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  1. I'm almost certain that an all day key having a consist out for many more hours of the day, through peak periods, possibly tougher weather conditions, etc, would put much more wear and tear on the cars than maybe a dozen or so homeless/drunk people at night. My wild guess would be garage stacking in order to avoid having to send out a high mileage U2 consist from early morning till evening on an all day key the next day. I have next to no knowledge of how the system operates though.
  2. AG isn't open to buses yet. Looks like some regular 40 foot runs down south are out of SG to make up for that with the increased service as of today, including #8227 on the 15 and #8335 on the 12. #8398 out of Stoney is also on the 167! And the 14's afternoon artic key is back, with #6016 on the 14 right now!
  3. Very interested to see what (if anything) becomes of this!
  4. Actually it's not. This just in: https://www.newflyer.com/2020/08/edmonton-expands-mobility-with-new-flyer-in-support-of-continued-city-growth-adds-to-over-1100-new-flyer-buses-delivered/?fbclid=IwAR2DB0wjjMeDY-JRmMa7S1ov0F0HcPmebAJ75Txa2ucmlOPncONXydIhpFk
  5. Looks like all downtown expresses are coming back with reduced trips each peak.
  6. An infill station at Northland in the NW could be useful if enough development happens there, but a NE LRT extension is a way higher priority than that’ll ever be.
  7. And that bus is out of SF, and indicating SF on T55!
  8. Saw #7728 being towed on southbound Deerfoot at 14:59.
  9. #2202-2213-2212 on the Red Line.
  10. The Bridlewood-bound 14 outbound from Somerset station was very full around 4 this afternoon also.
  11. Just downloaded it and I already love it. This will make riding transit so much easier!
  12. I believe this was brought up some time ago in this same thread. The trains are not GPS tracked because operations don't require it.
  13. #6752 at Big Rig Collision in Calgary, AB today.
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