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  1. so the 217xx buses have been in service for about two months and none have working stop announcements, only the display. Anyone know the issue hereļ¼Ÿ
  2. they run the 1400s all the time on weekends, so if its a CNG issue those shouldnt be out but they are. There is usually at least one 2005 D40LF doing 5s on Sundays.
  3. do they not normally run the novas on sundays? last few times in hamilton on a sunday i saw all flyers
  4. Rode 1504 awhile back on the 22, surprised how loud it was inside compared to the 14xx, quite some rattling when going over bumps.
  5. rode 7020 on the 101 yesterday, didnt know they went with the hideous front door arrangement, are other consortium units like this? Noticed the small window beside the back door is not present on these units, and 7020 rattled like it had been in service for years
  6. so the rest of this year's Xcelisors will be used for aBRT, and the "new" expansion buses for the KW routes will actually be the old Ixpress Novas?
  7. they should have combined the 23 and 27, the 27 is too short and has low ridership in its current form.
  8. 12:40pm isn't too late for onward connections. The problem is connecting to this flight from your point of origin because it leaves too early. Perhaps you were thinking of the HU YYZ-PEK flight which does arrive too late for onward connections at PEK.
  9. According to airchina.ca, the schedule for CA997/998 will be redone starting February 1. It will now operate Mon, Wed, Sat rather than Sun, Tues, Thurs, and they are changing the times as follows: Old: YVR 1:50 --> PEK 5:30 +1 day PEK 23:30 --> YVR 18:10 New: YVR 9:00 --> PEK 12:40 +1 day PEK 12:00 --> YVR 6:40 Not sure the rationale for doing this, but it would appear they're making it less convenient, as the new schedule reduces the number of connection possibilities, especially from central and eastern Canada.
  10. Yes, it was the last trip north from Ainslie. These buses seem identical to the 209xx buses except the back doors don't sound as loud and there are electronic bells which are louder and a little higher-pitched than on other buses.
  11. Last night the last Lakeshore West train was delayed an hour or so due to an "accident" somewhere east of Rouge Hill. Many people opted for the bus instead, but since it was 3:15 before it finally got to Hamilton, the train would have probably been faster in the end.
  12. Rode 5607 & 5630 on BD line yesterday (27th). These subway cars with the orange bench seats are rare, are they not? Two trains with these cars were still out at midnight so they weren't rush hour extras.
  13. The 09s will get like that soon enough. When the 06s were new they rode like the 09s do now.
  14. Saw an 89 Orion V at Fairview at 12:20pm today, not sure what it was doing. It stopped in the 8/17 bay for around 1 min then left.
  15. The new artics also have a dimmer switch of some sort on the front interior lights, as these lights fade brighter when the doors open and darker when they close. I haven't seen this on any other buses. Rode two of these buses on the last two trips of 51, 928 and 924.
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