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  1. Those are just the old-style bus stop signs, they all used to look like that until a few years ago when they replaced them all with the new ones you see today. As you mentioned in your post, that street view is from 2012 so it makes sense to be seeing that there. If you went there today I'm sure it would have been replaced by now. Why they were this way is not something I know, I just assumed they were like this everywhere else.
  2. Oh, I was told eventually all our D40LFs were going to PG. My apologies!
  3. As per this post on BC Transit's FB page, 9874 has been transferred to Prince George.
  4. 2305, 2395, 2526, 9717, and 9722 are being stored in the Kamloops yard, no plates/insurance. 9705 is currently active in Kamloops.
  5. 1146-1147 will be going to Kamloops, as well. 9705 active as of Friday.
  6. 1048 and 1049 transferred to Nanaimo. 9843 arrived in Kamloops last week, currently being stored.
  7. Some recent transfers/activity for Kamloops (been waiting for things to settle down): 2195, 2415, 2526 currently being stored. 2305 plates removed, unsure of status 2360 transferred to ? 2407 being used for parts. 2509, 2567 (HandyDart) 2534, 2535, 2571, 2586 (community bus) added to active roster. 2395 and 2396 decommissioned (both 400k+ kms). 2396 being used for parts. 9075 transferred to Williams Lake. 9874 to ? (Kelowna?) 9876 temporarily added to active roster.
  8. 9075, 9715, 9717, 9722, 9874, and 9876 currently being stored in the Kamloops yard. 2534 and 2535 transferred to Kamloops.
  9. Sadly no. It hasn't seen much activity in the last couple years.
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