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      Saddened by loss of Winnipeg Transit driver   02/15/2017

      We are saddened by the loss of Winnipeg Transit driver Irvine (Jubal) Fraser who was attacked while on the job and unfortunately passed away.
      A GoFundMe page has been set up by Winnipeg Transit colleagues to help Fraser's widow and family. We wish to extend our condolences to family and friends affected by this tragic event. View CBC News Article: Man charged with murder in attack on Winnipeg Transit driver
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      Hello everyone! Please be advised that CPTDB and CPTDB Wiki will be unavailable starting the evening of February 25, 2017. We will be moving to another server. Users will be unable to view or post content during this time. We expect it to be up sometime on Feburary 26, 2017. A new announcement will take the place of this one, so you will know when the site is online and you are accessing it from the new server. Thanks! -A. Wong
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  1. Was digging through some old messages and found this photo of an unidentified S200 car sent to me by a non-transit enthusiast friend last spring. This photo shows the route identifier illuminated in green which I figured makes it worth sharing.
  2. I apologize that I am a few days late with this, but I extend my deepest condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of this operator, who tragically was lost while innocently conducting his duties as a transit operator. I'm aware that transit operators all across the continent are family. I myself have, coincidentally, also been dealing with a separate tragedy of my own for the past few days. I am well aware at this time of how it feels to lose a family member, friend or colleague, so I can definitely relate to what everyone affected is feeling right now. May this operator rest in peace, and may everyone affected stay strong. Not only is this not the most appropriate thread to discuss that in, but that should be one of the last things on everyone's minds at this time.
  3. Throwback Thursday! #7520 making a rare appearance on the Route 153 at Somerset station in April of 2014. This particular bus stop location is also a thing of the past. IMG_6336 by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr
  4. Currently on #7570 on the 182 which was a nice surprise for me. This could very well be my last time on one of these.
  5. More like three photos
  6. C-GJWI happened to pay Calgary a visit today. AC New Livery by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr AC New Livery by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr AC New Livery by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr
  7. Throwback Thursday! A smoky #5115 photographed at Westbrook Mall on a very cold day in March of 2014. IMG_5731 by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr
  8. There can still be backups for some time, often several hours, after the initial cause of a major delay has been cleared.
  9. Many are expressing disapproval of the new livery, though I personally like it. I was always a fan of the 1993-2003 livery, and it's nice to see it come back to a certain extent. The new livery is now seen on the entire mainline and Express fleet on the AC website. This to an extent retro livery looks especially cool on aircraft that never wore the 1993-2003 livery, such as the 777, 787, and E190. https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/fly/onboard/fleet.html
  10. I'm no LRT expert, but being a regular user of this system for years, I've certainly witnessed and experienced more unplanned disruptions and delays in CTrain service resulting from internal causes (as opposed to external causes such as train vs. car, train vs. pedestrian, medical emergencies) in the winter time than any other season. The past few (very cold) days have been a prime example, including yesterday morning's SD160 breakdown at Shawnessy that myself and another member reported in another thread. I'd imagine that having more underground/subway sections, as is the case in other major Canadian cities, would reduce exposure of these LRV's and their systems to the extreme cold, thereby reducing the frequency of these problems, though I'll let someone more knowledgeable back that up for me. The trains are also operated at a slower speed during times of heavy snow. As for the winters here, usually they're extremely cold with dry and powdery snow. The heavy, thick, wet snow characteristic of proximity to large bodies of water (i.e. Pacific Ocean, Great Lakes) is somewhat less common here, aside the occasional early (fall) or late (spring) snowfalls. In addition, the occasional Chinook winds can greatly vary winter temperatures here.
  11. Not the first time this has happened...
  12. Disabled SD160 at Shawnessy IB.
  13. Throwback Thursday! #1154 photographed in the final weeks of its service life on November 27th, 2013. IMG_4648 by TheNicholasBlonski, on Flickr
  14. Units reported delivered: #'s 2401-2415 (15/63) Units reported in service: #'s 2401-2413, 2415 (14/15/63) Units to watch out for: #2414 Information is gathered from reports in this thread. This post will be updated accordingly as it becomes necessary.
  15. Tracking post will be updated by 1800 tonight.