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  1. Cutaway Chassis/Cab Discussion

    http://gmauthority.com/blog/2018/03/2019-silverado-medium-duty-trucks-revealed/ New Silverado 4500HD, 5500HD, and 6500HD series truck. This is a little more akin to the old Kodiak/Topkick truck, but no GMC version is to be made. This new truck uses a pickup cab, but a traditional tilt hood and a Duramax diesel with Allison transmission. I definitely think there will be a gasoline/CNG/LPG version for fleets who are in jurisdictions that are not friendly to Diesel, but can be cheaper once you have the infrastructure in. Right now these are being depicted as a truck, but I am confident that the cutaway bus companies have their eye on this truck and will make buses off of it thanks to a new easy to upfit chassis.
  2. Old news, but the 30 buses are to probably add capacity to route 7, 150, 201, and 202. This order is to replace the NABI buses and those 20 options could be used to replace the Blue Bird buses used on the Rapid Express Commuter service over I-15 and 163.
  3. Deleted Photos

    I have noticed on the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System wiki page, that someone is deleting my OWN photos on certain buses. For buses 408-412, should it be a separate listing, or should I have integrated it into 401-407.
  4. OM417 is just a rebranded DD13.
  5. Zack "Busdude" Willhoite

    An official memorial is on February 4 at the Pullayup Fair with buses there to honor his legacy. No need to wear formal funeral wear as his wife insists you wear clothes as he would remember you by. This is in addition to the January 14 memorial at LA Union Station. No word on what time it will start and what not but if you can make it then this is another option if you cannot make it to LA Union station.
  6. San Diego MTS

    A few South Bay C40LF's have been reunited at KMD due to a bus shortage. This is for new service changes and what not. These were formerly 2700's that are mostly going to be replaced with 2100's and the 7400's. I still need to get the Wiki fixed for the new buses. Also, the GE35LFR's are now at KMD in the retired pile, due to them being a POS. This is all temporary but it is good if you like C gas CNG buses for in house. 400's will stay until the new Gillig and Electric bus orders get fulfilled.
  7. Cutaway Chassis/Cab Discussion

    http://www.yellowbullet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2367362&highlight=windsor Someone on a Foxbody Mustang group and YellowBullet might have spilled the beans on 7X. Could this be a pushrod after all or a OHC engine. Hard to tell though. There are also rumors of a 5.8L version and both versions would have DI and also offer port injection. Some even think it is a Powerstroke gas engine or something like that. Who knows for sure what engine this is going to be, or even some abandoned design.
  8. Zack "Busdude" Willhoite

    Correct on Kevin Cartwright. Forgot to mention that. He wants people to find photos of Zack.
  9. Cutaway Chassis/Cab Discussion

    E series is a bit off an odd design and it can't fit the 6.7. Maybe the plan is to have the E series compete in the gas/cng/lpg market and the f series for larger gas/lpg/cng and diesel applications. E series will be positioned to compete with cabovers and cutaway companies keeping the f series for those who don't mind the pickup cab. E series is still capable despite being on an old platform unless ford is developing a new version on a new cab and chassis. Also heard rumors of ford shutting down the v10 line but I assume they have enough stockpIled to last them a year or so.
  10. Zack "Busdude" Willhoite

    One guy who owns Pierce Transit 374 (painted in CTA livery) is hosting a special event in LA and there is even an event in Nor Cal the weekend before that. January 14 at 9 am at LA Union Station (Patsaouras Transit Plaza).
  11. Cutaway Chassis/Cab Discussion

    Ford recently applied for the trademark E-550 which could mean a class 5 E series cutaway. Probably good for larger cutaways or even LF ones as the F series while a good platform is not as ideal for a cutaway. E series has a taller cab which does have better visibility. However, it would require a new engine as the E series engine bay is limited when compared to the Super Duty. On a Ford forum there are talks of a 7X engine which would be 7.3L v8 and that would have enough grunt for the E-550 and future cutaways. This new engine would likely be a tall deck 6.2L engine and is called Godzilla. It would be a SOHC 2v engine as that would fit in the E-550 engine bay. I think the cutaway bus market will respond well to this new product. Expect CNG/LPG versions of this new engine and E-550 as there is a growing number of markets that are switching their cutaways from Gas/Diesel to LPG/CNG.
  12. San Diego MTS

    23 XN60 Rapid buses are a possibility for new routes that connect to the Otay border. Routes 725 and 925, but it all depends if the gas tax does not get repealed. Sadly, big oil interests are trying to kill it by disguising themselves as "tax payer advocates." MTS is also chasing grant money to buy electric buses and up to 30 electric buses can be purchased with a grant. This means that MTS wants electric buses in all their divisions (except Copley) to see how it performs there. Then again, Electric buses could work well with the hilly terrain, but the technology might not give them the range they need (350 miles minimum). Also, overhead charging is seen by them as a temporary technology until batteries give them the range they need. It might be hard as their yards are not big enough for their entire fleet to be electric.
  13. IndyGo (Indianapolis)

    Indianapolis is getting a bunch of D40LF buses via Transit Sales. It appears they are former San Diego units and should provide some capacity.
  14. I believe MCI will have a version of this without the LF vestibule by 2019.
  15. San Diego MTS

    Yes, and also they need the room for the new 45 LRV's and they also own a building near the yard where they are renting out in case they get the funding for the purple line.