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  1. I've been told 21719 has arrived on the property.
  2. I've been told the old transfers and transfer cutters are still around in case the farebox runs out of paper or malfunctions in some way. That's why the 2017s have them. Cash can still be put in the ticket canister, and manual transfers issued. However a number of drivers continue to issue the old school transfers due to how slow the printer is.
  3. There's the rub. You are looking at the one trip that goes past the two high schools in time for morning classes. Just wait a half-hour and look at how many are riding the next 31 after the school kids are all gone. That's a more accurate barometer of patronage, and I'm willing to bet it's not that crowded.
  4. I think you mean the 23 should be made into a loop by combining this new 28 into its route. That was proposed by the region for the 2015 expansion, but dropped due to the present 23 not requiring Sunday service. This stretch along Franklin and Wilson requires it. Actually I think this makes a lot of sense. They were going to combine this into the 20, which would look stupid on maps. Also what would you call that meandering route on the destination signs? This way the 20 and new 28 can interline at Stanley Park Mall on Sundays, providing 30 min service to each. Mon-Sat they can interline the
  5. 2323 was on the 52 yesterday morning. Spotted it at Fairview Mall.
  6. Apparently close to half the Kitchener fleet is now done. Also, drivers are grumbling about some placements as the large touchscreens are getting in the way of their hands/arms while driving. I guess there is still a lot of beta-testing going on.
  7. I'm guessing they must have had at least one serious inquiry from another transit agency. That's the only reason I can figure for them to go to the trouble of removing every stripe in addition to the standard markings. That would also explain the higher starting price.
  8. According to my driver friend, there are at least 12 with new fareboxes installed in service. And all the drivers are finally going through formal training for them. Yes, you read that right, they are just being trained now. " Don't know why the driver can't just push a button to make the transfer print? " In short, transit fraud. The Region is finally moving towards ending the "free ride" subculture. You want a transfer, you have to pay the fare. About time GRT start this, try to board a TTC bus without paying and see how far you get.
  9. Just a hunch, but I'm guessing there will be a lot of 2300's running around over the summer until they are retired. The reason is they will probably be busy installing the new fareboxes in everything but Orions over the summer slowdown. With those buses out of commission, more 2300's on the road. I know there are two that have new fareboxes installed now, but I can't see them doing any more just to have to remove them again in a few months. That and maybe they'll just want to run the crap out of them until the 21700's arrive. So let's see if I'm right come July/August.
  10. The Franklin stretch added to the 20 is stupid too. Why not just combine the Franklin portion with the existing 23 and make it a circle? It was what they had planned back in the 2015 service change.
  11. Transit times were better when the 200 used Conestoga Blvd vs Hespeler Rd between the Smart Centre/Pinebush and the Cambridge Centre Mall. That and two extra stops were added at Canamera Parkway and the delta. The more stops they add, the less of an express it is. That and those stops force the 200 to use Hespeler Rd / Water St to Ainslie Terminal. Whenever there was an accident at the delta in the past (which happens often, it is Waterloo Region's busiest intersection) the 200 could detour via Beverly / Elgin / Munch to avoid it (with no loss of time). Now it can't. A few isolated jump ligh
  12. 2205 and 2206 were on the 92 this morning. Also spotted 8025 on the 12 at University & King. Always cool to see a hybrid on anything other than the 7 Mainline.
  13. Not sure how true this is, but sounds logical. My source at GRT tells me the current shortage (explaining the the 22-hundreds going back in service) is due to some Nova and XD40 buses equipped with the new fareboxes being tied up until they get the bugs out of them. Apparently a handful have had them installed since the fall, and have been out of service all this time. But once they get the fareboxes working that should turn the LF40's back into training buses again.
  14. Spotted this morning on University at the Wilfred Laurier stop: 2206 on the 200 Ixpress - run sign # 8006 EDIT - just checked the GRT real time map and it's still out there, on the 401 from Cambridge heading to Sportsworld Terminal as I type this.
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