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  1. Greater Sudbury Transit #752 (2005 NovaBus LFS 2nd Generation) is seen here parked at the Transit Terminal this afternoon. 751-753 are now the oldest series of buses in the city’s transit fleet. It’s unknown how long these 3 are going to stick around for.
  2. SSM Transit added two new buses to its fleet: https://saultstemarie.ca/Newsroom/July-2019/City-adds-two-new-buses-to-fleet.aspx
  3. Apparently Greater Sudbury Transit is being renamed GOVA as of next month when the new routes come into effect. A brand new livery was unveiled on Tuesday. Check the link from Sudbury.com for all the details: https://www.sudbury.com/local-news/gova-thats-the-new-name-for-greater-sudburys-transit-system-1577548?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  4. Some new changes for GST coming into effect next month. https://www.greatersudbury.ca/city-hall/news-and-public-notices/2019/introducing-gova-a-greater-sudbury-transit-family-of-services/?fbclid=IwAR1Qvogavwpz4fhX6YbmDuV8XnnqoHP808uVKbrettlwmPsTRr5Ckj7I528 Fares restructuring went into effect on July 1. https://www.greatersudbury.ca/live/transit/fares-and-passes/
  5. So I finally graduated high school and it was pretty nice getting to know all the friends I made within the past 4 years. I also signed up for a paid training program at the YMCA Youth Job Connection in Sudbury. I'm excited to see what the paid training program has to offer!
  6. I did not see the Orion VII in service unfortunately. I was only in North Bay for about 2 hours today. I will be going back to North Bay in a few weeks depending how busy I am.
  7. On my way back from North Bay I managed to see another TEMSA unit in Sturgeon Falls. Unit #L1909 Did Ontario Northland go with TEMSA instead of MCI? I’m curious if this is actually a demonstrator or they bought it brand new.
  8. I decided to check out what the transit system was like in North Bay. I got a few photos of 770 (2008 D40LF) and I went for a ride on two of the XD40’s from the transit terminal to Northgate Shopping Centre. There will be a video uploaded to my YouTube channel sometime tonight.
  9. FURBYVILLE TRANSIT TRANSIT VEHICLE ROSTER Green marked units are assigned to regular transit Orange is marked for express Purple is small community shuttle service in small towns located in the Beauchamp state. 2004 NFI D40LF (3820-3855 2013 NFI XDE60 (4743-4779) 2014 NFI XN40 (4780-4900) 2015 NFI XD40 (4901-4999) 2015 Tri-Star TS-40D (5001-5630) 2015 Tri-Star TS-30D (5631-5756) 2015 Tri-Star TS-40D (8601-8675) 2015 Tri-Star TS-40C (8676-8770) 2015 Tri-Star TS-45DE (8771-8886) 2015 Tri-Star TS-40C (8887) 2015 NFI XN60 (5756-5765) 2005 Orion 7.501 (3856-3900) 2006 NFI D40LF (3901-4012) 2006 NovaBus LFS (4013-4031) 2007 NFI D60LF (4032-4078) 2008 NovaBus LFS (4079-4100) 2008 NFI D40LF (4101-4121) 2009 NFI D60LF (4122-4174) 2009 NFI D40LFR (4175-4200) 2009 Orion VII NG (4201-4300) 2009 NovaBus LFS (4301-4319 2009 NFI D40LF (4320-4385) 2010 NFI D40LFR (4386-4409) 2011 NFI D60LFR (4410-4450) 2011 Orion 7.501 NG (4451-4509) 2012 NFI D40LFR (4510-4514) 2012 NFI XD40 (4514-4600) 2012 NovaBus LFSA (4601-4623) 2012 NFI XD60 (4624-4679) 2013 NFI XD40 (4680-4720) 2013 NFI XD60 (4721-4742) 2016 NFI XD40 (5766-5800) 2017 NovaBus LFSA (1701-1725) 2018 NovaBus LFS HEV (1796-1835) 2018 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 "SuperLo" (1836-1845)
  10. Ontario Northland #1902 is seen here ready to leave the Transit Terminal in Downtown Sudbury. This photo was taken on Sunday.
  11. Here is all the new buses that Furbyville Transit has acquired within the past year as of December 2018! 2017 NovaBus LFS 60-Foot Artic (1701-1725) Powertrain: Cummins L9 & Allison B400R6 2017 NovaBus LFS Diesel 40-Foot (1726-1795) Powetrain: Cummins L9 & ZF EcoLife 6AP1400B 2018 NovaBus LFS HEV 40-Foot (1796-1835) Powertrain: Cummins B6.7 & BAE HybriDrive System 2018 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 SuperLo (1836-1845) Powertrain: Cummins L9 & Allison B500R6
  12. https://www.sudbury.com/local-news/smart-cards-could-soon-be-in-use-on-city-buses-1059204
  13. Here’s some things that really make me mad about riding Greater Sudbury Transit 1. Passengers who like to leave garbage and unfinished food behind on the bus 2. Children screaming and crying when the bus is packed 3. People that like to bring there huge Bluetooth speaker and blast it up so the entire bus can hear whatever song is playing 4. The transfer time limit is 45 minutes?! That’s a shame 5. Rude and entitled bus drivers 6. Teenagers always taking the courtesy seating and not moving if someone who is pregnant or in a wheelchair 7. People having loud ass phone conversations on the bus like either text or talk quieter we don’t need to hear what your talking about with your friend or whatever 8. People that ring the bell when the bus gets to the transit terminal 9. People that love to put there dirty feet on the seats in the winter time like gross 10. This one makes me the most mad and it’s those people who ride the bus but they don’t ever wear deodorant or take a shower however the whole bus can smell your B.O!!!!!
  14. Here’s is a photo of Ontario Northland’s TEMSA TS-35E demonstration unit. This was taken today when the bus was coming thru Whitefish River First Nation Indian Reserve.
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