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  1. I can only imagine how many more shuttle runs we'll see.
  2. I feel so bad for the people getting their routes cut after 10pm...
  3. They should have just shut down the entire South leg of the Red Line on the September long weekend haha.
  4. Looks like there’s an electrical problem between city hall and 39th Ave station. Trains are running on a single track.
  5. I saw 8248 on the 502 earlier today.
  6. Go to any computer and typed in "Calgary Transit"... so many options come up. We found these on Level 4 in the Pamphlet section.
  7. You inspired Nick and I go check out the documents!
  8. Skip to 7:30 and you'll hear that changes due to budget go live September 2nd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HoaQ_I8WB8
  9. I bet you the NE routes are in for a serious chop.
  10. 8310 on the 56 8332 on the 76 7619 on the MO (I know its a SF bus, but I haven't seen a '96 out off peak in a while) 7860 on the 406 (shuttle run... yet an AG bus is covering it instead of SG like the 56) 8082 on the 96 8331 on the 92
  11. There are a few artics running on the 1 and MP... do they bypass the temporary bridge somehow?
  12. A couple more shuttle shortages today: 8010 on the 52 8288 on the 148 tonight
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