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  1. Saw 2572 NIS heading east on Kingsway with damage to all 3 doors taped up
  2. It was towed out of RTC a couple weeks ago and now a pop can
  3. Was the bolding of the letters not enough on emphasis that you had to add the underlining as well? lol
  4. You are very welcome to do what you have been doing and express whatever you desire, Canada is a free country
  5. Not only did it B/o, its now my pop can that i am holding onto right now
  6. I wish D40s were out of BTC
  7. 2210's wrap has most, if not all, of it ripped off on the driver side
  8. Would've been sweet if they made a compass card design for this occasion
  9. Even if they put all of them on there, it wouldn't be enough. The 20 is more busy than the 3, even on the weekends.
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