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  1. The slop is fairly steep but going slow is the best thing to do I wouldn't worry about it. Personally Finch Rocket is my favorite when you do the B trips to the University one trip and half part of your first piece is already finished. Sheppard is alright but you're on the artics all day long, back door take forever to close and there is always construction. Sheppard the weekends are Hybrids but you got Zoo trips every time. You will learn to love/hate them all.
  2. I'm going to take a page from what my instructor used to tell me when I was in training. "Use up the real estate, that's what it's there for!" Meaning when you're making an alternate you are assuming to take part of the incoming road path, well using an inch would be no different than using the entire lane, that's your "real estate" area to work with. When the bus is halfway past the end of the curb start turning the wheel while not accelerating the gas pedal, turn the wheel 2.5x and just hold it firm and the bus will make a perfect turn and the wheels will follow. Soon as the rear wheels ar
  3. Hey buddy so you're at Malvern eh? I guess I've seen you but don't really know how you look like we've had quite a few trainees in the past 6 months it's actually overwhelming. When I started this thread over 2 years ago I was in the 6th, and fast forward and I'm still in the 6th. Anyways if you ask me the best route to pick on a holiday when doing late relief or night bus is the 38 highland creek. It's suttle, peaceful, laid back and relaxing. The 95 is full of crazy people at night time but it makes for an interesting shift. The hill you speak of at Bayview and Finch isn't as bad as
  4. They've extended times for sheppard on the 85 during the week, those slinkies sure are slow.
  5. Just out of curiosity, did you book your trip before or after you received your interview date?
  6. If your trip is a week long I wouldn't stress it. leave your voice mail inbox clean and call it every night to check the the status of it, return the call at your disposal. Even if it's gonna cost you $5/min
  7. Would you consider rescheduling your trip if we were to say yes? You can't base decisions on a hunch, your guess is as good as ours especially how more random things have been happening around the hiring process. If you think there is a slight chance this trip might cost you the job the rebook it. Easy as that
  8. Realized new posters will open themselves up as much as requested with dates and such, but the minute it comes to revealing the division it's like we struck a nerve. Not referencing anyone in particular but just what I have noticed in the past year. Do people really think giving medical and conditional dates is far less worrysome than giving out the division? Boggles my mind
  9. The recruiter? Sorry I'm confused usually people don't meet their recruiter until after they passed the interview? As far as I know there isn't a direct email address to submit applications please elaborate.
  10. Can you tell me the difference between email and online application?
  11. Yea and if you're wondering why that is, it's because if a customer calls in to complain they will clearly see that the operator hit over tax. Most of the time the stop gets bypassed without informing the customer as its bluntly obvious that the bus is jammed. Some wave there hand indicating the bus is full. You might argue that stopping a filled bus is causing more time delay as you need to open the doors and explain to the customer that person might think we're opening the doors to let them in and then having to say no. Also just to add, if my bus is jammed packed and I let off 2 people it
  12. Means you can bypass a stop after informing the customer there is no more room on the bus
  13. Sure but don't supervisors drive the cabs? They need a license from mto for that too
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