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  1. 8038 on the 178 8083 on the 99 8321 on the 29 8227 on the 28 Probably because of the Winnipegers being parked
  2. I don’t know how 8147 ended up on the 92/96 tonight 😂
  3. Also, stop putting quotations around pandemic and virus. It's pretty dismissive and ignorant. This is a pandemic and this is serious. You may not get ill because you're young and healthy, but if seniors and the vulnerable get it, they're toast. That being said, I hope CT doesn't cut any service at this point. A lot of people rely on the service for work, medical appointments, etc.
  4. Lol woops I read “7702-7797” I got really excited
  5. 6042 is hovering around Somerset station. I wonder if it's going to fill in for the 153 as a sole bus. So 8253 came off the 38 to help the 153 and I see a VP bus on the 56 in place of an SG shuttle run. Wth is going on tonight lol. Lets pull 1046 on the 99 while we're at it 😛
  6. Looks like the 153 isn't even showing up on T55. Short shuttle drivers and big bus operators now? Lol
  7. Damn they should have that on buses. Some drivers fly down the 14 Street transitway
  8. 7632 on the 3 tonight Very excited for the upcoming charter!
  9. Literally read your first sentence, that doesn’t make any sense. Why would they waste money on service that isn’t in demand? all those ideas sound great lmao, send them to 262-1000.
  10. Well I'm glad you know CT is an entity of the City - I was pointing out their profits still matter and cutting costs (not increasing service) help offset other factors such as a decrease in budget. I've seen those buses (92 and 96) go by empty on weekends after 10pm. I totally get why they cut service. It literally makes zero sense to run a bus (let alone a shuttle) for an hour trip with virtually no one on it. I also think it gets a little more complex when it comes to 're-allocating' services such as the example you mentioned. Too many buses running after 10pm (which I think is invalid to say) might mean bus operators have contracts with CT that state they must work a set amount of hours. I wouldn't even dive that far into it as I don't know much about it. But to ask why they don't reallocate services for bus service that isn't even in demand is silly, no offence. This is an example of the aforementioned point about re-allocating services. There must have been more money this time around and they realized more service was needed on the 20. I don't think planners are sitting in a room and saying "hm, lets see what happens if we add more to this route and take away from this route". There's hard evidence they must go by (such as passenger count over a period of time).
  11. They cut service because they weren’t being used. Why would you send an empty bus around burning fuel when you can save that money? It all comes down to economics. Sure some people lose, it sucks. But you can’t win over everyone. That never happens. Calgary Transit is not a NPO, it’s a business entity of the City. They report their revenues and losses just like any other organization. Where they can cut costs on a reasonable level, they will. Hence the cuts to service that the costs simply outweigh the benefits.
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