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  1. Any chance the Vicinities will make an appearance on 12 WENTWORTH? my apologies if I've missed this information in a previous post.
  2. Is there anyway to embed the map at all? Currently i have pages at HamiltonTransit.ca for the major HSR bus terminals and embed a google map of the location on the page. It would be much better to have real-time data on said embedded map. Do you know of that is even possible to embed Transit55 map data?
  3. I noticed this too this morning when I boarded 1224. it said to Bell Manor Loop but I don't recall if it said the route too I couldn't hear it from the back of the bus though. Eric Tuck was my driver too.
  4. Just wanted to mention a brief note the HSR did some sort of IT upgrade last week and Transit55 is no longer showing any data. It shows locations but not times, history, or headways.
  5. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I just got on an HSR NOVA bus (1515) and the farebox and Presto reader have been moved. The reader is now between the driver and the farebox facing the back of the bus. The Presto reader is no longer facing the door and awkwardly low. Anyone know if all of the NOVAs are getting this change?
  6. Does anyone know what this bus is? I spotted it this afternoon in downtown Hamilton.
  7. This photo was taken about 2 weeks before the terminal opened. Unless they changed this it's pretty adequately signed I think.
  8. Unless something chanced since I was there a few weeks ago, the stops do say the direction of travel on them.
  9. Someone shared a photo yesterday of one of HSR'S Xcelsiors with a video ad screen in the ad space behind the driver. It is apparently powered by GEOSignage. Does anyone know any more about this project? Is it a pilot? Are they being rolled out system wide?
  10. Thanks for the critiques. I've corrected my few errors.
  11. Does anyone know the City of Hamilton / HSR's policy on convenience stores selling bus tickets for inflated prices? I.e. I've been hearing from people of stores selling single bus tickets for up to $2.50 (instead of the $2.00 they really cost) and being charged from 25-50 cents more for a strip of bus tickets. When questioned some people are being told that "prices have gone up," which of course is a load of nonsense. Seems too that the stores doing this aren't on the HSR's list of ticket vendors so they're likely buying them from other 'real' vendors and then marking them up for a profit. A
  12. I've seen your maps. One word: awesome! Thanks for the tip about the Mac library too. I'll check it out.
  13. A couple of things today from items which will be presented at the February 13th General Issues Committee: 2014 Transit Service Enhancement Proposal Don Hull and the public works team will present their proposed 2014 Transit Service Enhancements to the General Issues Committee on February 13th. The proposal recommends service enhancements to two east-west mountain bus routes (43 STONE CHURCH and 44 RYMAL) as well as increasing the area of service on the HSR’s north-south express route, route 20 A-LINE EXPRESS. http://www.hamiltont...ement-proposal/ No Service Increase Planned for 56 CENTEN
  14. It was apparently not working the next day but was working just fine today.
  15. Here is a photo of the screen activated.
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