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  1. I start my training with Halifax Transit next week. Any drivers here who have any tips or advice?
  2. I don't blame anyone for being upset over the changes. I find them absolutely ridiculous. There's still enough people who take the Lincoln/Silverwood bus to warrant using it, in my opinion, and taking the buses off an hour earlier at night is just ludicrous.
  3. Found this article. The city is planning an overhaul of the bus system. They're trying to increase bus routes in busier times and in busier areas, but they're making some horrible changes to do it, including taking away the Silverwood, Lincoln, and Lower St. Mary's and taking them off the road up to an hour earlier. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/fredericton-plans-overhaul-of-transit-system-1.2685372?cmp=rss
  4. Loved seeing your photos. You have many of the same shots I was able to get. I took 73 pictures while inside. Here's a few.
  5. Did anyone get the chance to go to Metro Transit Operations and Maintenance Facility as part of Doors Open Halifax? It was pretty fascinating. We toured through the driver's areas, maintenance bays, and the wash bay, as well as being able to go through the bus wash inside one of the buses.
  6. Thank you very much, Calamin. I'd love to apply for Metro Transit some day, but I'm currently in the process of buying a house and my search is taking me as far as places like Stewiacke.
  7. Question for anyone who knows... Does a person have to live within the city limits to be eligible to apply for Metro Transit?
  8. Wow... I really like this. I dislike the logo a lot, but I do like the bus.
  9. How long has it been under construction, out of curiosity?
  10. A while ago I was reading that Fredericton planned on getting a couple of artics. Does anyone know anything about that?
  11. Someone pointed out in the comments that there are more people getting free rides by boarding the buses while the drivers are in Kings Place, and that's absolutely true. But like I said, if folks in Fredericton want to complain about Transit, they are more than welcome to try out the transit in a bigger city, where fares are a bit higher, it takes much longer to get from A to B, some of the drivers aren't as friendly, and if they see the bus departing they may as well sit down and wait for the next because that bus isn't stopping. Most of the bus drivers there will recognize a regular face.
  12. They had a HUGE problem with that in Halifax a while ago... To the point where students couldn't board the bus with their student passes unless they had their student ID. The poll on that article is hilarious. The picture tells you which pass is the copy, and the poll asks you "Which one is the copy?" As for spending $700,000 on readers... I'm skeptical that it will happen. They were supposed to do a number of things that didn't end up getting done. Prime example is that the buses were all supposed to be outfitted with WiFi. They may all have it now, but when I left, one or two buses had
  13. I believe it's just used for maintenance stuff.
  14. Undercover Boss Canada is currently airing an episode at TTC. Very interesting episode!
  15. I believe the older buses get run during the hours in the day where the routes run every half an hour.
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