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  1. Decided to stop by and check out Davies station and the new MWTC this afternoon. Everything looks awesome in person. I like the cool walkway from the bus terminal to the soon-to-be LRT station at Mill Woods too.
  2. I imagine either that or the reverse loop will be exactly what this route will do. Plus that'll be the only way to seamlessly connect with the 20 which doesn't go into the Brentwood terminal (sigh).
  3. Platform edge doors would be hard to implement on our system because of the different door configurations between car types here. Not worth the investment at any station.
  4. Some random thoughts I've been having ever since the forum facelifts a couple months back that I thought would be worth sharing... Is the "Top Posters/Popular Posts/Popular Days" feature on the right side of the page in most topics really necessary? Personally I don't see much advantage to it, and a lot of times it tends to draw attention to old bullshit flame wars that don't necessarily need attention drawn back to them after months/years. Of course some exceptions to that but those are outnumbered I find. As well, the "Posted Images" feature is also pretty useless, as for one it on
  5. The vast majority of Calgary's cases are community transmission largely due to guideline non-compliance, much like everywhere else in the province. The current spread has virtually nothing to do with flights/the international airport and hasn't for almost a full year now.
  6. Got bored, so decided to put this together last night. Enjoy!
  7. In 1991, Calgary Transit introduced Route 501 from Anderson station to Sikome Lake in Fish Creek Park. This route used a very early form of bike racks, on the back of the bus according to the drawing.
  8. Who here remembers when monthly passes were called "Zipcards"? There's at least one preserved at the Central Library along with the even more archaic Strips and Tokens!
  9. #7947 getting towed on Macleod back to VP earlier this evening.
  10. I'd be curious to know if there will be an opening ceremony for the line or if it will just start running at start of service. I may or may not make a trip up there for this depending on date.
  11. The 1992 system map at the Central Library did show Route 90 McKenzie using Anderson/Deerfoot but that was after the McKenzie Lake Blvd connection to Deerfoot was completed as well as Douglasdale beginning development.
  12. Was digging through old posts in a Facebook group and found some pics of a June 1984 system map. Figured I'd share these as full system maps from the pre-NE/NW LRT periods are hard to come by nowadays. Check out the networks in the NE and NW quadrants. Some of the NE feeders (34, 55) were very much the same as they still are today aside from extensions, with Route "112 Blue Arrow East" essentially acting as what is now the NE CTrain leg from downtown to Whitehorn. The NW was pretty much 90% downtown expresses/Blue Arrows with the Market Mall area apparently being the main feeder bus
  13. Historic vehicle insurance typically only allows you to drive the vehicle for things like maintenance, events and the occasional pleasure trip. You wouldn't be able to legally do much else with it let alone carry passengers for hire.
  14. That plus it would also be a serious disservice to the MAX branding, in my opinion. "MAX" in the public eye should be associated with fast, frequent, reliable backbone service. Not the rush hour express tripper-type service that has already existed in this city for eons.
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