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  1. The 81 in it's old form used to go to big bus each summer signup.
  2. Based on things I've been hearing from various inside sources, I'd strongly advise anyone who might be planning to photograph a 7600 one last time to make sure they do so by the end of this week....
  3. Nothing against the awesome app that T55 is, or anyone here, but imagine the feeling of finding and riding rare old gems without the help of a tracking app πŸ˜‰.
  4. Listening to Corona, while drinking Corona, and hiding from Corona.
  5. Perhaps it's less of an issue on the shuttle buses given how the operators sit much more out of the way of boarding passengers and generally face further away from the door?
  6. In case any doubt exists, tomorrow's 7600 charter in Calgary is still 100% a go, and I myself am still PUMPED! With less than 24 hours left, I'd like to mention some key info for those joining us tomorrow. Please arrive at Whitehorn station no later than 9:45 AM tomorrow, and head into the station building where you'll find me and Yigal. Ticket cost will be $40/person. If you haven't already eTransferred it to me, please bring exact cash and hand it to us inside the station building, and we will give you your ticket and info brochure. We'll wait inside for the bus to arrive, as it'll be quite cold in the morning. Once it arrives we will ideally try to board and depart as quickly as we can. Please dress warmly! And don't forget hand sanitizer! 😝 (I'll have plenty on hand in case anyone needs some) We plan to return to Whitehorn at 4:00 PM tomorrow, though that is only an estimate and unforseen delays may occur. Anyone is free to leave the charter at any time and for any reason. See you all tomorrow! 😁
  7. To answer any COVID-19 inquiries anyone might have, I'd like to make it apparent that this charter will continue as planned this Sunday. Although the virus has arrived in Calgary, it is an extremely small percentage of the population thus far and does not warrant the cancelling of the charter for the time being. I am entrusting all attendees to show up in good health and to be responsible enough to stay home if you're sick. Please bring hand sanitizer and practice proper etiquette and hygiene as you're with us this Sunday, as you all (hopefully) would in any circumstance anyway. As long as basic common sense is used, I'm 100% confident that this issue shouldn't hinder any of us from enjoying what is likely to be one of our last chances to ride a Series 50-powered D40LF in Calgary.
  8. Yes. There will be 12 photo stops plus a lunch stop. Photo stops will include a few reused locations from past charters but we'll mostly be experimenting with locations never used before.
  9. I was just informed by Scheduling that #7603 is also retired. So I have requested one of #7632, #7633 or #7636 as the charter bus with a remark that any 7600 will do if those aren't available either. With 10 days to go, I'm fully confident that we won't have an issue having a bus available.
  10. Added the following in February: YYG/CYYG (Charlottetown) YQB/CYQB (Quebec City) MKE/KMKE (Milwaukee) IND/KIND (Indianapolis)
  11. Spring Gardens will be included (likely with a special guest there πŸ˜‰).
  12. It should also be noted that given the current overall design of the SE quadrant (low density, distance from downtown/LRT/commercial centres, lack of malls, recreation centres, universities, high demand transit destinations), generally speaking, not many people take transit down there compared to other parts of the city. That being said, I’m curious what concrete evidence you’re basing that assumption off of that the said changes will magically boost ridership as opposed to things like increasing population density or building more malls/etc in the SE quadrant. Otherwise, given the current situation, from my neutral standpoint, I’d say the SE is just fine the way it is for the time being. Hence why service expansions are happening in other, more transit-popular areas of the city - CT considers it more worth the investment.
  13. Meaning more time left to enjoy the Series 50's πŸ‘
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