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  1. I was on the 1740 25 bus yesterday towards Square One. The bus left UW with about 10 ppl, picked up 3 more at WLU, picked up 4 more at Charles Street Terminal, and 1 more at Cambridge. The driver was very friendly, the ride was quick, sometimes ahead of schedule (the driver had to wait for departure time at Aberfoyle and Milton). The bus arrived at Square One on time. I took the 40 to RHC since 52 does not operate on Saturdays. Overall I like this service and would like to ride again in the near future.
  2. the height of the deckers are 4.5m or less, there aren't any significant height differences between high floor and low floor buses; the only exception right now are NWFB's low height Tridents.
  3. Well mine has to do with coach seats. I absolutely hate it when the person sitting behind me refuses to sit properly and lift/curl their legs up so that their knees are pushing against my seat, and throughout the trip he/she (mostly girls) constantly hits the seat while shifting their posture. Well I guess my "angry" glares weren't working so I reclined the seat all the way back as quickly as possible. And I had to deal with that Friday for 4, yes 4 hours, on a trip from Waterloo to Yorkdale. Joy.
  4. I'll stick with my $30~ Fido plan for now thank you (still expensive though) Never a fan of any Apple products, I prefer functions over looks, hence I'll be getting my Nokia N82 black from my HK relatives in 2 weeks The thing I absolutely hate about the phone companies here is the monopoly of Rogers over the GSM sector and Bell over the CDMA sector, I used to be a SimPro customer before they folded and left in 2006, and not paying my money back.
  5. Whoa, 2 years house arrest and allowed shoppings on Saturdays. That's a big insult to Mr. Virgoe's family.
  6. Indeed those are tree bars.... some buses in Hong Kong were equipped with them when new, however they were removed shortly after because they were considered "uneffective". Strange how GO specified the emergency door to be placed in front of the second axle (right beside an emergency window I presume) and not after the third axle all the way back beside the engine compartment.
  7. Unfortunately what I read in the HK forums is that only 3ASV263 (KH3743) and 3ASV140 (JZ5727) may be repaired. The rest of the buses have extensive damages to the bodies and chassis, along with the fact that some of the buses are already 10 yrs old, it is not financially worth the major repair. So now they are just sitting there, waiting for investigations and insurance to be sorted out.
  8. I have the SE K700i for nearly 4 yrs now; apart from the occasional hanging and the dying battery, it still works fine! This summer though I'm thinking about getting the Nokia N96 (or N95 8GB).
  9. I'm quite surprised at the transmission being an Allison.... for a DD I was expecting the usual Voith or ZF..... is GO trying to standardize for easy maintenance?
  10. They won't be so tall once you are inside the bus and realize how little headroom available in these 4.1m Enviros...
  11. I guess the Enviros are used on highway routes so there aren't any frequent stops en route. Any boardmates know what is their engine-transmission package? Is it the usual ISMe-Voith?
  12. Somehow the North American bumper looks out of place....btw what is the Enviro's height?
  13. topic was discussed here: http://www.cptdb.ca/index.php?showtopic=36...p;hl=blue+light
  14. I used to hate the H1-4s with a passion when I was little, mainly because of their lack of A/C and their age. Now I absolutely love them: the bench seats, the dim lights, the huge ventilator fans, their distinctive noises, the way the doors bang on each other when the train is going through the tunnels, the not-so-smooth acceleration... Every Fri when I come out I'll usually try to catch one at Islington stn just for the enjoyment of riding a H4.
  15. Most if not all bus enthusiasts in Hong Kong just call the B9TL the "B9", the B10TL as the SuperOlympian. Volvo evolved the old Leyland Olympian chassis to its Volvo Olympian chassis and then to the B10TL Super Olympian chassis (notice the engine compartments all look extremely similar on the Leyland/Volvo Olympian and B10TL). The B9TL however deviates from the Olympian designs and can be assumed to be an entirely new chassis. What are some examples of those 12m 3-axle high floor buses sold in Europe? I would guess that they'll be called the Dominator 6x2 since the Condor/Dragon is in fact "expanded" on the Dominator chassis.
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