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  1. Protest at Hastings & Clark resulting in delays to 4,7,14,16,20
  2. Spotted 7439 on the 9 earlier this evening, though its invisible on tcomm
  3. 16215 is sitting at the east wall behind it an U/i D60LFR in the midst of refurbishment The southern fence is looking very empty with just 2237 there
  4. The identify of the victim is known, but i will refrain from posting here. There was a moment of silence at 3pm today and black ribbons will be tied to all vehicles on friday in his honour
  5. Update on the incident yesterday: the 1st driver is still in very grave condition and the 2nd driver is severely traumatized and Is in need of counselling
  6. That is prob the last thing on anyone involved’s mind right now
  7. Rollover crash at 41st & Victoria this afternoon
  8. It was parked at the BTC south fence for the longest time
  9. Hundreds or perhaps even thousands of protestors congregating next to the city hall (12th&cambie) right now, traffic in all directions are tied up.
  10. Aw man, had my hopes Up there for a sec
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