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  1. Could my username be changed to: VanishingUnderground Thanks!
  2. YRT released the final version of their 2020 service plan onto the web. Quick summary: April 2020: 50 Queensway rush hour frequency increased from every 38 minutes to every 32 minutes. Service to Pefferlaw removed (seems by the wording that Mobility On-Request hours will be extended to service these trips) 10 Woodbridge reduced to rush hour only - no mention if it will be replaced by on-demand service 13 Islington Saturday service discontinued 15 Stouffville and Mobility On-Request Stouffville discontinued 22 King City Saturday service removed but replaced by 96 Keele-Yonge, running every 60 minutes 28 Huntington discontinued 40 Unionville Local Sunday service discontinued 41 Markham Local Sunday service discontinued 44 Bristol and Mobility On-Request Saturday service discontinued 55 Davis Drive discontinued - existing 55B branch renamed to 55 and extended to run through 404 Town Centre 56 Gotham-Eagle Sunday service discontinued before 11:00am 77A Highway 7 discontinued NEW 89 Bathurst route running from Newmarket Terminal to Seneca College King every 25 minutes during rush hour - they're anticipating 655 people daily, which is on par with the 18 Bur Oak all day ridership. 96 Keele-Yonge NEW Saturday service running every 60 minutes between 9:00a and 7:00p NEW Mobility On-Request East Gwillimbury GO Station - running from East Gwillimbury GO to addresses in Sharon. No service hours given June 2020: NEW Mobility On-Request Aurora - Conversion of existing Aurora and Oak Ridges On-Request service to an address -> nearest in service bus stop or hub style service (rather than bus stop -> nearest in service bus stop). September 2020: Cornell Terminal opens, routing revised and frequency widened on the following routes: Route 1 extended into the terminal with service along Church St retained. Frequency reduced 1-3 minutes. Route 2 extended into the terminal on weekends. Frequency reduced 5-10 minutes. Route 9 extended into the terminal. Frequency reduced 3 minutes. Route 16 extended into the terminal with service along Church St retained. Frequency reduced 1-3 minutes. Route 18 extended into the terminal with service along Church St removed. No change in frequency. Route 25 extended into the terminal with service along Church St removed. No change in frequency. Route 522 extended into the terminal with service along Church St retained. Frequency reduced 2 minutes. Viva Purple extended into the terminal with service along Church St removed, however the Markham Stouffville Hospital stop will be removed. Map seems to indicate the route will continue to travel out to Bur Oak Avenue however (I'm hoping this is a drawing error). No change in frequency. No mention of plans to revise the 201, 303 or any school specials to service the terminal. 402 Bur Oak / PET School Special - 1/2 morning trips removed November 2020: NEW Mobility On-Request King City GO - running from King City GO to addresses in King. No service hours given. Existing On-Request service likely discontinued. NEW Mobility On-Request Stouffville - running from the nearest fixed route or predetermined hub to addresses in Stouffville. No service hours given. December 2020 (Deferred into 2021, no precise date given): 4/4A Major Mackenzie consolidated into one service - routing to Vaughan Mills Terminal removed and all service will run along the 4A to Pine Valley. Route will service Mackenzie Vaughan hospital terminal. Slight frequency reduction of 2-3 minutes off-peak. 20 Jane service will run into the new Mackenzie Vaughan hospital terminal. No change in frequency. 760 Vaughan Mills / Wonderland will run into the new Mackenzie Vaughan hospital terminal. No change in frequency. The FTN initiative to have all routes 15 minutes or less by 2025 seems to have been drastically reduced, with only the 50 identified for improvement this year. At the current rate of improvement its doubtful that all routes will achieve 15 minutes or better rush hour frequency by 2025. Also curiously absent is any mention of the Viva Network Expansion plan to realign Viva Green to Leslie and introduce Viva Silver along Jane and Major Mackenzie. These have been present in the previous annual plans as being implemented around 2022. More information: https://view.publitas.com/york-region-transportation-services/2020-transit-initiatives/page/1
  3. Lots of service changes proposed for 2020. Overall an impressive slate covering the region: 101, 112: Extended to Pickering Parkway Terminal 103, 232: Reduced to peak only service 107: Replaced by On-Demand service 110: Extended to Rouge Hill Station 111: Cancelled, with sections along Fieldlight Dr replaced by route 112 112: Extended in peak periods to Tauton (I'm assuming over to Burkholder Dr) 217, 219, 223: Saturday service in Ajax reduced to every 60 minutes 226: Cancelled, replaced with 291 community bus service 304: Modified to service Windfield Farms 312: Modified to operate along Garden between Tauton and Dundas 315: New route in Whitby to service new neighbourhoods beside Hwy 412, peak periods only 401: Replaced by new 901 Pulse service in December 2020 402: Replaced by new 902 service in September 2020 409: Service after 9pm cancelled 410, 411: Peak service extended to Oshawa Station 410: Added to the High Frequency Network 414: Cancelled 422: Extended to Whitby Station to replace route 922 along this stretch 501, 502: Saturday service reduced to every 60 minutes 506: Replaced by On-Demand (657) 601: Replaced by On-Demand (652) 657: New On-Demand in Clarington, replacing 506 900: Articulated buses will run along some trips Monday-Saturday 902: New route replacing route 402 and GO route 90, running between Oshawa Station and West Bowmanville Mall 910: Extended to Ajax Station along Bayly 915: Won't operate to Durham College during the summer (June-September) 922: Cancelled and replaced by modifications to route 422 and 411 960: Replaced by on-demand service between Uxbridge and Mount Albert New weekend route running between Ajax Station, Rouge National Park, and Toronto Zoo New on-demand pilots in Whitby Shores and Seaton More details: https://calendar.durham.ca/meetings/Detail/2020-01-08-1330-Transit-Executive-Committee-Meeting/a0942a89-d0c1-44ab-bf92-ab3600f1cfb9
  4. The 2020 YRT budget is being presented to the York Region Committee of the Whole on December 5. Among the service cuts proposed: 55 Davis Drive to be discontinued - 55B Davis Drive will continue to operate in rush hours only (2020). 10 Woodbridge reduced to rush hours only (2020). 40 Unionville Local - Saturday (2021), Sunday (2020), and On-Request (2021) service discontinued. 41 Markham Local - Saturday (2021), Sunday (2020), and On-Request (2021) service discontinued. 13 Islington Saturday service discontinued (2020). 12 Pine Valley reduced to rush hours only (2021). 23 Thornhill Woods reduced to rush hours only (2021). 44 Bristol reduced to rush hours and Saturday only (2021). Saturday evening On-Request service will continue. 3 Thornhill weekend service reduced to roughly 85 minutes (2021). 26 Maple Sunday service discontinued (2021). 7 Martin Grove Saturday service reduced to roughly 72 minutes (2021). 18 Bur Oak Saturday service discontinued (2021). On-Demand Blue Willow and Maple Glen discontinued (2021). TAP Program budget reduced by 40% (2020). Service increase budget reduced: 2.1 million for additional services planned in 2020, 2.6 million in 2021, 2.65 million in 2022. Ticket validators and multi-ride machines will be removed in time for 2021. Based on the budgeted amount seems like tickets will no longer be accepted starting around September 2020. Rapidway station cleaning will be reduced from bi-weekly to monthly. More information: https://yorkpublishing.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=9604
  5. Summary of proposed changes from the PIC: - 15 minute peak service on routes 2, 3, 4 - Route 3 to run every 30 minutes during middays - High Frequency network during peak periods of route 2, 3, 4, 6, 7. - Separate the 1A/B and 2 into an eastern and western branch. Route 1 reduced to every 60 minutes. - New route 1C service during weekday middays - Pulse network at Milton GO - Add trips to route 50, 51, 52 (school specials) - Discontinue routes 5, 9, 10 due to low ridership - replace with home-to-hub service to Milton GO. - Discontinue GO drop-off routes (30, 31, 32) - New route 5 from Milton GO to Lisgar GO via Steeles and Toronto Premium Outlets. More details: https://www.letstalkmilton.ca/6865/documents/15168
  6. GO Rail car 2500 was in a freight train passing WB at 14th Avenue and Alden Rd in Markham, December 25 at 5pm.
  7. Lots of bus changes coming too, that unfortunately GO decided to hide by just telling people to check the schedule. This is not a complete list by any means, just changes I saw by glancing through the schedules. 25C: New AM weekday westbound trip at 7:00a, and two Monday only trips at 8:30a and 9:30a. Saturday 25C eastbound trips now operate hourly from 7:45a to 8:50p and westbound from 9:40a to 10:40p. 25F: Ending at 407 Station. New Sunday trips starting eastbound at 12:30p and ending westbound at 10:20p. 29: New westbound trip during the school year at 8:50a. 37: New 37A and 37B branches. 37A runs northbound with 2 trips at 5:50a and 6:50a, ending at Orangeville Mall. 37B runs southbound with 4 trips starting from 5:50p until 9:20p starting from Orangeville Carpool. Seems like these trips are mostly just converting deadheading trips to revenue service. 38: 7:08a southbound trip shifted 30 minutes earlier to 6:38a. Unfortunately this now leaves a 3 hour gap before the next bus at 9:22a 40: New 40B branch operating one westbound morning trip from Richmond Hill Centre to Pearson making regular stops. Weekend daytime service increased to every 30 minutes. 45/46/47/48: All trips now ending at 407 station. 47: Service extended an additional hour, and starts an hour earlier on westbound trips. Weekend service span expanded to match weekdays. Additional Sunday 47F trip eastbound at 2:05p. 48: Weekday service extended an additional hour. Friday eastbound trips increased back to every 30 minutes on the Guelph branch during PM peak. New later eastbound trip. 51/52/54: All trips now ending at 407 station. The 51 paper schedule shows service increased to every 15 minutes westbound only however the schedule finder says it is remaining at 30. 52: New 52D branch running express between Unionville GO and Hwy 407 Station during rush hours in the peak direction, every 30 minutes westbound during AM peak and every 60 minutes eastbound during PM peak. Increased to every 30 minutes during middays. Weekday service starts 1 hour earlier and ends 1 hour later eastbound and ends 2 hours later westbound. Weekend service starts 2 hours earlier and ends 1 hour later. 61: New 61F branch running express from Gormley to Union, with 1 southbound trip leaving at 9am. 68: New 68C branch shown on the map running from King City GO to Barrie South GO, Allandale Waterfront GO and Barrie Term via 400, however no trips scheduled. 69: Discontinued with the exception of 2 southbound trips at 12:10p and 8:10p. 90A: Now servicing the new Park & Ride at First & Front, and will no longer service Downtown Oshawa or Oshawa Centre. Unfortunately this means that service from Oshawa GO to downtown Oshawa will only be every 60 minutes in rush hour peak direction. 91: Increased trips, and now servicing the new Park & Ride at Courtice & Baseline.
  8. According to the MiWay twitter feed, the last 30-foot bus made its final trip this morning. The last trip made was bus 0703 making a morning trip on the 32 (according to the picture). MiWay Tweet
  9. GO route 38A runs two trip from there to Etobicoke North GO, Yorkdale and York Mills in the morning and two afternoon trips following the reverse routing. Last time I took one it was fairly well used, with at least 30 seats full.
  10. Apparently weekday midday and evening service on the Barrie line will be starting December 30. YRT is adjusting their services to meet some of the trains according to their website. Trains will be servicing Downsview Park Stn starting then too.
  11. http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/hamilton/hamilton-haldimand-transit-1.4372330 Would be interesting to see this partnership actually go ahead. Probably will be funded similarly to how GRT has the townships fund the 21 and 77.
  12. My understanding is that the terminals at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Highway 407 and the YRT terminal at Pioneer Village Station will be located outside a fare paid area. This means they will have a similar arrangement to Jane or Runnymede stations in the sense that you have to exit through the turnstiles to board the buses in the terminal. Don Mills Station is different from these as it is located within the TTC fare paid area, which is why YRT/Viva buses drop off outside the station. In other subway opening related news, YRT has posted the preliminary final plans for routings once the subway opens. It seems that Viva Purple will continue as is for the time being on weekdays only, servicing York U and Pioneer Village Station. No timeline yet on the York U Shuttle, but I imagine it will start when the Purple is branched between Town Centre and Kennedy.
  13. NEWS ON NEW BUSES: Aparently YRT will be converting 20 VIVA articulated buses to the YRT livery to be used on high capacity routes such as Jane and Leslie. The report linked says that these will primarily be Van Hool's, similar to the 40 foot ones that were converted a while back. This will be happening some time in 2018. As previously announced, YRT will also be piloting 6 battery electric buses in Newmarket (4 New Flyer, 2 Novabus). The charging stations will be installed at Newmarket Terminal. Additionally, YRT is also apparently piloting a hydrogen fuel cell bus sometime in 2018. The opening date for Cornell Terminal has also been pushed back to November 2018.
  14. GO Transit sightings for August 31, 2017: 8315 on the 32 8360 on the 27F
  15. Bramalea only has an exit from the westbound 407 and similarly an entrance to the eastbound 407. There is no exit from the eastbound 407 at Bramalea for buses going to York U. That's why they have to exit at Dixie and go across Steeles.
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