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  1. Lol 8078 is displaying 304 Stampede Park 😒😒😒😒😒
  2. I had an interesting experience on my regular MY trip this morning. My driver this morning wasn’t the regular guy and the bus was an artic (important for the story). We laid over at the leisure centre for about 5 minutes as per usual (still ridiculous). The driver missed the transit way entrance and continued down Southland onto 14 Street. A guy in front of me yelled out “WHERE ARE YOU GOING”, and the driver waived his hand. The guy proceeded to the driver and they talked and he came back to his seat. We obviously missed 90th Ave and luckily no one was waiting or getting off. Think the story stops here? Lol. We turn left into Heritage and into the transit way, business as usual. The driver misses the turn into 75 Ave and continues down into the hospital. Now the guy in front of me is enraged. We go up by the senior home area between 2 route 20 busses (on an artic!) and barely scraped through those tight turns and tiny roads. The guy in front of me starts yelling out directions on where to go and I was so amused. I think he even called 311 or someone to complain. Anyway, I don’t know if I feel bad for the driver? I mean.. shouldn’t you know the route you’re driving? But who knows, maybe he got pulled into it last second and wasn’t familiar.
  3. Sorry for the crappy photo - I saw this beauty drive by while on a plus 15 in downtown! Also I just realized I should have posted this in the photos thread haha
  4. It wasn't CT's call to remove buses off the East Gate campus area. MRU's master plan mandated the removal.
  5. I’m sure some of you are tired of seeing my MY posts haha. Yeah the signage is awful. I’m on 7785 and it’s displaying “304 WOODPARK”. The bus after this one is a 7600 bus which I’m sure will display ROUTE 304. Every passenger asked if it was the max yellow. Someone at MRU asked if it was the teal. I’ve seen 7700s with proper signage so I’m not sure why 7785 isn’t displaying it properly. I feel like so much work went into these projects, especially with construction, that this issue is almost undermining it. Imagine waiting for the MY in -30 weather thinking “wtf is 304, better keep waiting for the MY”. Also, the 54 Ave Stn SB shelter/info screen is still not open. The bus is still not using the bypass during rush hours (it’s 17:30 right now and creeping on the Crowchild and Glenmore Bridge). On the other hand- 14 St is barely moving so it’s nice to see the transit way helping buses go by smoothly i apologize for the negativity - just expressing my observations.
  6. Yeah it was at around 5PM that I was onboard. It didn't put too much of a damper on the commute - it just felt like the proper resources weren't being used. I'm still really happy with rest of MY!
  7. Does anyone know why the max yellow buses aren’t using the bypass road in lakeview to get on glenmore from Crowchild? I get when it isn’t busy but I’m literally sitting on the overpass with the other cars barely moving.
  8. Today’s observation (since DT is back to fully normal) AM (6:43am trip from Woodview) Layover at Southland Leisure 4 minutes Layover at MRU 7 minutes Lots of people on the bus which was nice to see (a few people standing). Multiple people complaining about the layover at MRU. PM (17:30~ trip from Bow Valley Sq) 5 minutes layover at Southland Leisure Centre (driver commented on how early he arrived and tried pacing it but couldn’t). We shall see with MRU kids back tomorrow and U of C back next week.
  9. I shall report back next week then... for a more “accurate” observation.
  10. It seems that the MAX yellow is early on a lot of its trips. I wonder if some timing adjustments will be made next signup. The bus stops a lot waiting for the schedule to catch up to it.
  11. We got on at the first stop (Woodpark Station) with 3 other people. Picked up about 10-15 more on the way. For the first trip I think that was pretty good! We rode it all the way to DT.
  12. Nick and I had the pleasure of being the first passengers to step on the MY! It was great to see a strong start to ridership and the transitway is well done.
  13. Wouldn’t there be some sort of communication lol
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