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  1. LDCY

    Denver RTD

    I visited Denver this summer. It was literally a lovely place where I would like to travel there again. Since I was in town only during the weekend, I couldn't get a chance to take pics of more weekday buses. Anyway, Mall Shuttle are impressive for both the fleet and the frequency lol.
  2. LDCY

    CATA (Lansing, MI)

    All pictures I posted are my works, but I don't think that overhead pic is the same one as you what you saw in other place because I don't think I posted it anywhere else except my Flickr. Maybe someone else took it at the same spot. Mine should be clearer if I used tripod. It is really hard for the camera to stand on the wall of the parking garage... but thank you anyway And yeah, Route 1 service is great. As I remember in 2015 ish, CATA started forecasting their plan regarding upgrading Route 1 to be BRT since the project just passed the environmental assessment. I actually talked to a transportation faculty in MSU about it and he was positive about the progress CATA had made for this project and believed construction could be started in mid 2016. I just visited that website again which told me the sad story that that the plan was currently suspended because no federal funding could be allocated to this project (What a pity but not surprising) I've worked on some transit stuff in Atlanta recently. Yeah, funding is always the biggest problem for the transit system in this country. We always ask why funds transit despite the different versions of good answer from the rest of world.
  3. LDCY

    CATA (Lansing, MI)

    I lived in East Lansing for four years but only took very few pictures for CATA (most were taken in 2013). Compared with where I lived right now, Lansing does great job in public transportation. I think it is partially because of the demand from MSU campus. CATA's on-campus transit service is very efficient and convenient. Route 35 at Red Cedar Rd (if I am right about my memory). Route 35 (CATA bus Station -- Spartan Village) is kinda weekend service of Route 30 (but not exactly the same route) with frequency of 30 min. Cata bus station (MSU campus) Route 30 at CATA bus station. Route 26/30/31/32/33/39 are high-frequency routes (3-5 min) during the school day. Route 26 at CATA bus station. Route 30 at MSU East Neighborhood. At least in 2013-2014, Route 30 and Route 31 shares the fleets. Route 30 switched to Route 31 as it the bus arrives at the stop, vice versus. It was a little bit confusing for some people. Pics are referenced from my Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/zhenghan1994
  4. Does anyone know exactly how many seats does MARTA's New Flyer C40LF bus have?
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