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  1. BlueBirdVision

    Greater Sudbury Transit

    Figure I'd list what buses have full body wrap advertisments 862 is now sporting an Advertisement for Delta Gaming in Sudbury & Val Caron 861 is wrapped for HSA.ca (Work Safe For Life) 853 is wrapped for College Boreal 854 is wrapped for 2018 Municpal Election 855 carries an advertisement for Sudbury Healthy Kids Now I would like to point out another change with Greater Sudbury Transit buses is the new voice for the bus stop callout system. Now when it calls out the stop it will say "Next Prochain Arret: New Sudbury Centre" However on the display it will just read out the name of the bus stop. Some of the buses don't have the stop requested sign anymore since the LED sign inside the bus will say "STOPPING" I have noticed on a few of them it will say "STOP" then it just reads out the name of the bus stop. 861-865 have green LED signs inside the bus while all the other buses in the Greater Sudbury Transit fleet have the orange LED display inside.