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  1. Lots of consists out there this AM peak
  2. You'll most likely be able to find them in the AM/PM peaks on either blue/red lines (6am-9am & 3pm-6pm).
  3. Honestly - this kind of makes sense. But I wonder what ridership will look like going forward. However, it's unfortunate to see communities such as Mahogany, Auburn Bay and Cranston Riverstone not being considered.
  4. Thanks for that refresher I remember those MCIs filling up. I even remember a Nova on the 35 lol. Hope you're doing well!
  5. 8268 on the 35. Not sure when the last time I ever saw a 40 footer on the 35. I used to ride MCIs on that route in 2012 to and from EP Scarlett on 15 minute frequency. These days it runs every hour on a shuttle.
  6. Ran into this XD40 last night. Normally should be a shuttle but the 10 loves XD40s!
  7. Maps are available now on the Summer Changes page. https://www.calgarytransit.com/content/transit/en/home/news/Summer-Changes-2021.html
  8. To be honest, I'm disappointed with the lack of service increase. By July 1st, we have the potential of having zero restrictions and people are going to be out and about (going to malls, movie theatres, work, hanging out with friends, etc). Appreciating that operating costs are a problem and there's a lot of money to be recovered from the last 15 months... I am still disappointed with virtually no increase in service across the city (especially the expresses).
  9. https://www.calgarytransit.com/content/transit/en/home/news/Summer-Changes-2021.html here are the changes this summer. lots of interesting new route changes!!
  10. No sign of the expresses coming back
  11. On the Stampede topic - I wonder if 24 hour CTrain service will be back this year for the big event.
  12. Lol those waters are so shallow from July to September and then the weather gets in the way. The only practical water level would be in May and June. I know because I go floating often down the Bow. Plllussss, I'm pretty sure the only motor vehicles allowed on that river are the CPS/Fire crew. Also, if you had water taxis, that would pose a danger to floaters. Also imagine the cost of that lol... building docking stations, lack of demand, only being able to operate a couple months out of the year, etc.
  13. Has anyone heard anything about AG reopening anytime soon? Maybe in time for Stampede or the Fall?
  14. So 7772’s roof still has its 3 original stripes on top of the bus! Don’t know about the others
  15. Sorry for the crappy pic. My phone glitched and restarted when I took it!! shot taken today
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