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  1. I wonder when they'll post the official launch date and the official revisions.
  2. I actually live on the northern tip of Evergreen, so I'll drive over to Woodbine (takes about 5-7 minutes). Hopefully I find a safe spot to park and get on by the roundabout. I am interested to see how it's going to work out. I will post my findings! I'm finishing my last semester at MRU right now, so hopefully the MY starts before I finish. Otherwise, I'll take it in January when I start my new job in DT.
  3. I'm really excited for MY. I know I'll be using it 5 days a week from Woodbine all the way to Downtown!
  4. It’s that first couple of weeks of school that has all the students attending class. Just wait until people start phasing out into the Fall haha
  5. I've been taking the train in the evenings ~9pm SB @ Heritage this week and damn... the 15 minute frequency changes are really showing. Trains arrive packed with people and on 3 car consists. Super disappointed with the outcome of this change, but a budget is a budget (right?) I hope they revert the C-Train frequencies in the Winter. On that note - I've started taking transit on a regular basis recently between Evergreen and MRU as I couldn't get a parking pass to school for my last semester. It's really nice to see route 11, the train and MAX Teal packed with people in the AM/PM peaks. Definitely more so in comparison to the last couple of years I would say.
  6. Regarding the SW MAX: I drove on 24 St SW inside of woodbine right next to a new MAX station. There’s a little tablet on the stop that is lit up “MY”. So the colour of this MAX is in fact Yellow.
  7. That's probably because of the new signup.
  8. The "what we heard" report is now available for the upcoming SW MAX changes. https://www.calgary.ca/engage/Documents/Transit-Review/2019-08-19_2019TSR_WWH_FINAL.pdf
  9. They shouldn't even be numbered in the first place, IMO. Same as the 201/202, CT got away from displaying route numbers or referring the routes by 201/202 and switched over to colours.
  10. Well, to be fair.. the CT app only displays the route as MO. No mention of the 303. We're all transit gurus here, so it's obvious to us. Especially with the 7600s unable to display "MO" rather than "303" (?)
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