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  1. Line 407 frequency between Brighouse & Knight/Marine terminus on midday weekdays & all times during weekends is pretty bad (only once an hour), which partly explains some of the full buses on line 430 during those times.
  2. the server has failed again... d*** malfunctioning software!
  3. It's back online... software issues appear to be the cause of today's minor failure.
  4. 7262 unwrapped
  5. 9281 has mix & match doors: 1 panel from a 2001 V, the other original to the bus.
  6. There's also the ElDorado XHF, although like the Nova LFS suburban, not many have been built, but one example I have heard of is on the US Virgin Islands with their right hand drive versions.
  7. mind fixing the privacy settings for that image? all I get is a grey "no entry" sign
  8. Both Richmond & Surrey are short on Orions... Flyers constantly appear on lines 301 & 503 if even ONE of Surrey's is in the shop (and line 301 has Orions restricted to weekdays only due to stupid service "optimizations"). When it comes to a block on line 311 that does 2 AM trips only, one of which leaves at 07:05, I often see a 16100 Flyer on it despite not interlining with any local lines or line 480.
  9. With me being one of those "NIMBYs" about line 301... I don't like the sound of that at all, especially since I take that line over line 319 due to constant overcrowding.
  10. This thread is pointless. If you want to post any mess-ups for TransLink (or any other system), I have this thread:
  11. highly unusual sighting: a Nova "sardine can" on line 099: http://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus/9639
  12. Don't know if this was posted earlier or not, but the 2017 contract for the 2 Bowen Island shuttle lines (C10 & C11) has been awarded to First Transit. They take over those 2 lines starting on the January shakeup.
  13. It got changed to an R when I caught that bus on line 311 this morning.
  14. (I'm back!) Metro-Cliveden High Speed Express Line: an update Work on the line continues. All tracks have been laid down & all stations built (see the final station list for which ones the line will serve). The first 2 Siemens Velaro trains were delivered in September for testing, with the other 8 expected to arrive in January. Fewer stations than originally planned will be serviced by this line in order to allow the trains to travel faster (up to 200km/h in some spots). Travel time on the line from end to end will be approximately 1 hour. up to 8 trains will be in service on the line with 2 for spares, but the OMC at Amesbury Station will be able to accommodate an additional 10 trains if needed. Final list of stations: Metro Union Camille Central Massimo City Cliveden Dundalk International Airport Cliveden Unity Station Morden Amesbury
  15. I am interested in becoming an editor in order to contribute various photos that I have taken. Most of my photos are from Metro Vancouver, but I do have some from other agencies as well.