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  1. Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment is most of their work. With the Leaf's playing again that should help them out with a bit of work, But no Raptors work again this year. Safeway was good work for them but looks like they will not be doing that for a long while due to covid.
  2. Any of the few remaining school buses are based in Mississauga. Most of the school bus fleet/contracts and whitby garage were sold to Pacific western and run under their Century brand few years ago
  3. Just the DRT contract , their school bus operations Century and Mccluskey school are their current main sources of work in Ontario
  4. same run has been having one lately stays out to about 3 am
  5. sitting in the yard in Nanaimo
  6. pushed back to at least March 29 2021
  7. Bombardier will build the remaining back order frames for Mitsubishi Business Jet business is left
  8. You do know that BYD is building its North American buses in North America with mostly North American parts and employing North Americans. You sound like an idiot with that statement. Also you are forgetting the Nova electric bus.
  9. Im thinking they will just let companies fill the coach but everyone has to wear a face covering , Just like that USA airline industry is pushing for.
  10. With Covid, we should expect reduced capital funds from Ottawa and Queen's Park which will delay a lot of capital projects. I would not be surprised if the next sign contracts for orders gets pushed back due to this.
  11. I would expect the Canadian system to be sold as a whole as if it was closed down then each company would have to apply for each route with no guarantee that they would get the routes that they want.
  12. Its long gone from Air Canada
  13. I would be thinking Bigger, Pacific Western, Coach Canada, Keolis or Transdev wanting to purchase it.
  14. Really you keep going on and on about the same BS in all these different threads. Enough we get that you do not like BYD and CRRC. No need to be all kybosh about it
  15. Gillig had sold a couple of electric 29 footers to some place in NorCal . This was before the 40 foot demo and the one sold to Santa Monica
  16. The license needs to be changed so they can run 2-4 days a week. Some service is better then no service
  17. Re-organized Companies Company Date Re-organized Squad 101 January 2020 Re-organized as Squad 121 Aerial 101 January 2020 Re-organized as Aerial 114 Pumper 106 2008 Re-organized as Squad 106, re-instated 9 December 2019 Squad 106 9 December 2019 Re-organized as Pumper 106 Pumper 110 9 December 2019 Re-organized as Squad 110 Squad 111 January 2020 Re-organized as Pumper 111 Pumper 114 18 November 2019 Re-organized as Pumper 120 Squad 114 January 2020 Re-organized as Squad 120 Pumper 131 January 2020 Organized as second pumper to Station 101 Future Plans The City of Mississauga is planning to build several more fire stations in the future for better coverage of response area gaps in between certain stations. Station 123 is planned for the Winston Churchill & Collegeway area. Station 124 is planned for the Dundas & Cawthra area. Station 125 is planned for the Tenth Line & Battleford area. Station 126 is planned for the Dundas & Mavis area. Station 127 is planned for the Lorne Park area. On Order The City of Mississauga has established a five-year, renewable and extendable agreement with Commercial Emergency Equipment (May 3, 2018). The following apparatus are on order as per the agreement: Heavy Rescue 107 - 2019 Pierce Heavy Rescue 121 - 2019 Pierce Aerial 103 - 2019 Pierce Enforcer 7010 (1750/330/35F/107' Ascendant rear-mount) (SN#33850-02/03) Aerial 111 - 2019 Pierce Enforcer 7010 (1750/330/35F/107' Ascendant rear-mount) (SN#33850- Haz-Mat 101 - 2019 Pierce haz-mat/specialty unit Two (2) 2019 Pierce rescue pumpers Four (4) 2020 Pierce rescue pumpers
  18. Those looks new to go into service Current/Future plans for Hamilton Fire Rescue 1 is to be replaced with an Urban Pumper (Pump 1). Rescue 1 is to become Rescue 18, replacing Support 18. Engine 5 is to be replaced with a Ladder (Ladder 5). The department is in the process of purchasing a drone for firefighting and search and rescue calls. HFD has begun training firefighters from 2 full-time and 3 volunteer stations as water and ice rescue technicians and provide them with the necessary equipment for these rescues. This will create a tri-service response between the HFD, Police Service and Hamilton Beach Rescue. The 2020 Budget calls for: The purchase of 1 Rural Pumper (to be added onto the 2019 order), 2 Ladders, a Foam Tender, a Trail Rescue ATV with transport vehicle and 6 Support Vehicles, 4 of which will be the Platoon Chief, District Chiefs and Safety Officer vehicles. The construction of Station 31 in Watertown. Once completed, Engine 24 and Ladder 24 will be moved there, with both being staffed full-time. Station 24 will become fully volunteer. The creation of a Shift Training/Safety Officer position. One firefighter will be assigned per shift and will assist the existing safety officer with accountability. In addition, they will have a role in training. A second crew to be established during the day (8 am - 4 pm, Monday to Friday) at Station 24. A similar day crew will be established at Station 17. The 10 Year Fire Service Delivery Plan calls for: In 2021, the daytime staffing of Pumpers 16 and 18 (8 am - 4 pm, Monday to Friday). In 2021, the lease or purchase of the land that Station 14 is currently located on. In 2021, the beginning of the process of relocating the Mechanical Division (Station 13) and Stores (Station 30) to Station 22 on Stone Church Road. In 2023, the construction of a new Composite Station in Elfrida. This Station will be composite and the second apparatus from Station 17 and it’s day crew will be moved here, becoming a full-time crew. In 2024, the full-time staffing of Pumper 16. In 2026, the full-time staffing of Pumper 18 In 2027, an Urban Pumper and full-time crew at either Station 10 or 23.
  19. 335 is an older 2006 truck. 2006 Ford F-550XL / Dependable (625/300/?A) (OLP#01FS05) On Order for Toronto Fire 12x 2020 Spartan Metro Star MFD / Dependable pumpers (1750/500/20F) 8x 2021 Spartan Metro Star MFD / Dependable pumpers (1750/500/20F) Optional 8x 2022 Spartan Metro Star MFD / Dependable pumpers (1750/500/20F) 2019 Freightliner M2 112 / E-One foam tender (2640/-/2030B) 1x 2019 Spartan / SVI Command Unit 1x 2019 hazmat unit to replace HAZ332 1x 2020 Articulating Boom to replace either T114 or T333
  20. I still think someone would want to buy the remaining Canadian system. If you let it go bankrupt then try to bid on the license for each route , its not guarantee you would get the licence as it may go to another party. There are a few companies that the Canadian system would fit perfect into but im not gonna name.
  21. I am sure they will have to increase the runs as Greyhound used to run twice daily. I can see them within the next two years having to get it up to daily.
  22. You transfer in North Bay Its twice a week to Winnipeg
  23. Makes sense they already have A310's in their fleet. I would expect them to use the Air Transat ones for service and part out their own
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