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  1. XN40

    San Diego MTS

    408 = 2706, 409 = 2710, 410 = 2713, 411 = 2714, 412 = 2721. This is from my own investigating on the 400's that have been reallocated from South Bay to KMD. Note that 408 was never originally assigned to in house as it was a contract operated bus from the get go.
  2. XN40

    Gillig product discussion

    This was originally designed for Santa Clara VTA, but apparently, any Gillig customer can buy it and you dont need BRT styling as you could buy a Diesel bus with this front end and no roof decorations.
  3. XN40

    San Diego MTS

    Correct, all D40LF are gone and the only diesel buses in the fleet are the Blue Bird OTR commuter coaches which are fueled by a tanker truck as East County can no longer natively fuel diesel buses. Also some 2300's are at ECBMF as route 27, 921 and 928 are now being operated by that division instead of South Bay. Edit: However, South Bay is still operating 928 on Sundays as East County division is closed on Sunday.