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  1. I do apologize about that, a lot of the photos I acquired from a couple of ppl within RideKC. When I get the chance, since I work there, I will take better photos for you.
  2. PMAX will be all CNG for now, mainly with the newer ones, since they have the bump guard rollers at the front door side of them. The others will be on the TMAX and MMAX. The 2600s in the MAX scheme won't hit the roads until after the PMAX is running. And 3511 was on the MMAX tonight. As for the pictures, my apologies.
  3. So they put the bike racks back on it and the fareboxes back in??? Interesting.
  4. Believe it or not.... ppl use that route 10. Since bus svc will be free and the $$$ has to come from somewhere.... I see that route being cut. But the Troost on weekends get decent ridership. Also, IN OTHER NEWS..... https://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/kcmo-city-council-to-decide-on-free-bus-fares
  5. Neighborhood meetings are why the 25 and 71 sticks.
  6. No, someone finished another run and did a round trip. Then someone who was doing the 24 was finished with their run and took over for the rest of the night. And the 71 will still be large bus, just only running during rush hours.
  7. Tell me why I seen S192 tonight on the 71 Prospect... 😂😂😂 More than likely someone was done in a route and did a trip on it
  8. Here's a pic of 2606 interior. The other two with the same seats.
  9. I didn't look at the interiors, I will tonight.
  10. RideKC Gillig LF CNG 40ft 4818. I always seem to get this bus to drive or it's on a route I'm working.
  11. Ok, 2606 painted in the RideKC MAX scheme.
  12. "Pops" John Whitherspoon, known for the Friday franchise and from the Wayans Brothers passed away. I am legit sad over this. I'm glad that he has always put a smile on my face.
  13. Been telling ppl 2024 there will be an Independence MAX.
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