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  1. Not too sure! I imagine it would be since a Calgary radio station posted it, but I'm not too sure! I'll ask in the thread.
  2. Kind of in lack of money and time for that
  3. That's so cool! I hope it finds a good home.
  4. City of Red! Stay safe everyone.
  5. Here's another one! Look at all the history... GMs, MCI, 95ers, and even the old Olympic Plaza platform!
  6. Pretty random, but I found this gem on Youtube in my "recommended for you" list.
  7. It's been there for the past few weeks actually (on Saturday evenings).
  8. 7892 seemed dead on NB 11 St SE by the McDonald's at Heritage Meadows. A fire truck on scene too.
  9. That's sad to hear... can't imagine the costs that associate with that. Power between Crowfoot and Tuscany stations is getting shutting down. Shuttle service will be implemented between the two stations. http://newsroom.calgary.ca/northwest-ctrain-derailment---update-1/
  10. EB & WB Crowchild Trail is closed to traffic between 12 Mile Coulee Road and Stoney Trail NW. Train service is not impacted. Info from: http://globalnews.ca/news/2951113/calgary-ctrain-train-derailed-at-tuscany-lrt-station/
  11. CTrain derailment outbound near Tuscany station just now. Apperantly, a power line fell (according to CTV news).
  12. http://calgaryherald.com/news/crime/short-lived-joyride-in-stolen-bus-ends-in-police-take-down lmao
  13. There's an empty NB train at Fish Creek station not moving, it's turned on though. creating quite the delay.
  14. Same place, same unit OFF at 12:30 PM yesterday (June 24).