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  1. Adding PHX/KPHX (Phoenix) and YHZ/CYHZ (Halifax).
  2. #8240 dead on southbound Deerfoot about 15 mins ago. Another XD40 was pulled up behind it in the shoulder lane.
  3. A Series 8 consist including #2308 is on the VP C-Track tonight.
  4. That seemingly out of place streetcar route connecting downtown Calgary with Ogden way back then is something I always found fascinating... I always wondered why it existed, what it would have been like to ride that line, how long it took, what the ridership was like etc.
  5. That is the most aesthetically atrocious modification I've ever seen on a transit bus.
  6. I almost forgot I'm in charge of this! Please do not quote this post. Units reported delivered: #'s 2401-53, 55-66 (65/69) Units reported in service: #'s 2401-45, 47, 48-53, 56-59, 63 (57/65/69) Units to watch out for: #'s 2446, 54, 55, 60-62, 64-69 Information is gathered from reports in this thread. This post will be updated accordingly as it becomes necessary.
  7. I'll be interested to see what size of bus will be used for that shuttle service. And if anyone will even take it in the Sunnyside-Lions Park direction.
  8. I will agree that converting the station to an at-grade access could create some issues in the long run, particularly with the southbound platform. I like the design of the northbound platform and its open and easy access to/from BMOC and Stampede Park. The southbound platform will force massive crowds to wait for trains travelling in both directions to clear before they can leave or enter that platform, which depending on the time of day and level of crowds might take more time than it already does and create potential safety hazards. I’d like to see large ramps and a bridge connecting the southbound platform area with the plaza around the BMO Centre entrance.
  9. Riding #2207-2219-2205 up and down the West Line this afternoon. Seats are reminiscent of #2333 plus the added benefit of the same textured coating as on the S200’s. Much more comfortable than the S200 seats. Same door sensors, floor, and infotainment systems as the S200’s. Ride wise, it accelerates and rides no different than pre-refurb, and still sounds exactly the same. The difference is during stopping. It seems the disc brake logic has been modified, and it no longer has the noticeable jerk that the SD160’s always had when coming to a stop. Very smooth to the point where the stop is almost unnoticeable. In fact it stops even more smoothly than the S200’s!
  10. I'm struggling to figure out what this comment is supposed to contribute to the discussion.
  11. I think he's actually talking about the reverser switch...
  12. The stairs at Anderson seem to now be taped off for whatever reason. Construction related signage is confusing.
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