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  1. I grew up off of this show, learned a lot of things I would have never known. Imma miss seeing that face. RIP, Alex Trebek.
  2. More than likely an option order taken, like 3534 the 2011 hybrid and 3535-3536, the 2016 Voith CNGs. We do need some MAX buses and our 2010s (3524-3533) are becoming junk fast. Expect a few MAX buses here and there until between 2023-2024, when they logically get ready to retire the 2010s and the launch of the Independence Avenue MAX, which will be the next MAX line built. And by that time, the streetcar will go to UMKC and more more Main MAX. Are you on the gillig fans page on Facebook?
  3. The first is definitely a B3400xFe. As an operator, I don't like those transmissions. I prefer the B400.
  4. Cliff Robinson, former NBA player has died from Cancer as well. 2020 is no joke. Hug and love on your loved ones.
  5. Very underrated actor and great person. I was not expecting this.
  6. yup, that was a delay because of COVID-19. Was supposed to be here this month.
  7. The extra buses in the "boneyard" do need maintenance. The Rona. I have been asking around about the electric buses. No word yet. The Rona. 🤷🏿‍♂️ As for S181....
  8. This new reduced schedule is something else. Routes 12, 18, 21, 25, 28, 35, 63, 75, 85, 106 and 107 are large bus while the Express routes are small bus.
  9. What I tell y'all? We aren't going all CNG. CALLED IT. LOL But we dont really have much room for another CNG pump. Oh and those 2008s are shit, they are ready to be retired, trust me. I'm driving one right now.
  10. Yea, but the best way more than likely is to just do a nationwide 2wk shutdown to prevent this thing from spreading like the flu. Iono, we will know something soon.
  11. Yeah it's getting hectic and ppl on the job are asking if we are gonna shut down and how are we gonna get paid.
  12. Yeah, it is. But just keep ya faith in God and let him sort it out. That's what I am doing. But them shutting down service would be in the city's hands and right now, doesn't look like it. P.S. I got 4004 again on the 47
  13. Damn. Oops. I think I released into I wasn't supposed to. If you see anything on the news later this week about a patient in ICU at research, then I KNEW ABOUT IT. LOL Feels like the movie 12 Monkeys.
  14. I am. I keep lysol and a mask on me at all times. I'm not playing around. I have a friend who's mom works at research and someone there in ICU has the coronavirus.
  15. They quarantined a neighborhood in NYC. So, I wouldn't be surprised if they halt services in North America's largest transit system. But once we find out anything, I'll update y'all. But if they halt service, I wanna know will I get paid some type of paid leave. Coronavirus, burd flu, AIDS.... I still got bills to pay.
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