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  1. 3511 was in action yesterday on the Main MAX. Link:
  2. Hopefully when we hire some more class a mechanics and when fall rolls around. Buses dropping like flies during the summer. Been a hot summer this year.
  3. The bus shortage is due to the KCATA's buses dropping like flies and we need mechanics. Plus us being short on drivers, some drivers do extra runs and sometimes are pulled from the route they have just done and immediately go to the next route. There are a few MAX buses over at the mechanics shop. 3511 was in revenue service again. Drivers love that bus. Lotta power in that 11 liter Cummins ISM.
  4. Oh, since there is a shortage, they are putting the 2600s back on the streets in full force. Last week had 3525 a MAX bus on the 24 Independence. Also had a Flex van on the 24 Independence TO TRUMAN AND NOLAND!
  5. 3511 is running on the Main MAX, 4513 on the Main MAX and 4502 on the Troost MAX. 🤦🏿‍♂️😂😂😂 Gillig DID launch it's electric bus, I think VTA in San Jose is the launch customer. Long range. Costs more than a Proterra. Speaking of which, my friends who drive for SEPTA in philly love em.
  6. May never know, seems like Proterra and New Flyer lead the industry in electric buses. I would prefer a Proterra, but if the new electric buses will be for the MAX, I kinda prefer the Xcelsior for the BRT services. I don't like Nova's too much, not a fan of their wheelbase on those 40 footers. 213 is on the 475 right now. Lol that's a first
  7. SEPTA will be getting 10 XE40s as well.
  8. 3548-3559 are being held up until the launch of the Prospect MAX. As for the questions about the floor style, i'm not sure why they went back to the ribbed floor design, i preferred the smooth floor design. And as for the electric buses, seems the drivers like Proterra. Take that back... LOVE Proterra. Lol I say anyone but Gillig. Surprised New Flyer wasn't considered. On the subject of diesels.... i forgot, KCATA handles Johnson County orders now, which is why you notice, minus the seats, the Johnson County newer buses are similarly spec'd.
  9. They had 6 new MAX buses out at the air show. But I got in an accident today on 4801 doing the 11 Northeast. Dumb ass girl on her phone while I was on 11th crossing McGee. She pulled right out and smacked my bus not paying attention. Her shit is totaled while we just need a new reflector, turn signal and passenger door glass. PPL IN KANSAS COTY CANNOT DRIVE WORTH A DAMN!!! I have 2612 now. Oh BTW, some contingency buses were doing routes, have a BAD bus shortage. I'm driving 2612 right now.
  10. I heard about that.
  11. They weren't Jo units. Unified Gov't of Wyandotte County runs those. Numbers unknown. And as forpurchasing more diesels or not, I am hearing 2 different stories. I will ask the head of fleet maintenance. And 3520 isn't retired. They sometimes store buses there when there is no room. Also, there are 2 more Gillig BRT+ on property, 3558 and 3559. Seems like they will replace all 12 of the 2005's, minus 3510 and 3511, which they will probably hold on to for a little bit longer, for training. They showed us that accident in accident prevention training. Both drivers were trying to time the light. Happened in 2010 on a Sunday. That RTS could be 919, a 1986 GMC. Wondered where that bus went, not in the graveyard across from division on 18th. They had 20 1986 RTS's 900-919.
  12. Yup. Ex ATA 2002's. Nice. That accident report, that driver didn't set up his turn. Smh....
  13. The specs are the same as 3537-3547, except frameless windows that open. Both 2018 and 2019 BRT plus buses have TV monitors in them. 3520, a 2010 hybrid is in the picture, but not retired. And all but 3510 and 3511 are retired, but those two are training buses. And the last last of ny msg was for do the in general in the KCMO metroplex. Lol
  14. Forgot to add, all of the 2018's have the Allison B3400xFE transmission. 3537-3547, 4800-4819 & S211-S228. We also have the new MAX buses inthe garage awaiting to be put on the streets, 3548-3557. Thanks! Included is some of the Gilligs are getting chrome plated turn signals on the front of the buses. Also, the graveyard. More buses in the graveyard. I have more, but 10MB max limit. Lol bout to hit the road in S214, so if you're in the area, S214 on the 201 North Oak.
  15. Thank you! Yes, KCATA HAS dramatically downsized significantly on their 40ft fleet. I think its vecause of the renumbering of routes and the 18 going from big to small bus last year. I don't know why, though. Here are a couple of photos to add to the wiki I just took when I was leaving for each bus. BTW, S211-S228 has the Cummins L9N as well, not the ISL-G. Here are a couple of photos to add to the wiki I just took when I was leaving for each bus. BTW, S211-S228 has the Cummins L9N as well, not the ISL-G. The 2018s (3537-3547, 4800-4819 & S211-S228) all have unopenable frameless windows while the 2019s (3548-3557) have frameless windows that open. 3535 was originally numbered 4602, I have a pic of it when it was in Tulsa.
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