolate and candy.
  4. Very delicious and nice to see you got a good deal.
  5. I think I will have to stick with deep fried chicken wings. Considering that is what I would pick up at Loblaws at the meals to go section. This post making me hungry. Southern Style Friend Chicken or KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)? Especially Twoonie Tuesday at KFC is my regularly weekly cycle.
  6. Just more poor planning especially extending the timeline to 42 days instead of 21 to insure more availability. At the same time, that means more careful precautions for much longer to better accommodate. Noting that the suppliers are having challenges trying to manufacture enough production to supply the billion of doses requested by the many different countries. Especially the pharmaceutical companies know they are making profit from the demand alone. Reading about the myths regarding how the vaccine was created and tested. Having to ensure enough PPE (personal protective equipment) unt
  7. Just got the refund on Cyberpunk 2077 via PayPal directly from the developer. Because the game is opened and unable to refund directly to the store. The developer CD Projekt Red offering refunds assuming you meet the deadline and fill out the form in a timely manner. Awaiting instructions on how to send my hard copy back along with any other proof attached such as the case number. The company is covering the shipping costs. Just awaiting instructions on where to ship it back along with providing proof of those costs (receipt). The net cost is zero dollars to me noting the game is al
  8. The time when I cancel my internet service with a third-party and they somehow don't send me a return shipping label since I no longer need the modem. So I had to contact the provider to get another one sent to avoid additional charges. Having copies of correspondence and the chats as proof. Got the return shipping label today. Noting they given me two weeks and it has a tracking number. Not sure how they would not send me a return shipping label the first time and expect me to pay for the shipping costs. If it was a major provider like Rogers, they actually provide instructions on h
  9. It is an official 24 hour route. The frequency is roughly 40 minutes during the early morning hours for Route 3 and 7. The original four routes is 1 Dundas, 3 Bloor, 7 Airport and 19 Hurontario (renamed 2/17 Hurontario interlining at City Centre between 10 PM until 4 AM or last trip on weekends/holidays). Introduced April 29, 2019.
  10. Trains on weekday evenings and weekends along Barrie, Kitchener and Stouffville will be replaced by buses starting January 23rd. Stouffville line a bit different with the first weekday morning train trip to better accommodate work going on the line. https://blog.metrolinx.com/2021/01/14/metrolinx-announces-temporary-go-transit-and-up-express-service-adjustments-while-ridership-levels-remain-low/
  11. Same here in Ontario where some of the "personal services" are going underground. Especially when my local hair salon, employees had to undergo additional training to provide those services along with adjustment to their setup such as physical distancing. On top how to handle haircuts with personal protective equipment (masks). An article how there is so much confusion that even those that enforce the "state of emergency" laws in Ontario are unsure how to interpret. Most of the time, the answer is "at their own discretion." https://outline.com/8cMCqh
  12. The importance of following instructions regarding two doses within 21 days of each other for maximum effectiveness. In this case, they took the second doses and reallocated them as first doses to expanded vaccination efforts with the limited supply on-hand. 52 percent with one dose. 95 percent with two doses. https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/seven-quebecers-test-positive-for-covid-19-despite-first-vaccination-heightening-questions-over-delayed-boosters-1.5265389?cid=sm%3Atrueanthem%3Actvnews%3Apost&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A Trending Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source
  13. Starbucks is eliminating 300 locations in Canada. Noting from the last count, they have over 1,500 locations. Especially with a lot of the aggressive expansion into more areas. Some have a Starbucks location within a few hundred meters of each other depending on the population density to handle the popularity and volumes. A lot of costs to accommodate handling the market share. Reminds me of how Shoppers Drug Mart added 324 new locations from 2006 to 2010. They have roughly 1,350 locations. Dollarama also being the same adding a few hundred locations in the last few years. Last cou
  14. They are definitely trying to push a lot more control to manage the cases. Especially the part pushing people to work from home if possible along with ensuring compliance of retailers. The biggest challenge is only going out for essentials or medical appointments. Someone on Twitter suggested putting a reusable bag in your pocket or car and claim that you are going out grocery shopping. Just make sure it is one close in case proof of address is asked. This is going to be a long four weeks. Adjusting to the current situation.
  15. I find the 24 hour service on weekdays is more to bridge the gap since Route 1 and 3 previously until approximately 2:30 AM from Islington subway station to connect with the last subway departure. Starting back up at around 3 AM. Route 2/17 (Hurontario corridor) being the flagship route by usage has enough to subsidize the quieter hours. Hurontario has a frequency of every 20 minutes during the weekday early morning hours. Route 7 Airport more to serve the airport for those arriving late due to a delayed connection or departure. Though I do agree they could extend early morning serv
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