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  1. I think they are tiring to hold off as long as possible. remember once line 5 opens later this year it will take some ridership from line 2
  2. Been pushed back again.
  3. taxi they have an account with Beck.
  4. I heard that as well from someone that works at Ourbus that Roach wants to start back Toronto to NYC around the end of May
  5. Add an OWG 737-400 flight from YYC to YYZ covering/wet lease for Flair 737-800 Swoop trip flight YYZ to YEG 737-800 Flair flight YYZ to YYC 737-800 YEG to YYZ
  6. Add YEG Edmonton to my list
  7. They still have the Whitby DRT contract. Maple leaf sports entertainment contracts. Milton transit contracts . Also school bus contracts under their Century and McCluskey names.
  8. Zoom still has cutaways for their UPS employee parking lot shuttle
  9. Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment is most of their work. With the Leaf's playing again that should help them out with a bit of work, But no Raptors work again this year. Safeway was good work for them but looks like they will not be doing that for a long while due to covid.
  10. Any of the few remaining school buses are based in Mississauga. Most of the school bus fleet/contracts and whitby garage were sold to Pacific western and run under their Century brand few years ago
  11. Just the DRT contract , their school bus operations Century and Mccluskey school are their current main sources of work in Ontario
  12. same run has been having one lately stays out to about 3 am
  13. sitting in the yard in Nanaimo
  14. pushed back to at least March 29 2021
  15. Bombardier will build the remaining back order frames for Mitsubishi Business Jet business is left
  16. You do know that BYD is building its North American buses in North America with mostly North American parts and employing North Americans. You sound like an idiot with that statement. Also you are forgetting the Nova electric bus.
  17. Im thinking they will just let companies fill the coach but everyone has to wear a face covering , Just like that USA airline industry is pushing for.
  18. With Covid, we should expect reduced capital funds from Ottawa and Queen's Park which will delay a lot of capital projects. I would not be surprised if the next sign contracts for orders gets pushed back due to this.
  19. I would expect the Canadian system to be sold as a whole as if it was closed down then each company would have to apply for each route with no guarantee that they would get the routes that they want.
  20. Its long gone from Air Canada
  21. I would be thinking Bigger, Pacific Western, Coach Canada, Keolis or Transdev wanting to purchase it.
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