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  1. Agreed. The cosmetic inconsistencies with the refurbs much like the 2003/04 fleet, with some buses having different decals here and there, some mismatched interior features, etc, almost gives each bus a personality of its own kinda like the GM Fishbowl refurbs back in the day. Despite all that though I will have to say the 7700's were never really my favorite buses in Calgary and I won't be particularly sad to see them go. As for the 7900s though, specifically the higher 7900s which I grew up riding more than any other fleet, that'll be the big one for me and will definitely be something I'll want to throw a farewell charter on when the time comes. I feel like they seriously dropped the ball on the 2005-2007 fleets.... IMO they could have easily gotten more than 20 years of life out of them had they followed through with the midlife refurbs on them and who knows if that would have saved some money over going for that massive order of 250+ electric buses. I digress though.
  2. Still patiently waiting for the day transit service to Springbank/Harmony becomes reality...
  3. #8011 dead at southbound 1st and 7th SE.
  4. #7971 died doing the 14 tonight, looks like it’s having trouble building air.
  5. Holy crap! Rode the train through the station NB earlier and I can totally see why this took 5 days. Door side announcement on the trains still says left side though, hope they change that soon
  6. Respectfully, for the most part I don’t think anyone’s intention here in the last several posts was to insult you or any specific person or group of people here. I think every single one of us on here have had to rely on transit at some point in our lives and are all certainly grateful for all that it’s done for us, although whether or not that is the case for anyone here is frankly irrelevant to the subject I would say. What most people have been doing here is calling recent events for what they are and expressing real and reasonable sentiments likely shared by most of the riding public. While I understand the employees’ side of things, this vilification of speaking up on this discussion board about genuine problems faced by our transit system, which I’ve seen several times over the years from CT employees on this board such as yourself worries me as the encouragement of this kind of attitude is exactly what stalls change and improvement in any field of endeavour. Is this same attitude present around the workplace at transit as well?
  7. That was great! Only loss from the 2013/2014 events was no washbay ride through this time but that's understandable. I was impressed with the turnout as well, hope to see the event back again next year! 8350 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr IMG_5285 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 2051 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 2051 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 2451 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 2423 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 2401 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 2407 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 2321 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 2433 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr IMG_5299 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 2265 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 2323 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 2403 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 2403 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 1046 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 1046 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr IMG_5313 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr
  8. Precisely. 8055 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr
  9. Spotted #9341 (2009 Nova) on Glenmore Trail in Calgary this afternoon.
  10. #2238 refurbished and uncovered at the pad this afternoon.
  11. What’s your source on that?
  12. It's back this year Still a week left to sign up, and given how easily myself and a few others were able to book the same time slot it seems they still have plenty of spots available.
  13. Even more sadly, #7963-7980 as well. Enjoy those iconic Winnipeg inserts while you can! Just picturing what they'd look like, I sure hope not...
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