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  1. Mississauga745


    June 6th. I haven't heard anything yet though
  2. Mississauga745


    When did you apply? I'm curious to see what the timeline is
  3. Mississauga745

    Mississauga Transit Hiring Process 2013

    Well here's hoping something happens but with each passing day I am losing hope. How many people could they possibly be hiring?
  4. Mississauga745

    Mississauga Transit Hiring Process 2013

    I guess I didn't move on. A friend of mine got an interview already a few weeks ago. Anybody else hear back and get an interview?
  5. Hey I am new to the Forum but have been going through the Mississauga Transit recruitment process and wondered if anybody else had any info on the procedure. So far I have applied and went for the initial testing. Testing consisted of a mock incident report, a 20 question multiple choice with explanation needed and a STRADA test. I have not been called back yet and wondered if anybody else has gotten further at all? I'm hoping to land this job but don't know how many positions there are or when successful candidates would start. If you have any info that would be appreciated.