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  1. But then that raises the question of what defines a smooth transition. You either implement a new route or you don't, and honestly at the end of the day, there will be people caught off guard and confused in the beginning no matter how you do it. When we had our major system redesigns here in Calgary in the last few years, we didn't have trial runs either but rather plenty of public engagement and good communication of info. Hopefully there's no shortage of this in Edmonton especially with such a big change.
  2. I wholeheartedly agree, but they'd better increase the height of the seatbacks of the side facing seats if they do that.
  3. Spots are filling up fast! As of this post we have 10 seats remaining. However at least a dozen people on our list have asked to be put down as tentative and haven't paid yet. Since it's so early and we know it is often impossible to know for sure this far in advance if you can come, if you don't want to send your payment yet but want a spot on the charter, feel free to send me or @yvarushin a message if you haven't done so already and we'll reserve your spot as tentative. Remember that we'll need all payments by 2 weeks before the charter so we'll still have a good idea at that point how many spots we really have left.
  4. The charter date has been moved a few weeks later to April 10, 2021. I have posted the official announcement and thread, which can be found here. All info and updates will be posted there from this point forward.
  5. Spots remaining as of 11/25/2020 11:00 PM: 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The long awaited Calgary Transit #1046 fantrip is coming this Spring! This will be the official update and discussion thread for all pertinent information regarding this event. To reserve your spot, send a PM to either me or @yvarushin. We will send you your charter ticket after you e-Transfer your payment (see cost below) to yvarushin@gmail.com. Spots will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. A waitlist will be implemented if the charter sells out. Below are some important charter details, and you will also find COVID-19 related info towards the end of this post. TICKET COST: $50 per person. e-Transfer ONLY, send payment to yvarushin@gmail.com. If you cannot e-Transfer, send a PM to @yvarushin for alternate arrangements. Payment MUST be submitted by end of day March 27, 2021 (2 weeks before the charter), exceptions may be granted without guarantee. If we don't have your payment or otherwise confirmation of attendance by then, your spot will be given to a waitlisted attendee. Tickets will be e-mailed to you upon payment and you can either print it or show it on your phone on charter day. Payment is refundable until charter start time. DATE: Saturday, April 10, 2021 LENGTH: 6 hours START/END LOCATION: Whitehorn CTrain station (Blue Line), bus loop on west side of station START TIME: 5:00 PM. Please arrive at Whitehorn station at least 15 minutes prior to ensure an on time departure. END TIME: 11:00-11:15 PM This will be the first time a GM Fishbowl has been chartered for a fantrip in Alberta in nearly 8 years. Our bus will be Calgary Transit's one and only preserved heritage bus, 1980 GMDD T6H-5307N #1046. This charter will take place in the evening, meaning about half of the charter will be at night, allowing for some interesting photo opportunities. We will have many original photo stops across all quadrants of the city. Each stop will be complete with destination sign readings, many of which will be historic routes and destinations. The charter will start and end at Whitehorn Station in northeast Calgary. The station is served by the Blue Line of the CTrain as well as by the major bus routes 38, 43, and 57. A free Park n' Ride lot is also located at the station for those driving. A 1 hour lunch stop will be provided at Westhills Towne Centre, a shopping district with many restaurants. Free info booklets for the charter will be included. Yigal @yvarushin will be the accountant for this charter, handling all payment and ticket-related issues. PM him if you have any questions regarding payment or ticketing. Anyone is free to leave the charter at any time and any photo stop. For those who will not make it to Whitehorn for our start time and wish to board the charter further down the line, PM me and we will make arrangements. All information is tentative. Any and all updates to information will be posted in this thread as necessary. If you have any questions, post them in this thread or send me a PM. We hope to see you all there! 😎 COVID-19 INFORMATION: Due to the ongoing Canada-US border closure, unfortunately, this charter is only open to Canadian members of this community at this time. Masks or face covering will be MANDATORY. Free masks and hand sanitizer will be provided and available to all attendees. Please do not board the charter if you are feeling sick, or have any signs/symptoms of COVID-19 such as a fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Any attendees exhibiting such symptoms will be asked to disembark.
  6. #1827 - BLM-1952 #6040 - PUV-403 #6063 - ZLG-601 #8016 - LUU-743 #8024 - LUU-868 #8040 - LUU-825 #8051 - LUU-837 #8052 - LUU-838 #8162 - BDX-4525 #8225 - BMD-7616 #8274 - BMP-4173 #8275 - BMP-4174 All added to Wiki.
  7. Decided to head up to Westhills and try this On Demand system out this afternoon. As far as the app goes, it works identically to Uber. You put in your starting bus stop and destination, number of riders, all that stuff. It then conveniently tells you what the bus number will be and GPS tracks it’s arrival (screenshots attached). Fairly simple, you just need to remember to get your own fare ready before the bus arrives (be it tickets/cash or Myfare) as it is separate from the hailing app. I just rode #1204 from Westhills to 69th Street station. The bus arrived at my requested bus stop (NB Sierra Morena at Richmond Road) about 7-8 minutes after I requested the ride. As I boarded, the driver asked me for my name as she needs to enter it into the tablet. The bus then drove to the next stop up the road and picked up another passenger who had requested a ride, and there was also two confused passengers at that stop who hadn’t (or perhaps had hailed a different bus) and therefore weren’t let on. Had I been the only rider, the driver would have proceeded directly to 69th Street station via the quickest route. However the other passenger’s destination was in the Springbank Hill community so she had to drop that person off first, presumably since that passenger requested a ride before me (first come first serve). The driver let the passenger off and put in some information into the tablet regarding the drop off. After this, with no other passengers, the driver drove me to the station. The ride time in total for me was only about 15 minutes. The driver told me the system calculates the route automatically, though it has a few issues as it indicates the exact location of passengers‘ destinations despite the drivers only being allowed to pick up/drop off at bus stops. So the general protocol seems to be to drop off at a passenger’s nearest stop to their destination. Overall, I like it and it’s a convenient system once you get the hang of it! I was impressed by how quickly I got from point A to point B compared to the potential 30 minute long wait for a regular scheduled bus to make the same journey previously. Of course, depending on circumstances, travel/wait time can greatly vary for a given journey, which is one of the obvious downsides of it.
  8. A whopping three Route 12 buses (one VP, one SG and one SF) all depart Fish Creek station within about two minutes of each other at around 15:00. The SF key becomes the 14 afterwards and the SG key becomes the 178. Just thought this was interesting.
  9. We did consider planning it in May, but it would have been less reasonable to have a night charter at that time of year since it gets dark much later. Sunset for our planned day in March will be at 7:50 PM which will be perfect for planning since it'll be exactly halfway through the charter (i.e. during the lunch stop). In May, sunset will be well over an hour later. We could plan the charter in May but it would have to run until midnight or well past if we want night shots of 1046.
  10. Thanks guys for the quick responses! I will add that we'll make sure the price won't be any more than $50 per person in any case.
  11. Hi all, Bumping this thread to let everyone know that a 2021 fantrip with our preserved #1046 is being tentatively planned for the weekend of March 19-21, 2021. Unlike past charters in Calgary, this will be a half day/night charter, most likely beginning at 5 PM local time and ending at 11 PM, allowing for some interesting photo ops. We've verified with CT that the bus is available for chartering and we have a gameplan in mind for if the pandemic is still a major issue by then. The thing that we will need right now however is some feedback from everyone on whether to plan the charter for the Friday (March 19) or the Saturday (March 20). This decision is a challenge for a number of reasons, the most prominent reason being that we've been told there are plans to move storage of the bus from Spring Gardens to the Stoney facility which does not operate on weekends. Therefore, (assuming this move happens by then) chartering the bus on the Saturday night would raise the cost of the charter for all attendees as we'd have to cover a $200 flat fee to get it ferried to SG the night before. Conversely, chartering it on the Friday night would make us less likely to have a volunteer driver available, plus I would assume there'd be less people available to join us on a Friday night in general, unless I am about to be proven wrong on that by all your guys' feedback. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts! Route suggestions are welcome too. I'll post a dedicated thread with more info along with a more formal announcement as we get closer to the date.
  12. I'm almost certain that an all day key having a consist out for many more hours of the day, through peak periods, possibly tougher weather conditions, etc, would put much more wear and tear on the cars than maybe a dozen or so homeless/drunk people at night. My wild guess would be garage stacking in order to avoid having to send out a high mileage U2 consist from early morning till evening on an all day key the next day. I have next to no knowledge of how the system operates though.
  13. AG isn't open to buses yet. Looks like some regular 40 foot runs down south are out of SG to make up for that with the increased service as of today, including #8227 on the 15 and #8335 on the 12. #8398 out of Stoney is also on the 167! And the 14's afternoon artic key is back, with #6016 on the 14 right now!
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