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  1. TheAverageJoe

    FlixBus Launches in United States

  2. TheAverageJoe

    New Gillig model

    Yes there has been used Gilligs in Mexico mostly in the state of Baja California
  3. TheAverageJoe

    Chinese fire truck in winnipeg?

    That is for sure Japanese
  4. TheAverageJoe

    Air Canada

    I been hearing Star Alliance wants Air Canada to get rid of them
  5. TheAverageJoe

    CP Power

    CP has enough stored GE's to rebuild to last them until then. Also if the SD70AC conversion does well they will do more.
  6. Add Air Canada Express (Skyservice) E175 YYZ to BOS Air Canada E190 BOS to YYZ
  7. TheAverageJoe

    Air Canada

    Yes Air Canada wants to all B1990's gone due to no washrooms on board. This will be slowly over the next few years
  8. TheAverageJoe

    List the airports you've used

    MDW- Chicago Midway SFO San Francisco YVR Vancouver JFK New York Add BOS- Boston
  9. TheAverageJoe

    Ontario Northland

    On lease until next year when they get a 35 foot MCI
  10. TheAverageJoe

    Grande West Transportation

    City View will have nothing to do with the warranties. It will be up to Grande West on who they would contract to do warranty work.
  11. TheAverageJoe

    North American Bus Industries

    LAMTA and NABI went as far as to modify one of LAMTA's 60 foot NABI's to a 65 footer.
  12. TheAverageJoe

    Buy, Sell, Trade

    Still have any XL?
  13. They cut back the service. Guess they did not have the ridership
  14. TheAverageJoe

    Coach Canada

    Safeway has no choice but to extend/renew
  15. TheAverageJoe

    Air Canada

    Air Canada Launches into Summer 2018 with the First of 25 New Non-Stop Routes Beginning this Season Departure City Destination Start Date* Service Toronto Omaha 01MAY18 Express Toronto Buenos Aires 02MAY18 Mainline Toronto Providence 17MAY18* Express Toronto Shannon 01JUN18* Mainline Toronto Zagreb 02JUN18* Rouge Toronto Porto 08JUN18* Rouge Toronto Bucharest 09JUN18* Rouge Toronto Kamloops 21JUN18* Rouge Toronto Nanaimo 22JUN18* Rouge Montréal Baltimore 17MAY18 Express Montréal Pittsburgh 17MAY18 Express Montréal Tokyo Narita 01JUN18 Mainline Montréal Dublin 02JUN18* Mainline Montréal Bucharest 07JUN18* Rouge Montréal Lisbon 15JUN18* Rouge Montréal Victoria 22JUN18* Rouge Montréal Windsor 02JUL18 Express Montréal London, ON 02JUL18 Express Vancouver Sacramento 17MAY18 Express Vancouver Zurich 07JUN18* Mainline Vancouver Paris 08JUN18* Mainline Edmonton San Francisco 01MAY18 Express Edmonton Kelowna 02JUL18 Express Edmonton Victoria 02JUL18* Express Calgary Comox 02JUL18* Express *Indicates summer seasonal route