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  1. Ok that's what I was thinking, but unfortunately I'm not really up on transit systems in the GTA so I was only going on the limited info from the job posting. . Thanks
  2. So it is veolia Transportation and is very possible it's a job in regards to a position with York regional transit or Viva next?
  3. Anyone kind enough to elaborate on this job posting and the possibility of exactly if it's a bus operator job with YRT or a private company..
  4. so with that said, you are saying it is with YRT?
  5. I saw a job posting for Fixed route Operator in Vaughan with Veolia Transportation is that supposed to be York transit/Viva next or is it something with another company?
  6. Anyone apply and take the STRADA test and heard back from Go transit yet on going to the next step in the hiring process ?
  7. I got a call to come in for a driving test .. the lady on the phone said she needs to hire 9 people by the end of the week...
  8. yes right you are.. point is the inveros were not that great...
  9. attended STRADA testing today
  10. The Inveros drive like SHIT, in my training class we were split out of four of us two of us much preferred the new flyers and two of us liked the Inveros... I loved the Artics myself fun to drive
  11. This is crazy, just answer using common sense and customer focus and try and answer all the questions that way and you should do fine....
  12. I know what the meaning of the word is... why would hire temp and not part-time...
  13. so whats the deal ? why do they call the job title Temporary Transit Operator... but you get 40hr a week... whats the reasoning behind it?
  14. does anyone know is the TTC still accepting Applications and resumes for Bus operators?
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