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  1. Lots of consists out there this AM peak
  2. You'll most likely be able to find them in the AM/PM peaks on either blue/red lines (6am-9am & 3pm-6pm).
  3. Honestly - this kind of makes sense. But I wonder what ridership will look like going forward. However, it's unfortunate to see communities such as Mahogany, Auburn Bay and Cranston Riverstone not being considered.
  4. Thanks for that refresher I remember those MCIs filling up. I even remember a Nova on the 35 lol. Hope you're doing well!
  5. 8268 on the 35. Not sure when the last time I ever saw a 40 footer on the 35. I used to ride MCIs on that route in 2012 to and from EP Scarlett on 15 minute frequency. These days it runs every hour on a shuttle.
  6. Ran into this XD40 last night. Normally should be a shuttle but the 10 loves XD40s!
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