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  1. BYD always used the portable generator as they charge the bus overnights at the hotel/rest stops. They only trucked when going across country but they try to demo with in the same area so the bus is only 6-8 hour drive between demo stops
  2. One went to a private owner/collector in SoCal
  3. Province could also pass a law letting those stations remain as is until the subway extension opens
  4. Due to issues from BYD, TTC will be only taking 10 buses not 20
  5. Guess you did not read once the Crosstown opens the 89 will be extended to Steeles with the 165 eliminated
  6. Is Go still leasing parking spots from Greyhound at the Toronto Greyhound yard?
  7. Also planning to add Presto is a smart move
  8. They been increasing their workload the past few years that they been forced to keep buses longer and even transfer some of the older Nova Scotia fleet here as there is less restrictions on older buses here
  9. You first said Neoplan USA. Long out of business.
  10. Coach USA operated Rockland contract at the time
  11. No it is not it was bankrupt and sold off in 2007
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