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  1. Another option not shown is extending the 162 LAWRENCE-DONWAY south on Don Mills to Science Centre Stn. It already runs along that part of Lawrence Ave and could introduce two way service on part of the current east end looping.
  2. Judging from the photo in the CBC article the train appears to have been on the south track. Photo by @marilynntaylor/Twitter taken from the CBC article. Looking at it people appear to be walking onto the platform between the photographer and the train. One can also see that there is a track immediately next to the GO train, which is the CN main line. It's likely that the Metrolinx spokesperson was misinformed about the location. Something that any of us have seen in other situations where there is a disconnect between what is reported and what has actually happened. Dave
  3. Sitting at the Quebec welcome centre on my way east and saw two GO double deckers heading wb about 9:00a. Both were in GO paint but unmarked. No logo or visible fleet number.
  4. Was driving to Montreal this morning and passed what I think was 3568 going wb on the 401 by the Ingleside rest stop at about 7:30a. Can’t be 100% sure as the fleet numbers are small and hard to make out at speed and moving in opposite directions. This area is about 6-7 km west of Cornwall.
  5. Edit: And just after posting this it seems to have disappeared from the TTC site. The TTC has launched another area consultation. They are seeking input on route changes in southeast Scarborough. The proposed changes are below. Existing Changes 54 Lawrence East frequent service extended to Morningside Avenue 54B Lawrence East extended to Morningside Avenue with service on Scarborough Golf Club Road replaced with 179 and with Orton Park Road with 178 86D Scarborough replaced with 177B 95A York Mills extended to Sheppard Avenue East via Kingston Road 116 Morningside operates via Kingston Road instead of Guildwood Parkway 116A service to Conlins Road replaced with 177A 177 new route with service to Conlins Road and to Coronation Drive via Guildwood Parkway 178 new route with service on Brimorton Drive between Scarborough Centre Station and Morningside Drive 179 new route with service from Lawrence East Station via Orton Park Road to U of T Scarborough 938 new peak service express branch from Scarborough Centre Station to U of T Scarborough http://www.ttc.ca/TTC_Surveys/Scarborough_East.jsp
  6. Bumping this as there is new info on the TTC website. http://www.ttc.ca/TTC_Surveys/Junction_Area_Survey.jsp Some of the original proposals like extending the 127 DAVENPORT and changing the 79 SCARLETT RD have been dropped. I've attached the map image from the Junction Area Study page.
  7. Have noticed in the last couple of days that the VISION system seems to have been slightly modified. It is no longer announcing "Stop Requested" when the bell is rung.
  8. Spotted #3410 WB on the 401 at the DVP on Friday afternoon at 2:09pm.
  9. True TTC will be responsible for providing emergency shuttles. YRT might assist north of Pioneer Village Stn. But it is a TTC service thus a TTC responsibility. Took the photos at Wilson Division today.
  10. Spotted these at Wilson Stn by the collectors booth Sunday evening when passing through. They are just outside the fare line next to the existing Add-value machine. The smaller unit appears to be for purchasing Presto cards. The larger machine is a full fare vending machine. It looks to be able to add value to a Presto card and will accept multiple forms of payment, including cash. Personally would say these are the sort of machines that should have been available from day one.
  11. Can say that I saw 8581, 8580, 8583, 8589, 8578 & 8577 parked along the fence facing Industry St when I was leaving Mt Dennis at about 2:30a.
  12. Only the 90 VAUGHAN is running to Bathurst Stn during the work at St Clair West Stn. NB 126 CHRISTIE will become a 33 FOREST HILL and run through to Eglinton. SB will reverse this. The 33 and 126 will serve stops on the street outside St Clair West Stn. Also according to the construction notice the 512 St CLAIR buses will be using the bus loop and the 74 MT PLEASANT & 88 SOUTH LEASIDE will be loading on Pleasant Blvd. for the duration of the project.
  13. Going through the destination sign program, there are destinations missing from some routes. For example Spadina doesn't have a Roncesvalles desto. With the electronic sign there should be no reason that there is not an exposure for each of the carhouses. Also in general the destination lists for each route can be rather poorly ordered, going back and forth across the route as you go down the list. It is also worth noting that over a year after going into revenue service there are still no Blue Night route signs programmed in for any of the night routes. So eventhough the LFs, having electronic signs which allow for greater ease of changing signs for new or modified services, have been left with missing or inacurate route signs simply because someone has failed to program them and upload to the cars. If it is going to be rectified soon hopefully all of the current sign short comings will be rectified as well. Look forward to having a proper destination sign to put up, and not have to announce at every stop the car is only going as far as Queen and Leslie.
  14. The Debit/Credit option on the single ride machines on some of the new streetcars has been activated. Also have observed the same modification at the eastbound stop on Queens Quay and Spadina.
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