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  1. I plan on coming for multiple reasons... a friend of mine who I haven't seen in over 15 years lives out there, I want to check out Line 3 before it shuts down permanently & just transit fanning in a new area to me in general. I kinda saw the high expense coming given decent hotels charge minimum $200+ each night. I tend to expect transit fares to poke a hole in my wallet when travelling outside of Canada, particularly to other areas that have worse transit fragmentation than the GTHA, the San Francisco Bay Area is one such area I have been to where transit fares were all over the place with barely any cooperation between the 20+ agencies there aside from offering a regional card. When travelling within Canada, I was expecting the vast majority of local transit agencies to accept my CNIB card & allow me to ride free or at a reduced fare while premium services, airlines & private operators still charge, but offer some form of accommodation such as a support person travelling at reduced rates or providing a partial discount. From the sound of things, GO falls under a premium service that offers free travel for a support person riding with a paying disabled passenger. Airline tickets are never free, which is as expected, hence why I'm taking the cheaper route flying from YXX to YHM as opposed to the more expensive YVR to YYZ route.
  2. I will be flying in via the YXX to YHM (Abbotsford to Hamilton) route in my case as it's slightly cheaper than YVR to Pearson. Fortunately I've heard my CNIB card should be accepted on HSR buses by showing it to the driver, so that'll get me from YHM to either Hamilton GO Centre or West Harbour GO depending on which route I decide to take, so I can get a card from a machine at either one of those two stations, though I might just order one online & have it mailed to me before I make the transcontinental flight over so I have it ready to go without needing to stop at a machine. As for dates, I'm eyeballing September 6th to 21st. The only remaining issue I have left now is getting past the fare barriers at TTC stations since I'm told CNIB card holders can ride TTC services free, but only Toronto residents can get Presto enabled ones that work similar to my TransLink Compass enabled CNIB card. I'm told most TTC stations have a staffed booth at their main entrances, perhaps they can assist me if needed?
  3. As someone who can't drive at all due to my visual impairment being that bad, I'm one of those who believes transit should be more accessible & affordable to those in my situation. While I do wish all fares were free for disabled passengers that can't drive, I understand that not all transport companies are able to do so. Charging fares isn't as bad as one might think as long as there is at the least some form of discount or reduced fare rates in place for disabled passengers holding valid proof of disability. Take BC Ferries for example: while I still get charged a fare if I take one of their services, I get 50% off when I show my CNIB card, making it slightly more affordable for me. Does GO at least offer reduced fares for disabled passengers? Edit: I have contacted GO, confirmed they do not allow solo travelers holding CNIB cards to travel free unless they bring along a support person for a 2 for 1 fare. I will get a Presto card to use with their services.
  4. Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, the TTC CNIB card is only for City of Toronto residents according to the TTC website, so I won't be able to get that. As for GO charging fares on CNIB card holders, that's quite backwards & ableist to be honest. I will be contacting both of those agencies to see what my options are.
  5. Hello, I am looking into visiting the GTHA for approximately 2 weeks this September, but I have hit a snag: as I hold a CNIB card (yes, I am legally blind), I am trying to figure out how the various agencies handle fares for people who hold such cards. So far I have only figured out one agency's fare policy for valid CNIB card holders: MiWay, which allows those holding valid CNIB cards to ride free, as is the case here in BC (TransLink & all BC Transit systems) where I am coming from. As for the TTC, while they do have their version of a CNIB card available, that is for legally blind residents of the city of Toronto only, so that will not work for me, so I need another solution for getting past Presto subway station fare barriers as a visitor holding another agency's CNIB card. I plan on flying in via the YXX to YHM route, so HSR, GO & TTC are the more important agencies I need information on for my situation, but I would love to know about how the other agencies handle fares for CNIB card holders visiting from outside the GTHA as well.
  6. If you're referring to Jacombs Road & Rowan Place, that one has had its sign replaced with a new one since its served by line 22 Knight via Industrial.
  7. Spotted an unidentified D40LFR in the HTC B/O track, most likely there for some sort of maintenance.
  8. 19304 spotted testing at 22nd Street Station at around 15:45 today...
  9. I plan on coming down next year for the 2019 heritage weekend... I'm just curious as to far far in advance details start coming up so I can book trains/flights down & have accommodation in the Bay Area over that weekend arranged.
  10. 3344 is probably done for after a pickup truck slammed into it... https://globalnews.ca/news/4443126/passengers-injured-after-collision-between-truck-and-translink-bus/
  11. 9233 came back into service last night after some serious repair work, it is still based out of Surrey.
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