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  1. Congratulations. Happy for the both of you. 🙂
  2. They don't accept Presto. Linx card is what is used on-board. https://www.simcoe.ca/Transit/Pages/LinxCard.aspx I don't think they allow passengers being dropped off between stops. Especially I don't think it would be safe if someone were to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Taking it a few times during the free period.
  3. Here is the article with the witness statement: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ottawa-oc-transpo-bus-fire-1.4827685 Was on the 104 Place D'Orleans just after 8 PM. There were around 20 people on-board. Luckily a truck driver flagged down the transit operator and immediately evacuated the bus. Especially when the transit operator wouldn't really notice unless someone brought it up.
  4. I remember September 4, 2011 or often called "service optimization" where they merged or cancelled certain routes. Especially when there were some issues reported regarding how one area had no service, so the nearby route had to take all the demand with the same supply. Over 100 bus routes affected that time. The goal once completed is to save over $20 million dollars annually once the reductions took effect. Though if you look at the Confederation Line changes, it is also pretty wide scale too. Especially with the heavy rebranding campaign. I think it will be interesting how much impact service will be and if there is enough supply to accommodate the demand between the terminus stations. Along with trying to save millions of dollars by not running as many buses downtown either. Trying to be careful not using a hack and slash approach, but more of the staged approach instead. Final comments: Don't remind me of when the Hurdman closure didn't work out very well that buses were tied up on September 8, 2015. Especially that one required an emergency fix until a more permanent solution could be found such as changing the terminus of buses to alternative stations. I get OC Transpo needs to run like a business, but that was a pretty big book fo changes. Especially applying a lot of heavy cost control and not allowing the expansion of new services as easily now. Have to justify pretty hard before any expansion is approved.
  5. I have taken the Route 100. So far I think it is positive especially servicing only 9 stops versus around 20 plus stops with 8A-NB. On top, the timing it takes is roughly around 18 minutes tops. That is a pretty good timing. Though I wish there was more uptake since some people are probably not aware or the frequency being 45 minutes/75 minutes being the major turn off. If they added another bus, then I think there will be more consistency. Though it has only been three days. Will take time for the demand to build especially when it is picking off riders from the Route 8. Especially between 2:30 PM to 6 PM, two regular buses would have went by in 75 minutes depending on where you are of course. But, the universal bus pass program guarantees this route and the late night loop for the next three years.
  6. Here is the new Route 100 sign along with a paper sign affixed indicating Route 100 stops. Haven't been along the route, but it is most likely the supervisor affixed the paper just today. Along with changing the platform sign on both downtown terminal and Georgian College. Route 100 starts on September 4th operating only on weekdays. Late night loop starts on September 7th running only on Friday and Saturday. Took this on my iPhone 8 Plus being in both portrait mode and high dynamic range (HDR). Pretty clear shot I will admit blurring out the background and focusing on the main objects here.
  7. I think the route and schedules are nice. Though, would be nice to have the standalone map instead. I literally just downloaded the remaining maps where possible before the changeover to the new format. For the 8A/8B trips originating from Park Place on evenings and Sundays, they did also have a colour code indicating that the branch will change. Which has been going on since July 27, 2014 when the merger of Routes 8 and 10 took place. Previously, it didn't display this information since not everyone knows that every :20 on the hour is 8B and every :50 is the 8A. Which I always try to communicate this information that it is ONLY Park Place trips, people should be concerned about and make alternative arrangements if they are in a rush. They also have a colour code for the late night loop. So far, my experience is positive.
  8. The new route map and schedule format has been rolled out into a more condensed format: https://www.barrie.ca/Living/Getting Around/BarrieTransit/Pages/SchedulesMaps.aspx Which is nice considering it displays information for the major stops along with an easier to find map. Saw it originally with only routes 1, 2, 11 and 100. Now on all routes to maintain consistency. Final comments: It is interesting how the 12:50 AM trip will only be the 8B-NB Crosstown. Then switch at the downtown terminal as 8A-NB RVH at 1:50 AM. Especially when it can be a bit confusing to understand doing two different branches. I am aware that evening/Sunday service, the branch changes for all trips coming from Park Place. But to be honest, for those looking to get home and don't care about the trip time as long as they get to their final destination, this is beneficial. Ontario Northland has a 12:01 AM trip from Toronto stopping in Barrie at 1:30 AM 7 days/week. The last two times I took it, there were a few people who got off, but taken their own way such as taxi to their final destination completing their trip. Will be interesting how it works out.
  9. Just saw it now. The Route 8 late night or what I call early morning is more to service the college students after the bars close. Only running on Friday and Saturday. Similar to the arrangement that Grand River Transit has running Route 91 between Wilfred Laurier University and University of Waterloo. Which those students pay into the universal bus pass in exchange for the late evening/early morning service. Along with Route 17 for Queen's University in Kingston. Not sure if the students there pay for a universal bus pass or the city just provided it out of interest. Route 100: It will be interesting on how this will work out. Though, the challenge is the 45 minute frequency. One round trip takes about 45 minutes which requires two buses to maintain if talking about the full route (between downtown to Kozlov). Where as only between downtown and the college, it would take 20 minutes one way requiring just one bus. Though 75 minutes frequency with the extension, I could probably take a regular route that runs every 30 minutes. Though it also depends on the time of day too and when the next departure is arriving too of course. Final comments: Benefits of the universal bus pass. To fund service expansions like this. Hopefully they are considering some more expansion units since it will be interesting how September works out and if it can handle the loads. Understanding that Route 100 is to supplement route 8A/B northbound. On top of how last year, they started their rebranding campaign with 1706 to 1713 with new livery. 67004 and 1202 are also rebranded with new livery.
  10. The contractor is confident in meeting the November 2nd handover date: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ottawa-lrt-rtg-rideau-transit-group-1.4784052?cmp=rss Though, I still am a bit skeptical especially when they are working 24 hours to meet the commitment. Especially with the long checklist they have to go through before giving the City of Ottawa they keys to the system.
  11. The writing was on the wall that the hybrid fleet was being retired. Especially speculation based on how 170 to 180 buses were being retired and the assumption was hybrids based on the available information. A lot of surplus too. I think some of the smaller transit agencies may be interested in this and refurbish them should they have the capacity and resources.
  12. The Invero refurbishment thread is here: From Enviro_1203's updates, it is around 60 Inveros that have been refurbished (stripped down and installation of new components) up to today. The total I heard is around 77 that is getting the treatment to hold them together for 18 years. Especially being the backbone of the fleet.
  13. Looks like it was a copper theft that caused delays this time around.
  14. The only reason transit agencies are getting them is because of the Metrolinx Transit Procurement Initiative with the volume discount attached. The volume discount only being provided after a large order to generate savings. Mississauga ordered some Xcelisor buses just for the MiExpress fleet. Differentiate between the MiLocal buses from the rebranding campaign a few years ago. The Novas are reserved for the local service.
  15. Thanks for your updates. I guess they are most likely saving them for the new buses instead. Also forgot to note I did see 4370 a few days ago (most likely Sunday) and was checking through the thread seeing if it was refurbished. Nice to see you confirmed it did come back from the contractor.
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