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  1. BlueBirdVision

    Ontario Northland

    Ontario Northland #1902 is seen here ready to leave the Transit Terminal in Downtown Sudbury. This photo was taken on Sunday.
  2. BlueBirdVision

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Here is all the new buses that Furbyville Transit has acquired within the past year as of December 2018! 2017 NovaBus LFS 60-Foot Artic (1701-1725) Powertrain: Cummins L9 & Allison B400R6 2017 NovaBus LFS Diesel 40-Foot (1726-1795) Powetrain: Cummins L9 & ZF EcoLife 6AP1400B 2018 NovaBus LFS HEV 40-Foot (1796-1835) Powertrain: Cummins B6.7 & BAE HybriDrive System 2018 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 SuperLo (1836-1845) Powertrain: Cummins L9 & Allison B500R6
  3. BlueBirdVision

    Celebrity Birthday Thread

    Rapper Cardi B turns 26 today
  4. BlueBirdVision

    Greater Sudbury Transit

  5. BlueBirdVision

    Transit Pet Peeves

    Here’s some things that really make me mad about riding Greater Sudbury Transit 1. Passengers who like to leave garbage and unfinished food behind on the bus 2. Children screaming and crying when the bus is packed 3. People that like to bring there huge Bluetooth speaker and blast it up so the entire bus can hear whatever song is playing 4. The transfer time limit is 45 minutes?! That’s a shame 5. Rude and entitled bus drivers 6. Teenagers always taking the courtesy seating and not moving if someone who is pregnant or in a wheelchair 7. People having loud ass phone conversations on the bus like either text or talk quieter we don’t need to hear what your talking about with your friend or whatever 8. People that ring the bell when the bus gets to the transit terminal 9. People that love to put there dirty feet on the seats in the winter time like gross 10. This one makes me the most mad and it’s those people who ride the bus but they don’t ever wear deodorant or take a shower however the whole bus can smell your B.O!!!!!
  6. BlueBirdVision

    Ontario Northland

    Here’s is a photo of Ontario Northland’s TEMSA TS-35E demonstration unit. This was taken today when the bus was coming thru Whitefish River First Nation Indian Reserve.
  7. BlueBirdVision

    Greater Sudbury Transit

    Figure I'd list what buses have full body wrap advertisments 862 is now sporting an Advertisement for Delta Gaming in Sudbury & Val Caron 861 is wrapped for HSA.ca (Work Safe For Life) 853 is wrapped for College Boreal 854 is wrapped for 2018 Municpal Election 855 carries an advertisement for Sudbury Healthy Kids Now I would like to point out another change with Greater Sudbury Transit buses is the new voice for the bus stop callout system. Now when it calls out the stop it will say "Next Prochain Arret: New Sudbury Centre" However on the display it will just read out the name of the bus stop. Some of the buses don't have the stop requested sign anymore since the LED sign inside the bus will say "STOPPING" I have noticed on a few of them it will say "STOP" then it just reads out the name of the bus stop. 861-865 have green LED signs inside the bus while all the other buses in the Greater Sudbury Transit fleet have the orange LED display inside.
  8. BlueBirdVision

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Greater Sudbury Transit #871 is seen here at the Transit Terminal on March 16, 2018. This is the first bus out of the 3 bus order that was placed by the city of Greater Sudbury in 2017. It includes minor changes such as the Cummins L9 engine and an Allison B400R transmission.
  9. BlueBirdVision

    General FML moments

    Honestly I'm on my last nerve with my PS4, the problem is that it keeps glitching out and restarting and sometime it overheats. But that what you get for a refurbished game console haha.
  10. BlueBirdVision

    General FY Moments

    I'm excited to go on a field trip to Missisauga next week! It's gonna be fun and I'm so pumped to ride on a coach
  11. BlueBirdVision

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Beautiful Liar - Beyonce & Shakira
  12. BlueBirdVision

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Furbyville Transit would like to annouce the grand opening of it's Blue Line LRT extension! On March 7, 2017 the extension opened for revenue service after 3+ years of construction and planning. We would like to welcome the public to our Grand Opening Week starting Today (March 7, 2017) and will continue until March 14th. All stations are ADA accessible and have been designed for easy navigation to the transit terminal and train platform. The line extends from the current Westwood Station which was the former terminus of the line. Each station has a unqiue and modern design to fit the theme of the area of the city. 2 stations include a Starbucks Coffee. Furbyville Transit is putting out a tender for 20 60' Articulated Buses and 35 40' Compressed Natural Gas Buses. We have recieved bids from New Flyer and NovaBus for each tender however we looking to try a different manufacturer so all bidders must submit a proposal to transit before March 29 Another tender will be put out for the renovations for 6 LRT Stations and 3 of the city's largest transit terminals. Bidding for this tender closes April 1st. Starting April 2018 we will be equpping buses with new fare boxes to accomidate Apple Pay and the new BulletPass which is still currently in the process of being tested on the express routes.
  13. BlueBirdVision

    Greater Sudbury Transit

    At the time it is cleary unknown if any retirements were made but I'm definetely sure that these were for service improvement/spare ratio as you mentioned.
  14. BlueBirdVision

    General WTF Moments

    Oddly enough I think that we might''ve seen this moment when we ride transit. Alright let me spill the tea on what the hell I saw last night when I was riding Greater Sudbury Transit. So I'm on the Hanmer/Valley/Capreol bus and there was this couple that was literally making out on the bus and I was trying not to look but you always keep your comments to yourself about things like this in public. Honestly this isn't the first time I've seen weird crap while riding a bus.
  15. BlueBirdVision

    Greater Sudbury Transit

    Greater Sudbury Transit purchased 3 new NovaBus LFS unit's back in fall of 2017. These buses are numbered 871-873. New features on these buses is the Cummins L9 & Allison B400R. Basically that's all what is new for Sudbury at the time. No 30ft buses have been seen yet.