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  1. Spotted an unidentified D40LFR in the HTC B/O track, most likely there for some sort of maintenance.
  2. 19304 spotted testing at 22nd Street Station at around 15:45 today...
  3. Apologies for posting so late about this... I know him personally & from what he told me, multiple factors contributed to him hiding his channel (he didn't delete it, just made it completely private). We can ultimately blame YouTube's updated algorithms that have been essentially killing smaller content creators in favour of clickbait. He has also been quite busy with college, thus he doesn't have as much time to get out as he used to.
  4. I plan on coming down next year for the 2019 heritage weekend... I'm just curious as to far far in advance details start coming up so I can book trains/flights down & have accommodation in the Bay Area over that weekend arranged.
  5. 3344 is probably done for after a pickup truck slammed into it... https://globalnews.ca/news/4443126/passengers-injured-after-collision-between-truck-and-translink-bus/
  6. 9233 came back into service last night after some serious repair work, it is still based out of Surrey.
  7. I have received word that decker training for Surrey drivers booked on line 301 starts some time within the next couple of weeks. A good friend of mine who has block 23/301 for the late night long haul goes in for her training on the 16th.
  8. There's a couple I know of that need shelters... Stop 55198 NB Scott Road/84 Ave (transfers from line 301 EB to lines 666* & 329 NB), there isn't enough space though. Stop 55321 WB Hwy. 10/180 Street (KPU Cloverdale students keep ending up soaked in the rain) *line 319
  9. When was this? I rode his bus a number of times.
  10. That one's been out of service for a while. Most likely a mechanic taking it out on a test drive.
  11. Some new ops (to Surrey anyway) were found on 7472 doing line training at around 12:40. They appeared to be following along line 301 at the time as the bus turned from Scott Road NB onto 84 Ave WB.
  12. From what I'm seeing, the one decker that @Phillip found in RTC is the same Low Height E500 that was here back in May.
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