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  1. Because Brampton was operating a Saturday schedule yesterday, MiWay was responsible for completely operating the 185, instead of the usual 3/3 vehicle split. Might have been the only vehicle available. I did notice that there were a lot of local buses on the 109 and 110, although that might be unrelated.
  2. All day weekday train service is starting on the Stouffville Line June 26! Trains will operate during weekdays only, with peak service remaining largely as it is. Bi-directional trains will operate during the midday and early evening periods, every 60 minutes between Unionville and Union, stopping only at Milliken, Agincourt and Kennedy. Southbound: The existing 5:15am, 6:41am and 7:41am southbound trains will be cancelled with no replacement buses provided. Oddly enough this leaves a 60 minutes gap right in the middle of the AM rush, with no trains arriving at Union between 8:31am and 9:30am. The existing train from Unionville at 9:41am will now start at Lincolnville, with an additional train departing Lincolnville at 10:14am. Southbound trains will depart Unionville hourly from 11:46am to 3:46pm, as well as 9:01pm to 11:01pm, with connecting route 70 bus service. Northbound: Northbound trains depart Union for Unionville hourly from 10:15am to 2:15pm as well as 8:00pm, 8:30pm and 9:40pm, with connectiong route 70 bus service. The existing 3:11pm train will be extended to Lincolnville. A new train will depart Union at 10:30pm making all stops to Lincolnville. Full schedule here: Although I think overall this is an improvement, the hour frequency southbound during the morning will definately be interesting to witness, as trains are already full with the 30 minute frequency.
  3. There was a superlo sitting at Square One Sunday around 5:50p signed as 19A, however I wasn't able to see if it actually operated on the route.
  4. +2321
  5. Lots of changes coming in September: New Routes: 2 College Edinburgh: Replaces the 1B and runs via Gordon as opposed to East Ring Road. 3 Westmount: Service from Guelph Central Station to Woodlawn Rd via Suffolk, Westmount and Nicklin. Every 20 minutes during weekday daytime, 30 minutes at all other times. 5 Goodwin: Runs on a similar routing to the current 5A south of University Centre only. Every 20 minutes during weekday daytime, 30 minutes at all other times. 17 & 18 Woodlawn Watson: Loops clockwise and counterclockwise respectively from University Centre using current route 2 and 3 routings. No service to the Guelph Central Station, along with other minor routing adjustments. Every 30 minutes at all times. 99 Mainline: Service along Gordon and Woolwich from Woodlawn Rd to Clair Road. Every 10 minutes during the week. Weekend frequency has not been listed but it is supposed to operate on the weekends. Services Guelph Central Station and University Centre. New Express Routes: 40 Scottsdale Express: Every 30 minutes during PM peak only. Stops only at Guelph Central Station, Stone Road Mall, College/Centennial 41 Downtown - University Express: Every 10 minutes during peak times, every 15 minutes outside of peak including weekends. Express along Gordon with stops only at Guelph Central Station, Nottingham, College, University Centre. New University Routes: 51U Janefield: Every 30 minutes on weekdays. Services Stone Road, Scottsdale and Janefield. 52U Kortright: Every 30 minutes during peak times. Services Gordon, Edinburgh and Kortright. 56U Colonial: Every 20 minutes during weekday daytimes, 30 minutes weekday evenings. Operates on a similar route to the current route 5 south of University Centre, except does a counter-clockwise loop and services Colonial Dr and Clair Rd. Additionally, the peak frequency on all routes with the exception of 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 50, 57, and 58 will be reduced to every 30 minutes. Route 14 and route 20 will have extra buses on them during some times as well. There are a few other minor routing and schedule changes.
  6. 2320 was on the 51B Saturday March 11. Seen specifically on the 6:45pm departure from Ainslie.
  7. From the YRT website: "Note: As of July 1, 2017, fare zone upgrades will be eliminated to simplify fare structure." If you scroll down to the 2017, 2018 and 2019 fares are listed, you'll see the note.
  8. Yeah I've found that problem too but I don't think they're going to fix it considering they're getting rid of the fare zones in July.
  9. 1610 was parked in the miller yard on December 28. Not sure if this is a permanent assignment or not.
  10. Friday December 16: GO 8306 on route 18: 7:59 WB departure.
  11. Sunday December 4: TTC 9000 and 9027 on route 105A Dufferin North.
  12. Also worth noting is that the 501 and 502 will no longer be serving the Bowmanville Carpool Lot and will revent to ending at Church & Temperance. Anyone know why this change was made?
  13. Not positive on this, but it seems like they're just extending the existing 15 to Brantford, and renaming the current route 15 between Aldershot and McMaster the 15A.
  14. +1017, 1036, 1056, 1063, 1065, 1071, 1136, 1380, 1404, 1554, 1702, 1823, 8173, 8178, 8491.