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  1. This was posted on Twitter: I know double deckers are restricted from operating the hospital ring road due to clearance issues. Though not sure which stop this one was at or if the transit operator took the wrong direction not realizing the issue. EDIT: Another view which the bus involved was 4456
  2. Alstom will be facing a lot more severe financial penalties should the order be delivered late: Final comments: Considering that Alstom is building for the Ottawa order and the production line going well, the Toronto order shouldn't have an issue. This is considering the marketing and experience Alstom has.
  3. That is what I was thinking regarding the 93 too. It was one of my regular routes when I lived in Ottawa along with the 40 during peak periods (now 293). Currently the 144 terminates at Greenboro during all time periods. A few trippers are added during the peak periods and on Sunday. Before the current 144, the previous one replicated what the current 114 does. Reading from the wiki here: I think it is most likely that during the peak periods, 93 (current 144) will be extended to Hurdman. Similar to Route 116 where in the AM period, trips start at Hurdman going towards the OC Transpo depot, Merivale or Lincoln Fields. PM going in the opposite direction terminating at Hurdman. Final comments: For the 93 AM peak, the trips will be extended to terminate at Hurdman instead of Greenboro. PM peak, the 93 starts at Hurdman going in the other direction (southbound). Though it is just speculation. We will have to see what they have planned in the service change for Fall. I think they don't want to cannibalize the 293 which runs during peak periods replicating the same route even though in the short-term, 293 will be running downtown to Gatineau. Versus 93 ending at a much earlier terminus.
  4. Going to be interesting who will be the final contractor for the stage 2 work. Especially with how large scale it is compared to stage 1. I am hoping Confederation Line 2 partners win using American and Canadian companies. Though I think Confederation Transit Group or East West Connectors will have a better chance especially with the transit experience they have in their group. Especially being more large scale, experience is a critical asset.
  5. Alstom will be providing 38 Citadis Spirit light rail vehicles for stage 2. A bit more than the current order of 34 for the first stage. They will take the same route as the original 34 units. Final comments: Important to maintain consistency. Especially with how half the units on the original order are in different stages of production. Hopefully there will be enough cars to go around for the extension. One car is 300 passengers (120 seated and 180 standing).
  6. That is a very nice setup. I once took a photo of 8131 and 8132 in downtown Ottawa beside each other last year.
  7. I was never really a big fan of the hybrid buses. Especially being a complete drain on resources which could be better utilized elsewhere. Though the bigger question is with the Inveros, will be they last long enough even with refurbishment holding them together until the first stage and possibly the second stage until the network is further extended to make an impact on fleet reduction. Final comments: If OC Transpo does decide to purchase new 40 ft regular buses, avoid buying them all at once. Have a certain amount be made available at an interval rather than risk having an entire fleet crippled with issues. Have a regular replacement cycle than one large replacement cycle.
  8. I seen that as a "promoted tweet" in my Twitter timeline. Also notice that MiWay Transit on Twitter also changed their account format to show they are a support account. With a very large "direct message" button on mobile devices and hours of operation when the account is monitored.
  9. Sam on Twitter posted two different transfers today (though transfers are dated June 10/17): The difference between the old transfer paper and new transfer paper is the blank middle on the right side. Reason why is to ensure no obstructions when the scanner is reading the barcode at the O-Train Trillium line stations and Greenboro Station turnstiles. Older transfers have watermarks that can cause readability problems. Final comments: Want to ensure that paper transfers and day passes are modernized. Especially with the "ready for rail" campaign and with new turnstiles opening on O-Train Trillium Line and Greenboro Station later this year.
  10. 8153 spotted in Scotland. Wednesday was 8151.
  11. 1704 was spotted again on the 90 Angus-Borden run. Not sure why they are utilizing that bus on a route that is barley used and better served by 1204 and 1205. Still no sign of 1702, 1703 or anything higher past 1704.
  12. Double decker spotted in Scotland. Final comments: From the previous post of 8144 and 8145 arriving, seems some more units will be arriving shortly and the production going along very well. Get the order fulfilled quickly before they are needed to deliver the additional service.
  13. Spotted 1704 at Allandale Go Station doing the 90B Angus-Borden run. No photos for this one since I was on another bus that time. Final comments: Some of the D40LFs are having some serious issues. Most notably the 2007 and 2009 D40LFs with exhaust and other flaws. Those ones should be the ones replaced since the cost to repair is most likely going to be more expensive versus purchasing new. The 2004 D40LFs don't have this issue. They still work well and even some units were still in-servce today. No 17xx buses I have spotted on the tracker out right now.
  14. The 04s are the ones being replaced. There are currently 13 of them in-service. Going back a few pages, 13 is the planned amount especially with federal government funding. Though, I don't know if that is a good idea replacing all 2004 D40LFs with 13 new 17xx Nova buses. Especially when they still work very well too (2004 D40LFs).
  15. Finally. Nice to see they have a date for the new permanent Hurdman Station. Hopefully this will go better and not end up what happened when they converted to the temporary station. Leading to miscommunication and confusion. Though I am very confident this will work out especially when a lot of the bus traffic has been reduced to avoid the issue such as the reduction of service to Hurdman. Final comments: Nice to see progress moving forward. In preparation for light rail transit coming.