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  1. How is it any different than the doors that metro is retrofitting on to the 60 foot buses? http://youtu.be/ZGQzPhbnEZI The reason I believe for doing it was to allow more space to stand inside since the doors wouldn't swing inward.
  2. Actually it most likely originated as a line 13 bus. Line 13 has 4 runs in the morning and 4 in the evening and when a bus comes off line 13, it is sometimes used as a reliever on line 7 or rapid 7 coming from the Westside Pavilion. It is not a replacement but actually extra capacity added to Pico Blvd. It is a way of maximizing the resources since the bus has to go that direction anyways and can pick up some extra revenue along the way. The Rapid 20 works similarly where the buses used are the Line 12/Rapid 12 buses headed to and from the yard.
  3. The new buses which are the New Flyer XN40.
  4. This is the same line. They just changed the name of the line to the 788. The reason is unknown. One possibility is by being labeled as a rapid, you get charged the regular fare but calling it an express line charges the higher express fare.
  5. That isn't a demo bus. It is the first of 5 buses that metro has ordered. They have an option for 20 more to make 25: http://www.metro.net/news/simple_pr/l-metro-purchase-its-first-electric-buses-los-ange/ http://thesource.metro.net/2014/09/15/tour-metro-electric-bus-at-altcar-expo-september-19-20/
  6. The link says that this order is replacing 7 40 foot buses ready for retirement and are getting 60 fooot buses in order to reduce over crowding. Those 7 buses ready for retirement are the NABI 40lfw.
  7. Not lately. Big blue bus has decided to not have separately branded buses for their different routes. The rapid and mini blue buses have had their decals removed and replaced with the standard big blue bus logo. I believe they have done it to make maintenance simpler. With having separate rapid branded buses, when you due the maintenance, you would end up with a shortage of rapid buses and end up with a local bus anyways. In addition, the mini blue buses were being used on other lines like the 2, 4, 5, and 8.
  8. No, it said clean air hybrid on the side. It also lacked the cng tanks on the roof like the others.
  9. The bus I saw in mini blue colors but with big blue bus decals was 2904. Also, I should note that 2904 was still a hybrid bus. It has not been converted to CNG yet.
  10. I stand corrected. I saw a bus today that was in the darker blue color used for mini blue, but the decals have been changed to big blue bus similar to how the rapid buses were re-branded.
  11. That is not true. I just saw 2901 today which has been converted to CNG and in the Mini Blue Scheme on the Crosstown line 41.
  12. I rode on 1304 today on the 8 and I agree that this is my favorite bus. I love the leather seats, but I do think that neon green is a wierd choice of color. Regarding the back doors, I don't know why they went with touch sensors. They were are also on the new NABI and ElDorado buses.I am guessing it is easier to maintain with less moving parts.
  13. The new gillig buses are currently out on testing. They will be put in to service in March.
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