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  1. https://www.calgarytransit.com/rider-information/cycling/ctrain-bike-pilot.html?redirect=/ctrainbikepilot Good or bad idea? Discuss.
  2. Yeah I may have accidentally built a small collection over the last couple months
  3. I wonder if any of the Winnipeg-spec D40LFs at Anderson are or will be getting these as well?
  4. It's awesome that Mahogany will finally get a direct bus to an LRT station but I sure hope they give that community a faster route to Somerset when it gets fully built out and until the Green Line opens rather than having it snake through Cranston and Auburn Bay like that. As we've learned from routes like the old 72/73 and Northwest Loops (and can still see today on current multi-community feeders like the 93, 123 and 11/12), having one long route serving 3-4+ areas is horribly inefficient and offers little to no benefit for the majority of riders. Especially if ridership levels between areas/destinations along the route is highly imbalanced which is often the case.
  5. As far as I know, #1130 ran out of SG for its entire service life.
  6. Yup, this one featuring another member of this board alongside me
  7. Looks like #97 has made it down to Calgary.
  8. Ken's D40LF #7632 (which also happened to be our 7600 farewell charter bus back in March 2020) was brought out for a spin this morning. Here's a video of me driving it:
  9. The 301 situation is nothing short of a travesty and an embarrassment. Complaints come in almost daily now on Twitter of consistent severe overloads on the 301 and north expresses throughout the day while what is supposed to be the bus equivalent of an LRT line runs every 40 minutes during off peak. I'm surprised they haven't short turned the 301 or put goddamn Arbocs on it during the off peak which I'm sure they'd love to do. Why slash so much service on one of the most important bus corridors in the city while keeping redundant services like the 178 running around almost empty and sending like 3 buses in a row on Route 12 within 2 minutes of each other? Bus shortages compensated for by ordering brand new buses which will need to be commissioned and put on the road, while we already have a whole garage full of 100+ perfectly good buses collecting dust? I realize I don't know the full story here but I'm sure I speak for most if not all members of the fare paying, tax paying, riding public when I say that it's exactly things like this happening blatantly in front of my own eyes that make me question the integrity of the people at the top who run the transit operation and cause me to lose confidence in this mode of transport for my own needs. I'd be lying if I said that wasn't the case. No I don't know management's exact reasoning behind the decisions they made and frankly I couldn't care less; this city needs and deserves better transit and what we have right now is not it.
  10. Full circle, pt. 2 1154 by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr 1130 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr
  11. I don't know how I feel about the glaringly TTC-reminiscent coloring scheme to be honest.. I was never a fan of their interior styling over there personally. Nonetheless it's cool how CT is trying to standardize things between fleet types and plastic seating will definitely be nice to have on hot days. I did try them out this evening, thankfully they're still much better for comfort than the Gemini seating found in Edmonton/demo #1996 although they was already some good dust deposits on them from the open windows! Rest of the bus is unchanged.
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