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  1. Only the 30 foot Fishbowls had this particular scheme AFAIK. A select few of the Brill trolleys also received a unique stripe scheme into the post-1970 CT era but it was a bit different from this one.
  2. A non-CPTDB user spotted a "small ETS bus" with 570 Devon on the signs on the QEII near EIA on October 18th.
  3. #8066 being taken out of service by a mechanic in downtown after doing the 2.
  4. Stopped by for some quick shots this afternoon.
  5. I have a good set from 2013 that I took for a project. Can send them to you if you want as it would be too much to attach in a post.
  6. That one has been in Calgary for a few years now and is/was owned by a daycare.
  7. Wasn’t #6023 in an accident?
  8. My condolences go out to this operator’s friends and family, and to everyone at CMBC.
  9. #3931 and #3998 running the shuttle this afternoon. Nice to see them finally back up and running again.
  10. For those who don't have access to the Western Transport FB group and haven't seen the various great content from everyone yet, our charter this past weekend was an incredible success and I had a ton of fun organizing and being on it! Thanks again to everyone who attended and got involved in making everything happen. I have just uploaded my videos from the fantrip to my YouTube today: And some photo stop highlights. However I was only on for the first two thirds of the fantrip. Maybe someone else can throw in their own photos from later stops. 78 Ave: 1046/8271 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr Stoney Facility: 8385/1046 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr Edgebrook Rise: 1046 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr Ranchlands Bus Trap: 1046 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr Bow Trail: 1046 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr Fish Creek Station: 1046 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr
  11. Yes sir. I have secretly owned and been restoring this bus since June 2020 and the attendees of Saturday night's #1046 fantrip were the lucky first few to see it in person, aside from a select few that have contributed to the project here and there over the last year. My full documentation of owning this bus and all the work I've done so far is now available for reading on my new website, https://www.bus1130.ca/, which I'll be updating as necessary. It should be up as of today at that domain. If not, it will be in the coming days. Here's a couple photos taken in the Whitehorn Park-n-Ride as @BCT-3122-D800-10240 and I were waiting for #1046 on Saturday night: 1130 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr 1130 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr And of course the photo op with #1046 after it arrived: 1046/1130 by Nick Blonski, on Flickr And here's a 12 minute 4K60 video recording of the bus with @BCT-3122-D800-10240 driving as we were making our way up to Whitehorn. Was a nice surprise to get the GlobalFest fireworks show along the way! I had to drive the bus back down south by myself afterwards. The feeling of rocketing down 52 Street SE in this thing at midnight was surreal.
  12. Currently on board #2061-2009-2082 at 6th Street heading southbound (Red Line).
  13. Calgary Transit’s two Fishbowl liveries meet at Whitehorn station… in 2021! #1046 is Calgary Transit’s official heritage bus and #1130 is owned by me. Photo was taken at the conclusion of the #1046 fantrip organized by myself and @yvarushin and held on August 28th, 2021.
  14. Hey guys. I have just received clarification from Alberta Health and a charter attendee that the mask law, which has been extended until late September, will apply to chartered buses as well, despite Calgary Transit having told us otherwise. Therefore, masks will be unfortunately required while on board the bus during the charter, but optional when outside of the bus. I'm sorry for the confusion. Proof of vaccination is still NOT required however. All my past announcements regarding this have been updated to reflect this.
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