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  1. San Diego MTS

    That announcement is going to be 20 LPG paratransit buses to replace existing gasoline models, 250 Gillig buses (Options for 100), and 30 New Flyer XN60 buses (options for 20).
  2. San Diego MTS

    Expect an announcement to be made next week. Also, MTS plans to approve the final Transit Optimization Plan changes.
  3. North County Transit District (NCTD)

    Another 10 buses have been ordered to replace older buses.
  4. Los Angeles MTA

    They only won because they build their buses in Riverside, CA. That and they could probably build buses right away unlike New Flyer and Nova as New Flyer is backlogged for 18 months. Gillig has a similar philosophy as they like to bid on contracts (including large ones) where they can spread it out over several fiscal years (50-100 buses/fiscal year). Gillig's new facility in Livermore could allow them to bid on bigger orders. Some will likely go to contractors and some to LA metro and this could be a bigger breakthrough once LA Metro orders all 305 options for 600 buses. I could see them becoming a player thanks to REV group.
  5. Los Angeles MTA

    Could be due to the availability or perhaps they did bid on that contract but were rejected or pulled out. Gillig did bid on the Chicago contract before, but perhaps they could not get the timing right. Gillig likes the smaller contracts where they do not have to make hundreds of buses at once. Nova could have won if you took out the local content portion. El Dorado has been trying to make a breakthrough in the transit contracts with PACE and what not and if they can build for LA Metro, they can compete with other large agency contracts.
  6. LACMTA ordered 295 El Dorado Axxess buses (40' CNG) with options for 305 along with 35 XE60 for Orange Line and 60 XN60 buses.
  7. Los Angeles MTA

    https://metro.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=3078355&GUID=FAC7EA54-A862-44C0-A4CA-FF1D06FC4E88&Options=ID|Text|&Search=el+dorado Looks like LA Metro is purchasing 295 El Dorado Axxess buses as ENC won out on Local content and manufacturing (Riverside, CA). LACMTA can advertise this as locally built and there are options for 305 more buses. El Dorado was the most expensive bid with Nova all but winning and New Flyer being the cheapest. In the Transit industry you should be looking at your system every 10-12 years. That is considered to be best practice.
  8. Information on the 27 XN60 buses came from a board document in regards to MTS signing a deal with Daniels tire service for bus tires. MTS has a weird deal wtih Transdev that all new buses to SBMF need to be delivered with a set of tires.
  9. San Diego is ordering 17 additional XN60 buses for Rapid Route 225.
  10. New Flyer Xcelsior

    San Diego MTS is getting 17 XN60's for South Bay Rapid! This is according to a Tire document that stipulates that the buses be delivered to South Bay Division with tires installed.
  11. California seems to require that only Dealers, dismantlers, or out of state can buy used buses.
  12. LA I believe has exercised all options on their current contract, but they are looking for 40 and 60' buses.
  13. I am sure LA Metro could get preferred slots as they are a big customer.
  14. Apparently, LA Metro has a big order to be announced, though "environmentalists" want it all to be 100 percent EV while Metro wants majority CNG. I guess those "environmentalists" don't realize that the ISL G has near zero emissions. Apparently, New Flyer has a back log until 2019, and LA might want the buses quicker so Nova and Gillig are possibly contenders (unless they too have backlogs). Gillig has a new factory which could allow for a bigger production capacity.
  15. North County Transit District (NCTD)

    NCTD is apparently in talks with Metrolink on possibly doing something for those who need service to San Clemente, but Metrolink is probably going to be the only way. I would nto be surprised if OCTA cuts service to that particular Carls Jr in San Clemente which connects to Route 395 (not all 395 runs service San Clemente).