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  1. I heard either 14 or 18, and of those, either 4 or 14 are allocated to SW. Supposedly the 2005 & 2006 Eldorados are up for replacement within the year so we'll see what happens for sure. (They were supposed to go in August) Don't think those are YRT, unless they ordered them with rear cameras.
  2. cmc12

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    All 03, 04, & 05 Flyers, some 06 Flyers, & 707 are refurbished. As part of the refurbishment process,passenger counters were installed in unit 707. All Flyers, including the non-refurbished units, also received exterior cameras.
  3. cmc12

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    All 3 are out of service awaiting long-term repairs.
  4. cmc12

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    307 was reactivated due to service increases at SE causing a vehicle shortage. It was sent to SN a while back for some sort of refurbishment. Presumably all the active Orion buses are going/have gone for a similar refurb, and I saw 306 recently with LED headlights. 301 & 310 are parked at the back of SW without fareboxes & Presto, along with all the 200 series Orion Vs and 302 with out plates, fareboxes, & Presto. 310 was only used as a training bus in the few weeks before official retirement and has not been moved since the end of October 2015. No retired Eldorados have been sent to SW at the present time. In other news, 326 & 412 from SW were reactivated last week after each being involved in serious collisions. 326 was T-boned last month on Rutherford by a car that ran a stop sign and 412 was rear-ended on Huntington Rd in February by a straight truck.
  5. cmc12

    Sault Ste Marie Transit

    My information may be a bit out of date, but I spent some time there last August. Their fleet should be as follows: MCI Classic: 128 & 129 Orion VI: 119, 120, & 141 thru 153 (ex. Ottawa) Orion VII: 131 thru 134 Nova LFS: 135 thru 140 GMC Cutaway: 154 & 155 (Community Buses) Presumably the SLFs are no more.
  6. cmc12

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    Exterior cameras have begun to be installed at Southwest with the 300 series Flyers. Off hand, 311, 312, 316, 317, 318, 319, 331, & 333 have been done.
  7. cmc12

    BC Transit (Broome County NY)

    At least one of the used Novas is now in service, bus 3030. Also at least one of the used Orion VIs is active, 201.
  8. cmc12


    So following along with the discussion regarding the Nova Classics, I guess 9611 & 9618 are the last two in service? Both were out when I passed through Buffalo last week.
  9. Arrived Wednesday or Thursday last week.
  10. cmc12

    YRT Retirements

    226 & 227 done, only 308 & 309 remain.
  11. cmc12

    YRT Retirements

    28 Huntington had a 30x Orion all day every day last week.
  12. 1512 went out this afternoon on Route 88. Expect more tomorrow.
  13. cmc12

    YRT Retirements

    Only active units at Southwest are 226, 227, 308, & 309. 228 was pulled over the weekend & 307 will probably not see revenue service again. 225 & 229 were parked mid-October. 7, 23, 26, & 28 are your best bets.
  14. cmc12

    YRT Retirements

    310 is retired, fare box & presto removed last week.
  15. Not quite... Southwest currently has 1510, 1511(both training buses), 1512(arrived late last week), 1513, & 1516. Training started last Monday.