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  1. Adding the Airbus A220-300 today with Air Canada.
  2. Some were, but many weren't. Though the main reason #1046 was preserved initially was because of its livery. An operator well known to us enthusiasts who is also a member of this board played a major role in making it happen for us back then which it probably wouldn't have otherwise.
  3. Which three stripe bus did you have in mind specifically?
  4. About time! https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/after-much-delay-province-approves-calgarys-green-line-lrt-project Preliminary construction starting in Fall 2021.
  5. Yup. Beautiful bus.
  6. Some white Proterras are inside the Big Rig Collision shop in Calgary today presumably bound for Edmonton.
  7. They mentioned capital expenditures on shelters in an earlier article, and there's already several bus stop-style benches laid out around the center shopping district of Chestermere which they'll probably use for the bus stops around that area. For the rest, they'll likely just place some temporary signs around (if even that) unless this is eventually made permanent.
  8. Minimum bid is about 100 times more than what I'm willing to spend on a 7700 that doesn't even run . Kinda unfortunate, could have been a profitable investment if it did run...
  9. #2071-2048-2021 on the Red Line once again this PM. Should be at Somerset at time of post.
  10. Depends on the items but it’s usually pretty easy. Go on the 311 site and send a service request regarding “Bus/CTrain maintenance” asking nicely for what you need. It may take several weeks or longer for them to get back to you (if they even have the stuff you need available) but once they do they’ll most likely send you to the city surplus store in Manchester to pick the stuff up.
  11. ***CHARTER UPDATE*** Hey everyone. Just checking in for a quick update on the August 28th #1046 fantrip as I'm sure a few of you have been getting anxious lately. Alberta's reopening plan was just announced this morning and with cases declining and vaccine rates rising, we expect most restrictions to be gone by the time the day comes around. As a result, I am pleased to announce that the charter as of right now is 100% a go for the planned date. We have decided to increase the capacity of the charter to fill the entire bus up. As of now, we have 19 spots open, so be sure to contact me or @yvarushin to reserve a spot if you're interested in coming on the charter but haven't done so already. Everyone else who has reserved a spot in the past still has their seat. We did also reach out to touch base with CT and the bus rental for August 28th is still confirmed with them. In addition to that, we also have authorization to access the tarmac of Calgary Transit's newest Stoney Facility on a weekend as one of the photo stops on the charter, if all goes well, with hopefully a photo opportunity with one or more fleet buses stored there. Payment deadline is still August 14, 2021 for those attending, e-Transfer only unless we trust you enough to have cash in hand on the day of. To be clear, provided there will be no more COVID-19 restrictions by charter day, the charter will go forth regardless of Alberta case numbers. Hope to see you all there for this historic event. Let's all make Canada's first post-COVID fantrip awesome!
  12. I wouldn't count on that at all. The airline hasn't confirmed this and Porter employees haven't heard anything either AFAIK.
  13. Decided to stop by and check out Davies station and the new MWTC this afternoon. Everything looks awesome in person. I like the cool walkway from the bus terminal to the soon-to-be LRT station at Mill Woods too.
  14. I imagine either that or the reverse loop will be exactly what this route will do. Plus that'll be the only way to seamlessly connect with the 20 which doesn't go into the Brentwood terminal (sigh).
  15. Platform edge doors would be hard to implement on our system because of the different door configurations between car types here. Not worth the investment at any station.
  16. Some random thoughts I've been having ever since the forum facelifts a couple months back that I thought would be worth sharing... Is the "Top Posters/Popular Posts/Popular Days" feature on the right side of the page in most topics really necessary? Personally I don't see much advantage to it, and a lot of times it tends to draw attention to old bullshit flame wars that don't necessarily need attention drawn back to them after months/years. Of course some exceptions to that but those are outnumbered I find. As well, the "Posted Images" feature is also pretty useless, as for one it only displays 4 images rather than having an option to view all past images posted in a topic, and secondly, most images show up as tiny thumbnails when you click on them. This could be a useful feature if you could view all past images in a topic as I mentioned which you can't, and if the images could open in full size when you click on them. Unless that is already the case and I just don't know how to do that, which if there is, someone please let me know. Thanks!
  17. The vast majority of Calgary's cases are community transmission largely due to guideline non-compliance, much like everywhere else in the province. The current spread has virtually nothing to do with flights/the international airport and hasn't for almost a full year now.
  18. Got bored, so decided to put this together last night. Enjoy!
  19. In 1991, Calgary Transit introduced Route 501 from Anderson station to Sikome Lake in Fish Creek Park. This route used a very early form of bike racks, on the back of the bus according to the drawing.
  20. Who here remembers when monthly passes were called "Zipcards"? There's at least one preserved at the Central Library along with the even more archaic Strips and Tokens!
  21. #7947 getting towed on Macleod back to VP earlier this evening.
  22. I'd be curious to know if there will be an opening ceremony for the line or if it will just start running at start of service. I may or may not make a trip up there for this depending on date.
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