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  1. Dare I suggest the word "demonstrators" be removed from the topic title in that case?
  2. Thank heavens for the 182!
  3. Electrical fire between Southland and Heritage stations. Shuttle buses in place between Anderson and Chinook.
  4. Units reported delivered: #'s 2401-2418 (18/63) Units reported in service: #'s 2401-2413, 2415 (14/18/63) Units to watch out for: #'s 2414, 2416-2418 Information is gathered from reports in this thread. This post will be updated accordingly as it becomes necessary.
  5. An Express E175 recently saw a repaint.
  6. I haven't seen #2414 and it is yet to be reported in service in this thread.
  7. #2414, the only 2016 delivered car to not be confirmed in service yet, is on the Anderson test track this afternoon.
  8. IMG_4054 by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr Calgary Transit Siemens SD160 #2256 calling at 3rd Street W station on the Blue Line.
  9. CTrain shuttles tomorrow morning between McKnight-Westwinds and Rundle stations.
  10. Throwback Thursday! A Nova creeps up on this GM New Look as it leaves the Calgary Tower and Suncor Energy Centre behind in June of 2013. #1069 on Centre Street by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr
  11. Unfortunate to see you go. It was great having you here! Wish you the best!
  12. #7770 on the 14 currently being taken out of service in Bridlewood. Changed off by #7722.
  13. Regardless of the credibility of those eyewitnesses, I wouldn't use FlightAware to back up an argument like that. I sure hope WestJet's investigation into this incident goes beyond FlightAware. Breaching minimums on any instrument approach is a serious safety violation...
  14. Throwback Thursday! A smoky #5088 (the first of the 1992 built units) departing Somerset-Bridlewood station on a very cold morning in March of 2014. IMG_5716 by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr
  15. The wrapped car at Haysboro delivery track as of 14:20 this afternoon is indeed #2417.