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  1. Calgary Transit - Photos of vehicles no longer in the fleet

    52 Street and 72 Avenue SE.
  2. General Route Discussion and History

    I'm sure the new shopping area at Stoney and 17th also contributes to the 440's ridership now.
  3. Calgary Transit - Photos of vehicles no longer in the fleet

    Throwback Thursday! #5043 on the Route 10 Home Road at Dalhousie station (also something we don't see anymore) during 'Snowtember' - September 8, 2014. IMG_7773 by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr
  4. #2433 spotted in service on the Red Line earlier today.
  5. Please do not quote this post. Units reported delivered: #'s 2401-34 (34/69) Units reported in service: #'s 2401-25, 27, 29, 33 (28/34/69) Units to watch out for: #'s 2426, 28, 30-32, 34 Information is gathered from reports in this thread. This post will be updated accordingly as it becomes necessary.
  6. Calgary Transit - Photos of vehicles no longer in the fleet

    Throwback Thursday! #5001 (interestingly one of the last to be withdrawn from service) photographed on a golden morning in September of 2014. IMG_7873 by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr
  7. Transit vehicles are generally numbered according to order of manufacture, but it's not uncommon for some to arrive before others.
  8. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    Articulated buses on both Local and Express red line shuttle today! Rode the Express shuttle straight to City Hall. Not very easy for me to give an opinion of it. It took the bus exactly 20 minutes to get to City Hall from Heritage, and I'm not sure how much time it really shaves off from the standard Local shuttle making all stops (waiting at the long red light at 61 Ave versus making that right turn to get into and out of Chinook station). The area around Chinook is very slow moving. Also, I didn't notice the Local shuttles making any clear indications that they stop at all stations (though I may be wrong), other than the subtle lack of "EXPRESS" flashing on the sign. Not sure if there would be a program for "LOCAL", or preferably (since we're in Calgary and not New York City) "ALL STATIONS".
  9. Calgary Transit - Photos of vehicles no longer in the fleet

    Throwback Thursday! Our MCI Classic #5062 charter was 3 years ago today! Here it is photographed with #1619, also no longer in the fleet, during our photo stop at Brentwood station that day. IMG_2834 by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr
  10. List the airports you've used

    Canada YYC/CYYC - Calgary Int'l CYBW - Calgary-Springbank CEJ4 - Claresholm, AB CEG4 - Drumheller, AB YEG/CYEG - Edmonton Int'l CZVL - Edmonton-Villeneuve CYGE - Golden, BC CEN4 - High River, AB YQL/CYQL - Lethbridge YXH/CYXH - Medicine Hat YUL/CYUL - Montreal-Trudeau Int'l CEA3 - Olds-Didsbury, AB YQF/CYQF - Red Deer YQR/CYQR - Regina Int'l CFN7 - Sundre, AB CEN3 - Three Hills, AB YYZ/CYYZ - Toronto-Pearson Int'l YVR/CYVR - Vancouver Int'l CFX6 - Vulcan, AB YWG/CYWG - Winnipeg Int'l Cuba VRA/MUVR - Varadero-Juan G Gomez Int'l Germany TXL/EDDT - Berlin-Tegel DUS/EDDL - Dusseldorf FRA/EDDF - Frankfurt Poland WAW/EPWA - Warsaw-Frederic Chopin Int'l WRO/EPWR - Wroclaw-Copernicus United States ORD/KORD - Chicago-O'Hare Int'l HNL/PHNL - Honolulu Int'l JFK/KJFK - New York-John F Kennedy Int'l LGA/KLGA - New York-LaGuardia Int'l
  11. Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    #8244. Sign installed in June of this year.
  12. Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    With it still being an SG low floor commonly used for off peak service, I personally wouldn't consider it unusual to see one out on an SG key on a weekend.
  13. General BRT discussion

    Construction has begun on a BRT station at Heritage bus loop, Route 3/182 stop.
  14. General CTrain Discussion

    Came across this on the Glenbow Museum website. Here's an aerial shot of Anderson Garage and Station taken in 1987.