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  1. Yes that is temporary boost in capacity for the fair. They took the wraps off. NCTD is slowly trying to improve its fleet, but they just do not have the funding.
  2. XN40

    San Diego MTS

    8351 and others is to replace 2005 C40LF buses that came from South bay despite them temporarily reallocating those buses to in house (408-412). Infact, East County has 2741 which is formerly 407 an in house bus. They even have some 2300 series Gillig's from South Bay. 66 40' buses which includes 51 Gillig CNG's (8201-8213 and 8301-8338). Not a bad little operation, but it is not open on Sundays, but maybe some day it will be. South bay and Copley park cutaway/paratransit do all the Sunday operations for them.
  3. XN40

    San Diego MTS

    MTS has been reprogramming their destination signs to be simpler and more user friendly by not having the flashing graphics. LRV's will keep their flashing signs, but it does look weird.
  4. One MTS contracted division is getting buses starting at 2781 but only 6 of them have been budgeted in the board. Rest of the money is going to an unknown vendor for FY19 for Commuter Coaches.
  5. XN40

    San Diego MTS

    Correct for the most part. Only 24 Diesel Commuter buses remain, but there are 31 LPG mini buses and 9 cutaways that are gasoline (6 Copley Park and 3 Rural East County buses). Along with a bunch of Paratransit cutaways operated out of Copley Park (don't know the exact number). 30' El Dorado are Ez Rider II. I ride East County a lot and its mostly Gillig but on a rare occasion I have spotted C40LF that were transferred over from South Bay division/Kearny Mesa Division.
  6. XN40

    San Diego MTS

    A lot has changed, but MTS did award a contract to INIT for a new account based fare system to replace the compass card. NCTD will also buy into this system so they will use the same system once it is launched. Most compass cards expire in 2021 so they will get the message quick. This new system is capable of offering fare capping (will require a fare study), integrated mobile apps, multiple users on one account, PCI compliance, contactless credit/debit support and much more. MTS did get to try out the TriMet fare system as it will be similar to the proposed offering and it works well. MTS is even going to host this in the cloud. Stay tuned for more information. The re allocated 400's are now 2700's at East County division now. There are some new buses for FY2019 but not many are really needed as MTS does not have many to replace unless East County needs new buses to replace the existing 2700's there or South bay to replace 30' el dorado buses (those are still in good shape).
  7. Maybe Van Hool will make a clean sheet design for the US or even use this plant to build more of their motorcoaches (a product they seem to do the best). I could see a version of the A360 working ok in the US as LE buses seemed to be the preferred design. A trolley bus could be used on routes with dedicated ROW's like LA Orange line for example.
  8. XN40

    San Diego MTS

    408 = 2706, 409 = 2710, 410 = 2713, 411 = 2714, 412 = 2721. This is from my own investigating on the 400's that have been reallocated from South Bay to KMD. Note that 408 was never originally assigned to in house as it was a contract operated bus from the get go.
  9. This was originally designed for Santa Clara VTA, but apparently, any Gillig customer can buy it and you dont need BRT styling as you could buy a Diesel bus with this front end and no roof decorations.
  10. You can order this front end on any Gillig bus for that matter whether it is CNG, Diesel, hybrid, etc.
  11. XN40

    San Diego MTS

    Correct, all D40LF are gone and the only diesel buses in the fleet are the Blue Bird OTR commuter coaches which are fueled by a tanker truck as East County can no longer natively fuel diesel buses. Also some 2300's are at ECBMF as route 27, 921 and 928 are now being operated by that division instead of South Bay. Edit: However, South Bay is still operating 928 on Sundays as East County division is closed on Sunday.
  12. XN40

    San Diego MTS

    11 TBA artics for Route 925 which will be Zero Emission and 6 40' Xcelsior charge with 480kwh battery with 225 miles of range, though they could get one with even more range if they liked them enough. Xcelsior order is still ongoing.
  13. It appears that San Diego MTS is negotiating with New Flyer to buy 6 Xcelsior charge buses for a trial to see how the technology will work for them. This is alongside getting a grant for 11 Electric artics for use on Route 925.
  14. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2018/03/2019-silverado-medium-duty-trucks-revealed/ New Silverado 4500HD, 5500HD, and 6500HD series truck. This is a little more akin to the old Kodiak/Topkick truck, but no GMC version is to be made. This new truck uses a pickup cab, but a traditional tilt hood and a Duramax diesel with Allison transmission. I definitely think there will be a gasoline/CNG/LPG version for fleets who are in jurisdictions that are not friendly to Diesel, but can be cheaper once you have the infrastructure in. Right now these are being depicted as a truck, but I am confident that the cutaway bus companies have their eye on this truck and will make buses off of it thanks to a new easy to upfit chassis.
  15. Old news, but the 30 buses are to probably add capacity to route 7, 150, 201, and 202. This order is to replace the NABI buses and those 20 options could be used to replace the Blue Bird buses used on the Rapid Express Commuter service over I-15 and 163.
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