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  1. "who this" lol. The wrap around livery is really cool. I really like the look of it and look forward to seeing it!
  2. There were so many old buses we used to see coming down that avenue back in Fall 2013.. Here's 977 in September of that year.
  3. " "The two gentlemen are unknown to each other and we believe it was random in nature," said Insp. Don Coleman. " Now, that is the scariest part.
  4. They sure are. I used to ride the train a lot through high school (2010-2013) and the trains were much busier (lots of overcrowding) than they are in the present. Sure the 4 car consists help alleviate that, but it's no secret that the downturn has hurt virtually every sector in our economy. The vacancy rate in downtown offices are at a high right now; less people travelling in and out. Other factors such as many oil/gas workers have left the province in search for other work and the fact that the unemployment rate is at a high right now (not just in downtown). Overcrowding still exists... but it's not what it used to be 3-5 years ago.
  5. Haven't seen an articulated bus on the 306 in a while. Is this unusual? sorry if it's a crappy photo
  6. What is route 526?
  7. Not too sure! I imagine it would be since a Calgary radio station posted it, but I'm not too sure! I'll ask in the thread.
  8. Kind of in lack of money and time for that
  9. That's so cool! I hope it finds a good home.
  10. City of Red! Stay safe everyone.
  11. Here's another one! Look at all the history... GMs, MCI, 95ers, and even the old Olympic Plaza platform!
  12. Pretty random, but I found this gem on Youtube in my "recommended for you" list.
  13. It's been there for the past few weeks actually (on Saturday evenings).
  14. 7892 seemed dead on NB 11 St SE by the McDonald's at Heritage Meadows. A fire truck on scene too.