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  1. There's no besides union to this one. Take away flex from the ATU, that's breach of contract. And our contract isn't up until another 3 to 4 years. Now, if they were to introduce microtransit and eliminate flex service (which I highly doubt right now) but it would be ran by the KCATA and it would still be a union job, now that's something the ATU would listen to. In other news... 2605. Blew my effin mind.
  2. Yup they are back on the 10 and the 234 has em. The mini buses keep running out of gas. And that pic of 4602 (now 3535) was actually in Tulsa. That was for their BRT network they built so they checked out ours when it came thru town there. And on the Flex service.... people need jobs and the union would have a fit. That eliminates jobs.
  3. There is no room at the body shop and mechanics area, that's the reasoning for the "newer" buses being over in the boneyard. Very condensed area to store buses that need to be worked on. So once buses that are finally done being worked on, they move back to the garage and those buses that are in the boneyard awaiting maintenance/body service will move over and be worked on, also goes by priority list on which buses need to be worked on first. MAX buses get priority over all other buses.
  4. 2613 had a new wrap. Promoting Kansas City Power and Light's name change to Evergy. Sorry for the quality.
  5. So I am doing new routes.... the 31 31st St. on mon thru Wednesday and the 71 Suspect on weekends.... lol
  6. 3510 and 3511 may be gone, too. They are gonna start getting those 2019 BRT Plus buses on the road really soon. Seen 3505 without the bike racks, farebox and log in computers. Sad I never got to drive any of the early 3500s, a lot of drivers loved the power those buses had.
  7. To be technical, for drivers and dispatch, the MAX routes are identified by numbers. Main MAX is route 1, Troost is route 2 and Prospect is route 3. But for passengers, it is supposed to be identified by color. Main MAX is orange, Troost MAX is green and Prospect MAX is purple. But no one reads anyway..... so. As for the destination signs, I can't answer that, that's just how 3520-3534's Luminator is set up.
  8. I don't know if 3512 is in svc or if they are taking the fareboxes out. We will see. EDIT: 3507 and 3512 no longer have the bike racks or fareboxes. They are done for.
  9. I just seen 3512 in the garage. 🤷🏿‍♂️
  10. Those electric buses are exclusively for KCATA, not the Jo.
  11. They were trying to wait it out but we have 4 MAX buses in the shop. We need Class A mechanics in a bad way.
  12. Oh, 3548 was in service today on the Main MAX.
  13. 3548 is in revenue svc right now on the Main MAX Yes it is. We don't like it, a lot of upset drivers. Politics.
  14. Yeah, but it is random because we have a mark-up for the Prospect MAX in November and need 2 weeks to get ready to do any new route we pick. Union rules. Speaking of which, I just picked new routes Thursday, I will be doing the 31 Monday-Wednesday and the 71 on weekends. This mark-up lasts 2 months then we pick again because of the PMAX. Then we have a holiday/vacation mark-up coming right after that and another mark-up for January thru March. 🤷🏿‍♂️
  15. Actually December 9th. But you didn't hear that from me. Lol Also I heard about that with 4805. Heard about it before the news.
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