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  1. If you're referring to Jacombs Road & Rowan Place, that one has had its sign replaced with a new one since its served by line 22 Knight via Industrial.
  2. Spotted an unidentified D40LFR in the HTC B/O track, most likely there for some sort of maintenance.
  3. 19304 spotted testing at 22nd Street Station at around 15:45 today...
  4. I plan on coming down next year for the 2019 heritage weekend... I'm just curious as to far far in advance details start coming up so I can book trains/flights down & have accommodation in the Bay Area over that weekend arranged.
  5. 3344 is probably done for after a pickup truck slammed into it... https://globalnews.ca/news/4443126/passengers-injured-after-collision-between-truck-and-translink-bus/
  6. 9233 came back into service last night after some serious repair work, it is still based out of Surrey.
  7. I have received word that decker training for Surrey drivers booked on line 301 starts some time within the next couple of weeks. A good friend of mine who has block 23/301 for the late night long haul goes in for her training on the 16th.
  8. There's a couple I know of that need shelters... Stop 55198 NB Scott Road/84 Ave (transfers from line 301 EB to lines 666* & 329 NB), there isn't enough space though. Stop 55321 WB Hwy. 10/180 Street (KPU Cloverdale students keep ending up soaked in the rain) *line 319
  9. When was this? I rode his bus a number of times.
  10. That one's been out of service for a while. Most likely a mechanic taking it out on a test drive.
  11. Some new ops (to Surrey anyway) were found on 7472 doing line training at around 12:40. They appeared to be following along line 301 at the time as the bus turned from Scott Road NB onto 84 Ave WB.
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