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  1. So they will now be compatible with unrefurbished 2200s?
  2. The next refurb (either arrival or departure) is at the pad tonight.
  3. Larger cities do that, but I’d imagine that would cost a lot more labour wise.
  4. Exciting couple weeks coming up for the south leg.
  5. There’s a plethora of transit history goodies in Drawer 388 at the central library!
  6. Looks like Flickr has ads now... I am not sure if any accounts have actually suffered the mass photo deletion the site promised early this year to those who don't pay for Flickr Pro. I haven't seen any cases of this myself including on my own account (despite selecting 'yes' to mark photos for deletion when I was prompted at one point), which leads me to deduce that they have scrapped that plan.
  7. I must say I’m impressed with the communication during this disruption. There’s been 4 announcements in the last 10 minutes that I’ve been waiting at Somerset giving updates on the next train’s current location as well as its destination (there’s one train going Somerset-69 Street this afternoon). I don’t recall hearing this before!
  8. 100% agreed... In particular regarding the Transit55 comment. As fantastic and useful of an app as it is, as far as its long term impact on the community goes, it sort of took out the challenge, excitement, and adventure aspects of the hobby that we longtime members all remember and love from our childhoods. Which is a reason I generally don't use the app much myself, and almost never posted my Transit55 sightings on the board unless I saw it in person. Anyway, that's another topic.
  9. There have been no A220's delivered as of yet.
  10. They used to do something similar to that years ago when artics only ran on the north portion of the route. Bringing that back in some form would be a great idea.
  11. Adding the following: Airbus A319 - Air Canada Rouge (Premium Rouge) Boeing 767-300ER - Air Canada Rouge (Premium Rouge) Beechcraft 1900D - EVAS
  12. Adding YQT/CYQT (Thunder Bay) and YFC/CYFC (Fredericton).
  13. The south leg has seen express shuttles multiple times in the past.
  14. Please do not quote this post. Units reported delivered: #'s 2401-67 (67/69) Units reported in service: #'s 2401-53, 55-64 (63/67/69) Units to watch out for: #'s 2454, 65-69 Information is gathered from reports in this thread. This post will be updated accordingly as it becomes necessary.
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