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  1. Just downloaded it and I already love it. This will make riding transit so much easier!
  2. I believe this was brought up some time ago in this same thread. The trains are not GPS tracked because operations don't require it.
  3. #6752 at Big Rig Collision in Calgary, AB today.
  4. Saw about 8 people board the northbound Route 10 at Macleod/58 Ave at around 1630 this afternoon.
  5. Look what we have here! Ex-CT #5085 at 2005 Alyth Place SE.
  6. I'm sure there will still be a bus connection to the hospital from Somerset. Though until they do the route review down here there's not much basis to speculate on.
  7. No point in doing that. The Cranston/Auburn Bay services will more than likely be localized to the Green Line anyway.
  8. What would suck even more is sacrificing a perfectly good service hour that could easily move 10-15 essential commuters elsewhere in the city who have no alternate transit options, in favor of running an express route to move a whole 0-1 people in the SE who just so happen to need to go to downtown at 6 in the morning and can't possibly bear the thought of taking their local feeder bus to catch the LRT or 302 instead. Wouldn't seem like the best possible use of resources during these times, wouldn't you say?
  9. Who is using those right now?
  10. That list excludes a lot of loop routes. I'm sure it'll work out to be several more than 25.
  11. As of late, for whatever reason, all Route 3 buses have been displaying the “ROUTE 3” echo code.
  12. The 81 in it's old form used to go to big bus each summer signup.
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