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  1. Bud8Amp88

    Halifax (metro) Transit.

    Halifax Transit has announced that ALL of the adjustments in my last post will be implemented AT ONCE as of August 20th, making this perhaps the biggest set of routing adjustments in quite a few years (granted, a decent number of these are just routes changing numbers and/or route classifications, but still...)
  2. Bud8Amp88

    Halifax (metro) Transit.

    2018/19 Service Plan has been officially released: https://www.halifax.ca/sites/default/files/documents/transportation/halifax-transit/Halifax Transit - 2018-2019 Annual Service Plan.pdf This year's planned adjustments have been split up into four groupings, each of which will be done all at once so as to minimize disruptions. Planned Schedule and Route Changes - 2018/19 (Implemented as of August 20th, 2018) Group A: (NEW) Route 3: Replaces Route 52. Uses existing routing between Burnside and Lacewood Terminal. (NEW) Route 28: Provides service between Lacewood and Mumford Terminals via Bayers Lake Business Park and Washmill Lake Dr. Route 64: Increased mid-day service temporarily to complement Route 3 until Wrights Cove Terminal opens. Group B: (NEW) Route 2: Replaces existing Routes 2 and 4. Service provided between Lacewood Terminal and Downtown Halifax along similar routing to the 2/4. (NEW) Route 30: Services local areas served by the existing 2 and 4. Will run as a two-way loop - 30A travels clockwise, 30B counterclockwise. Group C (NEW) Route 4: Replaces Routes 16, 17, 18, and 42. Provides service between Lacewood Terminal and the Saint Mary's and Dalhousie area. (NEW) Route 39: Provides service between Lacewood Terminal and Bridge Terminal (similar to existing Route 16). Group D Route 21: Routing adjustments in Timberlea. Decreased service off-peak. Peak trips no longer servicing Downtown Halifax. Routes 31, 33, 34, 35: Upgraded to Express Routes 135, 136, 137, and 138. Lacewood to Tantallon section of 33 becomes Rural Route 433. (NEW) Route 123: Replaces existing Route 23. Routing adjustments in Timberlea. Will not service Mumford and take a more direct route Downtown.