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  1. What I tell y'all? We aren't going all CNG. CALLED IT. LOL But we dont really have much room for another CNG pump. Oh and those 2008s are shit, they are ready to be retired, trust me. I'm driving one right now.
  2. Yea, but the best way more than likely is to just do a nationwide 2wk shutdown to prevent this thing from spreading like the flu. Iono, we will know something soon.
  3. Yeah it's getting hectic and ppl on the job are asking if we are gonna shut down and how are we gonna get paid.
  4. Yeah, it is. But just keep ya faith in God and let him sort it out. That's what I am doing. But them shutting down service would be in the city's hands and right now, doesn't look like it. P.S. I got 4004 again on the 47
  5. Damn. Oops. I think I released into I wasn't supposed to. If you see anything on the news later this week about a patient in ICU at research, then I KNEW ABOUT IT. LOL Feels like the movie 12 Monkeys.
  6. I am. I keep lysol and a mask on me at all times. I'm not playing around. I have a friend who's mom works at research and someone there in ICU has the coronavirus.
  7. They quarantined a neighborhood in NYC. So, I wouldn't be surprised if they halt services in North America's largest transit system. But once we find out anything, I'll update y'all. But if they halt service, I wanna know will I get paid some type of paid leave. Coronavirus, burd flu, AIDS.... I still got bills to pay.
  8. I drove 2606 on the Troost MAX. I loved every bit of it. But 2608 holds a special place in my heart. Lol I trained a lot on that bus. That and 2601.
  9. No, they are still doing service to Waldo. That won't be cut. But yeah, there's smoke to this rumor of the 106. The planners were in the driver's lounge FINALLY asking our input. And the 106 being cut is Wyandotte County's doing. I really can't stand Wyandotte County for this if they cut the 106. And the Jo changes.... they really can't cut them out, KCATA oversees the Jo operations. I just think Kansas just doesn't like to pay for transit.
  10. Amazon pays for that route. They would be highly pissed if they got rid of the 106 on Saturdays and Sundays, ppl actually use that route. But I did a proposal of eliminating the 106 and just combining it with the 107 because it makes more sense, IMO. If ppl still want to use service along the old 107 route, I say just combine it with the 103 or the West Parallel route and let UGT run that route. Oh, and Main MAX won't lose frequency. They just added frequency by request of the passengers and its needed. But if they are.... oh well. You can thank the mayor and his "brilliance ". Did you see the JoCo changes? Eliminating the 402 and 495.
  11. I can see why the ppl wanted more frequency while eliminating some routes with little to no service while allowing other routes to cover for those routes they are eliminating. Hopefully this 12th Street extension can allow the 101 to run every 30 minutes off peak and weekends.
  12. Yes, the draft will come out then, but changes are ALWAYS around our mark-up. And our union rep, she does a lot. This is something she can't control. It is what it is.
  13. Actually by fall the changes will be implemented. And they NEVER ask us operators for input.
  14. You have that east side connection. The 21. And I am.against the 31 being extended AND that long route 40. And from a driver's standpoint, NO DRIVER wants to be behind the wheel that long. I also noticed the 25 being eliminated, as well as the 71. That's gonna piss off a lot of passengers, esp. the elderly and those with ADA disabilities.
  15. I dont like too much of this from.a driver's standpoint. Get rid of one line route (47) and make another long route (31)???? And I don't like sending the 11 all the way to 31st and Van Brunt. Don't like it at all. I shared this with other drivers and they don't like it AT ALL.
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