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  1. Halifax Transit has announced that ALL of the adjustments in my last post will be implemented AT ONCE as of August 20th, making this perhaps the biggest set of routing adjustments in quite a few years (granted, a decent number of these are just routes changing numbers and/or route classifications, but still...)
  2. 2018/19 Service Plan has been officially released: https://www.halifax.ca/sites/default/files/documents/transportation/halifax-transit/Halifax Transit - 2018-2019 Annual Service Plan.pdf This year's planned adjustments have been split up into four groupings, each of which will be done all at once so as to minimize disruptions. Planned Schedule and Route Changes - 2018/19 (Implemented as of August 20th, 2018) Group A: (NEW) Route 3: Replaces Route 52. Uses existing routing between Burnside and Lacewood Terminal. (NEW) Route 28: Provides service between Lacewood and Mumford Terminals via Bayers Lake Business Park and Washmill Lake Dr. Route 64: Increased mid-day service temporarily to complement Route 3 until Wrights Cove Terminal opens. Group B: (NEW) Route 2: Replaces existing Routes 2 and 4. Service provided between Lacewood Terminal and Downtown Halifax along similar routing to the 2/4. (NEW) Route 30: Services local areas served by the existing 2 and 4. Will run as a two-way loop - 30A travels clockwise, 30B counterclockwise. Group C (NEW) Route 4: Replaces Routes 16, 17, 18, and 42. Provides service between Lacewood Terminal and the Saint Mary's and Dalhousie area. (NEW) Route 39: Provides service between Lacewood Terminal and Bridge Terminal (similar to existing Route 16). Group D Route 21: Routing adjustments in Timberlea. Decreased service off-peak. Peak trips no longer servicing Downtown Halifax. Routes 31, 33, 34, 35: Upgraded to Express Routes 135, 136, 137, and 138. Lacewood to Tantallon section of 33 becomes Rural Route 433. (NEW) Route 123: Replaces existing Route 23. Routing adjustments in Timberlea. Will not service Mumford and take a more direct route Downtown.
  3. Route and Schedule Adjustments - Effective February 19th, 2018: Alderney Ferry - Weekday schedule adjusted on a trial basis. 15 minute service from 6:30am to 8pm, 30 minute service from 8pm to end of day.
  4. Is that his name in Morse Code that I see? I see what you did there, Halifax Transit...
  5. Aren't there two new ferries to be built in the next couple years, though? That would likely take care of both Halifax III and Woodside I. Also, this is a bit early by Halifax Transit standards, but... Route and Schedule Adjustments - Effective November 27th, 2017 Route 6 - Service Discontinued Route 9 - Replaced by NEW Route 29. All trips begin/end at Tower Rd. Turning Loop and Bayers Rd. Centre. Services Water St. Terminal in both directions. Weekday - 15 min peak (6:30 - 8:30am, 3:00 - 6:30pm), 30 min off-peak, 60 min after 10pm Saturdays - 30 min service, 60 min after 7:21pm Sundays/Holidays - 30 min service, 60 min after 6:20pm Route 10 - Schedule adjustments (yet to be announced) Routes 19/20 - Combined into Route 9A/9B. 10-15min peak, 15-20min off-peak. 30min weekends. Majority of weekday trips short turn at Greystone (9A). Weekend trips alternate. Route 22 - Service removed from Exhibition Park. Route 370 - Service removed from Micmac Terminal (end of trial period). Slight adjustments to compensate. That will pretty much cover the list for this year's service plan, so I'm curious what, if any, adjustments get made in February...
  6. Route and Schedule Adjustments - Effective August 21st, 2017: (NEW) Route 194 - West Bedford Express - Four weekday AM (inbound) and PM (Outbound) trips between West Bedford / Larry Uteck (west of Hwy. 102) and downtown Halifax. Map Schedule Route 330 - Last current AM trip to depart Tantallon at 8:00am (5 minutes earlier). Additional AM trip to depart Tantallon at 8:10am. No changes to PM trips from Halifax. Route 402 - Service discontinued (low ridership) School Specials - Service discontinued (low ridership / duplication by other routes) It is also noted that departure times at North/Brunswick eastbound may change for multiple routes.
  7. 2017/2018 Service Plan is out: http://halifax.ca/transit/_assets/documents/2017-18AnnualServicePlan.pdf No ridership numbers for now, as they're changing their reporting processes and such. Planned Route/Schedule Changes - 2017/18: Route 6: Discontinued (Service area covered by NEW Route 9 + Route 22) Route 9 (Barrington): Replaced by NEW Route 29. Increased service, especially on weekends. Service added to Bayers Rd. Centre and removed from lower parking lot at Point Pleasant Park (all trips end at Tower Rd. Turning Loop). Will service Water St. Terminal via Hollis and Lower Water St. Routes 19/20: Replaced by NEW Corridor Route 9A (Greystone) and 9B (Herring Cove). Combined 10-15 min peak headway, 15-20 min off-peak, 30 min weekend/holiday. Current routing to be used, with shift in frequency (more trips between Greystone Dr. and Downtown, less between Greystone Dr. and Lancaster). No peak trips to Dockyard. Route 22: Service discontinued to Exhibition Park. NEW Route 194 - West Bedford Express: This new route will service Gary Martin Drive, Hammonds Plains Road, Innovation Drive, Broad Street, and Larry Uteck Boulevard West, with limited stops to downtown, ending at Summer Street at Bell Road Route 330: One additional AM and PM peak trip to and from Tantallon. Route 370 (Change Effective May 29th): Two new stops added on Main Street (Main near Major/Gordon. and Main near the Black Cultural Centre). Also, service to/from Micmac Terminal as part of a six month pilot program. Route 402: Discontinued (Low Ridership). Alderney Ferry: To be reduced back to pre-Big Lift levels of service upon completion of the project. (Didn't city counsel agree to keep the increased service for six months to see if ridership stayed as high as it currently is? Or did they vote that down?) In addition, if funding allows for additional changes to be made, then expect to see Route 86 converted into its Express Route version (Route 186, with increased service), and/or the introduction of Route 192 Southgate Express and/or Route 196 Larry Uteck Express.
  8. Spotted bus 1220 this afternoon on the Route 2 heading downtown. Not used to seeing bright white text on the destination sign. The new livery looks pretty snazzy on a 40 foot LFS, too.
  9. Service and Schedule Adjustments - Effective February 20th, 2017: Route 56: Service between Micmac Terminal and Penhorn/Portland Hills Terminals discontinued. Route will now begin/end at Bridge Terminal, travel to Micmac along the routing of Route 55, then regular routing through Dartmouth Crossing. Departure times adjusted to provide equal headway with Route 72 in Dartmouth Crossing. Route to run from 6am to midnight, Monday to Saturday, and 7am to 11pm on Sundays. This is the only one announced so far - will update if more are added. Also, any word on when those new Novas are scheduled to arrive? I thought the first batch was to have arrived by now - or did they get pushed back?
  10. Route, Schedule, and Rider's Guide Adjustments - Effective November 28th, 2016: Mackay/Macdonald Bridge Shuttle: Service reduced to Sunday to Thursday only. Route 1: Service between Bridge and Scotia Square reinstated 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday. Route 10: Service between Bridge and Scotia Square reinstated 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday. Route 14/61: Service between Bridge and Scotia Square reinstated 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday. Route 15: Departure Line stop # change @ Mumford Terminal (new number 8641). Route 19: Route start/end point changed to "Greystone before Cobalt Walk" (Stop # 6798) in Rider's Guide. Route 20: References to "Greystone (Turning Loop)" changed to "Greystone before Cobalt Walk" (Stop #6798) in Rider's Guide. Route 21: Departure Line stop # change @ Lacewood Terminal (Lacewood/Halifax bound only - new number 9109). Route 23: Departure Line stop # change @ Greenwood Heights (Mumford-bound only - new number 6624). Mumford-bound time point at "Hwy. 3 and Lakelands" changed to "St. Margaret's Bay & Lake Lands Park" in Rider's Guide - departs this point 2 minutes later on all trips. Route 32: "Dentith Rd. and South Centre Mall" time point changed to "Dentith and Herring Cove" in Rider's Guide. Routes 33/34: Departure Line stop # change @ Lacewood Terminal (Lacewood/Halifax bound only - new number 9113). Route 35: Lacewood-bound time point @ MSVU removed from Rider's Guide. Route 51: Time point at "Princess Margaret & Windmill" changed to "Windmill and Waddell. - Burnside-bound stop # change (new number 8511). Route 52: Service across Macdonald Bridge reinstated 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday. Route 54: Route start/end point changed to "Breeze and Appian Way" - new stop # 6460. Route 56: Departure Line stop # change @ Penhorn Mall (Dartmouth Crossing bound - new number 8941). Route 57: Departure Line stop # change @ Penhorn Mall (Woodside bound - new number 8941). Route 60: All weekday trips to depart Woodside Ferry Terminal 1 minute earlier (both directions). Route 66: Departure Line stop # change at Brownlow/Eileen Stubbs (new number 6326). Route 79: Departure Line stop # change at Portland Hills Terminal (Cole Harbour bound - new number 8957). Route 80: Departure Line stop # change at Cobequid Terminal (Halifax bound - new number 6297). Route 87: Departure Line stop # change at Cobequid Terminal (Bridge bound - new number 6297). Fixed typo where the 10:13 to 12:43 departures from Windmill/Wright were incorrectly listed as one hour later. Route 88: Departure Line stop # change at Cobequid Terminal (new number 6297). Route 89: Departure Line stop # change at Cobequid Terminal (new number 6297). Time point at "Innovation and Hammonds Plains" changed to "Innovation and Angus Morton". Route 320: Service between Bridge and Albemarle reinstated 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday. Route 330: Departure Line stop # change @ Sheldrake Lake (Tantallon bound - new number 7618). Route 370: Departure Line stop # change @ Bridge Terminal (Porters Lake bound - new number 7609). Route 401: One-way trip times increased. Departures adjusted to compensate - some trips will now depart substantially earlier or later than usual, so check your schedules. Route 402: "Dentith Rd. and South Centre Mall" time point changed to "Dentith and Herring Cove" in Rider's Guide. Guess the all-weekend shuttle experiment didn't work...or they're preemptively pulling the shuttles so they're not running in January/February when they won't be needed anymore... Still not much for actual schedule changes, outside the timing changes to the 401, but there's still February, and they planned on re-routing the 56 to the Bridge Terminal this year, so we can start counting down to that, I guess.
  11. 59 new buses by New Year's, the replacement of both Halifax III AND Woodside I in the next two years (in lieu of biennial refits), a million dollar upgrade to the Halifax Ferry Terminal, a combined million dollars in bus stop accessibility, shelter replacement, and priority measure implementation (this year alone), not to mention post-Big Lift fleet expansion, more TPMs, beginning to look at electric buses, massive security upgrades, and other goodies next year? Damn, we hit the jackpot - thanks, Mr. Trudeau! (Still would have preferred more Xcelsiors over Novas, but that's just personal preference, yo!) Will be interesting to see how this pans out. Will it mark the beginning of a transition to an all-electric fleet over the coming decade, or will we just end up with a couple of random electric buses in an otherwise all-diesel fleet, like we did with a certain couple hybrids (looking at you two, 715 and 716...)
  12. Pretty sure that Dartmouth III is retired. It's been docked at the Dartmouth Coast Guard base (between Alderney and Woodside Terminals) since Viola Desmond came into service. Halifax III is being kept as a spare unit for now, and they do rotate it in and out of service every few days.
  13. Route and Schedule Adjustments - As of August 22nd, 2016: Mackay Shuttle - Service to run during weekend bridge closures. First trips depart Bridge/Scotia Square at 5:30am, then every 15 minutes to 1:15am. Macdonald Shuttle - Service to run if bridge remains open on weekends (same times as above). Route 20 - Now provides ALF service. Route 330 - Additional AM Peak trip departing Tantallon Park and Ride at 7:40am, arriving at Albemarle St. at 8:21am. Additional PM Peak trip departing Albemarle St. at 4:37pm, arriving at Tantallon Park and Ride at 5:22pm. The change to the shuttles irks me, if only because, when I work Saturdays, I usually would either take the detoured 52, or take anything else to Halifax, then get off at the bottom of North St. (which they were allowed to do). I'm not too happy about being forced to go all the way to Scotia Square, just to get to North St. Understandable since the bridge should be closed every weekend for the rest of the year, but I don't have to be happy about it.
  14. Not only is Dartmouth III's days numbered, they may be over for good once Viola Desmond goes in service (Monday?), as they didn't bother doing any touch up work on it all winter - it's the saddest sight of the three old ones. They might keep Halifax III for a bit just to have a spare boat on hand for when the others need maintenance, if I had to guess. As for Woodside I, they'll probably wait until the next time they pull it for servicing to repaint it, if at all. They were as of yesterday. They're pretty much only seen on the 41/42 shift these days - even seeing one on an Urban Express route in Halifax has become a rarity. Other than the three mentioned, I have seen 978, 983, and 985 on the 41/42 as well.
  15. The updated Moving Forward Together Plan has been released, along with this year's service plan: http://www.halifax.ca/boardscom/SCtransp/documents/160324tsc1213.pdf Of note, what were referred to as Link Routes in the original draft have been re-named Express Routes, so any confusion should be removed. Changes to the System Redesign: (Route numbers are those of the original draft plan) Route 1: Will still travel the current routing from Mumford Terminal to Oxford Street via East Perimeter and Bayers Road. Until Transit Priority Measures are implemented on the Bayers Road corridor, PM peak trips will travel to Oxford via East Perimeter, Connaught, and Roslyn Street to avoid traffic congestion. Route description also indicates that the proposed two-way service on Gottingen Street has also been removed. Route 4: Routing changed to improve connections between Clayton Park/Fairview and the universities/downtown. Now travels from Lacewood Terminal to LeMarchant Street via Lacewood, Main, Windsor, Cunard, Robie, Spring Garden, South Park, and South. Route 5: Peak extension between Scotia Square and Bell Road to be numbered 5X. Route 7: Two-way service added to Kencrest Avenue and Glebe Street to improve accessibility. Current service on St. Paul Street and Vestry Street to be removed. Loops to be numbered 7A (Gottingen to Robie) and 7B (Robie to Gottingen). Route 8: Has been returned to Route 80's current routing between Scotia Square and Bedford Highway. A new Local Route - to be numbered 93 - will be added to provide AM/PM rush service from Bridge, Nottingham, and Union Streets to Scotia Square via the Bedford Highway, Lady Hammond Road/Duffus Street, Devonshire Avenue, and Barrington Street. Route 9: Routing restored to that of the existing route 20. Route 10: Branch to Montebello demoted to Local Route 54 (see below). Branches now 10A (Mic Mac Terminal), 10B (Westphal), and 10C (Bridge Terminal Only). Route 15: Service between York Redoubt and Williams Lake Road to be retained. Route to be re-designated as a Rural Route - to be numbered 415 - and will provide peak service only. Route 28: Removed (now redundant with re-route of Route 8). Route 34: Loops to be numbered 34A (Dunbrack to Thomas Raddall) and 34B (Thomas Raddall to Dunbrack). Route 37: Re-numbered to Route 32. Service restored between Highfield and Bridge Terminals. Route 39: Re-numbered to Route 90. Service restored to that of existing Route 90. Will service new West Bedford Park & Ride lot to be opened approximately 2020. Route 51: Peak extension between Princess Margaret Blvd. to Wrights Cove Terminal to be numbered 51X. Route 53: Route extended to service Alderney Landing via King, Queen, and Alderney to the Bridge Terminal (services one of the Southbound bays). Route 54: Route re-added to the system. Will travel between Bridge Terminal and Alderney Landing before following its existing routing. Route 56: Proposed route extended to service Wrights Cove Terminal. Routes 61 and 68: Numbers switched. Route 61 to service Cherry Brook. Route 68 to service North Preston [Possible that this was a big typo, but the Express Routes match, so not sure why they did this...] Route 67: Proposed route extended from Tacoma Centre to Mic Mac Terminal. Route 81: Re-numbered to Route 91. Proposed route truncated to start/finish at West Bedford Park & Ride. Route 84: Peak extension between Scotia Square and Bell Road to be numbered 84X. Route 121: Timberlea Link re-numbered to Route 123. (NEW) Route 137: Regency Park Express - Lacewood Terminal to University Ave. via Lacewood, Regency Park, Washmill Lake, Northwest Arm, Main, Lady Hammond, Kempt, Young, Gottingen, Cogswell, Hollis, Morris, and University. PM trips to travel to Cogswell via Lower/Upper Water, Duke, and Barrington. Travels from Fairview Overpass to Main via Joe Howe, Dutch Village, and Alma. (NEW) Route 138: Parkland Express - Dunbrack at Wentworth to University Ave. via Parkland and Lacewood. Route 154: Removed (Express to/from Montebello unneeded) Route 161A/168: Numbers switched. Route 161A to service Cherry Brook. Route 168 to service North Preston. Route 190: Re-numbered to Route 194 - West Bedford Express. To start/end at West Bedford Park & Ride. Route 191: Re-numbered to Route 192. (NEW) Route 196: Starboard Express - Starboard Drive to Summer Street via Highway 102, Fairview, and downtown. Route 259: Re-numbered to Route 179. Route 263: Re-numbered to Route 178. (NEW) Route 310: Middle Sackville Regional Express - To use new Margeson Park & Ride in Middle Sackville, to Albemarle St. via Hwy. 101, Bedford Bypass, and Mackay Bridge. Route 726: Adjusted to begin/end at North Park Roundabout. Route to run as a one-way loop via originally proposed routing. Now, on to this year's service plan... The big thing for this year will be the retirement of ALL remaining non-accessible buses - the Classics, old LFSes, D30LFs, as well as some of the oldest MetroX buses. All told, this will involve 35 new vehicles. By the end of this year, we will be 100% accessible. Despite The Big Lift causing traffic chaos, overall ridership only dropped by about 0.5%. Ferry ridership has been reported to have gone up over 26%, due to the Big Lift project (including daily boardings on the Alderney route DOUBLING over last year). Proposed Adjustments: Route 20: To provide ALF service. Once retirements are complete, all remaining routes will also become ALF routes, though many stops will remain non-accessible. Route 56: Service to Penhorn and Portland Hills Terminals to be removed. Route shifted to Bridge Terminal via Thistle and Critchton. Routing in Dartmouth Crossing adjusted to provide two-way service on Countryview Dr. 30 minute headways 6am to midnight Monday-Saturday. 30 minute headways from 7am to 6pm, then 60 minute to 11pm on Sundays (first route to be adjusted under the Moving Forward Together Plan). Route 330: One additional AM and PM peak trip to be added to address overloading.